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Warship Fury

Warship Fury for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Beijing Qilong Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd located at Beijing Chaoyang Qu Futong Dong Dajie 1 Haolou 2. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You guys need to more concerned about match making algorithm, I have level 9 ship, when I reached 8000+ trophy, my opponent must have level 9 ship or level 10, but every time I get level 12 to level 15 ship, why? It's feel like when I win some match, your match making algorithm force me to lose, I can feel I win 3 matches I will lose now, how many match I play that not fact, that day I will lose, in the next day, same pattern I see. Shame on your algorithm..
This game needs more maps and more ships like the Arizona the Hood and many more but other then that it's a very good game
Good game and better now there has been an update! Need plenty of time, or money, to progress as the big high level ships need lots
I loved this game now I am only paired against ships at least 2 levels higher I played 10 rounds today.. lost 9... 8 of those had multiple ships lvl 14 or higher against my lvl 11 ships and lvl 8 or 9 teammates that game matched me with.. since update that "fixed matchup" it has been worse.. so I am done..
Not a bad little game. Unless you want to outlay money advancing will be quite slow. To upgrade ships you need to win chests. Chests need to be opened over a 3 to 8 hour timeframe unless you use diamonds. Diamonds are really slow to accumulate. Plus you can only hold 4 chests at a time. So to open 4 x 3 hour unlock cases can take 32 hours or pay out about 32 diamonds. Good time waster but don't think you'll rush thru this game without hitting your wallet.
Lag. Hackers and blatant mismatches. Over priced packs and upgrades. Minimal rewards for everything. Blatant money grab. Don't waste time effort or money.
The update is nice but ur view shakes when u get shot..i consider u guys change it..and u cant get too close to islands and its only good for battleships as they can park and fire all day without getting hit by torps themselves(island line stops torps)..overall i like what i see in the game but pls consider this changes
Horrible, can't win a match at all, your team mates sit and wait till 1 hit is left to get a kill, stupid, or they'll just sit there, should be a penalty to players that are inactive! Opponents you hit them and their life meter don't move, lots of cheaters on here!
Its pretty good um wish upgrades came easier more ship variety more firepower and weaponry options wish crew option came faster too
Worst game after update, too much lag, glitch and enemy bots are always higher then by you and killing us too easy.but we are unable to kill these bots
I am changing my review for this game. The graphics are great but the makers of this game is not care about the people who are playing it all they're caring about is the money that they make off of it. I put a lot of money in this game and have not gotten one code from them to help me advance in the game. Is taking me forever and have not gotten to the advanced ships. I don't like writing bad reviews, but I also would like to have some respect from the maker of the game to help me out what codes
Meh, kind of good? There is a glitch where you do not deal damage after you died, and matchmaking is shaky, with players picking the best ships they got. And the game has the secondary batteries as props, but other than that, pretty good game.
My first naval game and I like it very much, I've already got a Battleship. Could do with a "Binoculars" feature to see clearly at distance. The controls are simple and the ship goes where you want it to unlike some tank games I have played. The only problem is the upgrade system, Having to wait to get parts for your particular ship and does it really need to take hours to open crates ?
I do enjoy the game very much and all but I do believe the game is missing a lot more ships of its time period that were amazing ships of all fleets. I believe there needs to be a bigger variety of ships for a more intense out come and more of a fleet combination.
it still can improve, on the amount of damage one ship can actually Inflect,you have the yamato which should put out more damage than all the cruisers. and should take more th as n two torpedo hits, when your using computer generated ships as fillin. Quit using the stupid ones, they hinder the game and get in the way, and dont fight they find a spot and jacks off in the corner
This is not the best Naval game out there. Compared to those on mobile even it is trash. Matchmaking is horrible and game is too heavily pay to win. Remove from store now. Stop wasting my time and money. Don't recommend to anyone. Anything made by the Chinese is trash.
Very fun. I especially like the accuracy of the designs on the ships. The only things I would improve is getting the parts for the ships. I have had this game for three days, and I already have the USS Texas (BB-35), the USS Clemson (DD-336), the SMS Karlsruhe, the Rusian bateship Nikolai, and the USS Cleveland (CL-53). It's also too easy to be the MVP.
Lag, lagg, laggggggggggggggggggg. The torpedo does not work even though I deployed them seconds before the enemy hit me to sank. Secondly I destroyed a couple of ships on a game round even though I was out for a while due to network issues, how did that happened? And please battle ships can basically stern backwards right?
It's a really fun game the only problem I have is in the battle the screen freezes for like half a second but it does this all through the battle. And we need more ships and maybe some stuff we can do when we're not online.
This game is Really Fun to play . Once you figure out how your ship works and practice at it doing different strategies. You'll have the most close encounter battles that are so close (neck to neck) anyone could "WIN" ! It will get your adrenalin rolling at times !! I like this game . You do have to spend a little money but , its worth it .
With the ability to link Google accounts there is no need for any game to need to access a phone/device identity let alone record audio.
Ships are too expensive and the teams are not matched equally.You should be able to donate all ship parts, not just the gray & blue ones. Fix that and I'll give you better ratings.
