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Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Orca Game located at UNIT 04, 7/F, BRIGHT WAY TOWER, NO.33 MONG KOK ROAD, KOWLOON, HK.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Game is Good. But one thing I noticed it's quite been too boring if these game focusing in upgrading infrastructures and research blue print which is so time costy. They should improve game thrill than upgrading such time consuming requirements. That's all I want to share.
Hi Im trying to retrieve a lost account i couldn't log in for a couple of days so ive just dowloaded update and logged in to see i haven't received any confirmation if devs were successful yet. Ive given photo evidence of ingame purchases and a detailed account of base lvl power etc and also server id could someone reply please. Thank you look forward to hearing from you guys.
Game is fun, however after a about 2 weeks of playing, it seems the game doesn't load the galaxy map properly. My own base and the immediate surrounding area is active and all but when I zoom out to send allies resources for the daily, the map doesn't load entirely with the resources and enemies. Even when I return to my own base, nothing happens upon interacting with the buildings. I hope this reaches you devs, cause I don't know how else I can report the current bug.
Really broken i don't know if this is a problem with me or your game i live in the Philippines and says the network keeps timing out and when i ever press the support button it doesn't show the support menu i've tried everything restarting clearing my opened apps everything can't play game can't load the game for now 1 star
Simply a fantastic game with endless combinations and strategies to explore. Ultimate PVP battles with replay available on every battle fought to study your strategy. Overall, you won’t get bored, always challenging ,and no need to pay anything to win. Just get out there, put together your team of hero’s and troops and smash it !
Wheres all the devs and supports? 3 servers now is down, other sectors experiencing too much bugs and glitches. No more updates.
Game is fun, bugs are fixed and updates are often (in a good way). Aspects could use minor tweaks but the game is still fun. Can be pretty competitive if you’d like it to be, but more casual players can still have fun building their armies and base.
While it may seem like another build, heroes upgrade repeat, Warhammer has taken it up a few notches with awesome visuals, a wide variety of events and an easy learning curve. Sure you can pay your way to the top but there’s no need . Join an alliance work together and get the rewards needed to climb the ranks . Still needs some work but worth the DOWNLOAD
Sadly this game has logged me out after our alliance reached a certain level. Hopefully they will fix it.
It's a great game but lore wise it won't make any sense everyone is a ultramarine from the imperium and were attacking each other? It would be great if we get to choose our faction so it would make sense either a Rogue trader,Orc Pirate,Elder,Dark Eldar, Necrons, imperial guard, and inquisition it would have been a great mobile game but it just doesn't make any sense
It's very fun game but their are problems in expedition.... I watch on YouTube on how to finish expedition buttt... When I play it can't move and their are no cards to use especially their are no count down 3 second.. plsss fix it... It's very fun game.
Welp it's good until I open the graphics and I got surprise that they really put in the Warhammer40k ambience in a simple app. And not that there are much heroes that was in the Warhammer40k and I like to request that on next update they include some Dark Angels Heroes and the mighty Freeblade but on overall its good, goodwork by the EMPEROR!!!
Game is good and new for me. The strategy is more the same to other games. Please include to update that we can activate alliance shield if someone is attacking the whole alliance. I have hard times changing my accounts please fix it. Thanks
Very good game that limits the “pay to win” aspect of many of these games. There will always be those who have more money than sense who need to beat on everyone else with a distinct advantage, but if you have the patience of a saint, you will get there with little money spent.
Was a great fun game up until, 3days ago when our clan got locked out, devs not answering tickets, or telling us,whats going on. Our sector burns while we get told from other clans whats going on. Time and money wasted.
Simple but cool game. I hope it's easier to get free draws tho because RNG always gives out normal resources even for the crystal rolls. That'll entice more people to buy.
Loved this game at first, until the whole server was destroyed by a few pay to win players who ruined everything for everyone. Unless you are ready to spend a few 100 on this game it's totally unplayable. Pay to win microtransactions everywhere that destroy the whole game.
While a fair bit of effort has gone into the story and graphics, it's merely a semi-competent reskin of a myriad other similar games already on the platform, albeit in Warhammer 40k livery.
I love this game, personally, I really like a lot of the warhammer 40k heroes and battlefleet building, This is something I’d say would keep me playing and keep me committed to compete with other players.
Can't enter the game.. Sent an email to the dev team, no reply yet, will update review depending on what happens Update Facebook page admin was able to contact devs and sorted things out.. They were very helpful
its a good game, but bugs are annoying in games. Such as deleyed lvl up, in chat, and some are in building new structures in base. If its fix, this game is one of the good games that must play this year.
Good when youre playing (resource heavy) but bugs etc could be handled a lot better. I'm a part of sector 7 NZL alliance, and haven't been able to play for almost 2 weeks. Haven't heard anything about it being fixed or even close to fixed. Meanwhile our alliance is being attacked because somehow the NZL members are the only ones affected. This kind of thing really does make you want to play other stuff. The developers have abandoned this game. Save your cash, play something else.
Good game so far! But I only wish you could add more space marine units and make different models like for example, all of my vanguards only have the same weapon, I was thinking that what if thr next update comes with these vanguards having different space marine melee weapon variations. Heroes: Terminators 4 (tactical and Assault), 3 centurions (devastators and assault) Heroes: DeathWatch squad, Grey knights squad, your own personap commander to customize rather than wearing Gravis armor
I play multiple war games and this is by far the best one out there yet! I’m number one in the server in another game I’ve been playing for 5 years and I’ve had more fun in Warhammer the last 5 weeks than I have in six months in the other game. The graphics are outstanding!! The gameplay is incredible!! And NO you don’t have to spend money!! This game definitely takes the cake!! Join a good alliance and stay active and I guarantee a good time to be had in Warhammer! Blood for the blood gods !!!
