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Warhammer AoS: Champions

Warhammer AoS: Champions for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by PlayFusion located at PlayFusion Ltd., Vitrum Building, St. John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0DS. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Installed this game on a new phone and was given no option to sync with google play or login in to my old account. The game allows you to sync an account from another device, but only if you have access to that device physically. I can see my physical cards are still owned by my old account and have no way to access them. Be cautious before scanning cards or spending money on this. You could easily lose it all.
A bit of a logistical mess. Some cards were straight forward while other cards were conflicting. One card said it would remove a unit when played. But when playing the card it did nothing. Another situation was playing instant type cards at times I was able to play it with another unit I controlled in the lane and other times I was not able to play a card. In the end I felt like there are better things I could do with my time than to stumble through this game trying to make sense of it.
an absolute gem of a game. I'll support the devs with 19.99 np. I've had so much fun with this so far. there are an insane amount of cards and possibilities, a huge following (very little wait time), and a physical component if you want! This is not your HS copy, and it is not very simple. so get some coffee and strap in, it's going to be a ride and it's going to be worth the effort to master.
An awesome implementation of the new TCG. Not only does it have its own decks and collection, but you can import all of your actual cards into the game and use them as well. It plays as a nice option for those who might not have other people to play against at the time. It is a nice way to try out new cards and deck builds as well as see all of the cards in the game and how they work before you go out to buy them. The card scan ability is a very interesting mechanic that sets this apart from a lot of other games. Even the rules cards can be scanned to bring up the rules on your device for quick reference.
The gameplay is great. Great game. Issue is the UI gets more cluttered (at least on a phone on a tablet its fine) and the game speed slows down after each update. Games that took 10 minutes now take 12 just because of long displays after cards are placed. Champion placement also takes longer. Since the newest patch I can't play the game unless on Wifi. Don't know if it's because of my S9+ or the app but it's incredibly frustrating.
I liked the portrait mode and old UI better. It doesn't even have the satisfying attack effects it used to have. I'm uninstalling this, it's ruined. There was no reason to change anything but y'all did anyway and now it sucks. From looking at the reddit forums it seems they're entirely committed to keeping the landscape mode. They keep saying "oh we want to make landscape good for everybody". Well some of us just don't want it period no matter what. You want landscape, I don't want to play it.
The game plays out great. It does not heat up my phone, so I don't think the battery saving option is necessary. I do hope they make the in-game board more compatible with 18:9 screens, as currently it is only 16:9 with in-game borders around it. Also, please add the option to fight a "random alignment" opponent in practice. Overall - solid game :)
Overall, I really wanted to like Champions. I love the novel approach toward game mechanics, I love the Warhammer setting, I think some of the card illustrations are fantastic, but in the end, I just really dislike this game. I've played many CCG's since the early days of MTG, so seeing something crop up with a new take on the format seemed refreshing. A lack of explanation hampered my excitement pretty quickly. I had to go digging around online to figure out fundamental game mechanics and symbols. The limiting nature of the game (hand size and actions) was a bit of a turn off as well. The previous reasons are probably why I couldn't really progress anywhere or earn anything outside of the novel scanning mechanic. Finally, too many interaction bugs cemented it for me and I uninstalled. In the end I would say: Cool AR scanning mechanic (which, if you look online you will find hundreds of cards to scan, helping you along dramatically), neat idea to turn cards giving them different actions/stats from one turn to the next, but beyond that, it's all bad.
Jan 2021 It didn't work for months. Then it did and I love the game. April 2019 I bought a Motorola Moto g stylus. I can't play champions. Closes every time I open it. I love the game, both app and CCG. New landscape view is inferior to old view. I cant see the cards anymore, on my phone. It was fabulous before. I would like to see an option to change it back to the original view. It's a great looking game on a tablet, but the cards are impossible to read on a cell phone.
Currently there is a bug that from what I'm gathering. When a player leaves a match early without forfeit the game freezes. You can still interact with everything but the turns will never change. This forces the other player to have to forfeit just to play another match. Really love the game but this is infuriating.
