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Weapon Throwing RPG 2

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by yuika project located at 3-2-505 Higashiaburayama,Jonanku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka-ken 814-0155, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game, through the beginning to the end, its very ballenced if you know what boss drops and accessories are. And sometimes even underleveled, i can complete levels from world 7 onwards. I love the game because it makes you use stratergy to your advantage which is also evident in the accessories. Overall, the game is recommended by me.
Played this for hours at a time, pretty addictive to say the least. The Arena is my favorite part and its so fun. Its super simple to play and easy to learn, and helps you with timing as well. Overall its a pretty good game.
Kind of a cute game but not much to it. The balancing isn't great. The arena is portrayed as a place you can play the game without the stupid energy system but really it's just a stonewall you need to grind extensively to make any progress in. Make your game fun to play not prohibitive to extended sessions for money and because it's lacking in content and gameplay. Overall not a very fun experiance, better then alot of the stuff on the app store but that's saying VERY little.Waste of potential:(
I just beat the second island and I can already tell this going to be a pain to gain exp. I get theres an exp ring but I just want to keep progressing not having to grind the levels for exp. Im level 28 and just got to level 3-3 that level gap is insane >.<
Edit: there is a stamina system, which I have never found too obnoxious, although it is occasionally annoying, and once you get decently far into the game it does begin to feel impossible to progress, but for a free game its worth a shot and you'll get a lot of fun out of it Genuinely good game, maybe not exactly like what you would expect, but it's super fun, and theres no ads unless you choose, and you can progress just fine without inapp purchases
(Leaving a review after clearing World 3) Really simple, no pressure "generic" kind of RPG. I've enjoyed playing this to pass the time. I appreciate so far the ease to collect Gold and Gems and the option to watch an ad to extend Stamina (in-game sort of play timer cap) for longer play sessions. Definitely relaxing. Having a sense of timing during combat greatly helps and enabled me to clear World 3 10-to-15 levels under, among other things. It's a basic timesink boiled down, and that's OK.
Fun but no progression after 7th map. No more new weapon when reach 7th map which makes the game impossible to beat even though I max out all characters and having all 5 best weapon I could get at the moment. Would give 5 star if more new weapon release.
The game is a little grindy but if you play well it isn't long and does not have anything behind a paywall. Get this game, play it and donate a dollar (buy a pack) to support them. I've downloaded it a few times just to play it again.
The graphics, story and gameplay is amazing. However, the stamina system takes too long to replenish and in the later stages, the game crashes a lot...Ratings dropped from 3 stars to 1 due to the fact that I cannot attain a buddy or a rare chest at stage 8 onwards because everytime when I get one, the game ends up crashing, causing said items to disappear. More than 10 times this has happened and I am truly disappointed since this game has a lot of potential.
SUGGESTION: I would like to suggest the xp ring, sp, and gold to work while in inventory and not have to equip them. Love it. Not a graphical wonder or anything but really original gameplay and easy access to premium currency. Gameplay loop is fine and there is enough content to keep you satisfied. Give it a download!
The gameplay and story is very fun, but i think the stamina system was not worth it. Like, i played for 6 minutes and have to wait about 6 hours to full up the stamina. I think it may be reworked so we can play the game much more.
Great game! Very addicting. You can play this game without having to spend any money. When you run out of stamina, you are forced to watch a 30 second video to continue, but it doesn't happen often and there are items you can get in town, to rebuild your stamina. Very easy game to learn and I love it!
Great 5* game ruined by an oppressive stamina system. Makes me not want to use or buy gems, so instead come mid game, i play 6 or 7 fights then go off to play other games for 4 to 5 hours while the bar recharges. Could be done so much better, what a pity.
Simple game. Rpg light, skills are simple, controls are easy game is fun. Nothing amazing. Nothing bad at all. Worth downloading to kill time. Has a story, super mellow though. Simple.
having difficulty in equipping gears, as you keep getting items, the scroll needed to find the item you want to equip, becoming longer. and we can't compare them side by side, so you need to scroll up and down multiple times just to find the right combination to fight specific stage. it might be better if we can compare them side by side and the equipment are categorized by their types, like arrows, swords, spear, etc.
Played and beat the first Weapon Throwing RPG and really liked part two until progress required you to get very rare weapon drops to even have a chance to progress...after 30+ plays on a specific level and the weapon did not drop (first of 5 weapons I needed to find) I decided I have better things to use my time for. Deleted and moving on!
Awesome game, easy to learn, but enough rpg elements to make it challenging and fun. I rarely come across mobile games that keep my attention more than 15 minutes and I haven't out this one down since I downloaded it yesterday. Great job guys
I'm really liking it so far 😁 I just wish there wasn't an energy system. I'd rather it be a premium game instead without the energy.
This is a fun rpg. It's relaxing and has variety of weapons & equipments, it's also generous with the gems. Goob job Devs for the part 1 & 2 improvements, 5 stars from me. One concern though, the weapon slot 1x in the Trading Shop has disappeared after getting it free in the Arena. Is this normal? Since on the previous game, the weapon slot 1x is still in the Exchange Shop even after getting it free in the Arena. I also bought the Accessory Slot 1x before getting it free in Arena in this game.
