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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Pixel Toys located at First Floor Regent Square House Regent Street Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 4NS UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Terrible balance on opponents, slow card gain so your people remin weak for seemingly ever while they pair you with people with levels 3+ your own. Only reason I still have it is because I was stupid and paid money on it
It's... fine. The game itself is like an RTS with two MOBA style 'lanes' you send units down. You have little control once you've set your units on your way so the complexity is in counteracting your opponent, playing the right unit at the right time and in creating 'combos' which make your units harder to deal with or do larger amounts of damage. What let's the game down however is the free to play model. The single biggest factor in determining the winner of a match is the level of the player and level of their cards. The single biggest factor in determining those is how much they've paid to accelerate progress so once you get to a certain point, of someone has paid up then they'll just win more often.
Huge pay wall. Up until season 8 contender, my record was 101 wins and 13 losses. After I hit season 8 contender (paywall) my record was 4 wins and 15 losses. You really feel the paywall. One times I got matched up against the same guy 3 times in a row that had 9k more health than I did. Fun game honestly, but be prepared to pay alot.
Every player plays nothing but characters all to get the Slan. Game should be structured per the table top game 2-3 characters max and if that model is still alive that character can't be deployed till killed. This will balance the game to allow more choices for regiment use. Love the game but just Tired of every game I play is the same nothing but characters. Maybe if they could structure this game per Warlords used just like the table top game.
Was a lot of fun until an update made me completely unable to play, even after reinstalling. Otherwise, it's your typical "free"-to-play nonsense. You'll face off against people who outclass you handily just because they've paid into it. Matchmaking occasionally sends you up against people you have zero chance of beating, which is incredibly frustrating. App is also fairly buggy and required frequent restarts while I was playing.
This is the first time I have ever given a game a five star review. The game even being new is amazing. It has the fairest pay system I've seen in a long time as you only get paired with players on your around your points the algorithm to do this is alone impressive because it's accurate. I don't pay to win send I'd probably be at a disadvantage doing so at the start as you unlock cards by new levels. The grind is more fun. My win rate is 57% it used to be higher say 65% and I am now in the top 8000 after only 4-5 days if playing. Lots of cards given, responsive controls and hardly any luck based bs like on hearthstone because it's limited cards. Very well made game. Don't play it on Wi-Fi because it doesn't like it yet but each match lasts about 3 minutes so if you lose it doesn't matter because you may win very shortly after as I mentioned it could be two wins to one which is satisfying. Well done.
I am oldest player of your game playing this game more than 5 years. This is an excellent game and I want to appreciate the developers team. Its graphics are mind blowing. It runs very well and its events are awesome. But, I want an improvement that it should be multiplaying with friends. There is a guide option but only for connecting friends not rather than play with them. Hence Please resolve this issue in your game by providing a new option to play with a friend as opponent to play togather.
Your going to absolutely love this game if your into the genre, for about 2 hours. Then you start coming up against the pay to win players. And realize just how horribly unbalanced this game is. So unbalanced that without any sort of glitches, people circumvent the entire game play loop. You load into a match. The enemy proceeds to drop multiple spells onto your main guy, killing you nearly instantly. What's supposed to be a 3 minute match. Will turn into 8-12 seconds of watching yourself die.
This game is awful. I played 3 matches after the tutorial and I was beaten every time by people with cards 2 levels higher than mine because they bought comets for the game. Overall if your looking for a warhammer game this isn't a good choice.
using tbe realm gate hero pulls up the 3 key navigation every time. thus cant use ability for 5 seconds waiting for navagation to go away. its to far in corner.
Awesome game but Pixel toys have given up on the game. They should just past the game on to another developer who have the man power.
