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Waves for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is broken. You clip through the water alot and the boat gets stuck alot as well. Not looking good.
Message to developers, I played it a year or so ago and loved this game, I just redownloaded it a day ago and now there is a step up in between waves (consistent between runs) and it will throw the ship up and cause a half flip against the next wave ending the run, Ive also had it make the ship dive down and crash right there at the same spot. It would be nice if this was fixed since it was a fun game to play occasionally, I'd definitely recommend it if worked like it used to without the issue.
The only reason this is a four is because I wish the same had a reset button when your boat or skin your using runs straight into the water and you can't do anything besides run out of gas or reset the game by exiting out and going back in. Otherwise I love it cause it is fun to waste time on and keep you reaching for higher goals. Plus there are not very many ads! Go play this game today!
Way too many ads, especially when you are first trying to learn to play. I would click no video and it still shows video ads. Also not sure why it thinks it needs access to your media and files. Horrible game play with no instructions really.
Its a good game. One thing is the boat seems like it goes under the water and you have to run out rest of your gas before it resets. You dont get any coins for that. Is there anything you can do to help. Thanks
These game mechanics are awful. Your boat will randomly get stuck as you land or whenever you go too fast on a wave. It also seems to randomly flip whenever you land and try to accelerate. I will say when it doesn't freak out the game is ok to play, kinda relaxing. Fix this problem
This game has potential but because it's made by Voodoo it's a bland buggy mess that is only around for a quick buck.
Great time waster and game concept, but it glitches out like crazy. Boat goes straight into first jump and sticks there. I have to either hold throttle down to run out of fuel or i have to completly close the game and restart the app which is the quickest way with the level im at annoyingly. Other thing is you can see where two segments of the map are joined together and the boat always catches on it throwing me up into a backflip and causing me to crash. Good game otherwise
I like the graphics. They're simple, as well as the controls. There's a lot of adds, though. I like that it's easy to get the money you need for upgrades, but the same scenery gets old. I downloaded the app because it said only 1% of people reach the ocean and I've gotten pretty far without seeing a glimpse. Also, sometimes I nosedive right into the water and have to use up all my gas because I can't move in order to restart the game. It's glitchy, mundane, but simple and a little fun. But it needs some changes.
the game is extreamly glitchy and very poorly made. It would be fun if my boat didnt constantly fall through the ground and get stuck into slopes, the boat also flips randomly even though I'm not even off the ground giving me an instant game over. it's almost as if the game was designed to make you restart just so it can play more ads. I have no problem with these short cash grab games, but if you are going to put as little effort in to them as you did this game, just quit now.
This game is fun to fidget with to pass the time. Until the game bugs out and you stop making money, deeming upgrades unreachable. The skins aren't strong aesthetically, and the challenges to get them are too easy. The game gives an option every time you die to continue by watching an ad. Even if you don't watch the ad, every 2nd/3rd death you will get an ad anyway. Buying a pass from the ads will cost your wallet a whopping $5.99, which I can use instead to buy almost 3 songs, 1 or 2 games, or rent a movie. This game is a horrendous cash-grab that seems as though it only took a couple hours to make. After roughly 6 days of playtime, the game starts to slow down while connected to data or wifi, obviously because the game is deciding which ad to play next instead of focusing on the gameplay.
Kind of addicting game except some glitches like not getting past 5/7 days played to get the shark skin despite playing at least 14 days in a row or boat glitching into wave noise down and making you hold the gas until its empty or closing out of the game
This is THE WORST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. First ive got 1 of the newest phones (samsumg S20) AND ITS STILL SO LAGGY. 2nd you can barely resist when its lags you into walls as loads of others have said there has been no update so dont desevere to be here so everyone report
Buggy mess. Enjoyable when it functions but a majority of the time it's barely playable- the boat has issues with clipping into the waves and I once even fell through the map itself while trying to play. Not to mention being constantly spammed with "Please share your data with us!!" whenever I don't have the internet on. I can't recommend it in the state it's in at the moment.
game used to work great. one day, i got "INF" coins. thought whatever, probably just a bug. spend it a few times, then i have "NAN" or whatever it was. cant upgrade anything. then there were these weird lines that would mess up my momentum. redownloaded it hoping it would fix. not only did i lose my progress, its still broken.
