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Way Out VR

Way Out VR for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Daniel4D located at N22 5HG, London UK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Promising, but severely marred by an unplayable framerate in some parts. No idea what causes it, in other places it's perfectly smooth. But when looking certain directions the framerate plummets and it becomes nauseating.
I absolutely enjoy this game. Moving around with VR headset is the new kind of fun! And also I'm a Portal fun so this adds extra fun to this game
You see I don't have Vr so I tried to use the mobile version but I couldn't look around, like I played this game like 2 or 3 years back I think, and I didn't had any problems with the game, until now, can you please the the issue I really want to play this game again, I'm not unstailling the game neither. (phone) Samsung Galaxy I think 3 or 4 not sure
Doesn't work the the gyroscope in my LG Tribute HD. Can't play. Lame. Does work with my Tzumi VR glasses and Bluetooth controller but can't look or aim.
It's smallest in size than most VR apps but it is more immersive and fun than some of those that takes 500 mb. It's one of those app that you can use to show off VR to your friends. Looking forward to more apps like this from this Dev. Great Job!
HINT: for the last wall do it at the start, you may need to stand on a box. Excellent game hope they bring out more soon
The frame rate drops ALOT causing me to get sick. Please add some way to scale back graphics or stabilize it!
Make it so that if you jog in place (shake up and down the headset) you walk forward!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Ive been trying games for days since ive got my vr box and controler. I was feeling like i got ripped off cause of the quality of games vs the hype ive heard. This game was lile a breath of fresh air. Finaly something i can enjoy. However ,Only one level ? Says there is more. We'll see
This was a good use of vr. I thought the graphics were nice, and other than a few quick moments they were pretty smooth(I have an S5). I did get out so there is a way, the very last room is quite tricky. I would enjoy more levels, but this one was funπŸ‘.
Edit after reply; sweet! Once my otg cable comes in the mail I'll head to the pawn shop to try out an Xbox controller on it!
So I just got my vr headset today and I'm loving it. I've tried maybe 30 apps to day xD. Though this app is amazing ! It feels like a Ginuwine game ! One of the only ones that works very well with a controller so far with my expierence. It was super fun.
Cool game. Makes ya think alittle. So far so good.. Very nice ui and nice vr game.. And they even let u play without. But I say get Google cardboard its better
This is amazing! No lag on controller, but very prossessor/battery intensive. I can kill my battery in about 30 min. Would really like more levels. I look forward to additions.
Has potential, looks promising, however there's a few quirks that annoys me. gamepad input has lag. No such problem with other apps using the same gamepad. lag only happens in the menu. ingame, gamepad input seems fine. movement speed is a tad too slow tested on Xperia SP with dualshock 3 controller
I’m using the Magicsee all in one Virtual Reality headset. I have no issues with it at all! There is however very slight drifting, but overall, this is a very immersive game!!!
this app is stupid. at has a button that says switch to vr mode and it switches but it freezes and i clicked settings button and it says download cardboard app to configure. then i clicked the link that they had for me and then it said your device is not compatible. DONT DOWNLOAD
Start off graphics are great. Nice and solid feel to it all (no peeking through the walls). They have got the controller spot on too, it's great you can turn around using the other joystick. You really get lost in this one trying to work out how to manipulate the blocks. Now if you added a couple of zombies walking around, you could shoot with that gun? Lol. This is a very interesting game. Really worth downloading. Hope they do a horror type one based on this idea. Maybe save someone who is trapped?
The buttons are way too small so the game is basically impossible to speedrun cause one misclick means you lose the run so please just add a setting to make the buttons bigger
Im really hooked up with this game, it works great with my Bluetooth joypad . We need more VR games like this!
I love the puzzle style game. Controls are nice and doesn't make you dizzy. I am currently playing with my droid turbo 2 smartphone and unfortunately I do not see a laser or almost all of the blocks which makes the game very frustrating! I have to be at certain angles and practically touching a block or wall to see that it's there. Fix that and five stars are on the way! (:
While it is playable, the controls need refined. The puzzles are basic and devoid of any real world feel - please add real world objects and rooms.
I have never seen anything better on the play store for vr. It was exactly what i wanted when i got a vr headset! The puzzles were tricky and i cannot wait for level 2+! Although γ€Š[SPOILER] 》the puzzle in the end should be made a bit err... lighter
Like the game, but no clue as to how to get past the first level, you get stuck at a wall and there is no way through it. I emailed the dev with no response, maybe they'll respond here cause I don't see it. 3 stars for the effort, could be 5 stars if there is a solution and more levels?
One of my favourite VR titles, brilliant concept, only con is things to the left and right of where I'm looking tend to flicker! But besides that it awesome!
The closest thing to a portal VR have you can get. It is a bit laggy (even on my GS4 in performance mode), but it is a concept game, so you can forgive it. Ooh. And to those of you saying there isn't a way out, there is. I got stuck there for a couple minutes until I figured it out, so just figure it out.
Enjoyed the start, but got frustrated when unable to find way out. I went through a few rooms to the point where you have to place crates in receptacles to open gap in wall but then there was just an empty room. Where do I go from there? Is that all there is? Hang on there! Have just seen 'What's next' - working on second level. There's only 1 level?
It has the potential to be really good. The environment is a bit bland without much variation. However, the gameplay itself is quite nice. I did get stuck at the 3rd moving wall puzzle, where I ended up getting locked in a room with nothing else to do, but quit the game. Usually pretty good with puzzles, but there's nothing intuitive about this game. Would like to see it updated because the concept itself if pretty neat. (Also, a simple goal/background story might be a nice motivation feature for it).