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Weed Farmer

Weed Farmer for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Grow Brothers located at Code4Software LLC 3800 South Ocean Drive Suite 214 Hollywood, Florida 33019. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is ok, I expected the growing process to involve the user much more. The description says the game helps you learn to grow while playing, but you don't control the water, ph levels, and no pruning just to name a few.
420 Great game. But "come on in weed farmer" is stuck on my screen even after exiting the game, please fix
The only thing I find wrong is it does take a long time to get anywhere in it. You should speed up time in the game. One other issue I have is that it will not let me buy any of the other properties. PLEASE FIX THIS.
I love the game. Scared me a little today when the older version was corrupted. I had to reinstall. Lucky my data wasn't gone. Garden of weeding is garbage compared to this game. Keep it up!!!
I honestly like the game and all its flaws, sounds weird but yeah. Bought this game when it first came out in highschool lol im 21 now. What would it take to get this game updated? I am young and dumb but would like to collaborate with you guys to update this game. Let me know money wise what this game needs. Thanks guys.
Its okay, just very basic. Plants NEVER take products like in the game and never cost that much to upkeep. Not realistic, just for bored stoners
...so this game is worse than the freemium game. I can't believe I payed for a version worse than the free one. Effff this game I want my money back!
The layout is garbage, the plants are constantly getting infected, dehydrated, or infested, and it's nearly impossible to succeed. Dev, please refund me. I won't be playing any longer.
I really enjoyed this game but can't play now because I need a number to login and there's no way of finding this out, and developers are not responding to my email...
Use to love this game need to update it to new phones doesnt fit up to the screen anymore but its a great game nontheless
Most of the time is spent waiting for plants to grow,Plants grow too slow and Profits and yields are too low. And some items like newts aren't used realistically a whole $30 bag on one plant! That would be newt burn! Don't grow above your exp level! That will stop u from all sick plants! Overall great but could be better.:-) ADD LOLLIPOPING AND TOPPING TO INCREASE YIELDS!!
Why does watering plant cost $!? Forget the super long grow times, I spent almost $200 just trying to keep 4 plants watered. The spray bottle is already in stock. Why does it costs so much just to water them for one grow cycle. $1 per spray, is it magical water!?
Had it before loved the game and overgrown ... Got a new HTC and some things are wrong . It's slow and really laggy now ,the menus in the game are off sized makes it hard to play, I couldn't get my existing data back had to start again and overgrown doesn't seem to be on the market anymore ..
Has much more potential. The grow times are insane. 24hrs for a lvl 1 plant? wow. Its a game. Give us a reason to be immersed in it.....not bored to death by it. Cut grow times atleast by half and allow us to care for the plants as they grow. Make stages more interactive. Allow us to care for the plants by adding newts at intervals relative to the grow times, trimming, watering in all stages, changing lights and cycles. That kind of stuff woild make this game very impressive.
I remember playing this game all the time as a kid when it was free then it disappeared one day lol glad to have finally found it again but it's unfortunate it doesn't work with newer Android phones ide pay 10-15 bucks for this game if it did
Great game had a single issue put two germonated seeds in the same spot won't let me trash and i can't send a msg to creators username danny421... After posting this my problem finally went away. Idk if dumb luck or the creators thanks whoever. Been troublesome for months
Been playing the freemium for a couple of weeks, thought the graphics might have been better with the paid but unfortunately they seem to have gone backwards there...any chance on an ol' update? Plus side, more weed types and more to keep you busy than the freemium...Only downside I've found is the graphics...
Hey I emailed you guys the other day with a problem I had with this classic version and how I can't log in using my current weed farmer freemium version info.... i haven't heard from y'all and I want a refund now I didn't buy this app just to start all over again I love the game but wth
You guy need make it alittle faster an have more stuff on it i got the free one an its got more things to do an it dont take three day to grow if i wld of known it i wld of spend my money for more seeds an more plots on the free game then wasted my my on this one come guys its pretty bad u pay for something an u get more on the free game u guys suck
The developer is literally a child, begs via motd for 5 star reviews and emails you threats if you refuse to change them. Ridiculous.
The game is fun but the free version has better graphics in the paid version the only thing you get extra is seeds but the display is oversized hard to see and there's no crafting any more like there is no free the free version offers way more ability to do more stuff please update will change to 5 stars with the update
I would like to refund as game glitches and my sprouted seeds do not appear in seedling tray so their is no way to play. Please refund.
This game was fun and now you expect us to buy another version just to play??? Pitiful. How about updating it
Displayed on how long each plant takes to seed sprout and harvest it says dirt weed takes 24 hours but actually takes bout 32 hours. Add and will gladly give 5/5 stars and buy OG version!
Level gains are so slow it's pathetic. I've harvested plants at the slow grow rates for almost 4 months and i'm only level 6.5. What game has levels in tenths anyways? The concept is good but the game sucks!... also mailed grow brothers about a glitch and haven't heard anything back and it has yet to be fixed
Use to play this when it first came out. Was a good game. Haven't played it in a while. Just tried to login and looks like my account was wiped. Created new login info and now it freezes when I try to purchase seeds. My money shows "LOADING" but nothing ever happens. Force closed, reload, nothing works. Is this game active any more? No option to update game.
Its a good game but all of the sudden it dosent let me plant my sprouts. My sprouts are not showing on the inventory panel . Please help. I would rate 5 stars if this problem wasent happening
I love this game and was willing to buy it but once i did the apps window size was way too small. Idk why but i couldnt find a way to fix it. Hence the refund. If i could get the app size fixed i would definetely buy it again.
People, once they look at this game most of the time, think that it's just another weed propaganda dumb drug game. But it is easy more than that. It had been about a week since I have purchased this game. on my new device. I used to play this before but now it is so much better on the HTC one. I have spent many hours looking at my ganja plants nurturing them, raising them. This game is such a perfect time consumer its a shame to hear that it is getting pirated. So I highly recommend this. Support the DEV
Speed up the process FFS! The last seeds I germinated in real life took 3 days whereas on this thing i'm at 4% germinated after 2 days.. rubbish.. back to Ganja Farm for me
Loved this game on my old phone but when I try to use it on my new phone, it signs in ok but It wont let me use my nickname, it says its already in use, is there any way I can use it on this phone? Really dont want to start over
Could anyone tell me how to get special weed seeds? I grew this snowberry stuff and you cant buy the seeds in the shop
great game but need grow times cut in half, be nice to be able to clone plants as well has top plants, when i first bought this game it was great and even more exciting to hear there was more better things coming seems like grow brothers just did a cash grab or gave up to bad because this game coukd be amazing
Come on now this is so slow it feels like i should go out grow real weed and see what grow faster 15 hours and its only 40% your by the rate its looking like im going to have to wait 37 hours for a lil bit of money hell no im done i
Its a good game but Dev can you please fix the screen resolution for the "Droid Maxx 16.." Can't see my money or anything on top of the screen. Thank you