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What's inside the box?

What's inside the box? for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte located at Bergstraat 17 9880 Aalter Belgium. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Yet another fun puzzle game where some levels are pretty easy whilst some can be pretty challenging. Overall the game is a little too easy, but that's a welcome difference from those that are deceptively hard and take ages to complete. Worth a go from anyone that loves puzzles.
Some of the puzzles are pleasantly challenging, but others can wind up being needlessly repetitive. Also, way too many sliding-tile puzzles; after the first (not counting the trivial 2x2 ones) they're annoying enough at the best of times, but when there are multiple layers in a single puzzle it just gets absurd.
I really like this game but I don't like the sliding puzzles. I am stuck on level 72. Maybe if you got rid of them and replaced them with something else I would've gave this game 5 stars. Otherwise really awesome game, keep it up!!!!!
Hands down one of the best games I have ever come across. I liked how the only time you had to deal with ads was when you wanted to use a hint... normally I wouldn't praise an app for using ads to give hints.. but unlike all other apps I’ve used that FORCE you to watch the entire 30 to 60 second ad and penalize you for clicking off early (by not giving you the hint).. this app doesn’t; there is about a 5 second countdown before you can click off the ad to get your hint. So props on that. I did however end up buying the premium version because there were a few puzzles that I found a little too difficult and I wanted to skip them. So paying $3 to remove get the ability to skip a level is not asking too much at all (plus it removes the "hint ads"). [Possible Spoiler]: My one and only criticism for this game is that one of the early levels requires you to click on the circled question mark (?) on the top right hand side in order to solve the puzzle and once you do it sends you back to the main screen, a little annoying. All and all this is my favourite game yet... great job to the creators.
I played this again years later (I think?) for the sake of nostalgia and a general knowledge of loving Bart Bonte's games. It was just as fun as the first time. Excellent game. I loved it!
Having so much fun lately binge-playing and finishing Bart's games one game a day. Sorry I can't financially support you. Will make sure to watch a ton of ads instead. Keep it up.
Enjoing this quite a bit. However, the hint button doesn't seem to be working. I've been stuck on level 6 for days.
Pure puzzle game which gets progressively harder. Good to spend a few minutes boggling over without any demands to remember plot or where you last were. Fantastic game.
It's a great game 5stars, but I'm stuck on 43 and the hint "'more' games '2'nd one of those...spell it" isn't really any help. Am I supposed to know something about something or something? Edit: I've been such an idiot this entire time, I suppose to go to more of your games, I can't believe that i could see past something that is right in front of me that whole time.
I loved this, I remember coming back every day to this. But there's a certain level with a 3×3 puzzle on top of a puzzle on top of a puzzle, & I hate shift the piece puzzles 😆... 😢 I knew hints wouldn't help me then, I knew I had to simultaneously solve all 3. I suck at that. I always wondered what was at the center of that box to win, but I'm pretty sure you can do this, reader. It's a fantastic puzzle game. Maybe I'll search a how to solve on YouTube. Bye
cute and challenging!! really enjoyed it. I liked that some were difficult enough I needed a hand with and some were straightforward, excellent variety of types
im stuck on level 47 i watched youtube videos to complete it but i cant find a 2019 one i need help also i tried rllrrrllrrrllrrrllrrrllr but it didn't work
Good puzzle game. I only played the first 45 levels but I wish there was more variation in the puzzles provided. The hardest ones were the switching lights. I only got past those through luck. If it has more than a hundred puzzles I'd pay the full version.
This game is flawless!! Reasonable ads (only when you need a hint), great fun puzzles, not too hard, not too easy! Really a great game!! Oh and don't mind the people who say the game is frustrating... They must be really stupid, the puzzles are actually fairly easy and the hints are very helpful.
Was almost completed the game when I was stucked at level 98, then I tried looking up at youtube and follow the exact guide, making the word BOX, but i can't get pass the level, tried several times and still can't complete it, is there a bug? (Love the game btw, also completed the colour series)
Game is fun until you get stuck on this one level that's not even a puzzle its just hard to do it right, and since I'm not going to pay to skip the level. I'm just gonna delete the app :/ I'd recommend changing the level.