In game UI is absolute garbage. Every interaction has some sort of transition animation, slowing the gameplay down immensely. If you select a card the hand UI shrinks, when you hover a zone to play a card the camera moves and swings, when you play a card the hand UI expands, if you use your special ability, you lose control of the whole game for a few seconds while an animation plays; but your opponent can still keep playing. The hand is on the right side of the screen, but the zones you play in are on the left. All these animations and transitions are 2-3 seconds long, but all they serve to do is remove player agency and slow everything down. If you're going to make a 'Clash Royale'-like, at least copy what they did right. Like putting the cards next to where you play them, and not tossing my camera around like every match is directed by some Michael Bay Sigmarine.
It's good. It's like clash royal but 40k and much faster paced, I recommend trying to have a really low cost, cheap deck. You may want to build a slow, strong deck; you will be outran by your opponent so if you can be fast and apply pressure to both lanes quickly I find in my opinion you can easily overrun your opponent. Going expensive has to be precise and using your abilities to their fullest potential; no mistakes.
If you want to play another game where spending money is more important than skill, time put into game, and fun. Then you're in the right place! Like every phone game your only as good as your wallet is big. Complete trash, 1 star. Nothing special, it's just like clash royale. Theres nothing new or innovated. Same old bad game. New face. Do not download.
Well...it isn't bad. The game rewards tactical decisions but is a bit basic for my liking. Additionally, you should not have people who have advanced to the next rank and failed sent back to the previous realm. They have items that are too powerful. Example - someone who's gone to realm 2 , gotten kicked back to realm 1, now likely has morghasts. They're faster and better than most realm 1 heroes. So...they wipe you, while you haven't got recourse. Consider locking someone to just zero realm score instead of moving them back a realm.
This is a horribly made game, you ha e 4 slots for rewards, and any earned while having 4 is lost. The game wants you to play it once every 2 hours and foces you to watch comercials or wait 3 hours instead. You cant progress without this long hours to open loot boxes, this is a boring and horrible made game. No game should have you wait 3 hours between battles just to show you a commercial.
Lots of game hang ups. Can't proceed with even the training. Fix these issues and the rating goes up. Game is unplayable. It takes over 10 minutes for it to redpond if at all. Dont even bother trying to move firward as it will just hang up in a frozen like state. Rating POOR, in this day and age with and title this big, this is sad. NOW I can't go any further. Says you can upgrade a card. Well I can't and it sticks trying to get me to upgrade the card. This is just a mess.
Generating resource at the same rate and having the same units and strategies to pick from means that if a group of troops is defeated by the other player you will lose. Period. The game is one sided victory every time. If I win the first encounter on the map then I continue to destroy the opponent until victory. There is no coming back. Horrible game
Just like every warhammer mobile game, great graphics, great art, game seems worth checking out . . . until the aggressive monetization attempts are stuck in your face everywhere where you look. Win a chest from a match, have to pay to open it! Can only store 4 unopened chests at a time, so better hurry up and pay to open the ones you have, otherwise you won't be able to win more chests to pay to open. How exciting! Targeting the kids with parent's card on file perhaps?
So, all things considered, I genuinely enjoy the concept of this game. Its a less tactful version of Clash Royale, but in someway still as stressful. It does have an issue that I found; if you have a card selected but want to play your ability, it'll play the card However, all that aside, this is P2W. How do I know? My very first match I was put up against a player who had a nearly maxed out Hero (I am in the very first realm, this shouldn't happen!) So I won't be playing this again, thanks!
Having issues where I try to upgrade a card but it does not go thru until I close and restart the game. I get no xp and the game challenges do not register that the cards were upgraded. Leaving one star until bug is patched.
What a rage inducing game. It's one thing to have people become a little stronger for spending money but this is just stupid. Maybe it's the trash matchmaking? Idk. No fun when you get 5 matches in a row against people with 300+ higher rank, a commander that is double the level as your highest, and units that are at least 3 levels higher. It takes weeks for a level if you're f2p. It's impossible to compete against that when gaining levels makes such an enormous difference in power.
