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Who Is The Killer? Episode I

Who Is The Killer? Episode I for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Guts United located at Punane tn 56, Lasnamäe district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 13619. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A different kind of experience with this game in my favourite category. Hope it will be more interesting while playing next levels.
I downloaded it even after reading all the bad reviews... Such a waste of time u can only play if u want to spend money. If coffee cups are not available game stops there. And by the way this game's whole idea is copied from a book called "And then there were none" its better to read this book for a thrilling experience rather than spending money and playing this game
This game is wonderful but i think my energy is not enough but i think baronesss is the killer because all the judge and the nun colonel doctor and artist accuse her
The graphics are nice but having to basically wait for them to show you what to do takes all the fun away. I would rather the game let you be the detective without help unless it's needed, and why do you have to burn energy that's really stupid for a games unless you have a way within the game to regain your energy. Lime eat food or go to sleep. Just my opinion.
i think this game could be 10 times better if we had more cups of coffee to be able to question everyone with. we have so much stuff to do that it takes our 5 little cups of coffee (energy) away so quickly, its insane!!! if u all could fix this issue of the game, i would probably still be playing this one!! it has so much potential, for so little effort that has been used.
i really like the game, except for the fact that you literally need to buy more energy and more hints in order to complete each day, which are so short because you run out of energy within the first two interrogations of the day. AND you can't accuse anyone without having interrogating everyone about the suspect, which you can't do without yet again spending more money! so basically the game is impossible for you to win unless you're willing to spend money on the app, which I'm not. 👎🏻
Game is a little difficult to understand how to play as a beginner of these types of games so unless I figure it out then the two stars will have to remain, and besides the cups of coffee go way to quickly.
This is a really nice game involving logic and many mysteries.I would recommend if you want to play with thin as this game is a very different and refreshing.
A good game really, the only problem being the time you have to wait is too long; and that part which says enter Facebook for free coffee is bullzπit if not for these slip ups, this would have been a great game
It's ok, thank God it isn't another match three game. But I lost interest when I had to wait four hours to continue. If the word puzzles weren't a consistent thing I might would still play, but it is just too slow for me.
Its not bad I just wish there was more options to get coffee without paying 3 dollars for only 5 but overall its not bad
Terrible "free" game. You can only play for 10 mins at a time about twice a day without paying. After 5 days of playing you get murdered so you never end up solving it...unless you start over and obviously spend money. Other than that the puzzles and graphics are good. This is not animated at all but that didn't concern me. I was looking for a free murder mystery puzzle game.
Not bad but not fantastic. Needs work, word search is virtually impossible for me. Fun while it lasted though.
This game has nothing interesting at all, it is only about solving crosswords, i do not recommend it. A wast of time & money.
It was good at first. Then my character took a rest. Then it said that 4 mins to wake up. I closed the app do something else for 4 mins. Then when I got got back, 4 mins still to wake up? Lol. So 2 star.
I love this game but the energy is too small, pls give more energy rather than buying it. It's like acting as a detective, I never thought about it but this game makes me realize how fun it is to be a detective.
The app is super cool. Tho one thing is bothering me... they are compelling people to rate them w/ five stars to get more energy. That's mainly why I'm doing it atm. But apart from that I assure you it's awesome
Like the concept; however, used up all my coffee cups on the first day without seeing all the clues to figure out who was the killer. Uninstalling it...
You can not find the murderer in time with alittle amount of coffee per day. Not everyone has WiFi and data to watch an add for some more coffee to investigate. It's ok. It's not a great game
It's fun and scary game to play... But sometimes it could be really really hard to find " who is the murder "... Just get this game and you will know what I'm talking about. GOOD LUCK 🤞
legit I love it alot ,a lot of investigation and mystery but the coffee rate is a little to small at first atleast change it to 10
Actually high key have 0 problems with this, besides the wait between days. I would give it a 4 tbh but i get "energy" if i give it 5 stars. Also the "dreams" are good but if u blink u miss it so maybe if we had extra time? Not much just a second or so xx
One of the most idiotic nonsensical game that I have ever played. You have to Actually guess what to do during an investigation. I give it less than a star.
The game is really good. I mean I could play it for ever. But it little bit hard to find killer. Actually I couldn't find the killer. So, I thinks you should give it a try.
2 stars only for its concept. It could be great and could be fun...if not for simplistic play, exhausting and poorly laid out minigames, the need to pay between days to not have an outrageous amount of time to wait...and the story is as thin as bone. Never bothered to make it through whole first gameplay. So much needs to improve!
Frustrating to a level of 1000.My god i get it u cant make a game easy but dont make it frustrating.Least u can do is keep different types of mini games rather than boring us to hell with the same word puzzle which follows no proper rules and also shows wrong for right answers.After using hint it shows the same word as that of i was making.Gosh.I am down with a headache at this moment.I say no to every1 who's even thinking abt downloading this game unless u want a searing pain in ur head n neck.
New to the game but it's OK so far not the greatest and cost money every time you turn around so that's only negative part
will destroy your eyes if using a mobile phone....can't zoom in and teeny little magnifying glass remains slightly out of focus until you're on the object for a few seconds. Clues are basically useless - they either didn't work or showed the clue so briefly and/or dimly as to be non-existent. It's too bad; I liked the style of this one. In the hopes this game will be tweaked a bit, I will uninstall for now but may try it again in the future. 🤷✌️
Intriguing game play. I have played level 1 twice. I know who the killer is but, I don't understand how to accuse and arrest. I can't win without an arrest I do like that it's not a matching game or the other nonsense of other games.
This is a childhood game. The problem rn is that at the part where we got to search for the goddess, (when the doctor is dead), even though I press on it, it doesn't work. I use hint, and I still can't press the goddess. Which means I can't advance in the game. Please fix the issue, no stress though !
