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Wheel of Fortune: TV Game

Wheel of Fortune: TV Game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love just playing the game, but don't like all the extra stuff being added to it, and always making you update, I JUST love the old ordinary way.
The rainbow envelope from the Cash-O-Meter used to contain diamonds and an occasional extremely rare letter, an hour of unlimited play, and other worthwhile goodies. ...if you were lucky to score high enough to earn it. Now, very rarely does the envelope contain anything worthwhile! Very disappointing.
Its just like the Tv Show if you like it or love it metaphorically.Being able to solve the puzzle sharpen your Wits keep on your toes ready for a challenge etc etc I recommend this App fun awesome entertaining for all ages.GREAT JOB TO THE CREATER OF THIS APP, WELL DONE.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
A message to everyone thinking about downloading this game. Don't do it!!! I have been here close to two years, and it has gone into "full vacuum mode." It is sucking up everything that you have, and then some. Right now is not a good time. You'll see what I'm talking about if you do. Take my advise, it's not fun anymore. As a 2-year player and in a club, the best thing to do is to find some other fun elsewhere. Take my word.
Fun, and challenging the wheel of fortune game takes away boredom as well. It's a good game that helps with spelling and trivial past and present history. Such as movie titles, famous movie stars past and present, geography, animals, cartoon characters, food and drinks, my favorite, is food and drinks, and ect. The only negative is to many ads between playing each game. The only problem I have with this game is that when I play the word rush tournament I've reached 3rd place twice, no rewards.
I used to play this a lot. I liked it but had problems with all the pop ups wanting you to buy. I would buy if I could but not always able to do it. I love the changes. There are more challenges.( LOVE THESE). My daughter played against me and she loves the fact that she is able to beat me once in awhile. Thanks for giving us a way to enjoy our time together.
Really enjoy playing this game, but haven't been able too open it for 2 days now, why does it freeze up on me all the time? I only have one other game. So it couldn't be overloaded. If I could play I would give it 5 stars.
I wrote and suggested game be updated with features to better reflect tv version of the game and you guys listened. Thanks for that. I'm hooked...been playing practically every day for few years!
I don't like having to click so many times to keep the game going. When I play a set where I must collect things or beat certain other players it next to impossible. There is no sense to that you're not giving me real money. Same for the money thermometer it's not real money so let players win. Vanna's letters a annoying. Very seldom can an entire word be spelled. PS you don't pay real money. Why are you so stingy?
Game is only fun if u are up to date on ALL POP CULTURE. do NOT get this app if you aren't familiar with characters, songs, TV shows or movies.
I have been playing this game for a couple of years. the puzzles are challenging but the way the designers manipulate the program is off key. the game ran appropriately but then they redesign and make it the most unrewarding game of all games. you earn frames of each destination as well as the level of the destination. but greed has gotten the best of the designers, nobody wins. I'll go back to chess at less I control my own rewards. Poorly programmed, to many hiccups that they will not fix.
Minus stars if i could, hate ads every game but what's worse is when they can't be closed. Unlike many people I do not believe it's necessary to have ads in order to produce a good app, to me it's nothing but greed so for that and that alone...bad rating!
I like the game in general but it can get boring. It's pretty repetitious but I noticed that if I win diamonds they don't up load to my account so I find myself having to buy some which I know is part of the game but if I earned them then I should still receive them. Anyone with me?
This was a great game prior to the last update. Since the last update, it doesn't display the events at all, and there are "clouds" covering all the countries. Please fix it so I can enjoy playing again!
I downloaded this game to get rewarded play but they're having issues giving me a ton of points! I'm so addicted to the game that I'm playing it because I love it. Tons of ways to get free rewards, teammates all pitch in, free trials for many things... It's almost been 48 hours I started and I'm already on level 63. I highly recommend it, tons of different side games and customer service responds immediately to help with anything.
Fun but you'll be spending most of your time watching the 30 second video ads. The ad time to play time ratio is outrageous.
This game just keeps getting better and better. Just when i think they can't make it possibly any better, they come out of no where and add something new like the millionaire mile board game. I sincerely hope they keep it permanently. I love it! They combined a little old school with the new school and it's awesome! Hope they keep comin up with things like that and keeping permanently! Keep up the good work y'all!
Really good game but today for some reason I lost 500 diamonds while playing I don't know why after I solved a puzzle I would lose diamonds!! What's going on! Had to stop playing for dear of losing more
Great game, love everything about it. My only complaint would be losing because of spelling. In the real game when you solve a puzzle you speak the answer so spelling is not a problem, it should be the same here. Also some of the proper name puzzles are ridiculous, who the hell knows those people. Other than that, nice job, love it
Good fun. Good graphics. Keeps you thinking and a good variety in the game. If you like word and general knowledge games. This is the best one I've played.
That game and screen are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! Too much going on in the game. I still cant figure out what the deal is with the map. What the full piggy bank is for... This game would be fun but its doing too damn much! Waaaay to complicated for what should be a very simple game. Had to delete.
They only offer this "FREE"PLAY version yet it's not free. Just when I'm getting really far into the game levels you are required to pay for more diamonds. Id rather have an option to buy the game once. This just misleads people and irritates them. No way I'd spend money to continue playing. Deceptive.