Well the game was all good until we hit alliance gift level 11 then the game locked us all out saying it's not available in my area.. to top it off we were one of the top alliances and because we couldn't log in we got hammered by the ones who could still log in. Not cool guys fix your bug, you expect people to spend $ on the game but at a certain level it crashes 😾
Dunno why the ratings are so good for this game, its actually very basic. RoK has way better battle mechanics. The servers are incredibly slow, most players dont even load and I have a super fast internet. Edit 1 star. Turns out this is one of those games where 90% of the players on a server wud stop playing after a week. I dont blame em, not much u can do w a p2w mechanic tht allows whales to exponentially outpace f2p (by months, literally) with jus a few clicks.
Remember how Facebook games were like? Building bases, managing resources, everything is nice til a certain point til it becomes over the top grindy, and same template for all the different games, but with different skins? Yeah this is one of them, but with a Warhammer 40k Skin and with a Techpriest waifu. If you like both WH40k and that sort of games, then this is perfect, however, I've grown away from that era of games. Plus point for being Warhammer tho and not being horrendous.
I had high hopes but was disappointed quickly. Game is unbalanced and i feel has not been tested correctly. End result a game now clearly dominted by 10% of which the clan i play for belong. It feels rushed as a cash grab for the time. Events and schedules change regularly with little to no notice. Support are slow to resolve major event issues, (Obsidian). Rewards do not seem to be issued correctly. Map stalls. All and all if it wasnt for the great community of players, i wouldnt recommend it.
I've been playing about a month and am just now learning the ins and outs of what to do. Love queing up my soldiers to be trained or setting out on marches to gather resources. Great for making the work day more enjoyable. Gives me something to look forward to during down time at work. Thank you devs!
Ive been playing the game for 5 mos now. When you first play the game you'll enjoy the exciting rewards and events. But after playing 2 months, you'll be stuck on 1 event a day that rotates on 3 boring events. They're marketing style is to cater to new players to make them spend, then as soon as theyve juiced them they'll make a new sector/server and pretty much leave you in the dust. Trust me on this. Same bugs are still occuring from day 1. I do still play but the game is going downwards
Ill make it 5* if you do this Merge sectors.. Sector 1 is already a ghost server merge server will be a good idea so players will not quit and continue to support the game. Sector 3 opens for along time while sector 1 so fast to open for another sector. Be fair we are not just tester we support the game so please Try to fix that
Updated/edited: I was really enjoying the game, I was playing for almost a month and was hooked, I even spent money. Then I lost my account because it wasn't linked to social media; please, if you need to link an account to keep it from getting erased- tell players or send reminders. I had sent messages to the Support, FB Page, App Store Email, but no reply for quite some time. Resolved after a week but had to chase compensations for the purchased rewards I missed for not being online.
The developers have ruined the game by having 3 day kill events every 2 weeks. Only strongest players survive and mid level players get discouraged as they cannot defend against an onslaught of higher level players killing their army. It takes longer than 2 weeks to recover to get your army back where it was before kill event. At least in other games where there is a kill event, they are spread out over time. The way this game is set up gives the impression the devs are lazy or just greedy.
Fairly generic as these games go. Cool theme and the few times you do real time combat is quite fun, but once you have passed a level you will auto-complete it dozens of times in the grind for resources. If you've played one of these kingdom builder games you've played them all. Same map, resources, real time building and training with time reducing tokens you can buy with real money or by grinding. It is just a grind simulator in the end.
3 stars as there is a good game here - unfortunately, littered with an abundance of microtransactions and it's never a fun time when the game becomes predatory instead of fun. I understand money needs to be made, but it may be good to take a look at the pricing and way you charge for items. Will keep an eye on this in the hope things change for the better.
The game was fun at first. But it has finally reached a point of stagnation for our sector. The unbalanced nature of the game does not promote growth for new players and due to that, there is no competition against the more established alliances. We're still waiting for a possible sector merge but I don't know if that would be enough save this game and it just might repeat what has happened to individual sectors, but on a larger scale. Basically, the game is dying due to lack of content.
This Game is GREAT. though myself along with literally over 100 other players are very upset with how this game is Currently being managed. We need PROPER response as to why players can no longer access the game. We have been waiting patiently over a week for game breaking bugs to be fixed. people have not only invested countless hours (which is IRREPLACEABLE) But many dollars into building our accounts and community and we feel we have been completely ignored by your team. We demand action!
Loved the game. Turn up so repetitive with events and hard to progrese that made it pay to win. Realy sad
It started off fine but then it just froze and the so I tried to reload the game but it's just stuck on the loading screen, I bought ingame stuff and regretted it I like the game but this is just dumb
Game runs well and has nice graphics, core gameplay loop gets stale after a week. Not much to do. Game heavily favours P2W and micro transactions so the whales will crush you. Can only be Ultrasmurfs. Everytime GW licences out their IP I get hopeful but hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
The game itself is fun and interesting. The problem is high level pay-to-win players and their OP alliances. Sector 9 (my current sector) is under the oppressive regime of a single pay-to-win alliance, crushing any who come close to gaining power. They're killing the server and it's a slow death.
Seriously. I thought I’d get bored within a week even with how promising it looked when I first opened it. I thought it looked like so many games before. I was WRONG. The app is intense and complicated enough to keep you coming back and enough lore is involved to keep you interested. I’m addicted and my sense of competition couldn’t be more intense ????????