Good Game. Fun. Easy to play. Just 1 thing, ALL the ships have exactly the same weapons range. That's just wrong. A Distroyer CANNOT have the same range as a Cruiser. A Cruiser CANNOT have the same range as a Battleship. That is why it is only 4 stars. I play a lot of warship games, this is one of my top 10. It could be a top 3 if the weapons ranges were sorted.
Not a bad little game. Unless you want to outlay money advancing will be quite slow. To upgrade ships you need to win chests. Chests need to be opened over a 3 to 8 hour timeframe unless you use diamonds. Diamonds are really slow to accumulate. Also don't play the game for one hour either side of 12 midnight UTC. The lag will kill you. Good time waster but don't think you'll rush thru this game without hitting your wallet.
i really love this game but you need to update this for better connection and if you can adjust the waiting time for the crates and specially on the legion, if you can play with your friends.
I got hooked in to it and playing it for almost a year. But now, it has frustrating glitches that will get to your nerves especially in crucial games vs tough opponents, it used to be okay but it happens more frequently nowadays, it makes you think other players got cheat codes. Its a brutal pay-to-win game. There's not enough info to help new players understand some confusing rules of the game season so i creates a lot of confusions and complaints. Many players end up uninstalling.
So far this is my second favorite BB game. Takes a bit to get what you need for upgrades but Definately will hold your intrest. Doest use much device power. A PLUS!!
Brilliant game but when u leave the game and collect your daily rewards and you spend x amount of money the game deicide's to take most of your cups away and all so down grades ships. But I think that's the way thay work to get you to spend more money. Like a one harm bandit there is only one winner which is the game makers
This game is very good!! You can battle with other people and its fun my legion is USA...F..YEAH and am eric. 5 STARS!!
I can't believe this! They updated the game to make it worse! We were ranting about their unstable server, it keeps lagging and you frequently get disconnected from the game. And now, what you did is you improved the graphics? For what? Obviously because the heavier graphics that eat up data, it made the game lag even more! So I'm changing my previous rating from 2 stars to 1 star. Im not recommending it and I'm not spending more money on this game!
Please add some new ship because i see different app have so many ships and its hard to collect some diamonds and money so add like a monthly task just like in the other game...
Overall i like the game. I do feel that the other players on the opposite team should be penalized for spawn killing..thats a real problem. I also feel the teams are unevenly matched at times...my highest ship is an XI and in a solo match I was put against a level XV. I was outgunned. I do enjoy the game otherwise.
Ive been playing for couple yrs, lately your game is freezing up, alo t of people also complaints about freezing, losing many games, due to this problem, pls fix it
It's good entertainment but I'm having difficulty resetting the game even Uninstalled the game yet every time I reinstall I find myself where I left Am I stock where I am even if I want to start all over Tried to contact developers through given email and got no response
Better improve the game. The enemy gets the better ships like XVII while you get hardly any advantage some idiotic dumb bots on your side
The lagging and jumping around have gotten so bad you cant win any battles. I've spent so much real life money on this game that this is really pissing me off. They better fix it real soon.
It's a good game, njoy it..but notice that matchmaking a bit shaky..server become more unstable..frequent disconnected, hackers?..& bots..zzzzz Please fix it..I've spend a lot $ in this game..
The gajme is smootly running on my device. I guess it needs an update. Add more ships and add tech tree from tier 1 to 10 in different nations. And add VIP accessible items in the store. warThunderRocks...Thanks...
the older version of this game was very fun and exciting but the updates just kept coming it's the last update has really done it for a lot of people. I mean people are very upset a lot of the ships we're weakened.Some of the maps that people did not complain about where changed for what reason I don't know. it cost an arm and a leg to play this game. maybe I should go ahead and give you both my arms. the only people who can have high-level ships are rich or they cheat.
This is a great game. This is one of the good naval games out there. I suggest the next update is about adding more ships and utilities to make it more fun. Definitely recommend. Only problem is that it do get little boring after a while. But other than that, great game!
It's a good game and you enjoy playing once you have good ships however for a game it's very expensive to get good ships. Also the trophy reset means you have to play constantly or you will loose most or all your progress if you stay away for a couple of weeks so the game doesn't suit those with a busy life and work schedule
The game during the battles constantly disconnects and when it is connected the game has LAG which hinders your play, status and team outcome. It has a weak server and possibly hackers. Custo service is non-existent with no reply after repeated attempts. Hard to invest in a game like this that takes the money and delivers a bad experience. I have a strong signal and works fine with other games / internet use. So this game as it is offers little in return for what you pay and can be frustrating.
Hi. Finally an update after a year. The game is good but the rewards like gold coins are very little and very hard to save up. Pls give more coins when we sell give parts to other players in legion. Please also increase the coins awarded after reaching daily trophies limit and at 500 and 1000 trophies. After update, the maps looks more realis
The game needs skilled based matchmaking, I allways get faced off ageinst way higher level ships than I have. So I feel that there needs to be some form of skilled based matchmakeing, otherwise it is a good, and fun game.
