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Whisper of Hell

Whisper of Hell for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Coco2games. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
what the hell of developer team...i downloaded and its open then its minimize itself...now its 20 or 30times..its open and continue and lost...disgusting...fix this...pls as soon as possible...the condition of coc the other side heavy games that never hang or minimize but this type of game why not be build like those games...hopeless😠😠
it's a great game I'm really trying to get into the story n level up but it keeps crashing if i teleport ,or interact with basically anything please fix this game definitely deserves a 5 star rating.
Yes.... the game literally cannot be run. Either from 3 different phones (all expensive, with good gpu, cpu and ram) or from android emulator for pc called bluestacks 3, where you actually have settings to chose application rendering and run mode in case of app compatibility issues. On phones, it gets to character creation screen, I creaate one, press play, the game just crash just few seconds before loading screen shows up. On emulator, it can't get past initial launch. It bugs on startup.
can create a character although it does not matter what server you use it will only load part way then kick you out of the game. i would love an answer to solve this problem if the developers can be bothered to answer
thumbs down after you downloaded this game and patch you can't enter the game and keep telling new version found you need to restart. i did it 20 times so this game is zero
Another autoplay type of game like all the other 50 games out there, no sense of achievement like real mmorpgs. STAY AWAY.
I'm usually ok with auto play in games but this one played itself to level 27 before i simply gave up out of boredom. maybe there's a fun game in there waiting to be played inbetween the auto play but they did nothing to show me if that was the case.
Did the initial download, first thing the game asks for is permission to access files (fair enough, save games, support screenshots, whatnot) then access contacts, make phone calls, and record audio. Record Audio? No game app requires these extra permissions unless they're stealing your private data. Killed the additional download and uninstalled. Shame on you, developer.
Cool game that my fiance introduced me to BUT....don't uninstall this game or you'll lose you progress. It's already happened to me about 4 times. Even if you log into your Facebook you will still lose your progress!!!
for those who say record audio permission is stealing your dumb. it's so you can voice microphone in chat, like A LOT of games do. dont give a review especially at 1 start til you know your facts! thanks!
only thing to make it even better would be to add custom gear. :) love the game over all. i play ever night before bed.
Another learned-nothing, zero-quality copycat without ANY care about player wishes. No char creation (choose & endure instead), and zero storytelling (only errand boy quests on autopilot, or manually). 2019 and that disease is still spread & sold...
M k fine this game is kind of good but I feel as though their graphics are a bit low such as the background and the monsters and then theres party system please place auto match into that as well because it feels like u get left alone often to do it by yourself when u or other players may need help with it for now I will go a bit further into the game to see if I bounce into problems that will cause me to quit this game. T.T
It is a great game but the text goes too fast and I cannot followbthe story. If this is fized would rate 5 stars
As a deep mobile gamer, it is quite disappointing that I just couldn't access your game further or even play it after download. An icon frequently pops up prompting me to restart game since new version has been found, but even the start button in the menu screen isn't responding. I am painfully giving away one star since thats the minimum. I need your remedy on this because i can't keep a game i can't play. Thanks.
This could be a good game but it is half done needs a major update for over lvl 40s more daily activities to keep interest most servers are soon becoming ghost towns to which a new server is opened near each week. Needs more group activites , cross server maps or at least pvp on that front. Same events for weeks now .
so far so good. will update stars as I go. 04/05/19 still going good, 50+ levels later. the game does randomly crash, but it is relatively easy to get back in. today's update may fix it. more to come later. still 5 stars
This game is frustrating to play, i spend more time reloading than i do play. this is a samsung galaxy tab A, should be strong enough to play, settings dont change anything crashwise, have it on lowest settings possable. loads of free space on device, uninstalled most programs yet still yours crashes over and over. do i keep trying to continue? i have already spent money to play this and i feel ripped off!