Love the new Upgrades. But when I'm playing in the Word Rush Tournaments it freezes and takes I end up losing diamonds bcz it makes me have to start back over.
My experience with this app has not been great because I need to learn how to play this kind of Wheel of Fortune , however I do think that this vame is very educational and inspiring. I also believe that it is great for teaching seasonal and problem solving skills. Therefore it is grsah for school age students also. Because I am a widow and has experienced two floods I really need to win real money.
This game functions horribly! Takes forever to open. Once open it starts to lag gets glitchey then freezes. Then I have to reboot my whole system in order for it to reopen. I've lost many puzzles and prizes just today because of the bugs. I love this game, but not the bugs. Not worth spending money on with all these issues. Deleting once again.
Doesn't store all plays. If you take a call or pause it will entirely lose your play at a set time. Doesn't reward all earnings - it says come back to collect. Nope that means the rewards are gone. Doesn't spin fair. It chooses what you get and when. Notifications only work sometimes. You have to check those mysterious areas on your own. This game is not built for accuracy. I would never pay to add more to a game that has so many errors.
The game is addictive, especially when you get your friends playing. Only one issue, I won't pay a monthly fee to remove ads so I will deal with then but this game isn't excessively riddled with ads. I used to love this game and played it daily, not any more. It is like if you dont pay for upgrades then you will get a bankrupt or lose a turn every game and if you get more than $950 on your spin it is a miracle. Like I said I used to love this game but will be deleting it soon.
I loved playing trivia games of famous people and places to win more prizes. It reminded me of my favorite movie titles or celebrity sightings. Awesome sound effects! Would love to compete with other players.
This game is full of glitches lately! Lost 300 diamonds- didnt receive hints. Then it just freezes. I love this game but not losing diamonds or receiving the correct prizes/cash because of glitches. Didn't do this before.
I've been watchig Wheel of Fortune of television since the beginning. I have yet to play the game on a phone, yet. This game can be very educational & is a help in building cognitive skills with help in processing subjects in the brain.
For a freemium game the amount of content is staggering. A game true to the television show, first number of rounds seem to avoid "lose a turn" and "bankruptcy", picks up more later in the game you get. However this is part of the WoF experience and really enjoying this game. Yes there's plenty of opportunities to make in-app purchases but is not a detriment of the game so if you like the gameshow then you'll like this game. 5/5
Fun... but... after winning, then they have a fast play game, & I never win the fast play I have learning disabilities & I would appreciate it if the game of fast play fast solve part of game was ALOT easier, please make it easier, other wise I might eventually give up, & honestly I dont want to stop playing this game. Sincerely Dumbo 🐾🐾🐘 πŸŽͺ
I've been playing WOF for a couple of years. It seems when you spin the wheel, now, there are more lose your turn and bankruptcy wedges coming up. Other than that, its a great game to play.
It is a great game if you have patience. Have to click continue like three times between each game and it is slow. I would have given it 4 stars, but when you receive gift boxes, you can only open 3 at a time. If you have 50 or 60 gift boxes it takes forever. You used to be able to open 5 at a time
If you don't care about playing something like an actual game of Wheel of Fortune, this is for you. You only play one puzzle at a time against AI opponents, and the puzzles are so easy you can't possibly lose unless you land on bankrupt. In the menus, there's so many popups and extra garbage that just isn't necessary. Collecting worthless "souvenirs" that don't do anything, collecting diamonds that don't do anything, it's all pointless extra stuff that has nothing to do with Wheel of Fortune.
Fun and interesting Kinda habit forming ; 'wish app wouldn't take so long to rev up and/or freeze up lots & lots of times so much I don't bother so much anymore!!! Also umpteenth time I 've tried to update ... What the ...... ?????? Recently I lost my treasured profile frame when it disappeared to a very plain one ; I wrote up complaint and VOILA! there it was back again !!! XxxOooo
I'm mean, seriously, it's Wheel of Fortune..of course it's awesome. Great Graphics. Perks a plenty to earn to help you through the game. I'd rate it 6 if I could!
Fun but can't play anymore. Up until 2 days ago the game freezes and stops working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still can't play. It freezes right at the moment the game starts. Frustrating.
I had to reset my phone at one point and download this app again, and all of the games were the exact same. Very predictable puzzles and usually very simple to solve, or on the converse side, completely ridiculous puzzles that don't even fit the category, in the first place, nor would anyone care about solving such a puzzle. They need to have puzzles with a combination of predictable letters and difficulty. It seems to be all or nothing.
ONE PROBLEM! I enjoy this game but the wheel spinning gives me a massive headache. I can only play this game for a couple minutes at the most. Even pressing the spin button makes the wheel spin on screen for a moment. There should be a way to stop that.
Fun, and challenging the wheel of fortune game takes away boredom as well. It's a good game that helps with spelling and trivial past and present history. Such as movie titles, famous movie stars past and present, geography, animals, cartoon characters, food and drinks, my favorite, is food and drinks, and ect. The only negative is to many ads between playing each game.