Game begins alright but the more you upgrade the more broken you realize the game is. Your boat randomly flips and/or gets stuck inside waves when you enter them too quick. Good for 5 minutes of fun then you delete and never think about it again
1) The graphics are basic but good, and 2) When you keep playing Waves and getting a lot of coins (3S), you'll get Inf at first, then you'll get NaN as soon as you bought upgrades for Inf. After that, you'll never be able to get coins again until you reset the game, which also resets your coins.
It's a great game and a very great idea, but I have a few recomendations. Please make the water actually look like water. Add more ripples or something, and please, keep it blue, don't turn it golden all of a sudden. I'm having trouble believing my boat is on actual water. And please, can you tone it down with the ads a little bit? For the sake of our sanity.
Not refined enough. i have been playing this out of boredom for some time and can say it is quite fun. But there are alot of flaws. The boat simply getting stuck in the wave after it lands is one of the reoccurring glitches. There are also alot of problems concerning the fluidity of the waves since the boats seem to topple over after they land, making them do another involuntary flip, causing me to lose for no reason.
Great game, I'd say download it. However, just like many voodoo games, bugs, bugs everywhere! Actually, only 1 major bug I've noticed, sometimes when you go to land on the front of a wave, it glitches, you get stuck, resulting in it unfairly destroying that run and you lose your progress on the game. A minute ago, I was nearing my high score, and then it did what I mentioned up there. I give it 3.5 stars, but I can't actually do that so 4. Recommended, but it can be annoying
fun game with some bugs: the "No Thanks" button doesn't really work and I end up seeing an ad after every time I die; I've been playing for a few days and there's no progress on the skins that say "come back tomorrow" or "play for 7 days". it's silly, but I want those skins
Brilliant game very addictive the adds soon become annoying so I paid the small free of £3 or whatever it was really enjoy playing this game! The only issue I have is I've maxed out the level of one of the four upgrades you can do which has then disabled the buttons to the other upgrades and my money just says NaN (not a number) it's like the games crashed and won't let me level up the last three upgrades.
I used to play this daily back in October because it was a great game, of course with airplane mode on because the amount of ads is absolutely ludicrous. But it was still great without ads once you turn on airplane mode. But now the boat gets stuck in the wave every time, or randomly flips. Seeing this after October, I want VOODOO to know: YOU broke your game. Take this one star.
You need to fix your game you randomly sink when you go up a wave or it will randomly sink other than that its a really good relaxing game
Real fun game. All I'd have to say is add some textures to the water for some depth perception to land better. And to fix the landing physics, when you land a perfect, sometimes it flips you foward. Other than that, great game! Been playing for 46 minutes with no signs of stopping. And I get bored of mobile games in a heartbeat. Good job. Keep it up!
What's the point guys. Game is fun and interesting while being simple but the ads drive me insane. What's the point in asking if we want to watch an ad to continue the run when we're going to get one anyway? Constantly getting stuck and having to restart the game to fix without ending the run. Fix the ads and the bugs and this game gets 5 stars simple as that.
The amount of ads in this game is atrocious. The game should be called ads. You are asked if you'd like to watch an ad for 2x coins and even if you say no there is a 1 in 3 chance that you still have to watch an ad and then you dont even get the 2x bonus. At least give me that.
Left a review 6 months ago pointing out MASSIVE issues, not 1 update since then. Ships clip into waves forcing you to either hold down until out of gas or force close the app, seams inbetween areas cause ship to jar and bounce for absolutely no reason. Also makes the CPU on you phone run extremely hot. DO NOT DOWNLOAD and report this game so it can be taken off the app store. If the dev(s) wont keep it fixed it doesnt deserce to be here and neither to do they.
