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Western Sniper: Wild West FPS

Western Sniper: Wild West FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at 30929, Thuraya 1 Building, Premises 1009, Floor 10, Dubai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game but WAY too many ads! I spend 20 seconds playing and 30 watching an ad between each game. Give us a way to purchase an ad-free option, please!
I really should have read reviews before wasting my time! each battle lasts about 5 seconds and every single damn ad is 30 seconds long between every battle, made it to about the 6th battle and got sick of shutting the game down and restarting, I don't mind the odd 5sec add or even a 30 second one to ignor to gain something, also don't mind paying for stuff if the devs are not too damn greedy, but i'm not being forced to watch an ad just to get to the next battle!! , uninstalled and no money 4u
Entirely too much fun! Great concept, and leveling up is easy! Go on......you know you want to! UPDATE: Three weeks on, and I'm still hooked, even though I had to start again from the beginning, as I upgraded my phone two days ago, brilliant fun!
No Pont to the game. Same 10 or 15 levels over and over. You are awarded loads of cash but I have yet to see anything other than HEALTH to spend it on. Levels never get more difficult. Ads are a minor annoyance but you can x out of them after 5 seconds or so. Need more challenging levels. gets boring after you beat everything a couple times.
Outstanding, just outright fun, ads here and there. That doesn't however take away from sniping the bandits!
Nice game but too many ads and just the same ones over and over again. Needs some help understanding the game. For example, there us no explanation as to what the stats shown mean or what the numbers shown after a non-kill shot mean. So don't know which is more desirable. What do the bullets represent? Can't find any helps for this stuff or any settings.
Probably one of the best shooting games and you don't really need money so I really enjoy progressing without the need to spend real money all time.
It's a very fun game I do wish that as the levels progressed it would get a little bit more challenging, and when the stage for opportunities to upgrade comes I wish there was more options and since you're earning in game currency. would be nice to have more gun options that you can use the currency on. Because at the moment it seems the game consistently just has one option you spend the in-game currency on and the rest are videos that you watch. Overall fun and great time killer
This game is really awesome πŸ‘Œ and please make a pvp mode there we can fight real playersβš” also please remove ads it is very annoying and when I need a gun it also take me to ad then I get gun so please remove this. Thanks!
A good game but soooooooo many ads. Everything is an ad. Between each level, to level up anything and sometimes just multiple ads because they appear to not care about experience rather just to ship ads. Not even a grace period at the start of the game experience just ads and ads and then some more ads.
Hey man, time for an ad. What, you want to hit that button? Ad... Don't want to watch an ad? That's great, I respect your opinion. Here's an ad...
Too many ADs almost after every single round. If you upgrading need to watch ad...round takes about 10-15 seconds and 30-40 sec ad its insane to play like that ...
I'm on level 30 or 31 when I aim it automatic moves to the right side of the game . uninstalled . I really enjoyed the game .
ADS ADS ADS want to unlock a skin, watch an ad, want more money from lvls, watch an ad, any special bonuses? Ads, want to ignore ads? Too bad they force them down your throat anyways, couldnt make it past lvl 2 without annoying ads being forced down my throat even the annoying banner ad. If devs want to make money from apps, using the users as an ad farm is a quick way to lose your users. Uninstalled, wont be touching again.
Really like this game app, at least there not jamming me up for money every time I turn around, and it's not super complicated, also, it's actually fun
Well, too easy a game, got bored after playing until level 100 or so. Too repetitive. And yeah, the ads! Better turn ofd your data or wifi to do away with those pesky ads.
Ok game. Heavy on lengthy ads and ads for scam games. Occasional inappropriate ads that will cycle for a day or two. A day after leaving this comment, the game will no longer load. Forced to uninstall.
There are not enough ads! I won't play any games unless there are annoying ads every 2 seconds! On second thought, maybe that's why I play this game, that and the superb graphics!
Very simple, but very fun sniper game. Docked it one star because it is not very challenging. I am on game 470 and have never died and barely even get wounded. I have over $14M and nothing to spend it on. But still a fun game to kill a few minutes waiting in a line.
Super fun game. Great mechanics. Hoping it gets a little more challenging. I want to give 5 stars but there is no option to pay and remove ads. That seems off. If the price is right I will pick up the paid version and 5 star this.
If you want anything you have to watch an ad. I don't like that but what's worse is when you skip that and still get an ad. I wish it told you the benefit of each of the skins. Other than that, cool game.
The app could be entertaining but I can't play with an ad running between every level. 5seconds of game play to have 30 to 90 seconds of ad time? No thanks. And don't say pay for it, I didn't get to enjoy it long enough to see if I wanted to. Ads run paying people like me away...