Nice design, rewarding, fast play, and not riddled with ads... you can watch ads to earn, too. Don't change it much if any. Takes a little getting used to on controls but fast curve. Recommended!
I love Wheel of Fortune unfortunately right now I can't buy any diamonds because of experiencing a 14001 error code status code 400 I'm trying to figure out how to fix it . Finally got it fixed . Been playing for awhile now and still enjoy the game!! Just a quick note if your having problems uninstall and reinstall as there might be a newer version!!
nice graphics. little glitchy. sometimes screen freezes. Shows you have chat messages when you dont. and its taking a lonnnng time for the next level to ger completed. They doubled the price for hints out of the blue.
Eh...pros and cons. What i actually like (pros): -love hangman and guessing letters -graphics look cool What i wish would change (cons): *forced Facebook login. *forced use of 'unlimited infinity symbol' time. I play during my lunch hour sometimes. Never fails to be on the last ticket, win, and am gifted 2hrs free...that i cant play because I have to get back to work. *vowel costs increasing $500 per letter. First vowel $500, second $1000, then $1500? Nope keep them all $250, full stop!
Love the game, however it's hard to keep playing when they don't update the bonus's or change them because they are basically replay and you have to look at *coming soon* for a new location and have to wait for months
After playing for a while I've decided to lower my rating due to the fact that even after you've spent a long time and advanced levels you will lose ALL your progress unless you use 250 diamonds to continue. I am willing to lose the ONE game I failed at but not my ENTIRE days progress unless you fork over diamonds. I think that's quite cruel.
It's addictive. I'm at level 460 and still going strong. One downside is that I'm constantly being friended by foreign men who want to get into my personal life. There should be no need for friends in an app.
This game runs smoothly, and is fun, but there are too many ads and too many events. They have a ton of events during which most of the puzzles match the event topic. There is no variety during events, and there is always an event. They just added an ad panel that constantly flashes and scrolls at the top of the screen in addition to ads at the end of each puzzle. The ad panel at the top was the last straw for me. It is way too distracting.
Many ads, most easy to escape. Very busy app, with tons of features, and graphics going on while you sit an wait for 'em to finish. Keyboard gets touchy when solving puzzle: letter chosen may jump to next square too, causing an incorrect answer. Double check! Feature for free 'unlimited tickets' option NOT WORKING for nearly a week...10 times, (so far), no free tickets were received when chosen. Support can be ineffectual. ADS, ADS, ADS!! Unexpected, unexplained, confusing features appear.
Use to watch the game show on TV for alot of years. I haven't watched in years as well, but really happy that a mobile phone app game was created!!!
Love the new challenges but it's really hard to get rewards! Increased chances to win more diamonds makes it worth entering and I like the better rewards for persistence. Would like to see rewards for more than just top three for tournaments. Some of the categories are a bit obscure, sometimes the server can't cope
Pleased (very) but later on the game won't let you see the video for points, it's good when you first start. Around 1/05/21 the game send you through a rewards phrase that doesn't give points. And it wants you to sign up for rewards, I'm playing game not shopping for food or clothing, please keep it simple. Remember Game Mode.
having a great time but game is very frustrating when it shuts down in the middle of a round my connection is very strong I think it has something to do with the ads it hasn't gotten better. I know it's not my connection because all of my other games have ads and those games don't freeze or shutdown It does appear most of the bugs have been fixed now! Thanks
Very fun. Just don't like if you choose to upgrade your spin each one following stays as an upgraded wether you want it or not, draining diamonds, even into next games. You have to exit the app and go back in to drop the upgraded. It should be optional change per spin.
Outstanding recent experience!!!! WOF is a challenging enjoyable game, it keeps me coming back everyday to see what's new
Lousy game/app!! its still lousy" maybe worse! On head to head i have yet to have the Crown, i have never seen such a crappy game/app! The status bars move very slowly and takes too many games to complete! I will never give this game/app 5 stars! It doesn't deserve even 1 star!! This app/game doesnt deserve any stars! Its addictive yet very difficult to get diamonds, im blind in 1 eye and very difficult to see not enough color! I've complained in the past about these issues-no changes made!
I was playing since I downloaded this the other day and all the sudden tonight when I was playing just the regular games, it was charging me diamonds for every spin and I couldn't even finish the game bc I ran out of diamonds. Scopely is just a greedy, money hungry company. I'm deleting this NOW.
Too much animation! Also, it gives you "prizes" you don't care about. Idc about Vanna's dresses or her letters. Idc about the country busses, knick knacks, etc... I rather get hints & help. And I understand wanting cool graphics but its too much! I am constantly tapping my screen trying to make things go faster. I am doing this game just for the daily rewards... as many things pop up and you gotta click on before even playing, I get those rewards without having to do one puzzle.
A complete failure of boredom & monotony. I hope you have time cause that's what its gonna take. Puzzles are small with hardly any consonants or large $$ wedges to help. New weekly events to climb the ladder to get certain objects but even that is nearly impossible over 7 days u have to play 500 games to even be closer. Worse with every update. Level 540 just came & they added a $400 wedge to the wheel when u need $3.4 million to advance 10 levels?
