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Werewolf for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by WORLD WELLKOWN CO., LIMITED located at Rm 19C Lockhart Ctr., 301-307 Lockhart Rd.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very recommended game, exciting game to be played with friends and a good mood booster during quarantine
I like this game before but now 4 stars cause it always kicks me out now so if you fix this ill put it up 5 stars
Nobody spoke English and therefore nobody communicated. The interface is a bit confusing due to the lack of a proper tutorial. Graphics are cute
the game is exciting, met lots of new friends, the event is also good, hopefully it will be maintained in the future. i love wwp
Dead game with dead player. Too much laggy cosmetics with less gameplay improvement... Very small closed player base, not international, and no manner. I'd recommend Pink Werewolf in Play Store, because this game have too much Villager, and very much useless 4vs4 hunter vs werewolf, while other game have seer, aura seer, detective, werewolf seer, ww & alpha ww, cursed that can be ww, and junior ww that could revenge his death, and many other team such as arson, fool, head hunter in the same room
So, I tried this out, and honestly, it's beyond phenomenal. There's a lot of polish in this, even a cute little dating side thing within it. Regrettably, a lot of the player base is overseas (I think Indian? I'm an ignorant American), and I could not understand the dominant language used by the players. I think this team would benefit greatly from servers based on geographic location.
Keep the design refreshed, so the player won't get bored. But also keep the app small and light to load good game, good concept, good implementation
Excellent game I enjoyed it. The game needs more player who can understand and speak English for better communication
I played this game before. Nothing change much, except that people doesn't speak English and only few. I don't understand what they're saying at all! Though it's not the game's fault, I just can't communicate with the players and my teammates. That's why I give it a 3-star-rating. I know that there's an English Server but nobody uses that server.
I like this game so much. i have been playing since 2016 but stopping for 1-2 years. but now i'm back. i miss lot of my friends here. this is recommended werewolf game!
I really love this game!!! After playing games with strangers, we could also find our love oops😶😶
In this game a lot can be done besides playing "Werewolf". Very good game. I really like the pet to. Awesome!
Hey guys! This is such a great game but what happened?I remembered I play this before and I met so many people and had fun with them but now?I can't understand why they're not speaking in english! we are in an english server and yet they kicked me out for speaking in english?!seriously?Is that right?Just because most of them are from Indo, they speak from their own language and didn't even care about us! Please do something about this or bring back Werewolf PH!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Nice game! Even though androids still can't buy diamonds, I still enjoy it. There are lots of friendly players and lots of fun experiences!
This game is nice. But please bring back the Philippines server. I want to play this game again using my own language :(
When i getting the achievement i don't have the item like upload screenshot and get free pet and i never have it😡
nice game! but please add some english serever bc there is almost no one speaks engilsh in the original server
I kinda like it but creater can you make the players can make the room itself?? if you let the players make the room I gonna love this game okey???
Please stabilize the application again so as not to make the CPU work hard, and often create events and advertise so that the players will be more crowded.
So many rooms and less players joining it. I waited and waited.. zzzz for the room to get filled and to start the game. Nothing. There was just 2 players in one room & they denied to join the room with more players. In last, uninstalled.
Boring. I waited too long to a game. Also, the almost full members doesn't speak English so why bother joining their game if I can't understand them? All of the almost full game speaks alien to me lol. Even in 'english' section... This app is not made for English speakers.
How can I even play when no one understands me? I am in the English server and kick me for speaking in English. What is this?
doesn't work on chrome os. it only brings up a "parasing data error" popup. i'll try it on my S9 and edit this once i test it out. edit: does work on my S9 (phone), wonder why not my chromebook...
often disconnected from the server, always relogin the game. and many more bug. fix this and I'll give 5star
Once you download this game, there's no way you can stop yourself from being online. For me, i need to open this game at least once per day because it's already like a social media but with game and so much fun
So far i like this game but, there is too many of toxic people... Iam not comfortable with that, but honestly this is a pretty good game tho :) Just keep up the good work dude :)
I super like this game the pet is so cool the pet is only 2500 coin i got devil ovum and i like be werewolf devil ovum and werewolf its perfect colour i play like i dont want to stop playing and if playing i like all of that background i want to got all of the pet the pet is cute
Enjoyable, fun, and killing time game. It is so fun to play this game with friends and relatives, very recommended game.
