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Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pixel Toys located at First Floor Regent Square House Regent Street Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 4NS UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its awesome the game but one thing is that reload time is slow i find even when your moving to a new spot or the usage meter gose to fast , in any case it doesn't give u enough time to prepare or battle on no matter how strong you are and I sometimes believe the shield doesn't work properly. I've seen my health go down even before my shields but all that said i still believe its a great game ....
This game is wicked fun highly interactive and I've only played about three levels and I'm already addicted to it πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ€– I can't wait to upgrade my guy even more !!!!
I want to like this game. I really do. But the missions border on unbeatable unless you drop tons of money to upgrade your knight. Multiplayer... Just doesn't make any sense. It's completely random on who wins with the illusion of pressing buttons matters. If you want a fun game look elsewhere. If you like 40k it's worth a days time and 0 dollars.
Ads don't work at times, 'ad' goes into full black screen and after waiting for 1min (average of 2 ads), I had to force close the app nd restart. The melee bar disappears at times during the "3rd" round so you will miss it and lose. 1 of the patrol mission hangs at the last part after winning the melee fight, same thing kept happening till I "re-scan" it to get a new patrol quest. PvP is quite confusing as to how to initial or wait to get into melee. Last update is 17 May 2019, game seems dead.
It's a rail shooter. It's almost fun, but the game feels like it's purposefully limiting you unless you buy things. Very pay to win, and the online pvp is hot garbage. Instead of realtime pvp you fight a bot with perfect aim that you will lose against 90% of the time. The campaign feels very bland after the first few missions, and be prepared to feel extremely underpowered unless you're willing to fork over cash for 'starter sets.'
Only a couple missions in but it's pretty fun. I like the customization in paints/patterns and presume there will be similar options in mech gear/weapons. Goodtimesmcgee!
Didn't actually play the game, immediately uninstalled when it insisted on being able to access my phone's storage, photos and a few other things that are completely unrelated to the operating of any game. Blatant data mining.
Love the campaign and customization. But guys, multi-player is maddeningly frustrating. It's mechanics are completely broken and you will find yourself losing to players with far inferior specs. The melee phase sometimes never even engages, it is truly awful. Wish it were addressed because I love the game otherwise.
I LOVED THIS GAME BEFORE I EVEN PLAYED IT😍... Right until it turn bad (😒), it lags and glitched so much that when I finish the tutorial, the menu shows nothing and it keeps saying to use a different device because of the graphic performes, which I don't like, please fix all of this problem PLEASE! 😭 if not I'll be sad and my heart will be broken forever (😒 πŸ’”).
One of my all time favorites... but you'll stay at 3 stars until you update for the new API so we can capture internal sound when recording play. Please do it! Please do it now.
Gameplay is fun and progression is not completely tedious. Inputs are a bit broken as the game will fire some guns without me doing anything. Damage is extremely vague and many times you get hurt without knowing where from. Multiplayer is an absolute joke. The opponent will 99% of the time have more fury and just smash you to pieces before even getting a chance to fight. Also I keep failing quicktime events because they happen so abruptly as I'm doing something else. Extremely annoying. Average
The game is somehow as good as it gets, it's grindy but manageable especially in the campaign where you can keep kicking the same enemy's butts over and over again just to kill time and farm loot, while the PVP is a little game of patience and a good sense of math. Overall this game is definitely a good time killer, and I'm taking a thought of giving this game a little cent, although the Integrity system needs adjustments like receive lower reduction if facing weaker enemies
1 star as when you try to open the game, it want's permission to edit and delete things, very few other games i have tried want to do that, they all recieved 1 star and will continue to get 1 star until the games stop wanting to delete things
Omg love this game. Has so many unique features and events that I instantly new I would love. Still it can be tricky I terms of battle. I wish you could move around freely but over all awsome game.