It's good but I'm always getting new boats that's very fast to lag the game i hit the end of the map but new boats keep spawning and I'm very good at it to but can you make more other boats like a jetski
I keep glitching into the water ramps and theres so mutch adds it is so annoying every time I sink there is an add but apart from that this game is amazing
Just another ad filled game.. Doesn't even work properly. Lag is horrendous (probably because of the ads)
I like the game it is very good to play when you are bord. It is very relaxing when you get angry. The best thing about it is that you feel like you are in the boat and your controling the steering. By the way I really like voodoo games I play a lot of them .
It's fun and addicting, not even upset about the adds.. that's understandable. It's a free game, its gotta be paid for somehow. But the glitches are driving me insane. Crashing into the side of a wave, and getting g stuff. annIt's annoying, and should be fixed.
This game was installed on my phone for over a year and I had played it a number of times. I was playing it recently and I was getting ads very regularly. It must have been every three to four games I had an ad which was up to 30 seconds. On top of this issues the game had glitches so the boat would get stuck in the water.
I really enjoy playing this game. it's very addicting and fun to upgrade. would give 5 stars, however once you get further along in the game, you can be get stuck at the bottom of a wave with no way to fix it other than resetting the game. could be 5 stars with that bug fixed. also, I have all skins unlocked and have played with all the skins but can not unlock the final skin.
The game is great, and I got very good at it. I got so good, that I can go offline for a few seconds and earn infinate coins. It broke the game and said that I had NaN money, so I couldn't buy anymore upgrades. I had to delete the game to keep playing and now I'm bad again.
Good and fun but... there are some glitches. You get stuck halfway in the water and if you have got a lot of upgrades it takes a long time to use your fuel to get unstuck. Ads don't work as well.
I played this game a while and enjoyed it, however I just downloaded it again and there is more bugs now then when I first played it. You can literally see joins in the map that cause the boat to flip, will often get stuck in a wave or just crash. If bugs can be fix would give a better rating as it is good game otherwise
The more you play the more annoying the game becomes upgrading leads to you getting stuck in jumps and having to wait to run out of fuel to end the game
I like the concept and it's got good gameplay, the ads every 10 seconds are a little annoying. I have also waited three days to earn the boat that says come back tomorrow for, so it looks an issue. If you update this game please include an Aircraft Carrier, or a Battleship as that would be a fun addition. Great game just needs some tweaking
This game is incredibly fun when your bored and just browsing on the app store for games to play. I would suggest getting a lot of Flip Coins upgrades and Fuel upgrades. Other than that, this game is amazing.
You need to get rid of the bumps in the water and there's a glitch that sends you in the water but it's still a pretty good game my high score is 64319 no joke if you can look at my account do it
A decent time waster game. But I deleted it cause of the bug where your ship gets stuck in the first wave. All you can do is sit there and burn your gas to trigger a new round. not bad at first but once you start upgrading you gotta sit there stuck for a good bit to burn your gas up.
The game is decent, but the ton of ads make the game lag a bit and I frequently glitch into the water without ending the run and have to restart the game. Edit: Down from a 3 to 2 star. Now my game is broken. I got to around level 200 for each perk and now I can't earn any more money or upgrade my perks.
This is a good game. VOODOO you gotta stop with the ads. there are also a few bugs in the game,such as you get stuck in a wave . the waves are fine other than that. you also gotta smooth it out better when I'm on the bottom of a wave it will make my boat flip over. The #1 problem here is the ads! for another life a ad. even if you don't watch a ad . overall this is a addicting meh game.p
very addictive game really enjoying it. a great time killing game. I have found a few bugs in the game where when you hit the wave really fast you sometimes get stuck inside the wave and it just glitches and you can't get out and you have to restart the game again which is very annoying but hopefully you guys can fix it overall it's a great fun game
Graphics could certainly use some work. the general idea of the game is solid, but the physics seem pretty broken. the boats will crash for seemingly no reason whatsoever. hopefully that issue will cone to be addressed. some sound effects and music might be fun as well, as well as adding little bonuses.