The main problem I have is the game.moving s l o w and won't be able to use my vowel blast or exchange a wrong guess for the right one...then the game says bad connection.. cancel or continue...so it really won't allow anything but cancel...then you reluctantly cancel and you lose that extra play that I've been banking up..then the game is fine after I cancel... but I LOST my turn and my bank and no problem with the connection.. what gives
Such an amazing game, but, some of them are too easy, and I feel like sometimes I lose on purpose because other, REAL contestants are playing that round with u and I don't want them to waste thier tickets Bec someone else went first and knew the whole thing.
Many ads, most easy to escape. Very busy app, with tons of features, and graphics going on while you sit an wait for 'em to finish. Keyboard gets touchy when solving puzzle: letter chosen may jump to next square too, causing an incorrect answer. Double check! Feature for free 'unlimited tickets' option NOT WORKING for nearly a week...10 times, (so far), no free tickets were received when chosen. Support is ineffectual, just sorry.
If you like ads for Homescapes then this is the game for you. In-between those ads you get a pretty decent Wheel game. Too much fluff that you can't skip over though. Ope, here's an ad for the farm version of that game ... now the medieval one ...
Very little game play for free. The cost for everything is ridiculous. Not exciting or fun enough to pay for all the numerous extras that have nothing to do with the game. The only reason to add that many things to buy instead of charging a single fee is to take advantage of vulnerable people while they play. When playing they threaten to erase everything you've earned & accomplished unless you pay. They're getting each & every penny they can get their greedy hands on in a shady way.
The game is totally cool the only drawback is all the stupid ads you have to watch. If it wasn't for that I'd give him five stars you guys need to give people options to watch ads
Good game. Different events, good mind game and overall enjoyable. Few small things as a long time player. Some events can be very basic or boring. I love the frames you can get, but lately some events you're given 1 boring frame. I feel they could do so much more.
The new tournaments are not fair to the VIP's. Sapphire and emerald wheels are worth less money and bankrupts and lose a turns useless. Love the cash o meter on Pat's Milli Maker. Items are fair but tournament wins are too far apart.
Great game!! Just at times when I need to win against a character. It takes several days to play that character. And when I try to get the money meter, the puzzle is not big enough.
Love the puzzles, but all the prize "noise" is obnoxious. It's too busy and takes away from playing the game
I love this game. I am so addicted. The only problem ive had is when ive purchased diamonds, there have been a few times when i havent gotten them credited. It was frustrating so i havent been purchasing extras like i was because Im afraid of just not getting them. Othereise the game is really fun.
Yay! I love this game!! It glitches sometimes, but more often than not, it works just fine. Once in n a while it stops my game n gives me some error msg and may take a minute to get back to the game, but it runs smoothly most of the time.
I did the Software update and now my game doesnt even load...it keeps a blackish blue screen. Game ran great before the mandatory update.
It's a great game, you get to challenge yourself. Sometimes the ads are a little too much and the free icon doesn't always work so that's a bit frustrating but overall it's a great game.
Used to have problems with the game years ago but decided to reinstall and the updates are much better. The game has improved tremendously.
After update it is impossible to win Cash O Meter. Played dozens of boards without an incorrect letter nor purchase of vowel & haven't won it. It barely moves even with high dollar spins & multiple letters. It was the main way you got good rewards. Pretty disappointing. Now stuck at having to beat an NPC character I haven't been matched with in 20+ rounds of playing. Why all the tokens & the annoying letters?? Lot of pointless repetition, little reward. Lucky letters prizes are always food now
Love it! Only thing I would fix would be the free Vanna cards/daily videos, half the time they work and half the time they don't. Feel like I miss out on getting free things because it doesn't load the video even though it says there's one available for viewing.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Love this game, but often the category is a red haring. Also hate these new kind of games where you have to have energy (in thus case tickets) to play, but i havent run outwhile playing yet. My biggest issue is that you have to win bonus rounds, to collect souvenirs to progress. So bonus rounds aren't actually a bonus they're required. And you have to win them a lot to get to the next city.
Pretty clear cut game. Lots of puzzles to answer and a reasonable amount of ads. Most free games flood you every round with ads and that's not my experience. You need tickets to play rounds which run out very quickly and take real time to gain back. You have to obtain enough collectables to move onto the next city, and it takes a long time to get the collectables. Overall it's fun, you get the W.o.F. experience without the stress
The only review im giving is I'm deleting this game, because you constantly have redownload these so call updates. Frankly I'm sick of it. This and Jeopardy be are the only games you constantly have to download, and i don't see any significant changes. Jeopardy is gone, so now o say goodbye Wheel and will not recommend this ge to anyone.
I love this game it is so fun I wish I was in here for real life it is kinda hard but it is easy to at the same time so yea this game rock I love it this is the best game EVER !!!!!!!!!
Love the game. Gets the mind thinking. Definitely far too many ads, like after every game their an ad, atleast 30 secs long and you can't skip through them
I'd give 5 stars but its SO FRUSTRATING waiting for all the stupid little things to happen b4 each game. I don't care about points or gold or rewards or gifts. I just want to press play!! Sooooo annoying waiting waiting waiting all the time. Also, im not American!!! So how am I supposed to know everything that is American. Coz this game ONLY SPITS OUT AMERICAN PHRASES, NAMES, ETC... Can you make it world wide?