Great "Battle Chess" (as I like to call it) game. Not only is the play style on point, but the characters, from their model(s) to their action(s)...is brilliant! Not real familiar with the Warhammer lore, but playing this game makes you really want to explore it. Graphically, for the amount of action that goes on, its stunning... providing you have the horsepower in your hands to render it. Like other well done games in this genre, you have to learn the game, the battlefield and the characters on them. Although, once you do, youll find yourself looking when you can squeeze in some more gametime. There are a few things that I would change or tweak, however, not many. Well done pixel toys, keep up the good work! Oh...and Let me know if I can become as a assistance along the way. [Ps - nice job on the ability to kind of "smack talk". It feels good sometimes to be able to let someone know how "pathetic" they are!]
Unfortunately, the game is terrible. The graphics are literally the only thing good about it. You don't have a choice of warlord, the matchmaking is means newbies are fighting veterans, you can use cards from all grand alliances together and it is 100% a pay to win game. Not enjoyable and I will not be continuing to play.
Love the game so far but i am not getting xp for my tower when i level up my cards and they wont upgrade unless i close the game
This could be an awesome game, however it has a few flaws in its premise. The biggest problem I have with it, is that the units you have access to are tied to which realms you've accessed, and which realms you have access to is tied to your ranking. Since this is a PVP only game, it means that you don't have options unless you "get gud". Additionally, your loot has ridiculously long unlock times, it literally takes hours to unlock every loot box. That said, it could be awesome. The gameplay is incredibly solid and the graphics are fantastic. I'd love to see them fix these problems and continue making a great game, but I don't think they will.
Might be fine for some but Age of Sigmar is in truth the lamest and most un-inspiring fantasy setting so it loses out instantly but the idiocy in not locking cards to their grand alliance is just braindead. Infact, this game has no factions. Theres no difference between the heroes besides their abilities. The keywords like are litteraly pointless. Who cares if that "Orc" is from the "Goffs" when it simply does not matter who or what they are. If only they locked cards to their own factions.smfh.
Great game, needs some tweaking.. The guild has no option of what to do if the leader is not playing anymore, in my guild he/she has not been online for 19 days.. Maybe it's a good idea to have a failsafe for active members? 7 days offline and a new leader is voted for/chosen or something similar. Otherwise you cannot replace other inactive members and the guild chest ends up being a fleeting dream, rather than a bonus and something to strive for. More cards please! :D
An awesome game, but it seriously needs some rebalancing... When you get to the top, prepare to get stomped by the old school players.. But they're mostly nice guys who are happy to give advice on discord. No need to pay, unless you want to smash it! Definitely worth a go.
Balance is something that simply does not exsist in this game. Every time I try to play, I am pitted against an opponent with higher level units than mine, and higher level players, making the game feel like an utter waste of time. And from what gameplay I have done so far, it unfortunately is. You can do far worse than install this game. -A Discouraged New Player
It's a pretty good game for mobile. Not gonna lie did not miss the clash of clans gimmick, but still good game nonetheless.
not a bad game, the sound options will turn themselves on though. and after the update, turning the sound off in the settings doesnt do anything for you. still get sound effects, every now and again. the warlord abilities don't work, or the units you deploy just don't show up. its frustrating but happens infrequently enough that it isnt a major problem. the leveling system for the individual units seems very very slow and tedious. I wish they would rework that. but everything else is good to go.
A easy to pick up and graphically pleasing game to play. A lot of effort has gone into the game so well done to the devs for some lovely back drops and stunning unit animations on the battlefield. The game is easy to get into and understand so is open to all regardless of age. There is only one game mode outside of the initial tutorial which is PvP, I think the game would benefit from a story mode to add some variety. There is a test mode so that users can try out different formations of cards without having to take a hit to their win/loss ratio/stats but it's a tiny button and barely mentioned. Further, more information is required on the Realm mechanic of the game, as there is simply not enough to understand it at the moment, e.g. Gordrakk is available in realm 3, can I not aquire him (even through in-app purchase) until I am good enough to get the required points to get to realm 3? As an additional follow up to this, why is there no initial hero choice and why are we are stuck with a stormcast general? Why not give a choice of generic faction general at the start? The biggest fault I've found so far is matchmaking, I've spent 15 mins+ waiting for a match only to give up, this may be due to server issues, but you should have a back up, bots for example. I will note that more info can be found on the Realmwar forum, but this is hidden within the small news button on the main screen and then searching in the posts to find the forum link. I look forward to seeing where the developer is going to take the game as it's only just been released and it seems fun so far. Again, a well polished and easy to pick up game that has a lot of potential. Good effort, pixel games.
