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Weeder Match

Weeder Match for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Redemption Studio located at 18 Queen's Road Central,HongKong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Do not download this game!!! This game pops up ads on home screen even when not playing it. I closed all my applications. I had nothing open. While on home screen, an ad appeared. I looked at my recent opened apps and this game showed up as recently used 0 seconds ago. I am removing this game ASAP and will update if the pop up ads stop. update: I have not seen a single pop up ad on home screen since deleting 3 days ago.
The game isn't bad, just annoying and slow because it makes you watch an ad to do most of the things. You'd think that since you get money while you're off the game that your weapon ammo would fill up too, but it doesn't. Really, if you're trying to play this game offline, it's a waste of time. The overall mechanics of the game aren't bad and the idea is there, but it is incredibly boring when your entire experience is spent on ads.
Any time I close the app it deletes all my progress. I have only had the game a few hours but I can say it is excessively annoying and the ads come way too often. You try to do something like collect gold or watch an ad to gain double if you just collect it STILL shows you an ad you can't escape and doesn't give double.
it was ok at first but the next time i got back into the game my progress was deleted and its a auto save game. Also you only have 3 options a lawn mower you can upgrade to make faster, making the plants give you more money, and have the blade do more damage, along with a bunch of pointless skins that you can only get if you watch ads. This is a game you shouldn't play in your free time unless you're really really bored dont get this game the content is poor.
Do not download this game. It included malware that started showing advertisements on my home screen (even when the app was fully closed!). Only when I uninstalled this app did it stop. Avoid at all costs. For what little i did play of the game, it is awful. If you want any progress at all, be prepared to watch a huge amount of ads or pay real money, even at the very early stages. Even with the high 5 star review count (which I can't help but think are fake reviews), avoid!
When I opened up the app my progress was reset, it took me back to the beginning when i was at a high level before and ads cover the upgrades so you have to restart the app to upgrade stuff. If you're gonna fix this game actually put real patch notes instead of "may you have a happy game time". I hope the developer looks at this and all of the other people's reviews.
it's a good time waster but it has many downsides. too many, in fact. my first complaint is that there are way too many ads. they overtake me in the middle of playing and the pop-up ads cover up the upgrade buttons. awful idea, if you ask me. makes it impossoble to enjoy upgrading. also, the game lags way too much to be able to enjoyably play.
This was an incredible experience! If there were less ads, I'd rate it 5 stars. I think thats the only flaw. The gameplay is outstanding, and the graphics are great.
I have to restart the game everytime I open the app. I dont know if this is a glitch with my phone, but i have a Galaxy Note 9. If possible, fix this soon. Thanks!
This games look like it would be fun. Biggest complaint is the ad that runs at the bottom! I dont mind it but i do mind the fact that it covers all the items you need to upgrade which makes it almost impossible to level uou stuff... Going to uninstall untill it gets better
i wanted to like this game but there is no feeling or proper progression. Every different skin gave the same amount of $$. Ads (which i dont generally mind) were the only course of progression and it was miniscule. watch 5 ads to unlock a new weapon skin, upgrade your income by 0.1 per add, it could be a good game if it actually had some sense of accomplishment to it, but due to the ads i felt like i saw more of "idle heroes" than i did of weeder
it's a pretty good game that's fun to waste time on, but the amount of ads make it a huge chore to play it, plus with a recent update added on it wiped all my data without warning or reason.
simplistic fun ruined terribly by 50 million ads that you just CANNOT avoid, I couldn't even play a straight minute without viewing at least 3 ads. I would of given it 5 stars, just cause it passes the time and I enjoyed the total of 1 minute that I played out of the 5 minutes I had the app open, but this many ads destroy a game. I get it you get paid for ads, but how will you get paid if people quits your game because of the ads?
The Facebook ad for this game shows completely different gameplay than it actually is. This game is nothing. I had assumed that this was a game that was made entirely to trick people and get as much ad money as possible before they deleted the app from their phone. To test this, I spent 3 hours actually engaging with it, increasing my score exponentially. Eventually, the game stopped working. And I don't mean it crashed, it just wasn't made to be played that long. Avoid this trash.
I enjoyed this app for a while at first, however over time it got boring. Also while the app was closed I'd get notifications that popup and disappear in less than a second and sometimes the app would show as running when it's not open, idk what the developers are trying to do but I dislike it and would suggest against downloading this game.
once you max out everything you can't go anywhere and it's just boring. plus it lags so much when you get past 50+ levels.
good concept. terrible execution. ABSOLULY RIDDLED with adds. I picked it up because I thought it would be neat and soothing, but at least early on I'd get an add every minute or so just trying to upgrade my abilities. it always gives you the option of adds. I get that people need to make money, but this is ridiculous.
have to give it one star, mainly because every week i would loose all my progress and most of the time i wouldnt get sny money for letting it afk.
game broke . didnt load in a new grass field . loaded the game back up again .... lost al my progress i made . not going to waste my time again
Firstly, Ads. In order to play the game, you need to watch an ad. Even upgrading requires ads. Gameplay is 90% ad. Also, it gets boring very quickly. Not only is it just a clicker, but it's too simple and boring. Just a horrible game overall and it's only made to make ad money.