More bad than good. AI always seems to have an unfair advantage. you are hardly given cards instead of avatar portraits, loot rng is horrible. Plays too slowly, far too clunky; 20-30 minutes for a standard mode of a 1v1 card game on mobile is too much. Balancing issues of decks, Order is almost useless and Destruction is the only one worth using right now. Unfinished-looking art on some of the cards. This game will be great on mobile in like a year or two maybe.
edit: IT GOT WORSE. They needed even more money so now you can subscribe to get the things you used to get for free. pay to play and pay to win. Just read the over reviews. I loved this game. I don't even have any other games on my phone because this was perfect but they went from portrait to landscape with no ability to switch back. Landscape has wasted screen space, hard to read cards, nonsensical attack animations, and almost impossible to press buttons.
After some play time (more that one month, and game updates): I have played card games since 1996. This is absolutely amazing card game. In short: Great mechanics, art, look an feel. No ADS! You don't have to pay to play. Four factions. Every day you got one card for free. You can buy busters with in game currency (which you got with play). PVP and PVE. Casual and ranked play. You get cosmetics (avatars, playmats ..) with level up or in busters. If you worry about meta in card games, let me give you advice. Don't look for decks online. Play couple of games and you will see what deck you want to build. Play differently etc.. One thing that is really good, aside the gameplay, is that you have great statistic of your overall play. You can see 10 last ppl you played against, stats of your deck and cards etc. Rankings and leaderboards in region and global are visible and can be seen by your level, card levels, faction level... This was my initial review: Best card game out there. Digital version is great. No ads or anything. Matches are around 15 minutes long. First card game to compelled me to build a deck. Everything about this game is great.
The physical card game is amazing. I adore it. But the mobile app is horrendous, completely unbalanced and not fun. I'd rate it lower if the physical card game was bad, but it's far better and far more balanced than the mobile version. This game was not built for how the singleplayer elements are set up, it's just blatant BS.
Was fun, now I can't log into my account. It says " I'm logged in elsewhere ". Uninstalled, reinstalled, same message. To bad I spent real money on a dead end game.
A very quick to pick up, hard to master game. I highly recommend getting this. In app purchases not required at all to get more content, jump on Reddit or the official forum to scan cards for free content. Matches take about 5 minutes, with a long game being 10. The 4 factions play very differently from one another, so you'll be able to find a play style to suit you. The physical game also augments the digital one, with you being able to add your physical cards to your digital collection. edit to response: You're welcome guys, you should be proud. Keep up the good work.
Absolutely fantastic! Love it, and very easy to move around the app. How ever, the only complaint I have now, is I was playing this morning no problem. Now I get stuck on "logging in" and it won't move past this. I've tried force stoping, rebooting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling and it's still happening. Not sure what to do to fix this? Any feedback would be great!
The game is great, well thought out. I do think the lack of an extensive tutorial can put new players off as there is so much to learn. I also think the referral scheme is bad. You can only refer friends if you also have cards. A high amount of players will only have the app and not the cards so there is no incentive for them to refer and help the game grow. My biggest fault is the lack of deck codes for easy deck importing. I think the main drawback from this game which will prevent it from ever pushing out fully is the recycle system. Hearthstone is known for being greedy with theirs abit but this is ridiculous. You get soooo little back it's a joke.
The ui could use some improvements. The deck building mode is clunky. Moving cards should be the default, long press to look at them, or a toggle at least. The area for the deck is too small. I should be able to see all the cards in my deck in a couple screens, not just a few at a time. This would be much better in landscape, especially on a tablet. When reading a card, tapping anywhere off the card should get me out of it. Take a look at the Horus Heresy Legions user interface. Positives, the app is stable, matchmaking is fairly quick. Gameplay comes from the physical game, so I'm not meaning to rate that here.
Really have enjoyed playing this and its' enormous amount of solo content. I'm deeply disappointed that the game is effectively abandoned at this point. Silver lining is that the physical cards are dirt cheap because the game is dead so it's fun and easy to grab a booster box for like $20 to scan and pad your digital account's library quite a bit.
Pretty damn fun. Its different from most card games around so its pretty refreshing to see a different approach. The games can be kinda lengthy but thats ok. Even though it have comparatively few cards it manages to have some variation in the strategys employed by community. I feel that it needs a lot more cards and a reference guide for new players. There are a lot of mechanics the games aren't clear. But all in all pretty fun.
Similar to most reviews on this new update but the new UI is very inferior. The one handed gameplay was the driving force for me playing this game. Additionally the fact you have to earn single player campaigns is obnoxious as the PVP games last longer making it harder to pick up and play for a couple minutes, I'm also assuming this is due to no one playing after the update but I have spent about 30 minutes queued for a PVP and still nothing. Hope they see the reviews and get this fixed soon.
