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Weapon Builder

Weapon Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by sbCreations located at 71 Fairway DR newnan, ga 30265. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a good app, there are many possibilities. The only problem I have (which is why I rate this four stars) is how careful you have to be in order to get the parts to fit, which gets really frustrating. I was trying to make an AK-47, but I kept messing up the placement of the stock, because of how perfect it had to be.
I would give it more but It has so many ads than before and this used to be a good app and stuff now it's a darn add every time you turn around
Realy good app but i would like you to make more options like maybe like build a gun and take it a shooting range or something. And i would like to have more options between all the stuff you attatch to your gun,but other than that it is a really good app!
One Problem is that it keeps taking me to the title screen when I'm making guns and kicks me off the gun part menu. Please fix
This is a really good game, you can make any gun you like, or you could make a real life one. But could you please add more parts in the building, because i want to build something, and the rest of the parts dont show up. Other than that very good game to install.
It's really good. My only nitpicks are the slightly ugly looking UI and the organization and categorization of the parts could be better. Also, more parts would help, though I'm sure you're already working on that. A "layers" menu, like you would see in photoshop would be really handy, as you often grab parts that you didn't mean to. Just keep working on it and updating, and I'll change to 5 stars when it feels more fleshed out. Keep it up.
Very good time killer, a bit much on ads but, it's a free game so what do you expect. It's really good though, and all my teachers are scared of me😂
Really good . Almost no adverts . You dont have to unlock anything . It's just all there . Class game would recommend to anyone who has an interest in guns of desighn
It's like photoshop with its layers. Very fun to make absolutely absurd builds. The only complaints I have are the ads (free app) and a slightly mismatched and limited selection of parts. Regardless I'm still vibing with it
The pics look like the game guves a lot of options but doesn't barely have anything that will make the gun look like a gun ( no rear sights for ar or ak )
It could have more fun parts and more customization for the gun and pistol parts there's no point in the pistol grips if there's no pistol parts. But otherwise the games good. But still room for improvement
This is an awesome game but you need to add more items and attachments but its a really great game pls make an update.
Love this game, you get to customize everything, up to the point where you could possibly make things other than guns, if you have a good enough imagination. Although there is no way to test your weapon out the extreme customization options really make up for it. Would definitely recommend this to all you creative people out there.
It's an awesome game where you can pretty much build any gun you want you can just build everything you want gunwise
There are attachments missing like mags or stuff like that. There should be pistols. There should also be like a auto attach button where it connects rather than phases through eachother. Otherwise its a great game for gun building
I honestly like it. Really simple game, though I would recommend a feature that would just snap parts together.
The newer parts got fixed up and now fit better with the original parts. Thanks to a good developer, the parts were quickly fixed in a professional manner. Thank you for adding new parts after so long. Had the game forever, a lot of fun if you get creative. But these new parts really need a remodel, they don't look like the other parts so they clash with other parts. Also two of the new uzi parts still have their white background, please fix this.
A very good game you can make so many cursed combinations with this but i really wanna see more parts and add pistols to the game
this game is fun and adicting everyday when I'm bored I would just make up some crazy guns if you don't have this game I highly recommend it. the only thing I want to see is more free skins. I only have a few camos on my guns cuz i dont use it that much. Also, I would like to see more sniper recievers. Plzz reply!
The base of the gun has no choice at all, its a generic base and only really attachments can be changed. Badly made app
Nice game, but if you added M16 parts, then would be epic to make Vietnam war M16s Keep it up man, your games are epic
It's fun to play when you're bored or if you like building cool or odd guns. Would give a 5 but there are some things set it back. With some of the options and over lay of parts. I'm being picky about it and the game is still fun.
This app is actualy rather nice to use. I use it when drawing or just to do while im bored. I would recomend this for almost everyone!
Great app but the down part is that it's hard to line things up and theres no pistol that you can make. Also make it where we can try out our guns st like a shooting range or something like that.
I really like this time for everything and if you think that you can tan after use the weapons without because I thought it would be cool if you can make like a sniper machine gun or assault rifle and actually be able to go into battle and be able to use it
It's good bit can you add a play button? I want to shoot people with my guns not just have them there buts it good. When you add play button can you also add bullets? Thank you
This is really a good application for creating guns and custom weapons. I couldn't join the beta to help because it failed 4 times ,so I will say keep going nice app and a suggestion: Add some more modern weapons parts And Add some parts for other types of weapons like- Mortar,RPGs,launcher, flamethrower and more like this. Thank you
This is a really fun app and you can literally make a gun that has a shotgun barrel and has the stock of an AR plus you can put like a a site sights on and you can put a billion those things on it's a very fun app and you can also save your Creations now I'm just explaining this app
Fun game, be nice if there was a bit more options rather than it eventually circling down to the same stuff. It would also be nice to have the ability to test your gun, or upload it to compete with others.
I love this app, I use it for an Rp community I'm apart of, the only problem is, I wish 1. You had a historical version and a ship version. Maybe even a tank version. This is awesome for designing OC weapons.
This game is a game that lets us build guns of our own just one issue is that we cant find parts of some guns so plz add missing parts of guns
I love the variety of things to make a gun, and I like how you don't just pick a gun and done. You have to add every detail of a gun. The only thing I would recommend is having a drum as a mag like for a Tommy gun or something like that.
