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Warship Fleet Command : WW2 Naval War Game

Warship Fleet Command : WW2 Naval War Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MASTGames located at MAST Games 9F, Office No. 911, 140, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea . The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game I love it, the only problem is the loading screen Everytime I play I can't still login it's always stay in loading screen I don't know why, I have good connection, there's nothing wrong in my account , pls fix as soon as possible
Game has been running perfectly and is amazing just like air fleet which i have both this and air fleet just need a tank fleet and these games will be perfect
Hello MASTGames nice update, really the best warship battle games that I play so far you know, but can you please add more ship like Saratoga, Enterprise, Essex Aircraft Carrier, Montana, Richelieu Battleship and many more in the next update, anyway this great game and I will be waiting for the next update
The game will start you off with a intro fight then you start to get vessels you starting vessels will by late ww1 eary ww2 fleet once you get started you will be able to earn what you need after map 1 section 3 from there it will be your choose on how to build up your forces befor then it will teach you what you need to know but game battle system is cool just have to watch out because rng tells you fleet where it can go on the map sections whitch addva little of a twist.
This game is cool. I surely will update Battleship. But what about HMS Glorious Aircraft Carrier? It may in historical in North Atlantic Ocean. HMS Glorious Aircraft Carrier escort by 2 destroyer. If Germany Submarine try sunk on HMS Glorious in 1941. I rate the star 5.
Its a really good game. Near perfect. The only problem i have with it is that i cant open the game. Ive played for quite some time and now when i open it its just a black screen. It doesn't matter for how long i let it be, it'll just be a black screen.
I really love this game it realy looks like a real war! I really want yamato on my team can you update the daily rewards like add bismark,yamato,king George IV and the hood? I would really love it!
This is the only RTS warship game that is generous enough with it's gacha. Sadly the updates are taking a very long time, yet there aren't many things added. The combat mechanics keeps changing, but it doesn't fix old problems such as DD with high evasion being too overpowered in pvp since nothing can hit them, Cruiser is now even more useless since they can't penetrate BB and can't hit DD. Grinding for CV will take months, doesn't seem to be changed at any time soon.
I only just started playing this game for a week now and I absolutely love it the only thing I don't like is when you get the same ship multiple times theirs no point in having them and why do you have to build the carriers like they are ?
You guys should add a better camera selection in battles that shows off the ships better it would make it waay cooler
It's great but aircraft carriers are just way to time consuming the amount of materials are just way to much to gather and I just think why can't we just buy them for the in game currency but the point is, the materials for carriers is just way to much also what is the chance for me to get yamato I have been saving up so many diamonds just to get yamato and almost everyone I have played against has yamato
This was one of my most enjoyed games, but I'm very much disappointed with the new update. They significantly reduced the power and survivability of the fleet and my 5-star ships now get sunk in seconds! It is not enjoyable anymore to watch the battles... hope they correct this, otherwise I would have to uninstall it...
I love the game but I can't access customer service support I found a bug. When I do a mission I can't even see my ship's all I see is the main map of the mission I can't even go to the camera or the issue shows the overall map. Please contact me soon I can't even go into first person to see the ships at all there is a massive bug I thought you could fix it please
Hi, i love this game, overall i like it, the only possible addition i can think of is the ability to choose whether a blueprint makes a battleship, cruiser or destroyer to be made, but it costs more to do so, or even be able to get blueprints that don't make a specific ship, but you know whether it will be a battleship, cruiser or destroyer, even without this though i still love the game.
I'm giving it a high rate review I wish I can rate it up to ten star cause it was an very awesome game, I think you may need to add some more ships that was missing, like aircraft carriers, destroyers, battleships and cruisers, I feel there is somethings missing, but I enjoy the game so much and I really appreciate it.
Good game, I lost half of my fleet while doing a daily mission, I suggest more historical accurate content and the ships are really Historical, New player friendly, that's all, please improve the game a bit
Just not enough to do..not enough diffrent missions..always same gets boring.add more details more realism...cant get a carrier i aint spending a dollar on crappy games..id rather go back to pc games..just as usual only a handfull of games on google that are anygood..the rest are thieves just wanting money...farken criminals..