Freemium game designers are horrible humans, and this offering from them is one of the worst I've seen. If you want to throw money away at something that offers little in value, then this is the game for you, but it's really shiny
Graphics are slick and clean, gameplay is rich in Wheel of Fortune sounds, colours and with both Pat and Vanna here too giving it what I think takes over the top for a FREE download that is great for passing time. Highly recommend because it is fun and challenging and especially if you love Wheel of Fortune. Only thing missing is the trips, cruises and car prizes on the wheel even if you cant really win them. Lol
Runs smoothly. Just like the real thing. I just wish there were more free tickets but I am happy to get the ones offered
Fun concept of a game, bad execution. For instance, what in the world are all these million various objects they keep throwing at you? What are they for?! Seems they're just there for fluff and sparkle, non-functional. Give us some things we can actually use like extra hints, extra time to solve etc. I think its only fun to spin the wheel.
I love this game. It's fun while being challenging. I really enjoy being a contestant just like on tv. So many different ways to play & all are fun.
I am a VIP, and have been for years. I LOVE this game, there is no other game out there that even comes close to the fun you will have playing this!!!
If I could I wouldn't give it a star! This is so ridiculous always having to update! Why update things are still the same! Now Its not letting me update & I know I have space. Even when u watch videos to earn diamonds or whatever u choose when u watch the video. It takes forever all u see is the wheel turning it has taken up to 4-5mins ridiculous when I have strong internet connection! Even when u win a free Vanas letter to earn no bankruptcy they make it impossible for u to get tiles q,r,etc...
Love this game aside from the videos not loading for you free gems. Up to almost 200 free gems a day and in lucky to get 35. I'll give more stars when this issue is fixed.
Glitches and kicks me out mid game. Sometimes when finishing a bonus puzzle, it cuts to an ad, which is fine, but the ad glitches and then the game stops, forcing me to close it and I lose my reward. Super annoying. It used to just happen now and then, but it's happening more often. I love this game and I hope they fix it. Otherwise I will end up uninstalling it again.
It's just ok. The game play is a bit weird, not many instructions on how or what to do to win things (other than points). I supposedly have all of these stored letters to help me when I need it but most of the time there is no way to access them? And does anybody know how to turn down the volume on the notifications? My phones volume control doesn't work on this game. The notifications startle me at times they are so loud & why so many? One day I had 5 or 6 in a couple of hours.?
Great game, lot of ads but theyre quick or able to skip, helps pass the time, lots of fun grew up watching the wheel
It says free, but the only way to collect the diamonds you win is to spend money. Should at least be a pay once option. A subscription for this... really?πŸ‘Ž
The frequent new tournaments add another level of fun play-I especially like the Cash-o-Meter in World Tour play. The graphics, details, play options (regular and head-to-head) are endlessly entertaining. The SAFE socializing opportunities with head-to-head players & extended friendship with club members have been especially welcome in this COVID19 world. When I say endlessly entertaining-my grandkids (4 & 6 yoa) love finding the pop-up city wonders & when they're gone-I play for hours!
I think it's great I think the big problem people has is the phones or tablets they play on I use to play on my tablet and another phone I was always having problems playing the game now got a new phone plays great
This game is excellent. I am a huge wheel of fortune fan. This game is like playing the real thing and there is so many different challenges! Bravo scopely!!!!
I like that I can play everyday withou and progress without shelling out money. There are ads, but they aren't overwhelming.
2 days ago i updated this app and now it keeps stopping or will not load at all. I have sent a few reguest to repair the bugs... Nothing Please review & repair. Thanks
For the past few days, the Tourney Chellenge isn't recognizing tournament rounds played. I just played 1 Fortune, 1 Word Rush, and 2 classic puzzles. I got no Tourney Challenge credit.
My diamonds are constantly disappearing (ranging from 50 - 300 diamonds per incident) without Me actually using them. When I bring this to the attention of customer service, instead of them thoroughly looking into the issue & why this keeps happening, I typically get a cut-&-paste response. The last time this occurred, they refused to replace My missing diamonds & frankly I'm tired of having to constantly reach out to them to rectify THEIR issue. Therefore, I'm uninstalling this mediocre game.
This is one of my favorite games. So happy I found the app. I don't like that you have to pay money at a certain point but you can still play without paying. I would also like if we could play real contestants.
I am totally satisfied with this game. I have played and love playing Wheel of Fortune for many years. This is indeed my most favorite hobby and pass-time event. I look forward to playing this game online and offline. It helps to stimulate my mind, while at the same time having lots and lots of. If possibe I would make that star rating a one hundred star rating. Thank you Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, Vanna White and all of the members of this franchise. Please, keep lifting me up. "Happy Holiday
I love that the game plays like the one on TV, and I really like that I can watch ads and get an hour of free play. Thanks for continuing to make the game more fun. I really like having a chance to win prizes in every game too. Keep up the good work, great game
I would like to be able to choose when to use the Helping Hand hint instead of it being used automatically each time wrong guess is made, even with Free Play.