This is a great game. But multiplayer is horrible. Can't get a single win as it almost always comes with an opponent stronger than me and even when there isn't one stronger, it has it done in a way where you have to shoot enemy troops to increase your furyto be able to attack other player, and can never really get good amount of fury, when the enemy isn't actually another player, its a bot using a player, so it has perfect aimbot getting immensely high fury when I can barely get any.
Meh its ok but the reason why I gave it a 4 is that every time when you finished one hole chapter but your apparently you have to do it all over and over again in till you have enough for the next chapter to to it again until you have enough for next chapter why warhammer 30k pls fix thx I dont wanna do this all day
Good game, decent graphics and controls. Obviously it is pretty pay to win, but the main issue is how broken the multiplayer mode is. It has absurdly bad matchmaking, and forces you to pay/watch an ad for new opponents to choose from. The ones you get are either 300 power below or above you, and a stomp will happen one way or the other. I guess the campaign is neat and fun, except your gear is also underpowered here and you have to wait days for a few pieces to complete the lowest tier of level1
This is a pretty good game. It crashes occasionally, sometimes adds do not load, and some items dissapear from my possesion but otherwise it is, in my opinion, the best 40k game on the playstore right now. I am pumped to get enough tokens to be a chaos freeblade
Great game theres glitch with ads though where they play over and over and u have to close the game down and open again to play and scrapping equipment for ore with the crusher button doesn't always work but games fun addictive well developed and brutally aggressive melee fights
P sick havn fun yeaj Edit: this would be a great game if not for the endless paywalls and ads even toning it down just a little bit would make all the difference. But they're not gonna fix it so it's kinda shidded. Still fun as tho.
I like the game. Super glitchy when you watch the ads for the boosts. It always crashes the game. Also the camera angles make it very difficult to hit the target. I always find myself shooting the foreground rather than the target. Or when dueling the icon doesn't always work because it moves to much or im trying to use one of the other functions such as double tap to use my missile.
Everytime this app notificates me it makes a sound. Which is annoying and there is totally no way to stop it. I cheked in settings and there is no way to cancel the notification. Please put that thing in the settings.
I feel as if they could make a real multiplayer with real people and I feel like they should add a system where people can move the freeblade night with a joy stick. Also they need to add bigger titans and you can be space marines. I definitely would play it more often if they did.
A rather enjoyable free game where you don't need to do purchases to go to the end of the campaign, sure you do have to grind for a bit, but overall very easy and enjoyable!
This is beautiful.... I don't usually play linear games, but after the first mission, I'm absolutely smitten with it. And who WOULDN'T want to be a massive metal behemoth that obliterates anything?! GLORY TO THE IMPERIUM,DEATH TO THE XENOS SCUM!!!
Really great game! Should add more to it & have more missions & more badass & gory chainsword/gauntlet/main 3 gun executions. Maybe have special missions or game modes that have players use the enemy mechs. I think it would be cool to test out the Chaos mechs & Ork mechs/beasts. I think something like that would be great! Just a idea I had I thought I'd share. Hope ya see my review. Love yur game. Yur pal, WILD JAMES 177.
A decent representation of an imperial knight. I enjoy the gameplay and the heft behind its attacks, making it feel truly as powerful as it should be. My only gripe is that you have to unlock different colours and paint schemes. Otherwise, 8/10. Good game.
Re-installed to see if any changes arrived after 2 years. Nope. Still a shameless cash grab with more ads and pay walls than content. Most gameplay and customization functions is tied to or completely behind pay walls, in game currency is slow to earn and you'll never have enough. Multiplayer... Broken in every way conceivable, you'll see. Your knight stability, which reduces your machines effectiveness I have discovered eventually stops you selecting ads to repair it so you have to pay. Nope.
Great game but at level 8 its just a grind, and the enemies in multiplayer are just bots, and the campain is really repetitive until you get to the next chapter. And also it feels like you always have to upgrade your gear all the time in Campaign.
Absolutely awful controls that don't register or do the wrong action 90% of the time, touch points that never line up with the hitbox, unforgivable grind even for a F2P game. Devs also seem to have abandoned it as of 2019.