Theres an ad after every level and they last longer than the levels played. Unfortunately too many for me, otherwise seems like mindless fun
The game kept crashing too much every time you turn around take too long to upload one day do you want to play the game next day you waiting for a couple minutes to load and it crashes right when you're playing the game and everything else not a very good game
greaat only thing i say is wrong that there is one too many ads i do mean one to get the end of level upgrades you neeed to run four or five ads if something goes wrong three should be plenty not sure what you can do with the cash points but i only really just started game play is very smooth and not to bloody when u shoot the bad guys really like it
This is an outstanding western shoot 'em up game. You control the sniper and by completing assignments you can beef up your rifle, scope and other accessories, like number of bullets and protection. You don't have to pay to play, however there are ads to watch if you wish to improve features of your game play. You also have twin six guns to shoot the bad guys with as well. Enjoy!
I like the game the game is cool . no horses it'd be cool if you can ride a horse and do our thing on the horse giddy up giddy up Western sniper I love it.
Way way too many ADS, I got passed the first few levels now I cant continue to play as it keeps freezing. Very disappointed
This game is a good shooter game for me I'm 10 years old and I'm picky about what games I like but I recommend playing it and download it
I'd love to rank the game higher because it is a fun, easy game, but unfortunately there 10 to 12 seconds of play per level followed by 3 times that of ads, which just sucks any entertainment value right out of it... Pro tip though, it's actually faster just to close the game and restart it after every level than it is to sit through the ads
Wayyyy to many ads. I'm sick of it. Ads come regardless if you say no or yes. Solution: uninstall immediately
Fun for awhile, but levels repeat. Same villains and location of bandits. Have 10 mil in bank and nothing to spend it on. Boring at this point. Also, too many ads.
all these other games show the pull the pin and rescue the person but this one is the only one that that is all you get! Absolutely fantastic I hate it when they show you the game and it's really just a mini game! This is the real deal guys get it!
Update 3: did new update in Feb but still have to watch ads after I've paid to not watch ads, please fix. Update 2: paid to have no ads but since the most recent update, I now have ads again.. please fix immediately or refund my money. Thanks. 12-20-20 ---- Dev needs to have a system of deciphering between the weapons such as which is more powerful, maybe add a shop where a player can buy new gear etc Game is really fun but the length of the ads & frequency is a killer.
Game started fun I was ok with the banner with ads got through 3 rounds and then boom hits you nothing but ad after ad. I absolutely hate ads. If this was left with just the ad bar I almost would have continued to play and kept the game. I don't even wanna hear complaints about how else developers are suppose to make money are there tons of games with no ads are free and money is made by in app purchases and if this were a good game then people would buy. As for the game play it was fun.
When an app contains offensive ads without any mechanism to stop the ad and change to a different ad, the developers are asking people like me to stop using the app and to uninstall it. And, since offensive ads have continued, I am installing.
This may be one of the worst ad invasions I have ever encountered in a game yet! Even if you choose not to watch an ad to get bonuses and continue on, your still forced to watch an ad. You have to watch ads to do literally ANYTHING in game, (and there isn't even an option to remove them at all). This ad BS has gotten completely out of control everywhere and it's ruining so many great games that would otherwise be really fun to play, (including this one).
I love this one. Doesn't really get harder, it's a nice time killer. Just be prepared for an ad every level. You might as well pick the multiplier buttons at the end of each one. It's watch an ad to multiply your prize, or watch an ad and don't multiply your prize. I love the Snowpiercer levels. Snow with crickets. πŸ˜‰.
Pointless, unengaging, insanely monotonous garbage that demonstrates we are in the "shareware" dumpster fire days of mobile "gaming." I had zero interest to continue playing after about 10 levels of the exact same thing. Meaningless gameplay, no story, slowwwwww gameplay that eliminates ANY potential of a challenge, and basically just a mindless and unrewarding time waster aimed at simpletons like 11 year olds procrastinating doing their homework. Utter garbage! Oh, and way too many ads!!!
I liked it so I purchased to get rid of the ads. They have started again. What's up with that? 5/16/21 Over five months after a promise to fix the ad issue after paying and still nothing.
TOO MANY ADS game play is fun BUT YOU SPRND MORE TIME IN INCESSANT ADS. An ad per level is taking the piss.
This is a fun game, nice way to pass the time. But if there is one downfall... It never gets any harder... If you like to play a free game that you can always win at... Then download this game.. Heck.. I've started shooting the bad guys twice instead of once to kill them just for the heck of it.
Fun game Horrible ads. You spend more time watching ads the actually playing the game. Even if you don't want the 3x rewards or upgrades you are grunted an ad after every round. One round last 20 sec. Do not download this game unless you want to waste your time watching ads!!!!!
Awesome little game. Its very addicting. Its cool how it gives you different skins & weapons to get through the levels. Its funny to see the little cowboys roll around after they get shot. Great game cant wait to try some other games your company behind. Keep up the great work.
I paid for the ad removal after having this game for several weeks. It passes the time and gives me a mental break... BUT the ads are ridiculous, especially since I paid to remove them. The developer was notified of this problem over a month ago, but hasn't made any progress. That's really unfortunate, and if the develope showed integrity, they would refund anyone who paid for ad removal and isn't getting it.