Game crashes frequently even with graphics on lowest settings and ram buffer clear events are super bugged, turf war bid and unable to join, abyssal tower has no monsters, colluseum opens but no one can join complained to GM's and was told that events were not open which is why we could not participate even though it was clearly active. no response to facebook questions
I am another fan of the auto-play feature. Thank you also for making the feature easily turned off. Fun game. Graphics are good, gameplay is good. I really love it! Thanks devs.
the game is really good. i like this one better than a lot of MMOs. auto is easy to deactivate and camera movement is good. just wish there were more ppl playing it. overall 5 stars for the game
so far the game is good, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s10 5G and it runs buttery smooth at max settings. I just hit lvl 12 and it was at an easy pace with nice cut scenes. definitely worth a try.
I've deleted most of my things from my device to have open storage for the game. I download it without problems, but once I tap the game to play, it immediately kicks me off. I don't know, I don't think it has anything to do with storage. I'll try downloading and playing this on another device at some point, but until then I will continue deleting things I don't need and trying to actually get in the game.
Great Game Awesome Graphics Love the Gameplay and Diversity Only problem I'm having is the 180 minute online reward isnt working and sometimes it says new version found and theres no new version but I have to restart my phone to log in.
Looking good so far. Have not run into any solid pay walls yet, even have a mount already, which is usually reserved for paying customers. The one ad that I got was not so in my face I couldn't play the game. The graphics have been good and the game play easy enough and smooth. The text does zoom by quite fast so I'm not even bothering reading. That may be changed. It does break the immersion when you don't know where, what or why you're doing stuff.
A game that play's its self. Too much is game play in auto mode and dialog on a three sec timer regardless of length. Nothing to control. Graphics are good.
Gameplay? What gameplay? Literally crashes every 2 minutes, and I just installed it 10 minutes ago (at tops). Uninstalled, and do NOT recommend.
i've been spending money on this game and now i had to start over without anything...i understand that server crashed but things should be restored from where they've been...no compensation nothing...game is good but after all this i can't give 5 stars...no fairness after crush and update...
I love that they kept this game going long enough to make money. Now its shutting down and they wont respond to any communication. You knew it shutting down why the hell did open new server? In your notice it days to go to Sexy three kingdoms. THAT'S NOT A MOBILE GAME. So alot of us are just screwed over by it. THANKS
I just started this game and thus far I've reached level 14 in about 20 minutes. I expect this pace to slow down the further you go. I love these styles of games and hope this doesn't turn out to be a dead end like the pay to win releases lately with their "romance" or "marrying another player"
great game, but I lost my previous character once I loaded the update, and I got no response from the GM. waste of time and money on recharges.
Played this game for about a week now. Log in reward is not working and I've only seen like 5 other people playing. The game designed function of learning skills requires you to spend silver that you get very little in game. Instead you have to buy "diamonds" and convert it to silver. Overall it woudn't be bad, but to upgrade skills at level 60 will probably cost me $100.00 in US dollars. Too much. Game would be much better if there was a much easier way to obtain silver.
like several others cant play. it does not load keeps shutting down! I have 30 gigs and 4 gigs ram on a Viking pro tablet. hey devs its supposed to be a mobile game dial it down a bit! it could be an awesome game guess I will never know uninstalling!
Abysmal Support ... well total lack of any! Still waiting for response. Game itself is decent, and players are decent bunch. Usual for mobile games that they keep opening new servers before latest server is nowhere near even half full, money grabbing, they never learn that lack of players on a server causes a large amount of the population to quit and move to other games. Reasonable Customer Support is VITAL, which these and most others totally ignore.
Do you ever actually get to play the character yourself in this game or does it just run around and do whatever it needs to automatically. I don't want to watch a game play. I want to play a game and have things to do. Why have a joystick if it's going to go somewhere without any help from the player. This game is a massive let down. It could have been a fantastic game if u actually played it instead of watching go to people and chat with them & attack things without you even touching the phone.
the game is good but there's a lot of glitches and bugs please fix it and also while buying diamonds it says insufficient balance even if i have an exact balance and may i request please add some sort of wedding thank you please appreciate my request.
Best mmo with class tree system, new game but it looks promising! BUT i have a suggestion tho, we really appreciate if the equipped items like suits gloves etc will be visible. Overall, great!
beautiful game! Graphics are smooth, the controls easy to work, even on smaller phones. The musical score is pleasant, without being overly annoying. Micro-transactions are helpful, but not neccessary to have a fighting chance. Overall, a great auto game. 👍