I find the game great, it feels that you command the ships. The game progress is slow (in terms of story/material grinding), but steady enough provided you play enough within the day. Ship gacha rates is not bad, but its okay though, as higher star ships will destroy early story levels. Repair tickets easily run out if you afk farm at stronger chapters though, sometimes its a bummer, as using ships as xp costs gold which is hard to earn by. Its still a great game though, keep up the good work.
Game is absolutely awsome I love it just wish the single player after u beat a level wish u could have tickets to automatically do the mission for the rewards and only have so many times u can do each level. I just forget at the moment what other games call it
This Game Seems like need more 5 stars (Edit)I have different idea's but Editting The Strategy Board is Better,Why not let players place there own Ships In Strategy board than by Formation???I mean...The formation is not bad but it might be better if players can edit it themself? Also regards about Aircraft Carriers,Can you let the player Choose the Nation Where Players can build its Carriers?Like IJN?? Good Game Btw!!Just Need More Larger Map or Maybe an Island??Like Iwo Jima..
Overall this is a solid game it's graphics are decent and watching some of the ships can really put a good feeling in history buffs
Fix the if i enter i got needed sign back to back start agian start agian sign in sign in backback to strart
This is a really fun naval fleet game. Battle are super short but really fun. Customize fleet and give each ship unique order. Its free to if you want a full experience, but if you have change you can get some fun stuff out the get go instead of grinding. The only issue I'm having is the fleet position won't upgrade T1 to T2 despite me having the money. Cant find sol'n :(
An amazing yet balanced game, there may be ads, and in app purchases, but they arent atgressive, keep up the good work!
Please add everything's sister ship like Tirpitz and Musashi, while you're at it add more carriers! And please make a mission where you can obtain fuel and ammunition costing gold, where you just gotta escort a convoy. On another note, please add Plan Z's maximum ship limit to 6 not only 4 and do the Wolfpack team composition or a High Seas Fleet so Plan Z wouldn't be just Germany
Edit:Thanks for making this game, i really love this game, but can you please this following 1.loading takes too long, yes the game is loading and i can get in the game but it takes really long to load 2.Please make the way you obtain carriers more easier, while im grinding for the things needed for the carrier, the every rounds of the stages takes to only sometimes give the rewards that was needed to obtain a carrier so please change the way of obtaining carriers. Thanks you.
This is a good game, however this bothers me. The ships are passing through each other. And the smoke from funnel always goes backwards, how about considering the wind direction. Make it more realistic
Its a nice game you should make it more realistic like waves for more action and please add more aircraft carrier like the uss midway like add alot of ships because i love ships so please add more and make it more realistic
The game could really use a hotfix right now due to the fact that Battleships only uses main guns and the rest is just a design. For example, Yamato only uses it's main gun making it pretty much a good food for every destroyers. This goes for the rest of existing battleship. The gameplay is good and all but it is really hard to grind parts, blueprints and every material in the game forcing you to buy bundles. 1 Star for me.
So far so good, it can get boring at times, but the reward is always worth it, PS one can get premium ships for free, if you have any luck
Its basicslly Azur Lane but with real ship instead of shipgirls, you form 6 ships fleet and fight the enemy, gameplay more of like kancolle, you get to random route based on the situation. All in all pretty good. 4 stars for now. I'll change to 5 if you reduce the requirements for the CV
Now I can play the game hi remember me I was the one that said the screen is always black (Nallie acibal) I can now play the game but can you add offline mode? I really like offline games and even online but can you add offline mode
I play this but can you add some aircraft carriers this is the reason why I didn't play this no more because there's no aircraft carriers please add AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!!!!! edit: nice devs i like the aircraft carriers and i like how you address my comment highly recommend game 👌🏼 Edit again: can you make a game that instead of warship make it tanks im just saying it
the game is veary fun to play, but the only thing tht i dont like it is the pvp mach...that onlny thing didnt play with players but with bot use player fleet and not real time strategy
It's hard to get 1 carier beacuse we need to do the blueprint like such a many things if you add it in to the build ship I will be happy so pls forgive me I hope the game will be papular so pls forgive us?
This game is awesome and I hope there would be more Aircraft Carrier and also have some one free Aircraft carrier, because it takes a lot of time to get just one carrier
I mean technically speaking it is good. My only issue (besides the pricing) is that appears and acts like a multiplayer game which isn't a bad thing but I personally enjoy single player games more than multiplayer games. Aside from that the time I spent playing it was enjoyable but the time to grind is really difficult.
