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Wasteland Lords

Wasteland Lords for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by X.D. Global located at FLAT/RM A 21/F, NATHAN TOWER, 518-520 NATHAN ROAD Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun and all but the world chat is absolutely horrible, there was this one person that I won't mention their name but they just kept insulting me when I was only trying to keep the world chat clean from insults because honestly if you start a game and the world chat was like what I saw you'd probably leave immediately. Also there isn't a system to report players for being overly toxic so that person will go unpunished because I am most likely going to quit the game.
Looks nice and probably will be good for a while. Sadly it is just another cash grab pay to win. Increasing cost and wait times. Spend or fall behind. So fed up of these excuses for games. I have only spent £1 and I'm done here. You say not pay to win so buying upgrades do not make you more powerful than non spenders? You buy a cheap upgrade then are met with a bigger, more expensive upgrade. That is pay to win. At best this is free to follow the paying winners.
Good game, but there are lot of P2W bullies in the game, who keep attacking people who are growing their powers slowly. A lot of people are quitting the game because of this, myself included.
I'm downloading it now, I hope I won't encounter those bad reviews. Will change later on what happens next. Imma give it 3-star at the meantime... Edit: Awesome game, you can still play it wvwn you don't top up. I'm going to give this game a 5-star
This is just like other war game but with nuke and infected, choppy and laggy performance if you have played for 1hours+ and you need restart the game to make it smooth again. It's not too P2W, you can grind here and get in the ranking if you patient enough. Lot of event to grind if you patient (or maybe it's just because the game is not that popular yet, who knows). 3/5, will give 4/5 if the performance is smooth all the way
Did have this scored higher, but all the enjoyment is sucked out of the game by the unbalanced kill events. There is nothing to stop high level players from the top clans spawning next to low level players and constantly attacking, thus leaving you with no resources, no troops, and no inclination to continue playing.
Been playing for free, not too pay to win yet. Pretty nifty game with interesting mechanics, definitely stands out amongst the same games of its type!
The customer service is a joke I'm changing my review from a 3 to 1 now it would be a great game that they had anybody that was competent working with this broken game. There's a game called Rift is laggy and bugged when you try to explain what it is the people that are supposed to help you insult you and tell you that you should select squares and make sure the ap's refilled when you explain that's not the problem they insist that your asf****** moron and just don't understand
Nice game,just this mode called "avernus rift" laggy as hell.. I can record next time and let u see my sorrow spamming move to any tiles for minutes then the system kicked me cause I was "idling". Yeah sure I was idling by trying to move a single tile. Nice server dude
A great game with a lot of care put into how everything should work. Many events and a lot for anyone to do. The only big issue I can find with it is, you need to be extremely active. Checking onto it every 2-3 hours for a month straight to get to a point where maybe you can leave it alone for half a day.
Could use some filter or sort options for things like clan cipher. New/old, Time to crack, play name. Style of build troops and a base on a global map sending units on marches to attack/collect, crossed with bunker style of base building like Fallout and American Dad and so on. Nice ease of life features I haven't seen elsewhere. Well done. Also medium on chat settings has the last m on line below.
The game is great. If ur game suddenly stops working, delete and reinstall it and it will work. Btw devs if ur listening i have a recommendation. It would be cool if yall could add different hero skins, maybe different skins other than standard give stat boost? Or mabye just make em so we can customize our favorite hero? Either way it would be cool. :Edited
I cant even open it also the "help" messages by the "devs" are all just repeats there are no actual solutions. This game doesn't load and from what i've heard is pay to win.
A very fun and enjoyable experience. There is always lots to do with a plethora of different activities you can perform, the game keeps you sucked in with fun gameplay and a very generous reward system, as well as not forcing you to pay to win by giving you multiple options in order to succeed.
I think the game needs some tweaks here and there. For example why does it cost 300 batteries to make a clean and you 200 batteries back just make 100 batteries, but the feel of the game is nice needs a little more to do. I would say overall they did pretty well with a free game I love how there is no ads
I really like this game cuz it's kind of strategy but if you play it more you get like more XP over time and you don't have to like constantly be on it you can just check it out every single day and it will honestly just grow your thing but I don't like that you have to be level eight to join a clan or to say something in the world chat
Edit: It works, now. (Was) Not opening. It won't allow me to open the game with or without WiFi. Other games work but not this, for me. I tried re downloading it but it didn't work. I'm looking forward to playing because of the advert hype.
Pretty alright game. A few P2W elements, but I've paid less than 10$ and am already at level 11. It becomes quite the grind after a little while but if you have some free time, try this game, it might be good but idk.
"Failed to retrieve game version details. Tap the screen to try again." Please fix the problem on the loading screen when you want to enter the game. Even though the game version is the latest. This pissed off players! Please fix it!