The game is simple, fun and easy. I been playing since it came out and I found some problems like the coin value displays "NaN" and the button access to get more "Speed" and "Fuel" gets disabled when the coin value displays "NaN". I unlocked everything but the only thing I cannot seem to unlock is the "Play with all skins" I am not sure how this bit works yet but overall it is fun to play.
At one point when you upgrade it you can even get past the first wave with out it glitches or you going into the wave the boat doesn't even stay on the water voodoo just pulled this game out of its ass
So this game glitches out on the first ramp. Also it has a glitch where the loaded portions of the "map" fuse together that makes the boat flip over spontaneously. Very large amount of ads in game. One ad after every round so it becomes obvious that VOODOO clearly cares more about their ad revenue than putting out a high quality game. Money makes the world go round I guess 🤷‍♂️. Anyway. Uninstalling all my VOODOO games. Won't be downloading anything else from VOODOO. This is a recurring trend.
Sucks. Every time you're doing good it glitches either making you flip or get stuck inside a wave and it forces you to run out of gas. Almost all reviews I've read has this same issue and you've yet to do something about it. Fix it. Its been over a year since the last update.
I like this game bc it's easy for road trips. You can play it in your free time. My siblings and I like this game bc we see who can beat the other person's score. My mom and I play it when we are bored at a party or something. when the previews for movies come on it makes time fly by. Play this game and you will love it. Go ahead and download and play!
This game has been around so long I don't understand why the glitches haven't been fixed. The boat gets stuck in the water on some ramps and also there are lines where the map fuses together that cause the boat to flip and crash all the time. If they would fix those things then this game would be so much more fun but they obviously don't care enough.
Got loads of couns but you can glitch into waves and randomly hit the floor and get rid of any perfect score you may of had
I actually enjoyed the game, but the CONSTANT ads and limited activities led me to a 2 star. On top of that, what little there is to unlock includes around 10-15 boats, many of which are actually much harder to play with due to their size and shape.
I'm obsessed with this right now! I've been looking for games similar to Dune and Roller Coaster Dash and this one fits the bill perfectly. The one thing I would change, however, is the repetative background. I want something new! It took like 2 hours to get everything to level 100 and I'm bored with the same loop of waves over and over again. Will the developers please create new worlds or levels or add different scenery to keep it interesting pleaseeee??? Otherwise I love it!
An addictive and fun game! Ruined unfortunately by bugs that cause you to be stuck in the water or sick randomly and the stitching between wave sections needs ironing out, as there is an invisible wall that can cause the boat to flip. If the developers care about this game I'm happy to point out the bugs if it helps? Please feel free to reach out to me. :)
Simplistic gameplay, but can kill sometime. Controls are basic but responsive. Graphics, while basic are pleasing to look at. The unlock system doesn't always work, eg. The play for 7 days... I've played every day for at least a month and am only up 6/7. Also, seriosuly? $6 to remove adds. Who's going to pay that. Maybe make it $0.99 and most would do it.
The Game is super Cpu Intensive. I tried to play it on an emulator and it was struggling to run the game at 30 fps although I had 8gb ram. I have a Snapdragon 665 processor with 4gb ram in my phone and I can easily play it at 60 fps. Not suitable for emulators.
The amount of ads in this game makes it basically unplayable. After you sink you're given the option to watch a video, if you select no thanks you're still given the privilege of watching an ad. Only with no reward. Not to mention the game is so buggy it would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating.
the game itself is pretty fun I guess. the only thing I would complains about now is all the ads it's just too many ads.
I'm very good at this game. I have billions of coins and have gotten really far. But it wasnt easy,I have ways to get far because it has SOOOOOOO MANY BUGS its been a year since the update and I ALWAYS get stuck in the waves and when I'm doing good The boat RANDOMLY flips causing me to lose. FIX IT