Hiddden ads under upgrade buttons are super special treat. when I go to upgrade several times a play video for an upgrade button shows up almost every time so I have to sit through a stupid video to get an upgrade that I would have been able to afford anyway. it's pretty darn good way to get yourself one star and an immediate uninstall of your game in less than 10 minutes of me playing.
I loved the game! but yesterday i lost all of my progress! please fix it! I was doing really well until I lost all of my progress
It is a good game, but there is a little pop up in the corner saying: ad for money? and it is very annoying.
This is one of the worst games I've ever played. The only effort you'll come close to noticing is put into making the player watch as many ads as possible. The game itself seems fun but gets very boring and repetitive very quickly. However the endless barrage of ads make what is there completely unplayable.
It is annoying that it says fill up your weeder clips like every time you finish a round of cutting grass. It's so wierd.This game isn't any fun at all. And the blades didn't work like they did in the add. This game is a waste of time. I wouldn't reccomend downloading this game. But you can if you want I can't stop you. Honestly it's just my opinion of the game. I just think that whoever made this game needs to fix it and make it work better. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
You geniuses put ads all over the upgrade buttons, the game is broken, I also HATE auto-redirects, your game is trash.
I have lost all my progress 6 different times in the last 2 weeks! You have to watch ads more than you can actually play the game! I would NOT recommend this game to anyone.
it's okay but not the best because you have to watch a terrible ad to get all 250 throwing stars back to that amount if you run out of them . most of the ads are repetitive and get boring over time . it's a calming game if you are really bored , but if it's the only thing to do then go for it . Like I mentioned before it's okay , but not the best .
terrible game, first off when inplayed no issues but 20 mins in when I connected to wifi to use ads to increase money and get new weapons, everytime I tried to level my stuff an invisible banner ad was there and would force me to open the internet. Then when I exited the game to try to see if it would fix it. It deleted my Progress. what a FAIL for a game. Not worth your time or dime.
A good game, basic, but a great idler for killing time.... Except for the ads every 10 seconds! look, I know you don't get anything for free and you have to advertise to cover your costs and make some money, but it's constant in this game. Any enjoyment I had from playing this game has been ruined by the ads. Deleted.
This would be an ok game if it didn't have ads, and that sounds like a pitiful complaint but there is no reason to see 20 ads in the span of 5 minutes. Not only that but when an option pops up to get double the rewards or whatever, you can choose not to and take the normal amount, but then you'll still be forced to watch an ad so what's the point? Gameplay wise this game is simple in a great way, I wouldn't mind playing more of it if the ads weren't so ridiculously placed.
Can you please remove the ads from the bottom? I cant see the upgrades and its annoying that i can barely see what im trying to upgrade. The game also lags, if this can be fixed then i will be pleased to play it to pass my time!
I really enjoy this game to the point where I would throw down a few bucks to buy the ad-free version. But there is none. The ads CRIPPLE this game. Every single action requires an ad to initiate. I'm tolerant of some ads in my games but this is absolutely ridiculous, and for there to not be an ad-free version to buy... that's ridiculous. Great game, but the greedy nature of it honestly ruins everything about it.
It's a pretty cool game. Great to pass time. There are a lot of ads, but most of them you have to click on. They aren't pointless though, you get bonuses for watching them, more money per clip/laser beam, etc.. My only issue is that I can no longer update my land, grass, mower, OR my manual throw. I have way more than enough money to update but everything is staying dark, and the update land button is gone entirely. Idk what to do but I don't think I'll keep the app if I'm not able to progress.
there is no way to mute this stupid music it's annoying and loud and so I'm trying to listen to music as I play the game but it's so loud I can't even hear my own music and there's no way to turn it off please add a way to turn it off
The game crash ed after level 7. There is ab add for everything, absolutely packed full of ads, ridiculous. Its no longer playable. I have lost my unlocked shield and everything is locked as if i started from scratch. When the shuriken finishes the patch of grass an ad pops uo and I cant get past it. Poor app. I bet if I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, it would work again, but I have lost all my progress and whos knows it may crash again. Do not download, waste of time.