Great game ! Very inventive and solid rpg aspects. Edit: not playable in late game; almost no item drops and stamina costs are ridiculous. Still 5* because hours of gameplay for free
Offline single player, completely free to play. Stamina limit can be bypassed with 30 sec ads. Overall a much improved upgrade over the first game. Simple controls with sufficient depth. Great BGMs.
More or less similar to the first game, but with more weapon and heroes variety. The energy system and ruby isn't that annoying, as long as you save up your ruby for stuff that really matters (nothing is Pay2win on ruby shop, although double exp helps a ton), and you starts to ran out of energy near end-game, or you played for hours until you couldn't get any level up
Pleasing music, enjoyable graphics (if you like 8bit), yet I can't say much more, thanks to the implementation of an Energy System, forcing you to stop playing every half hour (if you play slowly) for an hour or so. Wouldn't recommend unless you're looking for a game you only play for 10 minutes here and there.
Too grindy after 6th Island. You need to grind one level for 5-20 times to get the "rare" weapon in order to progress, because the weapon enemies have are far better than used weapons by the player. Then there is a problem with leveling, I progressed through 2 islands and I had to grind almost 100 levels!
Clever and unigueish take on an RPG. I love it. It does get a little excessively grindy near the end, especially if you're a completionist, but it is enormously fun.
Drawn out game with bs stamina system. The actual game is fun, but you wont enjoy too much of it without a ton of premium currency.
Great game. Two big problems. One drop rate for rare weapons in later levels is way to low. Playing one level 100 times just to get the rare drop is way to much. Stanima is just bad. If you are going to make the drop rates that low. Than get rid of the stanima. 48 stanima to play the level and i only have to play it 100 more times before i get the rare drop? 3 stars.
It's alright but there's no depth. It's a good time killer though for a fee hours before it gets grindy.
Just a very fun Jrpg where you chuck limitless weaponry at your opponents until they die, there is some strategy to it. A very cute and fun game, with a stamina bar to keep you from burning out.
the game is really fun to play, no need to pay, one minute per stamina, however, the game crashes alot at the later levels... (even when the skip some scenes option checked)... i lose my stamina unjustly :(
Started off well. It lacks depth but has some breadth to it. Until the very later levels where game becomes unplayable and keep crashing mid-battle with energy consumed.
It is truly refreshing to see a mobile game that does not shove aggressive monetization or ads in your face. This game has a generous stamina bar and lets you play for quite a long time before asking you to watch an ad, which feels really fair at that point. The character progression feels well-paced too, even when playing for free. This is the kind of game that actually makes me want to support the developers and restores some of my lost faith in the mobile gaming market. Well done!
The game is completely free to play friendly, is has simple yet imerssive mechanims at play really nice work done by the developer. I would very much like to see more of such games by the developer.
This game makes me want to throw my phone at someone. JK. This game is pretty good. Simple control and decent graphic.
Great game! I've poured many hours into it. The exp grinding does get a bit intense near the end of the game, but that hasn't stopped me from playing it! Also, where can I buy the soundtrack?
The gameplay itself is wonderful, the stamina system however removes all faith i had in the game. I was extremely invested in this game during the tutorial, excited to dig in to a new mobile RPG but instead I was hit with a Stamina meter, I played one further level to see how bad it was... 6 minutes to restore one stamina. One level took 6 stamina. 36 minutes to play the next level is disgusting. It's like you dont want me to play this game. It's a damn shame.
Fun game, just like the first one. However, the game has been crashing alot. Paused the game for a few minutes, then happened to look over and the app crashed(just tried it again and same result, the app crashed, so I lost another 36 stamina points.) I just started a mission that takes 36 stamina points to run and during the second battle, the app crashes again, which means 36 stamina points wasted. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP or I'll uninstall the app. This is unacceptable.
Very nice game, fun and easy to learn. HOWEVER, one thing that i have a problem with is the use of theme from other games (notably the golden sun battle theme is used) without credit. Would be 5 stars otherwise.
Neat, simple mechanics that grow in complexity as you advance in the game. I love that the ads aren't intrusive, and there are multiple fun ways to combo attacks together!
Excellent for killing time! Has this nice feel to the game that makes you want to keep playing. Haven't had to purchase anything with real money!
It's a fun game that maximized the enjoyment of simple game play. One thing I would like to see is a micro transaction to remove the energy system, maybe $4.99?
Terrible stamina system. Wait an hour to play a single stage, where you'd likely gain nothing. Losing give no reward, so you need to replay "safe" stages again and again for little progress. Boring, repetitive gameplay, since you're punished for pushing your limits. Grind, then watch ads to grind more, nothing new in later stages, just reskins with worse drop rates, bigger numbers and 6x the wait time.
Super fun! I thought I finished the game and wham a whole new chapter and weapons. I got a super op build I think I kill lv150 as lv90. Its fun to experiment with builds. I definitaly recommend!
Loved the first game, this one has more variety but more grindy when levelling up. Is it just me or are we able to buy a weapon slot from the shop? You could buy a weapon slot in the old game but not in this one...
I don't usually write a review. But the app crashes a lot if I said a lot means that it crashes after I opened it. So frustrating hope that you guys can fix this bug because I really like this game. Please.