Your game is really amazing. I also love to customization features and the cinematic one on one fights with other mechs. It's so great. But one problem... The repair feature really kills the game. U can only play for about 4 or 5 battles before ur mech becomes substantially weak. I admire how realistic this is but come on.. it's a game. let us decide when to stop and not the game. I don't want to use any of those premium currencies for repairs. They are too valuable.
This game is fun. Yes. Multiplayer though... Why do I need Facebook? I had to make a new account for that. Not only hat but you need fury to attack the other guy. Kill grunts to gain fury. I can't kill them fast enough. I can shoot all of them in one move and he'd still have more fury them me causing me to take a ton of damage. Because of the grunts doing damage to just me for some reason I die immediately after the second hit. Campaign is fun. Multiplayer makes me want to snap my phone in half.
Best robot game ever!! :D So good and AWESOME!!!!!!!! If they let you rate more stars than five I would add 100000000. This game should be Editors Choice. Thank you . Please add updates!
Tl, dr: it's abandonware, pixel toys keep servers on only to attract new players to spend money on stuff behind paywall. While it's fun to command weapon of mass destruction, as rail shooter this game is just bad, events and pvp are ruled by players using hacks, and patrols are bugged mess. FFS you can't even watch ads for gold... if you're looking for fun game look elswhere, don't spend money on this adandonware.
Hey been playing from 2018 and its great , 1 suggestion: its just about the Gauntlet and Chainsword animations never change a bit like newer combos to different enemies. Thats all thanks for 2018-2021
Theres far too much going on in the screen to defeat enemies and poor weapons to even get past lvl.4 . played for less than an hour and forced to spend money.. You can keep it..id give 0stars if possible
A good fun arena-based shooter. You don't have to pay to play but after a few levels it becomes a bit of a grind. There is a glitch though, often, the adverts will make the game crash and then you don't get your rewards, which is very frustrating and may force me to uninstall if it's not fixed soon. Fix that and I'll add a star.
Love this game!!! Its simple and extremely easy to play and isnt a pay to play. The multiplayer is confusing tho but other than that, its perfect!
It's okay for a mobile action game. Missions take a minute or two to complete, but the monitization is so in your face to the point of removing any warhammer feeling they try to create
Omg like the melta gun was my least favorite but now it is a 100% super metal gun I have ever seen. And my favorite thing of all is that you can edit your warmachine freebase and edit your own weapons and the auto thing button is where they equip your most powerful weapons and yep this is a five star game I have ever played
An excellent game that I've seen for the first time. Everything is just new in this game to play in the field of mobile gameplay. This game is incredible and even it is offline to play. No doubt that it is worthy for offline action games.
Great game, innovative play, requires you to play (no auto play) has a story, has voice acting. Liveries can give you buffs, but it seems that off you choose your own paint scheme you don't get those. Needs a chaos knight story.
Switched phones and although it said I could connect to Google play I couldn't or it worse case scenario, deleted my old freebase. Either of the above cases ruined the game for me obviously as I couldn't get any of my previous effort back.
Has a nice start and is genuinely fun to play at first, unfortunately like many F2P games it hits a brick wall quickly and you are unable to progress unless you spend tons of time on boring grinds or pay real money. What a shame
Seems like it would be fun and worth putting some play time into, gameplay works well enough, the links are busted for anything "Free" after watching for resets or gold, so do not expect to use to assist your experience, all the links for spending cash though seem to be intact and working well enough. Play it to have fun but do not expect making any big waves in leaderboards unless you are willing to pay.
Playing this on a 10'5 Galaxy Tab feels so powerful. Graphics are beautiful, sounds are delicious and game play is so fun. It's the closest I had to a console or PC experience on a Android device.