It's a great game I would give it 5 stars, the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the main loading screen take too long to load. I'm stuck at the "Council is approving the funding" in the main loading screen and it takes too long, pls fix that and I'll make sure to give this game 5 stars.
First of i love this game right of the bat. But as i saw in another review ya the developrrs should make it so we can see the battle closer and i would also like it if they would make it so the ships dont colied with each other because, they just go threw each other i mean are the ship a ghost. But anyways this game is great could be a bit better though. If you like auto battlea and you just whatch for the most part this is great for you.
It's great but aircraft carriers are just way to time consuming the amount of materials are just way to much to gather and I just think why can't we just buy them for the in game currency but the point is, the materials for carriers is just way to much
The gameplay is good and all but this game is pay to win, Like you could buy the very good ships at the very start. But the graphics is good, the only problem is that everything needs to be paid. Like to have 3 or more fleets you need to pay about 250 diamonds or when you need more expeditions you need to pay 200 diamonds. This game favor those who will pay more and is not fair for other players.
Please fix this issue, as soon as i get free diamond ad, it says "loading the ad again" but doesn't really load. I have restarted several times and still encounter this issue, i have good connection, please fix this. Thank you! Anyways, MASTGAMES never breaks my expectations for a good naval game! I recommend downloading this game of you're a fan of naval games :3
Watch out, U may download such a huge MB but after downloading it just won't open. Its 2 days since I m trying to open the game but unsuccessful for last 2 days. Infact without being able to open nor play, I m force to delete it. Its shows 'START' but even if I pressed it, the game doesn't start. Don't know how it got such high ratings. That's how it MISLEAD people. Why isn't there a negative rating for CHEATING people? Maybe it doesn't work in latest phones. Old game is for old phones only?
It is a very very fun and cool game but i would like to put a suggestion i hope you can choose the route you want to go in each battle line because i keep going to the same level in battle line 4!!!! So i hope you can put that in an future update thanks!
Decent time killer game . Definitely not a pay to win. Only thing I would add would be more ships like italian, French and more russian fleet. As for the carriers need to add in a few like British and german carrier .
game is buggy right now. It will play for two to three minutes and freeze, it's been like this for a week now.......
The game is good overall but it won't let me collect the login rewards. I'm stuck on the day 1 login rewards. It says I've been playing the game for 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes but I've been playing for 2 days. Also, it's weird how the ships can go through each other and same with the friendly torpedoes. Another thing is adding more ships. I think Montana would be a cool addition. If H-39 and Sovetsky Soyuz are in the game, Montana should be too.
Should add submarines and more ships/factions. Also make the aircraft carriers cheaper because it costs to much. You should also add modern. ships and aircraft carriers. Over all this is a good naval strategy game. Also on the air aircraft carrier the planes are images and not you're planes so could you change it so that it makes sense with what planes you have.
amazing game fps nice graphics amazing even the battles are amazing please make all 5 4 star ships free and 2 and 1 star not free so that we could do upgrade refit later at 2 and 1 star ships and please give us a alot of diamonds gold ammunition and fuel
This game is near perfection when it comes to ship style games. While there are small improvements on the gameplay I would love to see. My only problem at this moment is air craft carriers. They are a seperate entity and can be part of all your fleets and don't need the same repair as other ships. I wish they operated the same as all the other ships. Unlock them and add them to a single fleet and upgrade them the same way.
Spread your military domination by building the most powerful navy? Um yeah LOVE IT. Once I found out this game was coming out I was like alright I'll pre-order it through the store. I found a good mix with two countries as a naval power that got me through the campaign with easy. I will always us the US and I would mix Germany just to get the extra damage. Loved this game since day one and would keep playing it for a long time.
Hello game developers i have a problem with the game where it stuck at testdriving ship and the loading wont move this is my first time downloading and it haven't move after that pls fix this
I really wish you could make it easier to get certain ships, aka Carriers or make it were you could buy ships with diamonds or gold, and also as more detail to the fire on the ships because vi can't tell if they're getting hit or are on fire, and if it's not already in, magazine dednations, you know, like what happened to the Hood?