Each update continues to worsen the experience. When I first began playing this game, I was able to do so one-handed. Then came an update that changed the interface to landscape mode, requiring the use of 2 hands to play and drastically reducing the visual range. It went from having nice artwork on the cards to being unable to see anything. The most recent update has introduced ads where there previously were none. This game has gone from every day play to the chopping block for uninstallation.
Very interesting and unique mechanics. Gameplay is pretty challenging, and I'm having a great time learning the strategies. can play the full game for free as far as i can see, but also ties to the physical version. Look online got people sharing their booster scans, you can get a bunch of free stuff from them. I really like this game so far, and see no need to buy into the physical cards.
So far my biggest complaints are that 1. It lacks a single player element. 2. There doesn't seem to be any kind of balance to the multiplayer. This issue is made worse by the fact that you can scan physical cards to add to your digital deck. It puts those of us that don't drop money on the game or that don't play the physical card game at a big disadvantage. 3. It needs to have a rules reference built into the app. that is just a standard. Update: 9/26/18 Cards need major balance tweeks in cost/abilities and matchmaking is still broken especially ranked. Also there is a pay to win mechanic.
New landscape layout isnt very comfortable. Used to have a blast playing with one hand with the portrait layout. You guys should give an option of choosing the layouy so that those of us who enjoy playing in portrait mode can do so. Hopefully you would work on the feedback given. Looking forward to a positive response since I am such a huge fan of this game.
Need the ability to zoom in on cards (like other TCG) especially when we're discarding. Text is way too small on some screens.
The game and mechanics are pretty good. But the overall design is absolutely ugly: Card frames are ugly, art is hidden in them and can't be appreciated. The user interface looks like a cheap 90s game. The awful flames animation when entering a battle with the Times New Roman font....everything about the game is just ugly and will have a difficult time competing with other similar, more polished visually, games. But again, gameplay is pretty cool, if you can get past its ugliness.
It's fun. I've seen the physical game demonstrated and it was a lot keep track of so this is a great way to implement the game. Editing decks is wonky. It's a little confusing as to what triggers blessings because sometimes it works and others not. There are already clearly stronger factions than others. I know the idea is to buy physical cards or otherwise spend money but getting stomped by paying players isn't a good motivator. I have zero interest in the physical game and the currency and rewards in app is pretty stingy. Solo play would be nice.
It's an amazing card game with a lot of character and some really delightful source material to draw from. This is a perfect combination of my preferring to play digitally for the ease and access but preferring to collect the physical cards. Buy the physical cards and scan them in to play digitally, magnificent! You can also just buy it all digitally or play through and earn your cards for free if you want to.
I've really enjoyed this game over the past couple months (577 matches, even spent some money). It was a rare gem on the app store: a well designed, thoughtful, tactical experience that could be comfortably played one handed while standing in line, eating a meal, etc. Sadly, today's update removed the ability to play in portrait mode. And that extra inconvenience is all it takes to go on the pile of games that are fun but I never get around to. The new UI is nice but should be optional.
This is a first impressions so my opinion is only based on my limited time played and is subject to change. I have also not played the offline iteration so cannot tell how it compares. It plays very similarly to the Lightseekers game also developed by Play Fusion, with cards rotating to provide attacks, and Gwent where cards must be deployed to specific positions on the mat. A player places 4 "champions" on the playing surface defining which type of cards, warrior or mage (red or blue) can be played in that lane. Champions may or may not have heroic actions that take place of an action during that turn. They also have quests that unlock abilities. These quests take the form of playing specific cards into their lane in specific orders. The game can be won or lost on those abilities, but also without them so i guess they are balanced. All these are good features, but playing from my phone i am constantly struggling to find my cards zones of control. These are often on the card descriptions on the expanded picture, but today i had to expand a picture, read a card, check its zone of control shrink the screen to determine it's optimal place on the board and just as i was about to place it the app timed me out and made the choice for me. Which while still effective was not the card i would have played, nor where i would have played it to. I gave the game a 3 because at the time of writing i am worried about the balance between factions. Part of this could be contributed to getting used to the new system but i lost twice trying to unlock order, once trying to unlock chaos but with death, i won and unlocked without a loss. Given that i am a casual card gamer what is the difference here. I believe it is "tempo" others might call it presence or control. The death deck has a tempo better suited to the game with easier methods of both drawing cards and recycling cards to the field. With only two actions a turn anything that increases this tempo needs to be carefully looked at. My other issue that others have stated is that a lack of a genuine tutorial really hurts this games acessibility. It is difficult to understand when an ability afdects a card or not, especially since the graphics denoting control change from card to card. Shadowverse builds the concepts in gradually, though is a freemium game, and other games already have an established pedigree with Magic being the elephant in the room. I was almost going to put this down after the first loss but i decided to persevere. Best of luck.