This game is fun, but the only complaint I have are the puzzles are too outdated for today's generations. I've gotten several puzzles repeatedly, I had no clue what they were because the topics were about celebrities from the the 1930s through the 1960s. If you're going to do pop culture puzzles, why are the puzzles about culture from the 1940s and 50s and we're almost in year 2021. It seems to me, this game is targeted for older people.
The game freezes every puzzle.I have a new device and my wifi connection is relatively fast. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game but nothing happened. I have playing this game for more than four years and I can say this is the most gltched game online.
I love playing the Wheel of Fortune even with having to watch all the Ads! People are too impatient especially when you can play for free or sign up as a VIP!
It's interesting that some months ago, there were an incredible number of negative reviews about the same issues I am making in this comment . Now, those negative reviews have seemingly disappeared, they have to be selectively deleting them! Aside from that, , I have been playing for a year.. Same constant problems that have not been fixed in a year..... watching the free videos to get coins, when it comes to the end to get 25 coins, popup appears saying "check your internet connection" when in fact there is nothing wrong with a user's connection and you don't get the points.
Fun to play. However, updating way too often. Extremely slow on phone. The app updated just one week ago. There is absolutely no reason to be updating again so soon! After last update, game will not load properly. The app will work ok for a week or so, then suddenly it will not load at all. I keep having to uninstall and reinstall the app.
I love this game. I am so addicted. BUT I am playing games and winning them over and over yet for instance "open conservatory door" I cant get past, I literally just played for 6 1/2 hours to get 1...ONE It needs to be fixed or I will stop playing. Its stuff like this that makes me not want to bother playing anymore.
Amazing game! Most games have a TON of ads but this one has little to no ads at all. Love all the bonuses as well!!!
Games great only problem is where my daily login bonus eveyone else i know has it on there game so why am i being scanked also your videos for free diamonds dont load sort this and i give more stars
Almost perfect I would love to have the option on when I use Vanna's Helping Hand. I do not always want to use it when I miss a letter.I love ths game otherwise and find it highly addicting.
Very entertaining and the glitches/freezes are minimal. I play a couple hours throughout the day and more on the weekends when I have free time.
Very fun and it charges your brain while sitting in the waiting room or on a half hour or hour lunch break and very competitive game to play against family and friends
Glitches and kicks me out mid game. Sometimes when finishing a bonus puzzle, it cuts to an ad, which is fine, but the ad glitches and then the game stops, forcing me to close it and I lose my reward. Super annoying. It used to juat happen now amd then, but it's happening more often. I love this game and I hope they fix it. Otherwise I will end up uninstalling it again.
If you are looking for a "free" game this is not it as you need to purchase time to continuously play. You're allowed 1 free play every 30 minutes. The play is over in less than 5 minutes. They used to have options to win more time (tickets & diamonds, etc) to keep you going but they took those away. This game is all about the money.
A good time, really well designed version of the show. A whole lotta ads to get to the free stuff but you can play for hours without subscribing. I did subscribe briefly and it was even better, but I cannot sustain the price.
Used to be Fun, but way too much other BS... They changed it from a fun place to play to constant league play and other assorted distractions from the original Wheel of Fortune.... The game used to be fun! Lots of chatting if your into that, but ultimately they're trying to get $$ out of you by making you buy letters and chances are you won't get your monies worth!!
I play this game everyday! Ok, I miss a day or 2 sometimes, but I try to play everyday! The graphics are awesome! Very vibrant colors! But I love playing it! I really enjoy pretty much everything about it! And I do great even without paying a monthly fee! You even make a real friend or 2 you can chat back & forth with through the game's chatting/messaging system. I play mostly for fun, and I enjoy the challenges. Winning is just a perk, which I'm not too bad with! You really should try it out!
Game is fun but the "Free Sale" section glitches out ALL THE TIME. I watch the ads to collect free items and after the ad is over, the items are nowhere to be found and it only shows a loading icon where the play button should be. Would love to rate higher, but this is very annoying and keeping me from playing longer. Please fix.
This game has too many absurdities. Puzzles under the category "phrase" are usually not actual things people say. They're not real phrases. Furthermore, if you lose the first part of the game, you have 3 options - to watch an ad to play the second part, use diamonds (that you have to pay for), or quit, and if you quit you lose all the credits for the other games you already won! Often there is no option to watch ads. You have to pay or quit. This game needs MAJOR repairs! Just plain lousy.
Love this game! Was a little hesitant at first because i love the show and wasn't sure if they could come close to being like the show but it's amazing and I'm hooked!! Love this game and love what they've added here and there. Keep it up!!
4 times my answer was deemed incorrect...quickly followed by the correct answer, the one I gave. No points given. The chat helper was ineffectual. A plethora of incessant, annoying ads is constantly bombarding you; you opt for one ad for rewards and you get two in quick succession. Also, while the main page has cool images, it's so busy, with no description of what each item means or anything to provide a broad overview of what links there are, etc. After 2 wks, it's still tricky
Things have gotten alot better. The new bonus rounds and themes are pretty great. Loving everything. The only thing I wish they would do is create more maps faster. It kinda sucks to play in the same location for months. Other than that it's a great game.
