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Warp Slider

Warp Slider for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Metis Apps located at Medius House 2 Sheraton St London W1F 8BH. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its fun without adds tbh.theres all lot of ads in the game i wish there weren't no ads.its just watching ads🙁.please fix this its really just watching ads.i don't have this problem/issue with this glitch the whole phone thing but don't download this its a waste of time plus it could glitch your phone.to the dev who's reading this please fix the game people would enjoy it more and play its more often
To be honest, this app matches the ad. Even tho ads literally appear every level, it's still pretty good. The fliters are quite nice, (to the fliters I'm limited too) and you can even name yourself, like you have your own profile(Well, simple profile. You can't really share or find peoples profile, as I played for 3+ levels and 10- levels). I think it's quite good. My only problem is the ads between every level, but hey. I only did a few levels, so maybe it'll change? Anyway yeah.
This game is alright but everytime I finish a level a ad comes on even on airplane mode. And when I do exactly what the picture says it only gives me 1 heart but when I mess up it gives me 1000+. Don't download this if you don't like ads.
I give this a 1 star because everytime you play the screen turns black and then the game glitch and then my phone started gliching when i deleted it my phone stoped gliching. Dont download this game unless if you want your phone gliching every movement you make and this phone is new so it is the game that makes it glich
This game is okay but after you finish a level there's always a ad and it is sometimes laggy and I get a #trash cuz it's messing me up
The reason I gave our 2 stars is because whenever I go to the app for example on leval 3 I pass that leval and the next picture becomes black (meaning I couldn't see the next level happening. However i realy liked the levals when it is not black. So I suggest not downloading this app.
I think it is an amazing app. But there are some flaws. There are way too many ads so if that could go away they would be very helpful. Alongside with to 5 repeating levels it does get pretty annoying the and boring so if you could add more levels I'll be very appreciated.
I gave this for because it's relaxing but it's to much ads just to do it again and I get like 3 at a time when I'm in the middle of playing it's sometimes hard but I still like it
Everytime I play this game I have to close out of it and reopen it I'll tell you why if you keep reading. So basically when it starts you can see what your doing and all, but when you get to the next one you can see anything at all I definitely don't reccomend it... I personally think it would be better if it never did that but it does, so if you can fix that maybe I'll redownload this app but until thwn I'm not going to sit here and close out of it and reopen it, it's just a waste of time......
Fun enough, I guess, but no matter what you do it gives you a perfect score and it just isn't particularly interesting
Good game at first, but once you beat all the levels it goes way down hill because it's the same levels over and over again and there just re-skining it.
Really fun! But the reason I gave 4 stars is my game keeps breaking! I already uninstalled the game and still broken! Soooo.. yeah so thats all bye :)
ad after ad you spend more time on ads than you do on the game anyways you can just to the same thing on tiktok
Too many ads after each level, and you don't get that much creativity and credit for doing it. 40. Would not recommend.
I gave this game 4 stars because after every one there is always an ad but i love this game I love the game but like is to many ads still love the game though even though there's so much ads still love the game no matter what you yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii but i am a girl so yeah girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i would give it a five but after every level there is an ad i kinda like some of the ads but not all can you take ads out please
The reason why I give this a 1 star is because when you finish a level, it brings you an ad. There is too many ads in this game.there should at least be one ad.
I do reccomend people to get this game but the reason i gave it three stars is because to much ads and it is just annoying when there is alot of ads
This game is tarable there are way to many ads and I can't even play the game. I will tell you why if you read the rest. So every time I try to play I can't see anything so I exit the game then go back in and the same thing happens and when I press continue nothing happens so I try exiting and going back in again but it doesn't change I tried it 10 times and no change so I deleted the game, maybe I'll redownload it if they fix it. I don't recomend this game it's a waste of time.
ridiculously funny looking stuff when you do this it's amazing I love it it's so cool like you can just like make it longer or make it look silly so play it
This game looks very fun but every time I go to the game and play a level on the next level the screen is blacked out, so I have to keep on closing the app and reopening it and I honestly don't have time. I just got my phone a few weeks ago so it can't be that. Also when I go to look at my videos on my tik tok page on the game they are blacked out. There are waaaay to many ads. So if you could fix at least one of those things I would definitely redownload this app. Therefore, I get you 1 star.
