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Werewolf Tycoon

Werewolf Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Joe Williamson. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Easy controls, nice retro style graphics and it's a really fun concept. Buy I'm slightly concerned by the fact that it was last updated in 2019. It's exactly the same way it was when I played it a few years ago. I would love to see more features like ; customisable werewolf, new areas (instead of just a park), etc. I really hope the developers will consider my suggestion.
This is game is really fun and has a lot of potential. I think new locations should be included. Not just the park. And a customizable wolf would be very cool.
not bad but not good the graphics are nice but the gameplay gets stale pretty fast also the gold suitcase is dumb. I was expecting a tycoon game where I had to manage a werewolf pack instead it's a game of how many nights can you survive wile eating as many people are you can. there's not even any insensitive to continue playing except try to beat your score. maybe if there where costumes you could unlock or perks to find and equip. it gets pretty boring and it's a shame because it looks nice.
Pretty cracking game; looks looks great, love the music and the light hearted humour. No issues playing. Easy to pick up but with subtleties that it takes a while to work out and master. Relaxing without being boring and addictive but not in the spoon-feeding rewards kind of way that so many games are (I'm looking at you, Piffle). Just a fun game! Nice one!
This game is greatly appreciated for the laughs I get with the whole entire game it's just funny plain up funny
This is pretty good I wish you could add more werewolf along and I wish instead of the army enemy werewolf would come make that happen Please
Nice I gave it three stars because it's very hard But it's a great game oh oh I know can one of you add some new things to it were you can throw people and everything
It is a very good game indeed but i just wish that the devs made more maps othre than thrn that it is an amaxing game 10/10
This game is pretty fun and the style is crispy. If you like games like this, then this is the game for you
It's a awesome game but it would be better if during the day wolf was human and during night he is a werewolf and if someone gets a piture of his wolf form he has to get it back or something please I love this game but I'm begging you to it would make it much better
This game is awesome and everything for me is perfect! I am just confused as to why you still die after putting on a disguise and running off...
Its a Very nice game. Thanks for the new updates.Cute graphics. Easy controls. Cute wolf. What else can i say.......... I am waiting for the next few updates. Thank you.
fun with sound effects and maby for an update they can put a lot more room to move and cach the camra guys
Seducing enough game that keeps track of the number that you gather up after overtime but you're trying to get your high score and the powerful decent I still owe you more stuff golf course but the life at once into a bit of it either a clutch or something of that nature supposed to attract more people to you or if it's supposed to make me to talk of hers not be able to catch you
I think it needs a pause feature as I don't like going as many nights as I can in one play session. (Edit) never mind it does have a pause feature. Just don't clear the recently used apps. (Thanks Joe). 10/10 howling good game.
There's a big problem on my phone, on the main screen it's like touch screen doesn't work. Music by and animations work fine, I just can't do anything. Please help, I have a S20 ultra with latest update!
A very good game to pass the time, and is quite addictive as well. It's like the Man Behind The Slaughter, but a werewolf. Very fun indeed.
Best game you can spin a wheel and get items to help you through the night you can hide in a bush don't let photographers take a photo of you as a werewolf if they get away with the photo then the army will come if you accept fate then you die some how if you don't you haft to watch a ad it is the best game install now so fun👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁🥰😍🥰😍🤩🥰😍😍🙂😀😀🥳😀🥳🥳🥳😎😃😄😎😃😄😎😃😄😄😃🙂🥳
I like the game but it needs more updates like new wolf skins, new maps, new benches or something like that.
I gave it four stars because there's a lot of things like the smoke bomb if it last there would be at least one way to win and when it says final night soon you should be able to use your items can you please fix it
its fun but i can never get past 12th night but i love the graphics and the way people run away screaming, good game
It's fun i like werewolves it's entertaining but I wish they made another game like this one same style, same people, and same werewolf, but you get to roam around the park and eat people then hide also once the sun rises you turn back to human it's just an idea
Tried of zombie games and want a different creature of the night. Now here comes Werewolf Tycoon. A parody of Werewolf movies like The Wolfman or An American Werewolf in London, this stealth arcade game takes the role of a hungry Werewolf hunting victims in a central park in London while trying to remain out of sight. My only criticism is that you can only unlock Golden 💼 by sharing your code with a friend (in person). Please add the option to share it on social media apps instead?