A great card game for those who might normally dont like tcgs. It is very different from magic and hearthstone and the often present huge factor of luck doesnt play as much of a role here. A full on strategy card game which does the universe justice. The app in itself is great too. There are quests and achievments to sprinkle rewards throughout the experience. Plenty of ways to collect cards in game and the amazing ability to scan physical cards. Would recommend this to anyone.
The Warhamner theme of this game is too gloomy and gory to be enjoyable but by die-hard fans. The graphics are mostly sharp but still fell like retro. And everything seems slow, especially the card playing animations. That's really a pity because all this distracts from an otherwise great game. PlayFusion took the mechanics they devised for Lightseekers a few steps further. So Champions is even more innovative (and different of most if not all other ccg avaible on Android). And the gameplay is really good! Oh, I almost forgot: the possibility to scan actual cards to add them to our virtual collection is fantastic.
Game feels slow. Animations cant be sped up and are often unnecessary, making it a slow experience. Example: placing a champion shows you place the champion zoomed in for like 2 seconds. There is no resource for cards and thus no early/mid/lategame. There is no reason to take weaker cards into your deck, as you could just fill your deck with inherently better cards without any drawbacks. Starter decks are filled with bad cards, so forget doing campaigns the first 2 weeks. The mechanics themselves are good.
Difficult past level 8,(like other said) *Plays really slow due to graphics! *It looks good, plays like magic the gathering, or pokemon cards. *Starter set limit option. Slow to collect card. * Make new deck only list card you have on a matching deck. *Real cards seem $$$. In game cards seem high too. *It was ok, but I am uninstalling.
This game is brilliant. I've read some of the lower rating comments and found that some of them are incorrect. This game is not soley pay to win. Yes it helps to have physical cards but that is something new and positive and helps the game live in real life then just exsist in the digital realm. Also you can craft your own cards using in game currency that you can accumulate by battling alone! and you get hold of war chests really easily (specially if you keep playing different decks and levelling up your cards) which gives you another chance to get hold of cards (at random) you can also use coins again generated through battling to buy digital booster packs. thus allowing you to accumulate the deck you want for free! it will just take a bit of playing the game (which will give you time to learn what decks are out their wand what you want) and a bit of luck from opening boosters (just like in the real world when buying booster packs). This games great. Just stick at it and discover the endless posibities and combinations of decks you can build. I'm a daily seasoned player and I have able to dominate games with every grand alliance! none of them are in weak! you just need to discover the right deck ;)
Interesting game with some depth to it, but the app is seriously lacking in a few areas: 1) your draw randomization is garbage. If you pull a card out of the discard to your deck there's better than even odds you draw it immediately, and if you have multiple copies of a card in your deck you have about a 1/3 odds drawing another copy in your next draw. 2) don't force people who hate multiplayer to play cheating AIs or stupid AIs. Some sort of randomization on AI decks would be great, or at least a silight variation on the starter decks. 3) the mechanics on phone can be difficult to manage as there is so much on screen and not much room. Good luck trying to fix that though.
It's great for the most part but some really annoying choices like when an opponent plays a card that requires some kind of choice it takes up, and freezes, your entire screen. This is the time when ideally I'd be looking at my opponent's discard pile instead of staring blankly at one card. Also the timer is way too long. Finally - why the hell did you ban Cruisin for a Bruisin from ranked play, then reinstate it, without EVER communicating with your customers?
The game is largely good but, I'm having a problem with my account. I was trying to login with my friends account using the Link Account option so, we could stream the game using his decks. My account got wiped out. I don't need to bother recovering it since I didn't scan or buy anything yet but, I would like to be able to log out of my friends account and make a new one.