Most of the servers are empty and it takes forever for a game to start I also must add that it's hard to find english speaking players.
Best game ever but wen i use other devices i cant find the game so yeah and pls everytime i join a game the people on it are small and also its kinda intense for the character design is very much to much so make it like its a kids game
I like this gamee. But, i need ears cat accessories look a like one ears cat in ponytail hair but i should buy the hair, i only want the ears cat :( I hope next will released. Just suggest :D
Great game like some characters(dreadwind,pyromania and wight) It'll be better if thre are 1 new mode and more new character and the peoples are super funny great work but make it easier to get diamonds
Excellent game with a good gameplay I only have one problem with it it's that you should have more players who can speak and understand English like the old Version
I think this is the best Werewolf multiplayer game i ever played. Theres a lot of modes and characthers with unique and creative powers. My friends plays this game too. And theres no cheaters in this game. And I think most players are from Indonesia. And im from Indonesia. So I can comunicate easily. Some people are also English. But I can still comunicate with them too. RATE 5 FOR THIS GAME!
This game is great! There is a few glitches here and there (hint 4/5 stars). The only real complaint i have is that not enough people who play this speak English. It uselly just leaves me picking random with no info.
greatful apps but for more upgrade because sometimes may cause lag then for the character can be 3D so it may be great more thankyou
super fun and amazing. the timing is just right (for fast mode) and the roles are creative, i think it's well balanced. best werewolf game i could find in the internet for now :)
It's a game but get a bit more simpler on the control s and menus ass well as the character design s are terrible You may ass well make them anime characters and make them in swimsuits to boost yeer ratings
can you please, PLEASE put a description so that we know what to do with zombie, bomber or other characters. i like this game but i dont know how to play. and all players speak other languages..
add english translator,this game is stupid no one speaks english,this game sucks dont download this if you dont know how to speak their alien language.
Great Game! Use to play this before. Its name is Werewolf party before but the app got taken down and I'm glad that it is finally back again.
Can there be an english server? Practically no one speaks english and it's difficult to play. thank you very much
Whenever i join the the game,the host kick me before the game start and get bann for 10 minutes. Is like when you join as a team but your friend doesn't want you and then they kick you and get bann for 10 minuts. Plz kick sytem should not be in a bann sytem only the report sytem.
Its pretty cool but the only thing is i cant communicate with others since they speak a different language from me, i hope u can add servers close to your location like the old version years ago
I don't really play much games in my phone. But this game is really fun, The game modify the original werewolf and made different modes which is really fun. I really recommend this game.
Nice app, we can find a new friends and we can meet a new best friend. With a new tipe off afk room, we can listen a music together Nice app
I love this game so much. I can have new friends, and i also can chat and play with them. It's so fun. I think this game is one of my favourites games ❤️❤️❤️
No one spoke english, i can't even undrrstand what they're saying. btw, how to change it to PH server? please change it to " Werewolf Philippines" i miss that so much. Graphics are cute though :).
best werewolf multiplayers game i ever played. So much characters, modes, and all people are fun. i'm from indonesia and most people played this game is from indonesia too. so i can communicate with them easily. now we can speak with voice mode too, love it!! improve it!!
Simple but Incredible! I can play this all day with my friend! The features was so good to understand.
So, my phone sensor is really bad and when the news pop out i can't get out so, i suggest to make another way/button to get out from the "news" thing. I haven't got a chance to play the game because that news border. So I'll be waiting for the update for this problem
Ok why do everything cost diamond and mobile Devices sucks on the game Cause can't buy diamond in mobile and also The game is not English so it sucks
I don't know how this gets 4.8. Few rooms active, messy chat UI (and mixed languages even in the English server), cringeworthy default customizations. If you're looking for the core Werewolf game, WW Online is your best option here, currently. Don't waste your time on this one.
Great game! all the dramas and playing as detective make this game addictive. all the characters are great. the pet's so cute! the accessories are funny. also we could gain many friends as we join the clan. good job!