It is really fun There are not ads .You can get stuff for watching the ads. but It's your choice! Really fun Good game for when your bored Really it's an amazing game!!! I Love Wolves so much so good game!
The game was pretty good, but I would like an upgrade system. Such as including abilities and getting better stealth stats.
Pretty simple game, actually let's you choose wanting go see an ad most of the time instead of shoving it in your face. Love it!
This game is really fun! The design of the game and the controls are quite interesting. The game has some jokes hidden inside which makes it quite fun aswell. I would like to customize my wolf a bit but I can't which adds a small bit of a boring factor but other than that, I highly recommend this game.
It's awesome but it would be cool if they added free rome where you could go into people's houses and hide in the neighborhood, and also get inside there houses and EAT THEM PLEASE ADD THIS TO WEREWOLF TYCOON .
An absolutely hilarious tongue-in-cheek game. Be sure to look carefully around the game, as there is always more to find. It is funny, retro, and it is indeed a challenging game.
Definitely a great time killer and very cute animation just a suggestion have different locations and alittle more bloody and more places to hide aswell please those few thimgs would make this game more fun for sure thankyou kisses from Lola
This is a good game. It doesn't just throw an ad at you it will give a newspaper and tell you. This is a good game the more you play it, the game gets hard. I love it.
This game is amasing! The gameplay is nice, and the coffee i got from the suitcases really helped when i was trying to survive. I never gave up when someone ran away with a photo. One thing i would change though is the sheer ammount of ailiens. There is way too many. The feel a lot faster than the actual humans, making them harder to catch.
this game is so good you can use stuff to blind your victms and you can atcully get the army called and you get stuff from bref cases and you can eat people so cool😆
I want you to be able to use a sandwich when the army gets you. they are inevitable. by night 7 there are septillions of photographers and it's hard even with a lightning rod. What does the coffee do. What does it mean is this a horse game,where it says tell us more.
Great game to play I gave it five stars just because really a tycoon game but it is really good games it's very enjoying that when you kill people that you get to hide in the bushes again cuz there's like these cameraman to take pictures of you and they show it to the police it's kind of hard to get away from them but by hiding is kind of like a way to like I'm not going to get picture by
Complete masterpiece. I play this when I`m bored. This game is so fun! Although, I don`t really understand the slippers powerup. Please make a part 2 of this game! I recommend this game to all.
This game is so much fun i love the fact that it looks like an 80s arcade game that makes it look super cool i love.
It is so cool,but I don't know how you starve in one night without eating.other than that it is a great game.
It is so great!!! It has to be the best game ever!! The controls, the graphics of the game it's all great!!! Whoever made this I congratulate you because you made this one of my most favorite games ever! I recommend if you like tapping games and werewolves!!
Good game! Graphics are simple but smooth and work well, controls are incredibly simple and easy to understand and the gameplay is entertaining. Though I have two gripes; one, the ads, which never load for me and force me to close the whole app (though thankfully, I can decline most) and that the app is a tiny bit bare. Maybe add a new gamemode? Still a great game though, would reccomend.
Fun, funny, self aware game. It's really simple to play but sleek for what it is. I love the aesthetic, it puts me in a Halloween mood 😄
last stand is impossible you cant do anything to survive the second you step out you lose and it kinda makes it less fun. If you COULD beat it that would make it five stars but for now i'll stick with four.
Great game funny I got and newspaper that said wolf is running for world president 😂 download it it's super fun in and addictive and funny
I love this game. It is fantastic. However after I finished a night, the game said I can customize my wolf. However, when I got into the customization screen, it wasn't really a customization screen. I know this game is kind of a joke, but the customization, you couldn't really customize your wolf. I was disappointed. I thought I will be able to put cool accessories on my wolf, but no. I was fooled. I know it will take a lot, but please add an actual customization. Thank you if you do.