Great game, I really love that it brought warhammer 40k to mobile... plus while playing as an imperial knight. The graphics and design are incredibly good, controls are simple and the campaign is very good. It takes too long to build the stats but maybe I just don't have enough free time for it. It certainly is a good game, if one loves Warhammer 40k and mechs, I highly suggest.
Okay my first review was to soon, this game is a joke. You cant build your bot strong enough to even get threw the first few missions. Totally pay to play and a giant waist of time. I would give it a -3 if i could on how bad this game is
Well I can't get past the first mission because of a wierd glitch. After my teammate dies and I destroy the first rino when there's two rinos I can't shoot the one on the right because I can't see past the end of the screen so the only way to shoot it is in a 30 millisecond timeframe
I have enjoyed playing Warhammer, quite challenging still learning how to combine and control the knight in multiple player mode. However I'm having problems with freezing in between missions.
I really love this idea, being a massive 40k geek and player, a few things I don't like. The camera, no direct control of knight, so it can sometimes be tricky to get a shot at somet. Multiplayer is just odd, the fury gauge is almost impossible to understand, I get how it works, it just doesn't! The AI knight seems to generate fury right before the combat so almost always wins. The last thing is the pay wall which hits you hard, you can get quite far then it just stops you, disappointing.
By the Emperor this game so epic and wonderful, i really enjoy this game. But perhaps please fix the camera when targetting the enemy, i even can't shoot enemy helli above me because the camera focus limit me to sighting and targetting enemy above the Imperial Knight. Anyway, this game are so worth to play that make you feel urge to purging the heretic and xenos .
Thank you for an amazing game the only problems I have are that it feels almost reliant on purchasing the in-game store items to progress and campaign scored should be lowered just a bit (unless it's just me then can someone help me pls) and lastly that loyalty I would think you'd be able to obtain at least rank one without a purchase in-game somehow other wise thanks again and keep up the work for ONLY IN DEATH DOES DUTY END!
Graphics great, detail and great artwork I give this a five-star rating because of those things and because of how they done the modeling for the characters.
Multiplayer is just you fighting bots and its needlessly difficult. True to GW spirit the whole thing is riddled with microtransactions. But it's also a solid game in other regards. It's a rail shooter which makes it fairly limiting and quite honestly it is very repetitive. Its also quite annoying for the missions to make me forge or upgrade new gear even though I don't nessecarily need it. It's still pretty good, graphics are great, story is consistent to GW standards, and it stays appealing.
Single player campaign is fun, slightly awkward rail shooter. Multiplayer is truly awful. It's like having sex with a hot girl that gave you herpes... you go back for more because you know it could be fun. but after your just ashamed and sad and you still have herpes...just don't play multiplayer...
This game is actually VERY good for mobile! However, there is one ABSOLUTELY GAME-BREAKING problem. In the game, the Deffkoptas (flying Ork vehicles) often fly too high and go off screen. At this point, it is absolutely impossible to shoot them even with the mounted automatic Autocannon, making it impossible to progress. Please fix!!!
The pure amount of ads that appear constantly and everywhere is crazy. You'll spend just as much timing watching ads as playing. Unless you wish to spend money to win, which this game truly promotes shamelessly in your face every moment by putting every aspect behind a pay wall. If you have patience and are willing to dedicate a significant amount of time into constantly playing then you could achieve success. However be warned the player who just downloaded the game and paid will win. Always..
The game is great but it keeps making me go to the Events and i need a facebook acount for that im a Kid and other kids are playing this you know thats Why i gave this game a two stars so you better fixed This!!!
Magnificent mind dough aka brain food and dat's straight up sum gud cheaa main!!... Nice balance on the time not waisted effect I mean The graphics and game play really lacks that time waisted on some dumb mess gaming felling. It's basicly... Excellent though, gud looking out on this main!
