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Weapons throwing RPG

Weapons throwing RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by yuika project located at 3-2-505 Higashiaburayama,Jonanku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka-ken 814-0155, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game, not many game offer a unique gameplay like this, and completely no P2W (pay to win). AP fills quite fast, we can get gems without buying. money/gold easy to get. I just stuck by spell attack that kill me instantly (maybe because my hero still low lvl). Update Please, more map, I've reach 5-5 and all three star,
Hey all, just so you know, if having trouble with final and hidden bosses, actually town girl is best, overwhelm them with weapon spam! 1 of each sword type, 2 triple throw daggers your choice, Destroyer axe or better.
Excellent game! One of the best Android games around. It has everything you want in a mobile app style game; quick on the go battles, fun, strategic, upgrades, gear, weapons, level grinding, cool old school graphics, offline gameplay and nice rpg style music! I highly recommend this little gem of a game!
OMG There's a sequel. Just got to the last stage and am grinding to beat it. Original concept and keeps it interesting with pets and drops. No gacha! Will play the sequel soon as I beat this one.
Just another energy/stamina cash grab to hide a lack of content. All games should never have this system. You should never be forced to stop playing without spending money. Grinding for minimal gain just to be able to play when you want should always be an option. Whales will still spend money for a faster way.
Horrible stamina mechanic is horrible. Play for five minutes, wait for an hour to play for five minutes again. No close button. Cannot close by hitting the back button. App WILL NOT ROTATE so you cannot orient your power button and headphones jack on the preferred side.
It's fun, whether you slaughter your enemies or strategically time your attacks. No ads and unobtrusive IAPs (for gems that you can later buy with in-game gold anyway). But this dev deserves a few bucks imo for the hours I've enjoyed playing it. Download it now!
Fun app, but there are some issues that need to be addressed. 1) Free offers to get more jewels do not work. I didn't get the 55 jewels for downloading/running an app. 2) Game tends to force close randomly. 3) AP takes too long to regenerate; I can only play for 10-15 minutes before having to wait 1-2 hours for it to restore itself fully (15 jewels to fully restore it is too costly). Fix these issues and I'll rate 5*. Also, game freezes and lags. Edit: Now the game won't load (black screen).
Great game except the energy system is unnecessary. Get rid of it. just as i start enjoying its over.not sure how to defeat last guy in arena mode .one hit and your mincemeat. Good luck.
Enemies can just keep you paralyzed until youre dead, meanwhile enemies can only be paralyzed once and do not stay paralyzed as long you are. The sequel has the same problem. Sure you can equip an item that prevents paralysis, but doesnt fix the problem as a whole. The difficulty spike for the final area is absurd as well. So if your looking for a casual game, this isnt it.
The ads are out of the way and won't screw up your game. The mechanics are easy to learn. There's even a wiki. The only bad things about it are a few, of what I assume to be, translation errors, the fact that it's short, and uncounterable magic.
Loved so much, the history is amazing, the sounds and music is awesome!! Gameplay is excelent, replay is great, I'm almost finishing it, but in the end it gets more dificult. Thanks for the option of buying gems after finishing the 5 islands. Almost mastering the status. Amazing developers you are to make such a great game!! Top 3 for sure of all Android games I've played so far!!
Latest update to system software makes this game unplayable... it's sad because this is one of my favorite phone games...
4 out of 5 only because the jewel ring doesn't seem to work. Says 2x acquisition of jewels but when I find a jewel from killing a monster I only get 1 or is this how it suppose to work and it just increases your chance of finding jewels?
Thanks for taking the time for making this classic game compatible with Marshmallow. It's something I really missed playing, as it has some awesome replay value.
It's not bad, finished it in a week or so now just collecting them end weapons and leveling up... currently with missing 3 curse sword the other end game weapons I have 5 each and I'm about lv 660 I think. Edit: Ok now I have 5 of everything and is lv 778 which is good... now then to dominate the sequel. Edit: I played this again cause of the sequel and am now on lv 815 I think I'm gonna stop it there.
Its good could ypu make a 3 the sky of doom that would be nice and the game play is so simple and basic thats what makes it so good but at the same time complex with the durability and stuff nice jod but it needs more levels and more equipment its a good game make a third one plesase thx u
This game will take all of your boredom away. The only problem I have is that I beat the game too quickly.
The exact kind of phone game I've been looking for! You can get everything with grinding, there's even a point where you can buy the special in-game currency. Gameplay is fun, rare items all obtainable, and you actually get a sense of accomplishment! If I can I'm donating to these devs since this game is free.
I like the game, but this is ridiculous. Couple of games and I should wait for hours. No, thx. I'd rather buy it for fixed price without waiting...
Neat little game overall, quite enjoyed the strategy aspect and stuff, just wish it had more playability towards the end. Up to the final boss, have 3 starred every place on the map, have all the (seemingly) best weapons at Lvl 9, but now I have like 250000 gold I can't spend anywhere, and going back and killing things isn't fun when you can destroy everything with a single knife. Needs more play ability but otherwise a sick game.
Very sad that I can't play this anymore since it was built for an older version of android. Please update it...
You need to update so I can play because it says that I need a older android to play this and 3 kind of sound cool.....(wrote that on my old phone)