This is a cool game I like how you can jump back in the bush to avoid danger and how you can't wait in the bush all day or else you die and the limatid old runs no glitches are caused I ratethis a 5
Somehow when I start the game I can't tap anything I can hear the sounds but I can't press anything please fix it
My sister plays the game on her tablet and it is cool. So I thought it would be cool to have on my chromebook. I installed it but for some reason I could not play it. Every time I clicked play, nothing happened.
I like the game alot but my only complaints are that you should have the ability to toggle between human and werewolf form and there should be an ending where you can escape from the military without dying but yea awesome game keep it up also its really laggy but good game
Great graphics, I LOVE the retro pixel style! Did you know that on the night the army is surrounding you, click the gray chest at the bottom by the lamppost. It will give you glasses and a hat the sneak past the military, well, until the short little break ends and you die. But after all, it's a great game!
Funny idea, should be extended. With roleplaying stats, so each player can "eat 'em up" in the own full-moon-crazed way. The ADS spoil it a bit. And it is repetitive, could benefit from different tasks and goals. Plus: Starving after one night without victims..? Harsh. My maximum was 8 people in one night. ;-)
Really good game. Simple and very repetitive. Would be great if more was added. Like maybe being able to customize your werewolf and introduce a leveling system. maybe like you can upgrade your wolves stealth and speed by coins. where you get coins by eating people.
This was a really fun game when I played on other devices but when I play in my phone (Samsung A71) it won't let me press the buttons
This game is a hidden gem. So you play as a werewolf hidding in a bush trying to eat people to survive. Wonderful game.
It's pretty cool, love the items they give. Although it would be much better if the wolf eventually got full and spent the day digesting so many victims
I love this game. Ads are unnecessary, but I don't mind them. I love the 8bit style, the controls are really simple. I love werewolves, so this was the fame for me.
This game is very simple and neat, but so very addicting and fun. The achievements are crazy worth it and I very much recommend this game. Could be fun on a late night road trip.
At first I thought it was stupid but then i download it and play it and fall inlove with it. it is super easy to play and has amazing graphics. please make another one thats how amazing this one is. i never thought a game like this could be so much fun but it is. i absolutely love werewolves just like i love this game. keep uo the great work.
I really enjoy the game, the only problem I have with it is I don't know how to open the golden suitcase. Other then that it is a great game and I would really recommend getting it! The graphics are nice, the sounds are good choices! Ah! I jest love the game! Please get it, for my sake, I want the people who made this to make more like it!
good game. make it longer and add some stpry to it then it would be a great game.not gonna lie you should make more games.😊
Simple time killer with some fun features. -1 star because of "tycoon" in title (no deep simulation here), but 5 stars for "Werewolf tamagotchi".
Great game love it! You should really try it out see for yourself! Addicting and fun! No ads, fun gameplay, and run pretty smooth! I love this game!
Absolutely love the game,but...... I wish there could be skins for your wolf and a new map. Also I wish that there is a end. (There could be one at night 100 but I wouldn't know)
This is a fun addicting game i enjoy being a werewolf too but i wish you can customize your character and be in human form as well.
I absolutely LOVE this game! What you have to do is eat as many people as you can and not let any escape, especially not the photographers if they have a photo. Stay out of the lamppost's light as much as possible to not be seen. I really LOVE the graphics and gameplay, you guys did an AWESOME job. Even though I wish you could costumize the werewolf, maybe add some hats, pants, and shirts to choose from. Maybe you could earn a werewolf depending on how many people you ate. Thanks so much!
It's a decent time killer of a game but it suffers from repetitive gameplay. Also the game's title is very misleading.
Super fun and fairly casual game. Easy to jump in and out of, which is great for a mobile game. Charming humor and pixel art as well!
The only thing i recommend is adding an upgrade menu to upgrade for example speed, eating time, steath maybe idk, and whatever you think please i love this game.