Awesome game. Very entertaining. Could you please add the battleship Tirpiz and some Italian ships too. Thank you
Should add submarines and more ships/factions. Also make the aircraft carriers cheaper because it costs to much. You should also add modern. ships and aircraft carriers. Over all this is a good naval strategy game. Also on the air aircraft carrier the planes are images and not you're planes so could you change it so that it makes sense with what planes you have. Edit you should also add pt boats. :)
i don't know how to rate this game but i give 1 star because when in try to login it's always stop/stuck at loading screen(ship test loading),could you fix it's for future gamer trying to play this game
When i open the ship deployment the game just froze. This is happened after i updated the game please fix it asap btw it is a good game love it!
Great game. Graphics are good. The AI torpedoes, they are fired all over the place. I would like to see some ships added including subs and other's. Are you planning to add and Pacific campaigns in the future? To add a little what about any of the Italian and French Navies as well?
Its Very good game I hope you will notice the problem in the legend supply pack is not doubled the guage for mysterious pack.
Overall the game is fun, but what makes me mad is that its 90 percent pay to win. At least add an in game currency or make the black shark cost money and the kiowa be free, make the game to be completly free, not playable by some rich people. Thank you
Oh wow,i like the game,5 stars,high graphics,i also like that,but why cant we control the ship in battle?and multiplayer,how about that?and the project habbakuk?why cant add that?thx🙂👍
این گیم روی دو دستگاه مختلف هشت هسته ای که ۲ گیگ حافظه رم داشتند اجرا نشد! This is not runable in 2 different 8 core cpu mobile and tablet with 2 gigaByte ram ! Thanks for your answer. If 2 gigabyte of ram is not enough for this game, why the Google play don't say anything and the game installed easily!!! and some of my other devices is incompatible with this game? I installed some of very heavy and more complex game on these devices and can run them!!!
i really enjoy this game. one quick suggestion is to put a discription on the tasks for the commanders quest, i am stuck on one because i have no idea what i have to do to clear it. everything i would think would clear the quest step does not and i cannot continue the quests. other than that i really enjoy how this game is evolving!!
Made a review previously,great graphics,detailed ships. I'd like to suggest something though, to allow multiple carriers to be selected and form a fleet of 7 ships like: Zuiho, Bogue, Hiryu and Ranger in one fleet with 3 escort ships. It would be great if that was implemented.
I love this game but I have some 2 bugs. 1. When I repair a single or double warships, I am stuck on loading. The first warship doesn't dissapear while second warship dissapears and appears again and again. 2. The building of warship but it doesn't need fast construction but it automatically is done errors everytime I click the "view results". I hope this will help improve the game
Why does it say 7+ if you need to sign in a google account things like 12+ only this need to be 12+ only but this game says its 7+ its wrong dude
I love this game cuz of all the historical navy ships but the air craft carrier is to hard to get can you add grond units or at least make a naval/army base
Over all gameplay and graphics are OK , sadly they should really model the parts that fits in the ships it is equip , like a marat having 18 inch gun models when it is equip with the 18 inch guns 5'9 inch subs guns and armour , like making a seperate model file folder then the devs would make the ships have a predetermined model placer on its model , secondly , refits shouldn't be random it should be historical like the ISE having a flight deck stern refit to launch seaplanes etc etc
I wish the Developers would consider the following; 1- getting an option where one could actually see the battles closer, instead of a top down view (which will get boring quickly), and 2- when I press the support button, it goes to a page that states "web page not available",making it imposible to put in any support ticket. If this is not resolved, I can't see myself investing my time or money in this game much longer ......
Gameplay is great, it would great if the the battle map is a bit more bigger to facilitate planing instead of blasting one another from the get go. Also pls make torpedo reload to all ships a little longer as it is hillarious to see wall after wall of skill on the water. Thatl'll be all for now.
Atm.i have got a bug where it says that we have. Mastered perfection but because I have no ships in squadren 1 it won't allow me to do anything. Other than that. It was a decent game. Just can't do anything anymore.
Amazing game with many ships, the gameplay is smooth and isn't pay to win. While I enjoy playing it, it kinda gets boring after a while.