Not impressed, you can send ony monsters and use some spells from you main characters ,no strategy at all it is more for kids who like games Moba the Warhammer fans are bit older...
I love it ,i was searching something like this ,and the graphics are quite good though it is low end device ,thank you .
Had to drop my rating. Again. Your matchmaking is in kind words unbalanced. More accurately it's garbage. I understand some flux, but there's no middle. I keep trying, because I enjoy the concept. But you've done nothing to fix the huge awful problem with matchmaking. 4 out 5 matches I am paired against someone 3 or more levels above me. They win and get better. I lose and get nothing. I'm done now. A shame. Don't download. Don't get. It's only going to get worse.
Enjoyed it when I first started playing, however it quickly becomes obvious that unless you are willing to spend money, you don't really have a chance against people in the higher leagues. The matchmaking is awful once you reach the Contender league as you are often up against people who are several levels above you. Also convinced that people are cheating, as they seem to be able to deploy cards quicker than they would be accumulating energy 🤔
Great foundation but has a long way to go. VERY UNBALLANCED. Your first few hours you'll feel great as you rack up some wins and probably take a few loses. Then very suddenly you're hit with a wall of better players with better cards that you just cannot beat. The gameplay is very basic so the winner is mostly determined by who's got the best cards and if you aren't gunna drop cash on the game that won't be you.
Bloody awful as it a pay to win straight of the bat as it impossible to gain any higher in the beginning as players are picked who have better units than u. The graphics are poor in game but in the card library at home it's decent. Controls are awful. No story so definitely worse than the tabletop version. Worst game I've ever played!!
I made it further than most before I hit the Pay to Play issue. But eventually you end up playing the same 10-15 people, who are all twice your level at least and you have no shot. There's only 1 or 2 load outs that are effective at high level, and just comes down to who's units are stronger, which is who spent more money. No fun after 7500 points.
Gameplay is similar to Magic: Mana Strike. I enjoyed it but it didn't grab me in the long haul. Not a bad game but nothing really that captivates me to continue.
Hit the pay wall 1st day of playing at level 2. Can't win a battle, so can no longer progress. What a complete waste of a game. It could have had potential if it wasn't for the outright greed. If you want to play be prepared to spend tons of money.
Fun game and idea, but severely hampered by pay walls and loot boxes. Would be better if it reduced the time to open lootboxes, and/or disallow certain heroes and units in the early stages so it's not a huge struggle against people that spend their life savings on a phone game
You players that make your whole strategy dependant on getting the slann mage make the battle really borning and annoying. Seriously stop and develop some actual strategy because im sick of beating you even when you should have crazy advantage. Bs
Great game. But for some reason my cards will not upgrade unless I reload the game. This causes me not to get achievements and has haunted my progress completely....
Enjoying the game, however I've played 3 games in a row where I've won, but before that get my points for winning it says connection lost, and I get nothing. Strong connection for the whole game until that point. Hardly enjoyable when you get a win and get nothing for it.
Pay to win people buy comets to upgrade cards . Have same cards at level 8 but my opponent always have level 12 or 13 cards and steam rolls me. Just don't get alot of cards by playing and when you do its so random. When being attacked my units just keep walking to opponent and not attacking the enemy units and no way to control them. Also my opponents keep summoning troops so fast i cant keep up there is no way his energy is charging that fast
Don't be confused - this is not a game, this is a monetisation opportunity. It's fully pay to win with every feature being designed to remind you how everything is (temporarily) better if you spend money. This is the prime example why mobile games tend to have a bad reputation. The fun and gameplay is constantly sacrificed to ensure there's a reason you can spend money. There's a decent game underneath - so if you are happy to spend 100 quid a month on it then go ahead.