The puzzle are way to wood puzzles are way to hard and everything costs money. Wish I could give zero stars.
It's a nice game with an interesting story line but one thing that annoys me in the whole game was the payment for everything. It says for passing the day instantly u must pay or wait for 4 hours. I mean it's really freakin headache. But overall nice game, needs some improvement.
The Print of the Game Play and Hints and what to look for is way TOO SMALL come on enlarge the Damn Letters Fix this immediately.
Without a purchase nothing works. Why can't you give ads for coffee? It was just getting exciting when the app wants you to pay..the graphics can be improved a lot. Please work on the reward mechanism.
It's very interesting game but I wish if we can shoose another language which is not English my cousin wants to play but she cant change the way English language to arabic one
You can't win hints with videos and you never have enough energy to have a conversation. Needs to add a little more help. You can only talk to one or two suspects at a time, then you lose all your energy.
You have to use your energy to get through the first portion. However when it comes to actually ask questions you have none left.
It's kind of boring to be honest, and nothing really happens. If you're looking for a good whodunnit game, keep scrolling
I have just started playing the game and so far it's wonderful. It's gripping, makes you think and keeps the mystery alive. Liking it :)
Annoying!!! How do I find the words for the cups of coffee. No words could be found. I tried everything. Frontwards and backwards. What a joke of a game! Super disappointed! I was really looking forward to it too!
Boring It's just.... Boring. No creativity really in the investigating. Find hidden pictures in the murder scene, find words to ask a question. But not just any word, it has to be a specific word in a specific order. And then! To top it off, you have to wait FOUR hours before going to day three. Each day is only like... 5 minutes long. Waste of storage.
the game keeps you wanting to continue to play. the only complaint i have is the time limit at the end of day is to long.
This game is unique but when you try to accuse anyone, it doesn't let you do, because some characters do not speak up... Then what's the use of the accusing option when it doesn't let you...
Very nice, complex game, but its a little hard to understand how to play and so many micro transactions
The down side is that you are forced to rate 5 for this game to continue and use money to play instead of using wit. Therefore it is very difficult to say if this game is good or not... watch this space to see if we approve... And the final verdict....STUPID!!!! Don't waist your time!!!!
Already finding the energy goes fast. So I'm here to gain 3 cups of coffee(energy) by giving a review. Think this game be short lived on my device.
Really good game I just wish there was a way to get like free hints like watching an ad +1 hint or something
Unless you you pay you wont be able to accuse anyone of murder. It is basically a word search game with a point and click mini game. The mystery is why i wasted an hour trying to play this.
So far so good. Don't take this review tho as I'm only doing this to get 3 more energy cups. One thing I've liked is that it doesn't follow the typical mystery games in any way which makes it extremely unique.
I think it was great ..I found it difficult to find the killer...the only problem is how low you get on the coffee cups easily...
It's a good game for detective . By playing this game we can test our eyes . We can test our intelligency . We can also feel the best situations for its sound effect and detective moments .
This game just isn't fun, between the long wait times and mini-games with no clear rules, I didn't even get a chance to interview about the important stuff! You have to build confidence by talking about characters that they don't have any important info about! Somewhat realistic, but executed purely!
you cant accuse wo paying. waste of time. even if u finish the game, the murderer wont be revealed unless u pay. dont dl this so u wont waste ur time. mini games are also nonsense.
It's alright, i wish that you didn't have to depend on cups of coffee (energy) to do each step so it's a little annoying and the mini game to get free energy doesn't recognise other words, only set words
First of all I like this game so much because it games are thrilling.....ummmm every day there was a new person dying i can't wait to solve nad find the killer....you should try thus game its awesome.....
Pretty good game. Good story line. Don't care for the having to buy energy just to have conversations between each other!
This game tricks users to putting five start by offering 10 hints so all the good reviews u see are probably because of that. It is nothing but a stupid wordsearch game and if you want to do any detective work you have to pay. So you loose if you do not arrest the killer before everyone dies and you have to pay to arrest him/her. Other option is to ask about him or her from all the other people, but guess what they won't talk to you because "they do not trust you enough". This game is a joke.
It could have been great without those word puzzle with no proper rules and very long waiting timer after the day ends... I really wanted to play the game But had to delete on the second day...
The game required a lot of purchase. After 5 mins of play it is totally discouraging to go on further.
It's nice there's no problem with the game and the graphics are nice and tidy and kinda scary for me since I'm playing in the dark and it's realistic ,actually! But it kinda gives me chills but overall its nice three stars for now. Thank You.
It is a very nice game that makes you use your brain to think deeply and investigate but I believe that they should provide us with more energy cups
Heavily pushes you to have to pay to progress. Designed as a cash cow. You can rate it 5 stars for free hints, which is probably where the high ratings are from. Avoid.
Horrible. It was fine at first, but then it got so damn frustrating. You can only solve stupid word puzzles for interviewing someone. They should clearer instructions.
Very nice, but either you pay-to-win, or you are forced to wait many hours to play and catch the killer when there's only one innocent left. This is frustrating.
I thought your energy/coffee regenerates over time like other games, but it doesn't. So you can't get past day 1 without buying. Uninstalling!!
Not worth the download! You can't make any true forward movement without paying money-and the game isn't deep enough to be worth money. The word searches are tough, that's the best thing about it.
I just started this game It is looking interesting. But I'm lacking of energy and for more energy they asking for rate and review.
You have to talk to every character about the one you want to accuse. Unless you pay. But if they don't trust you they won't talk. And at some point no one will talk about the others anymore, and you can't accuse anyone. So unless you pay to accuse, you're left to slowly loose the game. That to me is a scam.
Just a money hungry game, there's no real way to win without dropping money into it. So disappointed.