This is a FINE game,i only give it 3 stars ONLY because of too many ads,I really recommend to have less ads,like 1 ad every 5 levels,that would help a lot!
this game is so nice and you can make anything time warped you can do anything you want but not to get in trouble
Its fun to play but there is to many ads and I'm deleting the app because it has to many ads so please fix it
I liked it at first but on one level it wouldn't load after I had done it at the filters stage i closed then reopened the app didn't work watched an add didnt work deleted then installed again I had to go through the levels to get to the one that doesn't work and still wouldn't load kinda disappointed tbh. Evryone who reviews has a different glitch the app is just full of glitches. Please fix.
The reason why I gave this game 3 stars is because every time I do the warp scan thingy BOOM there's an ad like cmon now😶
Great idea of a game. But sometimes I wouldn't call this a game. Maybe an ad simulator perhaps. Very many ads. Overall smooth running game and its pretty good only 3 stars though...
You just use the warp slider. there diffrent levels but if you play it for long you'll see that its just the same images, and we can't even see the past work! It also takes up a lot, I SAY A LOT (okay not that much) OF SPACE! And if you keep playing it gets realllll boring reall fast! I DO NOT RECCOMEND YOU GET THIS "GAME"! Edit: btw there ALOT of ads :)
it's fun but there's a lot of ads I really think that you should update the game where a little bit of ads you just put ads to get more money
the game is pretty good but there is a thing that could change like way to many ads but the over all the game is fun
Are you a robot? Do you love ads? I know you answered no to both of those questions. Don't get this game because even if you say no thanks to an ad, you get an ad that takes about the same time you took to finish the level since levels are so short. Also, this lacks originality because some company that puts out 50 ad filled games a day didn't have any ideas so they stole a Tik Tok trend and made it a game. I'm 99% sure they took more time programming ads then programming the game. Uninstalled.
This is a very fun game but why is there an add every single time I click a button, far too many adds for my taste sorry 😞
Its a fun game but the only problem is theres to many ads and it always says "amazing" evan if its line and weird stuff when it looks nothing like the pic.
I love this game in all but there's one thing that makes it bad..Oh wait 2 things the first one is that the characters looks terrifying second it just go's on a loop not fun at all! The rest is fun I guess so I hope that this comment will help 🙂
Very tired of the ads. It always freezes my game, Everytime I complete a level it shows an ad. Can you just give an ad every five levels cause I'd change it to 5. So please remove some ads Bruh I already said the issue why do I have to go to your website page?
I give this 2 stars because it is fun at times, but it gives way to many ads, it lags almost every time you play, and it only have 5 different rounds and then it repeats. If it didn't do this I would give it 5 stars because it is fun but only for a tiny bit long, plus you can go on snapchat and try these with your own face which is way funner. I wouldn't recommend downloading
I gave this two stars because when I reached the level where you have to squiggle the arms I do it and then the little picture thing is like all white but I give it to stars because it's actually kind of fun except for that part.
the game is pretty good but there is a thing that could change like way to many ads but the over all the game is fun andi would make it so you can do more then just warp stuff like a candy crush sort of thing or make like a subway surf type of thing.
The game doesn't even show the picture on mine and I don't even know why you guys would like it or give it 4 stars are 5 it's not even good it's not even perfect it doesn't even show the picture and it's not even a real scan they just put cool commercials out there so you can get it and learns and Lauren Seaside if you're playing this do not download the game I'm serious like stop doing it kind of frustrates meuuhhh
The game is very fun but I agree too there is too many ads and you can't really play the game all you can do is watch ads and that's it.
Its an ok app overall but the ads I can not believe how many there are. It is an ok app but it is not worth the two seconds of game play and HOURS of ads. Overall what I am trying to say is do not download this app if you want to actually play a game. But by all means if you want to go add watching download this app!