2 missions in an kinda reminds me of old school mech-commander but warhammer style. I like it, but again only a short way in. Will revise this review once I get farther in an have a true taste of the game.
very nice combat sequence , impressive graphics , interesting and 'Gripping' gamsplay and , of course , All that background info from all the other Games in the franchise
Enjoyed the game so far but i keep having this issue where enemies would be off screen shooting at me but i cant reach them because they are off the edge of my screen so i cant complete some of the missions
Excellent concept and fun arcade style gameplay but this game is a money-grubbing dumpster fire super early on. Enjoy the first 2 hours because you'll be waiting 10-20 hours to play the next mission.
Love the game it's great. But what in the heck is that alert noise. Out of all the cool noise you could have made. You made..... that.... I.... it's just so out of place with the style of the game. Sounds like a powered drill. Could have made it the sound of a freeblade starting... now that would be cool.
All to all, this is a pretty good and unique WH40K game. Playing as a Knight is actually quite cool. The game does have some grindy bits to forge new weapons and the like; but I think that can be overlooked in exchange for getting the chance to fire battlecannons at hoards of Orks!
This game is awesome! The graphics are amazing, the controls are simple and you get to kill greenskins! I was expecting a lot honestly and this game put out way more than I was expecting. Edit I've found one lacking feature, nothing major, but under the forge it would be cool if there was a little more customization. Maybe when I build a helmet for example I get a couple options on what design I want so I don't have to get a high leveled helmet with a design that I don't like.
There is no better feeling than that of victory! The taste of total war as you smash through hordes of brutish Orks and traitorous Chaos Marines is not comparable to the usual folly of men. As a side hussle, you may also compete in the seasonal tournaments held between all Freeblades. Demolish your opponents, climb the ranks, and obtain the favor of the Chaos Gods!- I mean, of the God Emperor of Mankind. *cough*
Excellent. Offline is a great option too. Its a warhammer fans dream game. Missions are just a bit short thats all
Man this takes me back. I used to remember all the fun I had with this game, the game play is still the best and the storyline is one of my favorites, the controls are easy and the concept is unique in my opinion tbh. If you're into a robots put into a WWII wite monsters and big robot dragons than I highly recommend this game.
I would like to say it was a fun game, especially in its start when it came out, the developers made something that can't be taken away easily... but, the game was abandoned and not improved in a long time, and that saddens me. I deleted my 5 star review, cause even though the concept and game were amazing and revolutionary if used right, the game decayed. I sent before that a game using something like this being made but in a different format would destroy the app store, and I didn't get a auto
It's good and all, I love a campaign where you drive knight (mecha) and destroy your foes in a campaign and its really amazing. The downside however is the fact that the structural integrity degrades over time and when it reaches a certain percentage you get a reduction in health penalty. This also effects the weaponry to. Not to mention a wait time that lasts over an hour. You can watch ads to reduce the wait time but it comes with a drawback, only 10% of the knights integrity is fixed (bug)
Pretty good gameplay for a simple game. Real fan of Warhammer and the feel is definitely there. A recommendation for any warhammer fan looking for a simple game with great graphics and decent gunship gameplay. Now why I rate this game four stars instead of 5, is because the ads just stopped working for me. That means all the bonuses I could get for free, no longer exist, making the straining grind for resources all the more harder.
An excellent game that I've seen for the first time. Everything is just new in this game to play in the field of mobile gameplay. This game is incredible and even it is offline to play. No doubt that it is worthy for offline action gamers.
Enjoyable, controls are a bit off on some shooting screens and the graphics are a little dated now. But, you do get to slay the enemies of mankind for the Emporor in a knight!
3.5/5 A fun little game. Grinding out the medals/stars or wtv to beat the main campaign without spending money takes about 60 hours of gameplay. And it gets tedious around hour 30. The PVP is completely broken with the top players being modders. Its easy enough to win the matches but you can't keep up in terms of ranking. Still the core gameplay loop is fun and there's a nice level of customizability to your Knight. Definitely worth picking this one up
Total fun, would love to support the devs through in app purchase, but the description on what we got through purchasing is not specific enough especially on the value pack purchase section.. oh, would even be better if there were a coop mode πŸ‘
Disappointed! Good gameplay, good graphics and well thought out controls but the difficulty curve is mega! Spent a fiver on a starter pack because I like supporting games but this is crazy! Quickly turned into a waiting game forging items to hopefully get through a single level. What a shame, this could have been a gem.