Good puzzles in general. 100 puzzles for free, and not tooooo repetitive. The green square light button puzzles are a bit frustrating, but maybe I just don't know the trick to them. Would have given 5 stars if it weren't for ALL OF THE SLIDE PUZZLES. I can't be the only one who thinks slide puzzles are terrible, even if you know the tricks.
It's a very pleasant game to kill time. Ads are kept to a minimum. It must have taken a lot of work to put this all together. And it's free! Some levels are too difficult though. I'm stuck at 79.
Great puzzle game! Edit: It seems impossible to get the right color on the last square on level 96 :/
Great game, great puzzles, my only complaint is having to watch an ad for a "clue" that is basically just a joke. I have nothing against watching ads to support a developer, but it just bugs me.
I had issues with the game that made the game unplayable. First off, the game froze at level 3, and even after resetting my phone and reinstalling it, the game still froze. Secondly, the game glitched out at around level 2 for some reason. 0/5 I am NEVER playing another one of these games again.
Very enjoyable game! A good balance of easy to solve/I've-seen-this-mechanic-before puzzles and let-be-think-about-this-for-a-little puzzles. I do wish the hint process was a little more extended. After basically being told the answer on the second hint fairly early on, I've been wary to hit the button twice. It's possible that's not the case in later levels.
I love puzzle games and played the browser game of this so I decided to download this. The only problem I have is that I can't do the marble level due to the tilt thing.
Puzzles are about discovering the mechanics specific to that puzzle. It's mostly done well, though some concepts repeat a bit too often for my preference. If you've played any of Bart Bonte's other games, you know what you're in for. There is one major drawback for me; sliding tile puzzles. They feel like a departure from the discovery style of the other puzzles. They were a frustrating disappointment every time they came up.
Not horrible but don't buy it. There's creativity here but hardly any variety to maintain interest. Dev starts recycling puzzles to pad out the claim that there's 100 total. 3/4 of the game is basically the same puzzle reused with one pointless addition to it. ie: slider puzzle again but now there's a couple buttons to press under the tiles. or : slider puzzle over a slider puzzler WITH buttons underneath! Oooh... how boring. Didn't I just solve this same puzzle like... a couple of minutes ago?
This is an amazing game. It's simple concept makes it easy to learn but the puzzles are still a challenge to complete. I would give it a 6/5 if I could.
another fantastic game from this developer, I have bought a few games now from this developer and all were worth it, for some reason though I felt purchasing this one deserved a few more levels not just a way in which to remove ads and support developer. Having said that the developer was kind enough to refund me and it wont put me off buying other games from him
I'm very sorry I left a bad review, I was in a bad mood and I got past the level 🤗 great game, keep It up 😁
Great puzzles but some so difficult I ended up uninstalling it. Would have been good to have a mute as I did the puzzles in bed mostly.
Really fun and really hard! I love all of Bart Bontes games, both on mobile and cool math games! I would definitely recommend this!
Excellent puzzles! A delightful mix that has me flying through levels one moment and stumped on one the next. I do hate the slide puzzles, though I have a better understanding of them now after playing this game~
I wouldn't recommend this game for two reasons. 1) The "hints" aren't constructive, helpful hints. 2) Certain puzzles are repetitive and only increase in difficulty. This does not make for a fun, challenging puzzle experience when the player is bored and frustrated. You may also have to consult YouTube for walkthroughs of levels and that's not fun in the slightest. For anyone getting into puzzle games, I would advise you avoid this one until you enjoy frustration and anger, with no help at all.
Excellent...makes you think...most fairly straightforward...whilst some are a bit more obscure. Some hints lose a little in translation.
Usually BartBonte gets a 5, but there are only so many "solve this multi-layered slider puzzle" levels I'm interested in playing, before it becomes more tedious than fun. The puzzle isn't new and curious, just harder. My partner likes this style more, though, and I still enjoyed most of it.
