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Where is that? - Learn countries, states & more

Where is that? - Learn countries, states & more for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Jaysquared located at Jonathan Hillebrand Heinsonweg 8 22359 Hamburg. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but 2 problems. 1 the ads every minute or so and 2 sometimes you just don't get a score for your go even if you're like 5 miles off.
You should allow to zoom much more, I.e. doing cities in Switzerland allow you to pick almost a quarter of the country and it's still right. You should offer multiple choice. About countries, highlight the complete selected country and if possible make each country a different color. When you have to pick Andorra, Monaco or Lichtenstein, it's a nightmare.
Nice app, but too much ad (at each session, 20s of unskipable ads, really?!), and we need the same thing that is on iOS (at least the Italian version) : if we fail, to know on which country we clicked. Like if it ask Togo and I click Benin, you should tell me the country I clicked on was Benin. At the moment, it's not doing it on Android and I don't know why. Resolve this, and the 4th star is coming right away. With less ads, it's 5 stars. Right now, doesn't enjoy it as I do on iOS.
I'd rather pay than see a video add of yet another epic battle after every round of 10 countries. If I'm listening to a podcast it doesn't interfere but plays loudly over the podcast. The first time that I had a video was when I was playing late with a child sleeping next to me. It would be great if the noisy adds could be during the day... The app itself is nice.
The amount and duration of ads is so out of proportion, that I will uninstall it and don't buy the full version, because I really don't like to be blackmailed. Let's blackmail them back for a while, maybe that'll help. 😉 Btw. this kind of advertising is pointless. I'm sure I'm not the only one, who mutes the sound and ignores them deliberately. So less is better.
Good game but waaaaay too many annoying ads. Also kept getting same question multiple times in the same game. Uninstalled.
Way too much is locked. Takes away the whole fun experience if there's only this few options available. Also the small countries in the oceans aren't even visible, how is anyone supposed to find them?
I loved competing with my sister, we tried different categories and I'm not gonna lie, I list most rounds. But it's educational and interesting
Very polished app to learn geography. One very big annoyance though is that the overall map before starting levels doesn't have labels on the things you've learnt. I have to get a map online to refresh my mind.
I used to love this game, and I still like the game. But all the idiotic video advertisements that play after every ten questions eating up data time from my device or WiFi is just plain OBNOXIOUS!!! I'm deleting the game (and all apps that do the same) unless these data sucking advertisements are PERMANENTLY REMOVED!!!
Too many video ads after every game. Can't skip either. I'll uninstall and remember what the ads where and boycott them too. One word comes to mind: greedy.
It's not bad but the videos for other games are too present and are too long! I usually don't mind a little bit but that is really too much.
I've never been good at geography, but this app has really helped me learn all countries in the world, the US states, and German states. It's definitely not perfect, but it's one of very few apps that's just down to basics. No childish icons or colorings, it just helps you learn geography, and it's quite good at it. About the feature lock: I personally didn't even know this wasn't a 100% free app until after two weeks or so of intensive use. The price of €10 is a bit steep, but on the other hand, you'd pay the same for 3 beers in a pub, so it's all very relative. Some notes for the developer: Fixes. 1. Please fix the automatic screen rotation. If a user has this option turned off in their settings, they don't want their screen turning, period. It makes it impossible to use this app while laying on your side. 2. If you can, try improving the performance of the app. I don't know what's causing it, but when selecting really large countries like Canada or Russia, the app noticeably slows down. I'm on a Pixel 2XL, so definitely not top of the line hardware anymore, but it should be easily able to handle this app. Suggestions. There's many things that could be added to this app to make it even better, but of course, these are all just suggestions. 1. Add a mode similar to quiz mode, but without the 4 answers showing. Either a dropdown with all the options for the current topic, or just typing the answer would be nice. Now I often can locate a country when I see the name, or in quiz mode select which of the 4 it is, but I still don't really know the names of the countries by heard, I just recognize them. 2. Add rivers, seas, oceans and other bodies of water. 3. Maybe add some logic that focuses more on locations you've gotten wrong often. For example, I for some reason can't remember where Uganda is. Every time I fail, look where it is, but the next time it shows up, I've forgotten again. I know at the end, when all other countries are at 100%, you'll get asked where that one place is repeatedly, but it would be nice if that could start earlier. Maybe ask about places that are at a below-average knowledge level more often? Also, it would be nice to be asked about countries that are already at 100% from time to time. I completed North Africa before starting Africa, but due to that it doesn't come natural to me that Chad is below Libya. Sure, it's next to Sudan and Niger, but since Libya never pops up, I don't associate the two as easily. 4. In the start prompt, maybe add a selection for which language you would like the location names to be in, which could be as simple as "[Language that you've set in the settings | Local language]". I for example wanted to learn the German state names in both English and German, but had to dig in the settings to be able to do this. I can imagine that for countries like Russia, with a completely different alphabet, this would be even more important. Other than that, just keep it up. I've been truly amazed at how fast I've been able to pick up most countries in the world, and how well I remember most things.
It used to be so good and free, then they tried to sell it for either a 100$ up front or 4$ a month. Now its free again and it sucks. You learn less than before, fewer options and a sh*#tload of ads
I leaned all of the US states in about 3 days with this app. Helped me a ton. What a shame the full version is so much. But if you're serious about leaning all the states than this is a no brainer to purchase.
Ive had this App for about a year. I dont play it often or every day but every now and then Ill play it for ages and my geography knowledge has improved so much! It's brilliant and I look forward to more updates/levels/options
After some play I see this app needs some work. It's fun but frustrating. Example: if u play capitals it didn't give u the counties name. If it did u would learn faster.
seriously wondering whether it is possible to integrate any more commercial breaks into a simple mobile game... The concept itself is simple, yet entertaining
The game is super fun and perfect to learn country's locations but the ads after each round are annoying
Gutes Interface. Man lernt schnell und ist gut Untehalten! :) Eine der besten aus meiner Sicht. Schade natürlich, dass der Großteil nur für Premium-Nutzer:innen ist, aber iwie müssen die ja auch ihr Geld machen. Und 15-20€ für lebenslanges Premium scheint voll okay. 5 Sterne gäbe es, wenn mehr Optionen vorhanden wären. Es fehlt zum Beispiel wichtiges, wie die Kantons Japans oder Chinas! Dafür hat man aber die von anderen, global weniger relevanten Ländern oder alle möglichen Berge :/ Aber Top
I love this game, I was intrested in learning cities, capitals and all of that and with this app, I learned the location of them. I can play with my dad and beat his ass so I love it