Interesting game. But there is big improvement need to be done. It should not allow two pilot carriers in one game. It is unfair to both sides. Most important is that many times it allows same player use two pilot carrier log in same game. Become a very boring game since others really no need to fight.
See my previous posts for an in depth review of the game and progression of developments & updates. The only issue I have is with the team battle.... My previous team mates and I PARTED ways, and I started a new team :◾GUNFIGHTERS◾ Being I am the only member in the team, I do not get credit awards from participating in and winning TEAM BATTLES. Hope the developer can address the issue... or some players hop on board and join ◾GUNFIGHTERS◾ !
Hashimoto row row row your boat app where you get to shoot at other players but they get to blow you up cuz you don't have the experience quite the game till you get up to the top levels and then you're going to buy everything with the captains gold number to get to the treasure chest... good to waste time on and play Forever, so go out and Toy Blast your day away. Good move!!
Brilliant game! But the lag has gotten terrible and off late when I try to open it out just hang soon the Seabird loading screen
Definitely in my top 10 of always go-to games and all time favorites. It's been kept simple for controls and game play unlike other battle ship games that get too complicated and overwhelming. I think that's what makes it so fun and addicting. Only complaint...I wish its easier to aquire Repulse, Yamamoto, Shimakaze, Essex, and U-571. Played for over a year and still don't have any of them without paying $$$ to get them. O well.
The best battle warship game i haved ever played pls keep updating us with so much more awsome updates add more carrier and pls add an depth charge on ships to figh against enemy subs thats all love your game bye
It's a very cool game. Friendly communities and fair matchmaking the only negative thing I've found during these years is about the mechanics that has still space for improvement.
Love,love, love this game...Thanks for making it. I play it every day qnd cant get enough..good work making it guys..But maybe an update would be cool..more areas and ships perhaps...man..love this game
WOW THIS GAME IS PRETTY FRICKING GOOD I CAN GET SHIPS USING GOLD AND THERE ARE SUBMARINES AND I NEED A GAME WITH WARSHIP AND SUBMARINES AND THIS IS THE ONE THAT I AM LOOKING FOR AND please please increase the amount of the coins beacase i don't really get much and please when your a submarine under water they can still hit you Pretty Please When Your Under Water And They Can't Hit You And They Also Can't Hit You With A Torpedo
Great game. Finally got update after over a year. Only problem I've noticed is people in my clan are not seeing the update for some reason. It's not showing up. Also, I have not seen one new map. I keep getting the same maps over amd over that I've run since I started playing 3 years ago. Graphics look like they were improved a bit but that's all I have seen. Please fix this. For these "new maps", please make them appear more. Tired of same stuff. Will give you 4 stars because of update.
I absolutely love this game! Please make more of these games! But please let us reverse the ship instead of having to turn the ship around. And lower the price of parts in the store or increase the earnings of the battles. Edit: I don't like this game anymore. I never win, just because the enemy always has the best ships. Delete the upgrade system or make the upgrades less noticeable. And now if you get to the point first there is no chance of the enemy winning. Impossible to play. Uninstalled.
It's very intense and very precise down to the finest detail on every Ship,I suggest adding more ships Battle ships Aircraft Carriers Heavy Cruisers,light Cruisers Destroyers and Submarines..please!!!
Fun game You need a way to scrap unneeded ships that you have & use parts to help get better ships. Also it would be nice to be able to use coins earned to buy diamonds
Been playing for years now and no updates for a while, maps are old and tired and the game needs a burst of life soon because I'm sick of investing in games that don't invest in their players
Very good game.. To be arcade game this is good one.. Very enjoyable games.. Only problem is you can't zoom enemy.. So you actually can't see who you shoot but... You shoot you hit.. This is arcade.. Nice graphics...
I'm open the game that shows "failed to connect to the game server " this problem daily I'm facing . No Mobile network problem but game server one minute connected and other minute disconnected . This is not one time so many times repeated. But developer and company don't respond . Solve the problem I'm interested to play the game.
Meh, kind of good? There is a glitch where you do not deal damage after you died, and matchmaking is shaky. With this new update, warnings are EVERYWHERE, they were annoying, distracting, and very loud, new detail makes the game lag a lot.
Best WarShip game,,, online Battle,, so many player. it is my favorite game.Thanks developer for excellent work. But increase daily reward more, and weekly diamond reward minimum 300 and coin 5000.
"a highly addictively fun game" I don't usually right reviews and or comment on games but in the case of warship fury I simply had to lol this is one of my all time favorite yet on the play store period try it out I'm sure you will agree 💯
Good game in the Google and the programer olso respon fast if u want help i suggest this are best game,i play this game 3years and majoriti player not a kids i olso 39year oldterbaik guys
This game CONSTANTLY DISCONNECTS at the start of a battle and in the middle of the battle and when it is connected the game has horrible LAG/ DRAG which hinders your play and of course your team outcome and status which is frustrating and annoying. It has a very weak server and Customer service is non-existent with no reply after repeated attempts .How can you trust purchases with this game?. I have a good connection and works fine on other naval battle games an internet use . good luck