Not much of a fan. The hints are useless to be honest and sound condensing and like you're an idiot because you don't understand it. Felt really annoyed at the fact that you feel the need to revolve a level around one of your other silly apps. Nobody cares about your other games unless they want to actually look at them. So that nerds to be removed. Repetitive, felt like the app dev got bored and just decided to shove it all together to quicken the game release. No ads unless you need hints but guess what? you only get two hints and majority of them don't make sense, so I've given up. You can find much nicer and helpful games on the app store. I promise.
This was fun... Used 62 hints to complete. This was much harder than your colour series. Overall great game
Interesting format of puzzles, keeps the brains cells ticking! Hints are helpful, but not always obvious at first. Well worth paying for the ad free experience. Keep up the good work devs.
Love these puzzles but I can't get past level 3 because the ball won't move when I tilt the phone. This feature still works with other games though so I think it's just a glitch. I saw in another review that phones without a gyroscope have arrows to move the ball so perhaps having that as a backup for phones with them would solve this. Like 3 hints then you get the arrows maybe.
I cant get past level 28 I'm so confused when I push every combination it doesn't work and the hints aren't helping HELP!!
Easy for the most part with some very hard ones if you don't use hints. Overall a brilliant game to kill time and keep your brain fit, like all Bart Bonte games.
Puzzles are repetetive and get frustratingly hard. Fun is lost. Play all the way thru to get an aneurysm!
It's a very pleasant game to kill time and there are little ads. However, some levels are just too difficult. I'm stuck at 79. There should be a skip button or something similar as the difficulty of that puzzle is quite high.
I couldn't get past level 7 because the second layer part only moved up and down edit: I mean the part wouldn't do anything apart from go up and down no matter how hard I tried
Very nice game. Not plagued with ads. Like red, yellow, or other games. Hints not terribly useful. Overall solid and worth getting. spoiler below. Was completely stuck on level 14. it says follow the symbol. looked through reviews to find answer - who draws a 6 like that? given that you could start from anywhere, it feels too random. Minor nitpick in a fun game.
I'm worried. After doing 'Red' , 'Black' and 'Yellow' I found this easier ( not easy,just easier.)Am I beginning to think in the same twisted way as Bart?! Another thought-provoking game. Well done
This game was great. Have to take different approaches to each level and was well done with how new levels would sometimes build off previous ones. Also, the use of different control styles at times was nice.
I love this game! I love all of your games! I even played all of your color games! Your games are puzzling and that is why I luv them so much! Plz make mkre color games! 😄
Excellent game; clean design, well thought out puzzles that actually require you to think, rather than the usual "Arrange four lemons in a row. Well done! here's a hundred points for your effort" :)
always enjoy your games. Lots of fun to play the game. some levels are really tricky which is the favorite thing for someone who like to solve puzzles. can you guys make whole puzzle boxes like a 3D simulator/model or something (referring some famous puzzle boxes like cryptex or something) that will be super interesting to SOLVE ;). Once again thanks a lot for the game. and until next time... I'm gonna go play BLACK ;).
This is less a game of puzzles and more a game of "Guess what I want you to do". Most of the levels are just pushing buttons or turning knobs to guess at what the goal is, rather than something that requires critical thinking or reasoning to solve.
I like the game its challenging but sometimes I just dont understand the levels I'm stuck on one right now and I just 100% do not understand it but IF I get past it I will continue the game
The game's amazing, but level 52 is kinda hard. 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Edited: thank you for believing in me :D, I finally passed it!
I enjoyed this - lots of fun little teasers. Occasionally super super annoying... but often very clever. There are walkthroughs if the hints aren't helpful (which is often if you're stuck and tired tbh...) Overall a good game, if very addictive :D
Only started this game a few hours ago. I on level 30 and omg it's got me stumped lol. It's a good game that requires logic. So if you like bart bonte games as much as I do then you will love love love this game.
just downloaded it and looked at the reviews and i like how the creator helps people with some level and also give them links to videos to also help them
Love this game! Good puzzles and solid hints when you need them. I finished it and plan to play again. I really enjoy Bart Bonte's games but this is probably my favorite.
simply love this puzzle game. challenging at times but with use of the hints here and there you'll get through all the levels.