This is a good game. Although, I do have some complaints.. The first one being that when I am cutting the grass, the game freezes but it doesn't say that the game's stopped. After a while, it unfreezes, then the screen becomes black, and goes to a random ad. That's the next complaint I've got. When I would go to the wheel, and watch an ad, it doesn't show anything.. I leave the game, but then the ad plays! I try going back to the game after the ad's done, but it does not work. Please fix this!
eh, decent concept, completed rather blandly, gets boring quickly, the different blades are completely cosmetic, the blades never get an increase in size, making every floor just take the same time, upgrades feel meaningless, and ads have this weird thing with them where they make you watch a 30 second ad, it then tries getting you to play a tutorial for another 30 seconds, and yet the X to close does not appear for 30 more seconds, the free upgrade being a single click is a bad idea.
One of the worst games I've had the displeasure of finding! A game where your progress isn't dictated by how good you are at the game, or even by how long you've played, but, instead, by how many adds you watch! This not an exageration! Do not play this game. The only reason for it's existence is to squeeze as much money as possible from you! Beyond that, it's not even fun!
The game is fine and satisfying, but the ads are extremely forced, and you cannot cancel a video once it starts. The "rate this app" icon also does not go away unless you click on a star, so here I am giving it just the one star for being so in your face like that. Other than the ads and their obvious grasping for ad revenue, it's an okay game.
The game gets boring very quickly, and they put ads anywhere they can. The power-ups on the balloons, you need to watch an ad. If you want to upgrade your equipment many times, you need yo watch an ad. Every other level, you guessed it theres an ad. They make you rate the game to continue. I understand that you need ads to make money in a free game, but, there is just an excessive amount of ads.
I like this game because it is a way for me to pass the time.bad thing about it is most of the time you can't watch ads because it says open app again or close but other than that it's an amazing experience to cut grass.
Poor design in the ad aspect. It makes you watch an ad to upgrade after pressing the upgrade button twice and even then the price of upgrading during and after level 7 is ridiculous . I mean just do pop up ads and maybe make the game playable. I just don't agree with the way they went about the ad process .
This game popped up ads when I was playing OTHER GAMES. I know it was this game because when I go into recents, suprise suprise it's this game right in front. Don't download, it wastes your time with ads because the developers were greedy. Edit: This app violates advertising rules. Report it.
I like the game but there's some glitches will make all the throws like minus a million which really pisses me off but I get used to it
Disappointing. If you love wasting your time on this precious Earth watching meaningless ads of things you're not even remotely interested in then you're gonna love this game. Seriously, literally every 5 seconds there's an ad. Even the upgrade buttons are sometimes replaced with a button to watch an ad! There's potential for a good time-waster here, but it's buried under a mountain of ads. Did I mention ads?
Too many ads to even play and requests access to files which is simply unnecessary and kind of uncomforting. Feels like something malicious is going on here.
This game is fun and entertaining but DO NOT INSTALL. This app is MALWARE! It forces you to watch video ads on other apps. Every time I try video chatting with friends on messenger, I'm forced to watch an ad. At first I thought it was Facebook but then it started happening to me on various other things. I even tried turning my data off and still was presented with ads. EVER SINCE I UNINSTALLED THIS APP, I HAVE NOT HAD AN AD LIKE THOSE. DO. NOT. INSTALL. THIS. APP.
Creates pop up ads on Samsung S9 phones randomly, even when app is closed. I started noticing random pop up ads two days after downloading. After one popped up, I searched for recently opened apps through the app store. This had just been opened, even though I haven't used it in days. That's enough evidence for me, don't install this thing.
I saw the reviews about ads, but I don't really mind ads. What I DO mind is intrusive ads playing while my phone is locked. I'm sitting at work, next thing I know I hear music/talking/fighting coming from my phone. There was a random ad playing. Closing the ad sent me back to my homescreen. I hadn't played the game for days, but that was the most recent app downloaded. Happened 4 more times that day before I deleted the app, and it never happened again since. Definitely do not recommend.
this game is so bad every time I get on a high level and get everything then when I get off then get back on it it resets all my progress
It would have pop up ads outside the app and that's definitely not alright, ads in the game are understandable because hey everyone's trying to make a quick buck out here but you don't have to go to that extent. In the beginning of the game it does not tell the user that you have limited shurikens and that they replenish at a rate of about 1 every 5 seconds or so. overall gameplay is pretty bland, nothing that really hits it out of the park, it just feels like another free to play pay to win app.
I really like this game I'm going to level 30 now and I just downloaded it 2 minutes ago and I think this game is kind of awesome and cool and all that and the game creator needs to make more of these games are really really really really really really really really really really really love it if the game guy could make more and if he could could he act like a monster truck color to it is my request I don't know about all the others but that's not request I hope you all like it me and my friend
After the developers restarted everyone's progress now it crashes every 2 seconds. I recommend the developers use the advertisement revenue on the app vs vacations. such potential to be wasted on developers who either don't care or should be in a different line of work. p.s you have to watch ads no matter what you select. the game will offer choices... earn this amount for no ads or double earnings with ads. joke is on us.. we have to watch ads no matter what.