Far too many ads and quality of play is ruined by the need to make constant purchases to do anything, the different games themselves are fun but you have very little chance of being in a winning position without spending hundreds of real dollars. Wouldn't recommend this game.
I enjoy wheel of fortune, but you can't really finish all the way to the 7th gift and finished the level at all. Because they want you to buy more time and only once you fail, you either got to buy gems to keep going to finish the levels, and you need 250! To keep playing where you didn't win... And it keeps turning off on its own, during the play, so annoying. I feel like what a ((waste)) of time...
Ads are too long. X Button to end some ads opens Google play. Too many pop ups between puzzles. Animations between puzzles are unnecessarily long and annoying.
i subscribed to MVP, with the promise of 300 free diamonds. Then, they took them away from me because I had subscribed several years ago. when I complained, this was their response: "Hello there, Thank you for your inquiry. The 300 Diamonds bonus was a one-time thing and only for those who subscribe the first time. According to your logs, this was not the first time you subscribed to the VIP All Access Pass. I hope this clarifies. Let us know if you need anything else. Regards, PJ Scopely Su
I like wheel of fortune and all the different games I have to challenge. But sometimes they want me to update but the game is already on my phone if I cut my cellphone off and turn it back on them the game will play just sometime why is thatπŸ‘‹
Ok the game is actually better thsn most of the reviews bad revuews u really enjoyed playing it but the topics are from like year's ago and i was born in the 2000's not specifically but thee like in the 80's and there is alot of adds that is why i gave it three Stars for these two not do good things too the game but the rest is fine and it actually let's me learn some things so yea
Very addicting and fun. Only downfall is how fast you can run out of diamonds because it cost diamonds to get hints, enter tournaments, play a bonus round if you lost the round, etc. Buying diamonds with your own money costs a lot too.
Stinks now. Used to be my favorite game. Bankrupt and lose a turn every game now. Cash o meter is a joke. The amount you have to get to move between shows is ridiculous. What a shame.
Excellent just like on tv with extra stuff and as for costing money to buy diamonds I have saved up almost 17000 diamonds and I haven't spent a cent and as for adds theres barely any and there only quick ones best game on my phone by far you wont be disappointed
Sorry. I cant play this that much anymore. I used to love it but then you all went AWOL on adds. Just too many of them now. Popping up everywhere
Have been playing Wheel of Fortune for a few years now and I love it. Sure it has it's hick ups and right in the middle of a game it freezes and I lose. Yes it makes me upset a little but "Its Free" "Free" most things come with a price. I am a older male who has been off 9f work with pay since March but in August I got let go. Cannot find a job and my bank accounts are just about empty now. This game takes my stress for a minute. Howard Troy, Michigan
Love love love this game. It keeps my brain sharp and entertained. I love being able to go Head to Head, and the tournaments. I would like an option to purchase specific letters from Vannas Showcase. But aside from that minor problem, the app is just like the TV show, I've been a fan of Pat and Vanna for my entire life and the app doesn't disappoint!
Glitches once in a while. I spent 250Γ—2, so 500 diamonds to play the bonus round, same round and bonus round never loaded. So I lost 500 diamonds and all prizes for one round. Sometimes I get kicked out of the game. It is a fun game but I would like a diamond refund.
Just love πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’– this game its fun and keeps me playing all day and even great to play alone u still have alot of fun trying to figure out the puzzle n win prizes.. πŸ‘Œ I gotta be honest though it could use a lit help cuz it freezes up or just shuts off in the middle of a game that can drive u crazy especially when ur on a great streak. Also cant understand alot of things ur againts for prizes and cant get information on what they mean. Its entertaining but needs alot fixed on it.
Puzzles are easy... Each round costs a ticket which takes 30 minutes to restore whilst the round takes a couple of minutes at most. Got to level 6/7 and then had to wait for ages to even get 1 life back. This issue needs to be addressed as I hate waiting to play a "free game." I hope they look into this and change it as I may uninstall if I can't play for now than 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours
Great graphics and a perfect mimic of the tv game but lots of external gobbledygook they made up that seems to have little purpose but to be eye noise, which only distracts from an otherwise great experience.
The frequent new tournaments add a whole new level of fun play-I especially like the Cash-o-Meter in World Tour play. The graphics, details, play options (regular and head-to-head) are endlessly entertaining. The SAFE socializing opportunities with head-to-head players & extended friendship with club members have been especially welcome in this COVID19 world. When I say endlessly entertaining-my grandkids (4 & 6 yoa) love finding the pop-up city eonders & when they're gone-I play for hours!
This was extremely disappointing πŸ˜– I LOVE wheel of fortune & have since I can remember so I was psyched to download the app and play. The game itself is great. I was a few games in, and winning, when out of the blue it crashed and restarted my tablet. Since all the other apps on my phone are working, after a few tries with the same outcome, I just uninstalled the app.
I've been playing WOF for 3+ years now. I find it is stimulating and keeps me thinking all the time! Great game , new adventures all the time!