I like this game, it is generally a good game. The graphics are realistic and is historically accurate. It is one of the best strategy games. It takes a bit of time to start making very good progress and get 5 star ships, but getting there is fun. The only thing I would recommend for the makers and editors is to add a feature to control ships in first person, and put ships which you can destroy when test firing guns.
This game is great,all in all is great,but 1 thing i suggest can u put some missions,just like Daily mission,weekly,monthly or something that we're busy to go to on mission..and also the reward as well.
Very poor drop rates and a repetitive action make for an unenjoyable experience. Take an example for a random game 'AL', 50% common, 25% rare, 18% elite and 7% super. This game is 70-20-9-1. Very unimpressed.
This game is literally the best, it's relaxing, has amazing graphics, and is very realistic. I love all the things you can do, I just wish you could control a ship in game. Overall tho, this game is amazing and anyone in love with ships should get it.
As a lover of naval combat and strategic games, this game is a great combination of both. Sadly i cant give it 5 stars, for two reasons. One, it has no AFK ability, meaning its quite literally a pain to play this game. It really needs an afk mode, or at least a skip battle option when grinding already beaten levels. Second reason, is that you havent added France or Italy as playable ships. Both had decent and varried ships in WW2. And both were part of the Allies and Axis. Be nice to see them
Mine just freezed it's just stuck at a loading thing and can't do anything. Pls fix this. If you red this it means I've been waiting for almost 30 days waiting for it to unfreeze. For now on I'll give you 1 star and if you fixed it's you can say bye bye to one star and hello to 5 stars
Would be 5. Great game, awesome graphics. But with several bugs in the game and lack of ability to contact admins about the fixes, it's a 4.
The game is better then I expected but the expiration date on mail should be put to 24 hours so it isn't super op but at least we can have some time to forget about the game and then play it
This game is pretty fun and it's relatively easy to get Gems and there are a lot of ships that look really good, The one major complaint I have about this game is getting duplicates of ships you already have from the mysterious pack, and it's kind of discouraging to spend so much time filling up the bar and then just getting a ship I already have, but this game is pretty good especially if you like Warship and History.
During start up in test driving ship my phone stops. Just playing music and no step forward. Please help
Is there a help button somewhere? I forgot how to get blueprints and I can't make any more since I forgot so is there a help button somewhere? This is a great game though!
Why icant enter every time stop me saying conecting with google account if you dont help me. Im block to the lobby for ever
Love it everything is amazing but The PvP doesn't feel like actual players, they feel like bots and are way too easy to defeat so please add PVP or just make the bots feel like players
I wish the ships can buy.with the Yamato .if I have it .I'm be a ship mastermind.i like the game.gg.for.the update.i also wish that you will get a free ac(aircraft carrier)I also wish all ships has life rafts /dighy with people on the ship.
unable to play i press start game it didnt start the game and its hard To route cuz i selected a route they just Go the other way!!!! i hate this game
Muy excelente aplicación. Una sugestión es añadir los idiomas español y portugués a la aplicación. Muy excelente juego y estabilidad es bastante buena. Very excellent application. One suggestion is to add the Spanish and Portuguese languages to the application. Very excellent game and stability is quite good.
This game is actually fun for me and there are problems sometimes my game glitches and it doesn't load I don't know why but i gave it a 4 star because its fun and alot of my favorite ships are in here i hope u guys add more ships and pls add submarines i have been waiting for to long good work on the game
It's a great naval game! It introduces new flavor to naval games by actually setting it up like an RTS type naval battle where you can control where the ships will go and which enemy ships to engage. I love it! I gave this a 4-star because it can definitely still be improved in the future! Please continue and keep it up!
Its an okay game, if youre willing to spend some money *as a new player*. The "gacha" rates arent terrible, at least in the first week? I got Yama and Missouri w/o direct IAP. Afterwards i think you can just play at your own pace, to some extent. Just know that the game can be a bit buggy at times, but no real gamebreaking issues so far. However, the customer support is nigh unreachable. The ingame support is bugged, and reaching to their emails, has yield no respones. Consider yourself warned.
Great Game. Have been playing this for a while. I hope there be new ways to unlock more aircraft carriers and the debut of submarines in the future Also, it will be awesome if the command element of the game can bring a more significant result instead of having your fleet idle and able to destroy everything without those close call moments in an intense fight.