I like the game but wish there was more than what is offered. Not too many ads and it's simple and easy to use.
I really like this app! The amount of detail and choice is amazing! My only critique is the fact that there's no pistols/pistol parts. If pistols were included this would be an easy 5 star, hands down! *
great game just if made a update it would be nice to make pistoles and have more attachments i would give it five stars
Good game I just love it but the problem is that we need to fix the parts properly to get a nice gun but still very good game
I love it it's realy fun to create guns wether it's existing or non existing but you can't shoot them a downside but nonethenless a very good game.
Great way to have fun for those who love guns, cannot count how many times I've been excited creating new guns, looking forward to seeing new parts hopefully added and what the developers have in mind.
The new update make the builder become harder. The parts Is big that you need to resize. the parts become realistic that hard to imagine. Rotate Still The same. The Parts at selection is so big.
A fun creative app with bout no adds and I love it. I do think they should add more mags like a Bizion mag and drums but that's just an idea
This game is super simplistic, yet, so addicting, there's nothing wrong with it! Is it possible to add AA-12 parts, maybe some fictional gun parts?
App crashes when I try to open it because ads won't load. You have to watch an app to open a new build, watch another one to leave the build, watch another ad to get into the weapon locker and watch another ad to get back out. Too much focused on watching ads, not enough content.
There is so many options for handles, barrels, stocks, bodies, etc. I can't stop playing. It gives you a chance to push your imagination. 5 stars!
It is a nice game good for playing when bored cuz of the quarantine also if u all the creators of this game i just want ask u all to just reduce the ads just a tiny little bit other than that the game works great!
This app is fairly useful, especially when designing ficticious guns, but I have one main gripe: the lack of pistol and bullpup parts. Plz add some pistol receivers and grips and all that, along with a few bullpup receivers so I don't need to use a standard receiver and have it look weird. Still useful tho!
This is a great game. I played this game about 6 or 7 years ago. They have changed so much since the last time I played. I would recommend this game to anyone. Plus, only having 2 ads is amazing. Must games have you watch an ad every time you click something. Also you can do so much with it. You can be creative which is the best part. But if so possible, could you add a way to test the firearms. I think that would be just another great thing about the game.
Wow. Look very real life. This app is so good and no bad. Im can build my gun and im can see photo gun and copy and try build . This app is so good
I was having trouble finding what to build but with the names as well I was really good with it but but other than that I like it I really recommend it to everyone not to little kids though
awesome game but i wish you could build pistols with it. i would love to play the pistol version. And I would most definitely play it if its possible
I like it and been using it for my military group on Roblox to make our own design but need to add more pistols, shotguns, and snipers parts.
this little app is awesome!!! I am using it to create art for a tabletop RPG game and its great, so simple to use. A couple of suggestions for the development team. 1- The Uzi is not titled correctly, its an Ingram Mac10 (but thats me being picky) 2- Can you add pistols and revolvers we can modify. 3- sci fi version?
Great game. You can build custom weapons with it. That is the purpose of the game. It needs pistols,rockets/gernades,more machine guns and WW2 stuff.
I love it it labels everything, and it's all in categories. I've learned many different terms using this app
I love it. I like the way that you can make pretty much anything. It's a great game to spend time on! Although I do wish that more pistols and shotguns were in the game.
The game is awsome, but the ads kinda annoy me, i don't really mind the ads. But can you do something about the ads, pleeaaasssee. Thanks!
Its a good app for what it is and you get quite a bit of freedom with what you can do. Some of the mechanics are annoying sometimes, when you want to rotate you end up changing the size accidentally or when you want to move certain pieces it selects a piece that you didn't tap on. If your using the same pieces of the same gun (M4 Mag with M4 Body) make it auto-connect to where it's supposed to go (could be optional). Overall it's a good app for the amount of freedom you get to create guns.
I would TOTALLY recommend you get this! This app is perfect! I only have 1 suggestion; have more options for gun parts! Thank You! THIS APP IS AMAZING! THIS APP IS WONDERFUL!
If I could rate this on play store I would give the game 10 stars because barley any ads the only ads are when you go to build a gun and when you save your build it's one of the best gun builder games I have ever used
Whoever the devs are of this simulator, I LOVE IT. I love how in depth you can mod every gun and even made a dream gun! Happy to say it's not like one of those apps that spam you with ads! Thank you devs for this awesome game and will sure support you all the way!!
I use this app a lot, and it was fun, the only problem is how hard the controls are, and how some functions, well, function. other than that it's a great app.
omg,this game is good,like... i was not expecting to be able to merge the peices together,but,this can lead to ungodly formations,i still thank you for creating this game
I LOVE THIS GAME! Idk what it is with me but i love building guns and this app is perfect for me👌i love eveything about it. One thing to mention though, please add more barrels, thats it. 500/100
This game is pretty cool, but the problem is that you need to fit every part perfectly in order to make a gun. Also there are some bugs and minor glitches in the game which needs to be fixed. No updates? And there is nothing else to do in this app except building stuff up & posting them online. I mean just add a mode where we can fire with our custom-made gun or maybe take it into battle in some simulation! It's kinda boring......