I would love to give this a 5 stars but the levels are limited and keep repeating wich is annoying ang boring. Also there are to many ads to be able to enjoy it for a ling time and also the prophile creator did NOT WORK WHEN I PRESSED ON but u dont rlly mind cos didnt want to g give any personal data to this app. It is what it says in the advert and sometimes it does not do that in games so that is why i gave it two stars.
Its pretty good. I know a lot of people complained about too many ads but personally I have no ads rn. Its pretty good but I give it 4 because its not very creative as your trying to do what the gane wants.
Too many ads after I am done with one a ad after the ad another one there is like 100 ads but the game is ok guess
It worked fine, and was kinda fun, but the levels get repetitive, and when I went to open it the morning after I downloaded it, it didn't open. I even tried reinstalling it, but that didn't work. It wasn't my connection, either, because I've been in different places all day.
I would of been higher if there was less ads. Like, it says an offer to watch an ad for something and I decline and there is still an ad. It get extremely annoying. Also, could you have settings for sensitivity?
Ther are too many ads like every single time I tried to go on to the next level there's an ad and I don't like it to make sure you do not download this game if you want to run an ad when she's trying to play this game is not worth our time thank you for listening to my report
I don't mean to be rude but.. this game has some bugs in it for instance whenever I try and make a picture I can't see what I'm doing and then when I press continue it buffers, so if they would fix that I would definitely play it.
Eh, this game was fun for a day. I got through like 20 levels then came off to go on roblox or something. today i came on, i did the level then got to the next screen and it was completely black. My whole screen turned black. i exited the app and went on roblox, i was logged out my account. Then i got a black screen again. I got back in my account eventually, and the black screen went away. fix this. You glitched my whole phone for 2 flipping hours. i dont recommend this app. thanks for ur time
I hate this game way to many ads and you can't get any level right people say that it blacks out but I dont have a problem with that so since I don't have it I'll give you 2 stars I'm sorry it's just bad for everyone and if you take away some of the ads I'll be happy to rate you 5 stars and if you get rid of the blackouts for everyone thank you!
The only reason I give this 3 is -1 star for the adds and -1 star for having to watch an add to retry 😑
So I was playing this game most fun but I couldn't restart whenever I messed up and I was doing a couple of stuff but and then once I got to the end it wouldn't let me do another one so II just gave it 2 stars because I didn't like how that happened :(
OUTRAGEOUS!!! THE AD HAD THE F WORD!!! no but srsly this is horrible material for an 8 Yr old like me to suddenly get sent. ngl I don't understand how that kind of ad exists. Edit: I only ever download monstrosities like these so Google gives me access to reviews.
So it does not show the hearts or any thing beacase in the ad it showed heart this is not bad but theres ads after ever level so i dont like it to much 2 star rate im sorry buy T to many ads amd lets kinda dump so ya but thank you for makeing this it was good but the ads are to much pls remove them Or make a update it needs something like the hearts ok thx if you made an update this game is nice and its like you need to remove the slideing thing beacase it gets boring and that is a bug to it
Its fun, but WAY to many ads! Also, once you get to the level with the arms, you can't pass it. It just appears white and you can't click continue..
I hate it has way to many adds after level after level it is a add I am undownload it its soooooooooo bad I Highly don't recommend it
This is a fun game but to many ads if it did not that many ads I would like it and every time when I was do with one it would show a ads pls do something so the are less ads
This is a bad game 😒 . There are some few levels. like 10 levels after finishing that they start to reply them.
Has a lot of Tik Tok ads. I want to see other apps. It also has a lot of ads by itself. Besides that, it's pretty fun.
I would give this five but it accepts anything even if it's wrong and too much lag and ads pop up every level
There are far too many ads, other than that the game is pretty fun. Needs a bit more things to do I guess. But its EH. I would give 4 but.. changed my mind- needs some work. I dont mind u trying to make money but not after every game. The hashtags are also kinda dumb. BUT YEA- 👍
I love this game! It's so much fun and can help in real life to try to show off or to trick other people. But the thing about this game is that is repeats. After you finish some levels.. It repeats with different people I think. Or the same :/