Fun game. Good little shelter builder. But you better not ever get attacked. 2+ days to heal my wounded troops and that's not even all of them that died/hurt. Much larger players can easily attack and destroy your troops. Balance issues? Nah these guys cater to the whales. So if you wanna drop $hundreds$ on a mobile game to feel tough. This is the game for you. Also before reply of 'we give you batteries and boosts so it's not p2w'. The only people attacking/enjoying themselves are the p2w
The delay pressing buttons drove me away. Press... Wait... Repeat. Beyond the ui issues you have a standard cash grab war game. I saw nothing worth sticking around for.
I was a bit skeptical about this game as usually these types of games are P2W. This game however has things to prevent that. I do actually like this game as its anti p2w and it combines some of my own favorite aspects of these types of games perfectly. Keep doing a fantastic job guys!
Its game of war, ark of war, lords mobile, guns of glory, etc with a twist of having your base in a fallout shelter style. So if your are into base building games then give it a try. Ive played too many of these games and dont have the patience anymore to play never ending games you have to be constantly watching. Also it would be hard to make this not pay to win unless you cant buy anything at all. Events dont help since the paid ppl can get those rewards too.
I'm already at level 9, and the game is super awesome! There's a lot of going on in the game, there's a lot of things to do and to farm. If you stop playing for a sec it feels like you're missing a lot of things. Overall it's good. All is good now, Thank your for the devs and the customer services they are really nice. To all who's reading this I highly recommend playing the game. Come join the fun while it's still early. (edited)
can't get past openings screen, nothing will high light or drag over. Samsung 10 plus. and the intro music sounds like shorty blown speakers
This game is a little confusing at first, but pretty forgiving with low level players. I give five stars because of the fact that it doesn't spam with ads like other free games and it is actually fun, while incorporating strategy and random events!
Wow. Major rip off of fall out shelter from the plot to actually using graphics from that game. Maybe there's original content somewhere but the core of it is a direct and poor knock off. Also if you do play, shut the sound off. Opening cut scene sounds like it was recorded under a rocket launch
The base game is made destroyed from the start. Day 1 there were players with 2 million power while I struggled to get 40k. When the base game has committed to its own greed and downfall. That is what determines the quality of the game before visuals and everything else. So a fatality flawed game is worth only 1 star. No amount of visuals or story will or can offset the difference. The number one alliance had more power than 2-20 put together. Devs are liars its p2w.
Game refuses to load after instillation. Data/WiFi is working fine on other apps, but load screen won't even get past version check here.
Very fun game need more more players though. And hopefully Avernus rift will get a better rank based match making. So far it's been one of the best and most interesting shelter based game I've seen so far. Lots of content and I'm sure we'll have more in the future.
Dont call this a strategy game call it click and build game.. No control on the battle just watch and hope.. Just like those others just build the watch battle.. Bored and lame game..
This is an amazing game but I'm only giving it 3 stars for 2 reasons the first reason is that its very easy to accidentally destroy your clan fort there isn't even a warning thing like most games have and the second reason is that any troops that are in the fort will be lost there will be no power loss but you cant see or use the troops
It says it's installed, but it won't load. It just sits on the loading screen with "tid_res_update_failed" message.
I definitely loved this game but I would've given it much higher if not for the guys that pay a lot and bully all the new players. Though it wasn't meant to be a p2w game, I do think it's ending up kinda like that. Devs, I really hope you guys get some changes into this game quick, else there are lots of players thinking of quitting (even I'm thinking of quitting soon). I personally love this game concept but hope it could to be fun in future. All the best to you guys
Publishers didn't put any effort into global launch, no advertising or marketing. Zone roll outs stopped by the 3rd week or something. Paying players proceeded to destroy the zone by unceremoniously burning anybody and everybody down over a translation error on the world chat. What followed was a mass exodus (quitting event). If you're looking for a war game, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. A real shame given many other aspects of the game were actually alright.
It has a very big problem. The buildings and the forces are very small ... I played for an hour and my eyes hurt a lot. Great game graphics and gameplay but everything is very small ... I deleted the game.
So far so good. Pretty familiar training army games where you join clans. Loving the premise of the idea and enjoying it so far. Done well although there are some bugs such as having to press a button multiple times to do the action.
Overall it's great, not pay to win at all. And based on the fact we are getting good rankings soon will rock, I mean server 5 needs to show it's strength. Our top player in the server Thanos definitely deserves an award for his fast progression
Amazing, this game has lots to do, so you can't be bored of it. My only complain is that most servers are dying. Really need a cross server here. Other than that, its really good!
Another build your bunker game, with the twist of having the big map where people can just walk all over you if you don't put money into it, okay but meh, just another stale clone