It's improved greatly with the last update. It wasn't working at all before. The button to upgrade weapon damage has been fixed. Now it all works decently but it caps off everything once all your stuff reaches lvl300. Now there is nothing to do but collect money have not spend it on anything. Also the ad issue is still not fixed. It causes ads to come up on my phone even when the app is not running. That is bad and I feel like it's a breach of my trust in the publisher.
There's a banner ad right on top of all the buttons so it's impossible to click on anything without opening the ad. If I wasn't a firm believer in Hanlon's razor I'd report this app for clickfraud. As it stands I think this is just sloppy implementation.
resets every update? what the hell. I'm not going to invest time in this app if it resets every time i turn it off for a period of time.
Honestly not a bad game, but the way they do there ads is the stupidest thing I've seen, but it on all upgrades if you can't afford and when you get a chest of gold you get an option of claim x1 with no ad or claim x2 for watching an ad.. except both of them force you to watch an ad. You can't back out of any ads either 100% forced to watch. Bad idea for a game! Will change rating and reinstall for sure if they realize how stupid they were for doing this. Annoying your players, not a good idea.
Main issue: Ads. Secondary issue: Ammo. In the game, there isnt a single thing you cant do without an ad being another option. Being that if you want to spin this thing for diamonds, you could watch an ad. Want new weapons or tools? Watch several ads. etc. Alongside the ad at the bottom of the game that makes it so you cant even upgrade your stuff. Now maybe that one has a simple fix, but mine turned invisible and the link is still there if you try upgrading. And the ammo is just a bad system.
This game is disgusting! Too many ads, like, litteraly i only watch ads in this game. Such a waste of time! And, controls are awful, i cant understand what does what. Lags too much. I played this game for like, 5 minutes or what, and what can I only say, i wasted 5 minutes of my life with bunch of ads and lags. If you are looking for one of the worst games you could possibly play, this is one for you. If you think this is good game, i'm sorry, you are terribly wrong.
Every time I get to like the 3rd layer of upgrade grass the game resets me back to the beginning. It's done this three times now and I'm pretty disappointed.
This game is good but when you get this game and play the adds it works fine but in like a couple of hours the adds wouldn't work and will just kick you out.
This game was rushed, built to rake in all the money possible, and the gameplay sucked. First of all, the ammo was WAY too short and if and when you run out of ammo you must watch an ad or wait 15 minutes for the ammo to come back. Then, after that, once you close the app you would think that it would do nothing and you would forget about it, right? But no, that's not the case. This app will play ads while it's off. So this is the worst game on the app store. Games like these make me sick as Heck
Reported to Google. every now and then I'd have an ad appear on my screen (Keeping in mind that the application was terminated, and not running in the background) after further analysis, I found that it was infact this application. Thats breaching your agreement with the playstore and needs to be stopped. No one should get ads on their phone, from your application if it has been fully closed. Let alone minimized. I'd expect this 'Ad-ware' from third-party, unsigned, unknown sources.
If I could rate 0 stars, I would. I have played games that require more processing power than this, and they work flawlessly. This game constantly lags, and crashes EVERY 7 minutes. I HAVE TIMED IT. 7 MINUTES. The ads are relentless and you can't level up at all without paying actual currency. -5 stars.
Deleted all of my progress on exit. Rate menu locks you in until you rate. constant adds. Dont recommend.
wouldn't let me open the app, also when it was put down for top 3 free, it's actually top 5 free if you tap on the button under the title
Not gonna lie, its a pretty good game! graphics are very fun and controls are easy. what really kills the game though is when your level 30 deep into it and it restarts you back to level 9. after that i lost all motivation to even open the app. sorry, bad bug though. {Edit: dont know if this was caused by the most recent update.}
Horrible. you can't choose to turn the sound of and there's nothing fun about this. There aren't any perks, there's only 3 upgrades. You just do the same thing again and again. When you press a button you also shoot....
The sheer amount of ads on an otherwise seemingly decent game makes it unplayable. The fact that, built into the upgrade system, you can accidentally start an ad by trying to upgrade something you can't afford is ludicrous. The game would be perfectly fine without all the ads.
It's not a bad time killer, but it has an absolutely stupid amount of ads everywhere, even for things like claiming a bonus chest's normal value instead of watching ads for double. Some of them just pop up out of nowhere and don't let you ignore it unless you quit the gane and relaunch it.
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i would like to know y it keeps starting me all over this game has started over 3 time since i downloaded it and i lose everything in it this needs to be fixed its a good game but the glitches needs to be fixed and the problem with it starting all the way over
TOO MANY ADDS GOD DAMN,i have addd eveb when im off the app,showing up when im simply trying to watch YouTube,or anything else .also ehy us there no muting option on the game.