It's a fun game but I have to give it four stars beacuse there is no way to customize the werewolf and it's also not a tycoon A werewolf Simulator or something like that would make more sense anyways it is a good game
Really stylish game. Great attention to detail, you can really tell the developers actually enjoyed making it, and that goes a long way. There's ads in the game but they're not too pushy and are implemented in a cute immersive way, and there's randomised loot briefcases which feel kind of unnecessary, but some of the items are a neat idea. Controls can be a little unreliable at times but its not too big of a deal as a whole. I also wish there were more arena or levels, to spice things up a bit.
The game's pretty good for what it is, and the newspapers are pretty funny. My only gripe is that this is apparently a society that is fine with aliens everywhere, but a single werewolf is too much to take. Granted, the werewolf is eating people, but still. Werewolves are people too, you know. At least, in the day time.
Great game! Good art, Okay gameplay. But it could use some sort of update. Like maybe challenges, Story, or something.
it may not be a tycoon but its a good game nontheless i was expecting to click click click click and click some more like every other tycoon but since it isnt one i waz pleasently surprised though i would like an ending other than death maybe a next level where you are hiding in a bush in the woods maybe add park rangers campers animals and then add a meter that when it goes to zero you can return to the city
Fun and hilarous, though I don't get how the Military would deploy upon one photo. It'd make a bit more sense if hunters would team up and attempt it. Replacing the Military with hunters would make a tad bit more sense. But rather than THAT. It's the best most simple game. And punishes the player in a logical way for not eating.
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! it's so entertaining and addictive, I was looking for a a good game for hours and this is the perfect one! Whoever is reading this I highly recommend you install this game, even when you die you get excited and determined to beat your previous score! I LOVE IT! 5 STARS!
This is a fantastic game. Doesn't give you an ad every second, won't really ever play them without the user agreeing. Graphics are good. Lots of jokes in there that really make the difference. HOWEVER I must adress the fact that when the army vets called in, there is one death ending.
This game is amazing, I love how creative it is with everything, yes including the adertisment. I recomend it to anyone who sees thiz
i saw the game and it looked really fun i am playing on a chrome book and i couldnt press play nothing worked please fix this
The game is has charming graphics and some decent humor as far as the text goes. This game is an arcade type game that goes on endlessly until you die. The touch controls can be a little annoying as you might eat a civilian instead of a reporter, but over all, this is a fun game to play when you want something you can jump into and play a few quick rounds.
Great game! The controls are easy to master, the ads are given in a cute and funny way, and the retro style is awesome! On top of that, the game is self-aware and has some easter eggs, like the aliens and character customization. It tells you how well you're doing by showing you the newspaper, which is nice and origanal. Finally, there are ads, but they're all optional and aren't forced. Very addictive, and a great time killer! PS. Could the devs add more maps?
Is Werewolf Tycoon 2 still in the works? The art in this game is so pretty, and even though the gameplay doesn't vary much, I do genuinely enjoy it.
Really fun; needs more. WAY more. For starters, this game IS fun, it's just that by Night 20 it becomes almost impossible NOT to get your photo taken, and rely on RN Jesus to put a dude in front of the bench at the peak of dawn. The more witnesses that get away, the more photographers that show up, and once you've gotten that pic taken, it's game over. I don't think that should be the end of it right there. I think what the game is missing is some diverse gameplay. Gets boring really quick.
I would give this game a 5, the graphics are great and the gameplay is really enjoying. Although it get hard as you progress the game and it becomes repetitive, it's still enjoyable
i mean its fun but its just tap tap tap at least have upgrades like you get kills as coins add speed and more people per tap as upgrades and i thought that in just 5 seconds
love the game and style and at the end where it said about how lazy the developers are I was laughing but then got mad that the wolf got killed in the end
A neat and fun game about being a werewolf and trying to not break the masquerade. The aesthetic style and soundtrack are amazing, and the only gripe I have is that there doesn't seem to be any kind of permanent unlocks to work towards, unlike most arcade style mobile games.
Game is really good, You should add a tiny bit of wolf customization though that is real Also make the annoying cameramen eaten first I only lose because 10000 people stand in a pile