Ads, ads and more ads. Oh and did I mentioned ads. Yeah. The ads are longer than the game play. Not worth it.
Ads Galour. I understand ads in free to play games. But the amount in this game is absolutely ridiculous. You have to watch an ad after every single round and after every time you do anything. Uninstalling simply for that reason.
First game played and it kicked me out, I enter the game again and just what I thought another game full of ads, you want this reward? Watch this ad. You want more cash? Watch this ad. I clicked no on the Watch ad option and guess what? Watch a flicking ad. I understand devs have to make money out of the game but give me a break, we spend more time watching 30 seconds ads than playing 10 second levels. Google play needs to find a way to stop devs from abusing this ad system. Unistalling
I like aim and release which is the way you would actually squeeze a trigger with the same timing other games make you sight with one hand and shoot with the other while the target moves away
The game is ok. That said; game freezes up quite a bit, will not allow you to get up grades, and could stand to have a few more scenes to interact with
If you love ads you will love this game. Ad after every level. Ad to get special items. Ad banner at the bottom of the app. Ad just because. If it was just one of these then I'd be fine with watching an ad but this game shoves them down your throat in order to get that revenue. Barely played the game due to it.
Nice fun cute shooter. My problem is it keeps resetting itself & I lose all my progress every couple of days. I've had to start from scratch about 4 times now. I was going pay to remove the ads but I'm glad I didn't now.
Great game tones of fun. But I really dont think there is enough advertisements it could use a few more.
With a long ad after EVERY single level, and each level only lasting 5-10 seconds, 50-60% of any time spent on this game will be watching ads.
It's fun but you can only upgrade your stats once every 5-8 rounds. And your money you can only spend on one stat and can only upgrade it once every 5-8 rounds and the rest of the stats you have to watch an ad to upgrade them. That part is absolutely dumb but the game is fun
I really enjoy this game but sometimes it's a little glitchy when you're trying to get on target(maybe my cheaper phone?) But I cant give 5 stars because there are WAY TOO MANY ads in this game! I would like if you could use the hats for target practice when they fly up in the air too
I wanted to love this game but the advertisements between every level is unbearable. I get the advertisements to unlock new equipment, but when you have advertisements at the bottom of the screen, some to unlock new equipment and actions AND in between the levels..... Im out ✌🏼
Two stars just because I like the concept. Unplayable. An ad after almost every level. Prize gauge (safe) gives you only the ability to watch an ad in orther to get that prize. Noone wants to watch an ad in orther to play the game. It is okay if you want to give the ability to rize your prize or to get a boost, but not to play the stupid game. Uninstalling.
Ads make this game unplayable. It's a shame cause it looks fun. Takes 10 seconds to make the kills then 30 seconds to watch an ad. Not worth it.
Attractive gave to play when starting, but get beyond level 100 and the levels repeat in a loop and quickly lose their interest. Surely you could increase the number of targets in a level or change their positions. Above all, like every other gave I have downloaded in the last two years, this is merely a means to present adverts. Who is getting paid for shoving Adverts in front of us, is it the developer or Google?
I saw all the negative comments about the ADS i wanted say that if I ignore the ADS (Which is totally possible) the game reminds me of the infamous game *RED DEAD REDEMPTION II* and the game *Johnny Sniper* it is all in all a very good game I like sniper games very much and i wnted say Devs have to work on ragdoll plz I am a coder too plz just ad some ragdoll and the game will be just fine
This Game is VERY Fun, However, to People who Complain about Ads, after every Level .. this is not the Case, the Ads are not Forced, You ONLY watch an Ad, if You Choose to, for either Double or Triple the $$$ after each Level., or for Various Upgrades or Extras. In addition, the Ads, are 15-30 seconds, not up to 90 seconds, as well, I am sure that You can Spare 15-30 seconds, for Rewards, without the Complaining to go with it. You can Play the Game, without WiFi or Mobile Data Turned on & You can still ENJOY it, therefore, there is NO need to Complain.
So many goddamn ads! It's actually a game I would enjoy playing often, but you spend literally 4-5 times the amount of gameplay watching ads, so it's not worth my time.
Just from what I played of it. I like it, it's an heck of a shooter. I enjoy shooters give me an sense of peace. Kind of let's me get out my frustrations. Not that I want to hurt anyone, because I don't but I just like nailing my target.. this game looks like it was designed for stress relief.
WAY too many ads. They even give you the option at the end of a level to watch an ad to increase reward or not watch the ad and just claim your reward, but then they still make you watch an ad. That's ridiculous. Also, all the ads are the 30 second ads, most that don't allow you to skip after 5 seconds. If they fix the ad problem it could be a fun game, but for now it's a 2 star for me.
Helps with hand to eye coordination. Really exciting and fun for all to enjoy. Me and my play it together family bonding timeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ€ͺ😎🀘