That one contained some pretty hard ones! 14 hints to finish them all! Very entertaining, loved to just open the app for 2 minutes just to try to beat a level or two. Nice job!
its nice but some puzzles are not a 100% good puzzles. like the #56 has multiple solutions (the solution that SHOULD also be accepted: left, up, down, up, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, right).
Thank you Bart! I haven't written a review before, but I had to say that your games are my favorite puzzle games I have played so far. I've downloaded yellow, red, black, and the box and finished them in 3 days (which I probably shouldn't have done as I have exams soon) but thank you for making them and I can't wait for any new ones you come out with!
I love your games! I like that this is more challenging than the color ones. I'm stuck in level 78 though.
Excellent puzzle game. The only thing I would like is the ability to reset so I can have another go. It is amazing that they made 100 unique levels.
Great game to test your problem solving abilities. Saw people had problem with only level two, not sure what the issue was. Just take a break and come back later if you cant get through it the first time. Overall a really good game if you want a challenge.
Played this years ago on Kongregate. Great game, except for all the sliding puzzles. I abhor those. Just wastes time.
Super fun game! Loved it! Very "out of the box" thinking lol. My favorite levels are the ones where you need to rearrange letters or number 43! That was very tricky but that's what makes it fun! Great work to the creators! The n in e on e on e level was awesome! Whoever thought of that has got to be a smart one^^ Any chance anyone knows if level 99 is a real game and what it's called? I found it fun to play around with but can't find it anywhere.
I play this game at school on the Computers in 4th period & it's really fun and I love playing it everyday at school! It is really easy + fun to play.
Relatively fun game. Sometimes seems like playing with a child who makes up the rules as they go along, but most puzzles are solvable with a little patience. Hint: No wifi=no ads.
Brilliant game, but yesterday it hijacked my phone I got this game last year and it's beautiful - a great combination of artistry and puzzle design. I hadn't played it in probably 6 months. Yesterday I was rearranging apps on my phone (including for this game), and later I noticed that the full screen of my phone was taken up by an ad from this game to upgrade/buy something. The game's logo was on the screen. It was extremely difficult to leave that screen or use the phone in any way.
I wonder, you only seem to respond to five star reviews, which makes me wonder if you care about what people are saying they don't like about your app. Mostly I enjoy it, however level 47 makes no sense logically. Beyond that, maybe respond to more than reviews telling you what you want to hear.
I'm loving this. it's both casual and engaging. frustrating to get stuck, then satisying when i get it. i like the simple design that's kinda the same for every level but kinda different. i like the way you integrated ads - you deserve to make some money and you have ads without throwing them in my face.
Got stuck after 2 levels as my gyroscope is broke in my phone. Shame there is no workaround built in to play without this needed
Very cute, challenging puzzles that make you think outside the box lol. A different mechanic on every level! For everyone who reads reviews for the same reason I do: there are only ads if you ask for them with hints, and even then they are short and skippable, which is a straight 10/10 on game making in my book. Definitely playing more from Bart Bonte!
there is no logic to most puzzles. youre either left shooting in the dark, or watching an ad for some hints
good. except for 39 because I would have preferred some sort of a space between the III, VII and IX because IIIVIIIX could be other things like 3,8,10 or 3,6,9. but overall another great game and this is a minor complaint.
Level three wouldn't do anything, I tilted and nothing happened. I got in and out and tried to tilt again, nothing happened. The hint said to tilt and that's what I did, nothing happened. Did I mention nothing happened?
Omg i really tried but level 96 just annoys, but i love the puzzles it helps to waste time and get my brain active.
This is an excellent game, tricky but not too much. Lovely to look at. I'm a big fan of Bart Bonte and I replay his games to de-stress.
Good puzzles until level 7. The second layer only moves up and down. I've seen videos of it being moved left and right but I can't seem to do that.