The tutorial makes it seem like you can play against ai, but after it ends it looks like it's only PvP
Core mechanics of the game are fine, quickly becomes a "who has spent more money" experience once you are higher level to the point where it is impossible to win a game and you just have to sit there for 3 minutes while they finish you off... The devs were warned about this in the first few months that they'd quickly lose the player base if they kept with the pay to win mechanics but they didn't listen, you'd have done alot better if purchases were cosmetic rather than game winning.
Though I am still enjoying the battle mechanics and collecting stuff, my game will not upgrade units until after trying to click, wait while nothing happens, then reload the app or load into/out of a battle. Coins still appear to used when I return to main menu and unit(s) level will be increased...but no overall XP earned resulting in me being stuck at level 6. Any advice, Pixel Toys?
Literally Clash Royale down to the optional season pass, even troop type, 2nd lane option, but a lot of fun added details and powers. F2P good just pay attention to the micro-pay options
The only thing that matters here is that this game is P2W. Any PVP game that's P2W is a complete waste of time. This might have been a fun game if it weren't for that. Otherwise it's your typical gacha garbage, with a Warhammer skin, with $99 in-app purchases. If you love Warhammer and want to continue doing so, don't play this game.
Straight Boring. Didn't even get to the paywall before I said hell with it. Rediculasly repetitive. Seen the first fight? Seen them all.
Early game, this is awesome. You can best just about anyone if your strategy is good. But late game, it turns in to a pay to win nightmare. You will routinely face opponents who are just stronger than you because they spent money to get the better cards. They will have the more powerful cards in the game pushed to high level, cards that are balanced by having a low drop rate. Kind of killed the game for me, if I'm being honest.
Once you hit 2500 or so u hit serious pay wall, you can't win unless pay money or played from start. For example playing the exact same units u lose cause your units aren't as not leveled. I did myself a favor and deleted it. Not fun anymore.
This is an awsome game, and that's coming from someone who doesnt play age of sigmar this would be an even better ga.e if the developers maybe added a 40k mode
Catered to anyone who's willing to pay absurd amounts of money. Matchmaking engine is terribly unbalanced and spamming specific armies is a huge problem unless you sell a firstborn for more card packs. Will not re-download
Game is really nice i am playing it now for more than a month... Although it's sometimes lag due to server issues...
Stay away, the game is unplayable. You get "random" matches, which means you will always face players 100 points above you, so that you will have to spend alot of money to actually pkay this boring game. Sheit casb grab!!!
Love it! Each battle is only 3 minutes, yet I somehow can't manage to spend less than an hour playing at a time. King of "just one more battle" games. Would be nice to see different maps in future. Single lane, triple lane, slowing or speeding terrain, etc. Will enjoy this game for as long as it's actively supported/developed. :)
As much as I love warhammer, and I do see potential in this game, I cannot suggest it as it stands. The balance is so unreasonable. I found myself winning most of my games even, but I've found that the first 3 seconds of the match really shows whether you're gonna win or lose, and that just isn't fun. I'm either obliterating my opponent or getting completely curb stomped right off the bat. Out of the many matches I've played, despite winning almost every game, I have yet to once experience what you would call a close game. EVERY battle is immediately obvious, which is just not good nor entertaining. Fix the balance or don't bother. On a personal note, I HATE the warband setup. You should be able to choose from the beginning which alliance you support, get an appropriate warlord and units/heroes THAT MATCH THE FRIGGIN ALLIANCE!! Overall until they fix the balance and such, I would avoid.
Clash of Clans with warhammer skin and a ton of glitches. I've been playing for about a week with a 75% win rate and not a single point of xp? Also if I want to level up a troop I have to reset the game every single time. Broken game, not worth it.
Pay to win, rat and skeleton spam. Pop ups asking to buy stuff after every game, play against own clan in tournaments because devs are either lazy or retarded.