Fairly recently, the game's clues have become less relevant to the 2000's, 1990's or even 1980's. We're talking black & white television characters and songs most born after 1970 don't know. Plus, the prizes aren't as compelling as they used to be. I may uninstall. Please be more inclusive.
Maybe some people would like this game, but it's too dumbed down. There was no apparent charm to it unless you count Sajak's voice saying "Pick away" each time you're to choose another letter. Someone expert in making mobile games made this with all the artistry of a paint-by-numbers portrait. The disposability of this game is quite evident and it's a wasted opportunity for something that might have been FUN. But it's not.
It is really fun and really good to play. You can win cool prizes and you also vs other people or the computer. You need to spin this wheel that tells you what you win and it is super doober fun and cool.
Definite rage game, it gives you absolutely no chance of solving the bonus rounds. Not playing this again. It expects you to be fluent in several languages. I lost six rounds and two bonus rounds because I can only type / write English. It's rediculous! However, game is well made. Just impossible to progress.
Love the new challenges, especially milli maker and the increased chances to win more diamonds makes it worth entering. I like the better rewards for persistence. Some of the categories are a bit obscure, sometimes the server can't cope
Playing wheel is very relaxing for me. It gives me the opportunity of testing my knowledge. I especially like the challenge of the hard puzzle. When I win I feel an adrenaline rush. Wish there were more of them! Another plus would be if winnings could be instantly given and not be placed on the wheel to spin again. Feel the excitement building. Aaaah!
The game is quickly satisfying. Visuals are nice and popping. The developer knows how to hook players; even as much as giving somewhat easy puzzles. Now let me explain, I've blazed through the first spot on the map, knowing there is still way more puzzles and I'm anticipating harder puzzles. I can't determine if they're randomized yet, but that would be a welcome note. It is great for Wheel of Fortune fans who would like to stimulate their brain on a lazy day or a dull city bus ride.
βš οΈβš οΈβš οΈβ›”HELP!!!β›”βš οΈβš οΈβš οΈ β›”For the last 3 days the game will not load. I can't get past the title screen!β›”I have updated the app. & Restarted my phone numerous times thinking that would fix it, but to no avail.πŸ˜” Whenever I try to play I can't get the game to load..πŸ˜΅πŸ˜¬πŸ˜” the load bar fills up all the way but then it just freezes and the game doesn't go beyond that.β›” β›”β›”βš οΈ PLEASE HELP βš οΈβ›”β›”
Really enjoying the opportunity to learn more, Not as bad as it Looks, Turn out to be Really interesting and Fun to Play
The frequent new tournaments add a whole new level of fun play-I especially like the new Cash-o-Meter in World Tour play. The graphics, details, play options (regular and head-to-head) are endlessly entertaining. The SAFE socializing opportunities with head-to-head players & extended friendship with club members has been especially welcome in this COVID19 world! I'm also enjoying the League tournament frequency and great prizes. When I say endlessly entertaining-I mean play for hours!
Don't like the fact that halfway through the game into going to the next city you stop us from going to get our money and diamonds! So discouraging!! I do enjoy the game but you need to change that!!
This app is good I would think people seven and over should down loud. This game is really fun and cool you get to try to guess the word and you get to pick letters and if the letters are in the word you do good and once you get enough words on the board and you think you know the word/sentence you can hit a button and you can type in the word/sentence but you have to update it a lot witch is really annoying.
I love the new format! I can't stop playing. I have noticed recently, no matter how much I play I can not always complete a side challenge, like Music Mayhem, for example. I will complete a few after but can't get past one which stops me from getting the prizes I have already earned. That is my only grip.
its fun, time killer for waiting rooms. Why can i only open 3 boxes at a time? Need more options on that. Also the wheel graphics everytime you complete a stage in tournament is slow and boring.
This is not the same as on TV. On TV, there's a "G" rating. On this, sometimes there are pictures of half naked women as the other "contestant" or the puzzle was "welfare check". This should have a "PG-13" rating. Other than that, it's fun, colorful and addicting.
Too good...allways good....bottom line iam so addicted...tee hee...great fun everyday....Thanks....Wheel Of Fortune..Still Having Fun on Wheel Of Fortune..As of Jan 2020....Iam still enjoying this game....Its just a Good Part of my Day....TU....Wheel Of Fortune...2..24...20....Enjoying....TU...Wheel of Fortune.....3....21.....20.....FUN...FUN.....FUN..3....28....20...YUP.....4....21....Still Bunch of Fun 5..26..20...Still having Fun..TU...WOF..Enjoying still 10-3-20.....Great Enjoyment....TU...
The game is super fun never really repetitive the head-to-head portion is fun and the ability to create your own puzzles it's fantastic
This is a fun game but it will cheat so that advancement is impossible. So 3 stars is all it deserves. And way to many ads
Exhausting! Unless you play 60% of the day plus, you don't stand a chance of completing any of the specialised games. The Cash-O-Meter is a joke! Unless you upgrade on each spin, the chances of filling the thing is minimal. I feel it's just another gimmick to get you to spend money. There are far too many 'extra' games going on. No sooner has one ended, than another begins. This game becomes more of a chore than enjoyable. I've told the developers this before, and they just added more stuff in!