Sometime you lost in game currency like valor medals, because you could purchase a chest with it, but something went wrong and chest dissapear so you're end up just loosing currency. And there's to much commercial. I think people already watch it for a prizes, but It's not enough for greedy developers, you've got extra commercial just when you browsing through game modes.
Most dopest inteligent skillfully crafted creatively made game by design, graphics story line etc to me that I've played in a while probally ever off playstore yo for real for real I know that its the most ever right now for sure. Inprobally will be for a long while too well I for sure say so; so it is 😁! It's the all around great game ive been searching for and have finally. Thanx. God bless.
A mixed bag, I wouldn't put $ into it. Positive: Build/paint option, graphics & sound effects, story. Negative: broken add links crash the game, camera angles, weapon controls, can't pilot the mech, attacks like stomping /chain sword attacks aren't always available, repetitive levels, push notifications sound. Miscellaneous: mech takes structural damage each battle & repairs cost time, adds, $. taking the player out of the game so frequently isn't smart buiss.
Totally awesome celleur game I addicted to see my next mission happening!! Very responsive to the controls and the graphics are at least 720hp.... Like it so much that I plan on destroying THE HOUSE of DAKKUS***
Must say I am pleasantly surprised by this game. Gameplay is simple, but with enough features to keep you on edge. The costumization options are plenty, and really give you a closer connection to your own Knight. There's even a Photo Mode, but Emperor's sake! If you're a fan of 40k Knights, this game is definitely worth picking up.
This game looked cool but just all for the money game they even charge to learn how to play it tells you what to do in first mission but if you miss it then plan to by a book unless I haven't seen it in settings
A fun, unique on-rails shooter type game where you control your own Imperial Knight! Graphics are decent, controls and gameplay are fine if you don't mind a little bit of grinding for ore and medals, and it's quite fun collecting parts for your Knight, slowly building it's power. 4/5 just don't expect anything from events and multiplayer, they're full of premium users with ridiculous gear and stats.
I personally liked it, though it was sometimes hard to get all of the medals you could in order to proceed to the next questline/level within the game. Still, it was some exciting gameplay. For the Lion.
Honestly it's a cool concept until you realize that the multiplayer makes zero sense, it's pay to win in the campaign once you hit that unfortunate roadblock, and all the buyable content is ridiculously overpriced. It's a no from me dawg.
I really love the game and how you can customize your knight and add different weapons/armor to it, but the reason I'm giving four stars I because I'm logged in to my face book account for multiplayer witch I think you shouldn't have to be just to play against other people, and the other reason is that because Im logged in to my face book account my real name shows up on the leader board. Can you can make it so that I can change my actual username, and/or make it so that you don't have to login?
Multiplayer is pretty trash. It makes almost no sense. There's literally instances you can't charge on someone and you get destroyed.
This game, soulless cash grab that it is, is decent on pc. On a phone it's an unplayable mess. The controls are garbage. The main weapon requires an awkward two finger press and hold then release that guarantees you'll be either half dead or accidentally shooting something else by the time the weapon fires. If you like warhammer and imperial knights, I can recommend the pc version as an interesting time killer. The android version is a solid " avoid at all costs"
The campaign and multiplayer is fun but for some reason the lightning cannon is super weak in multiplayer even though mine is power 156, even the distance between the cannon is short, I only do 10 to 20 damage only with the lightning cannon in multiplayer. This make it harder for me to get fury in multiplayer.
The game is a good quality game but you really need add something new to it like that thing that you always say coming soon about two years ago that's when I originally started the game on my laptop my laptop got broken so now I went on different phones even on my tablet but you're after here month after month nothing came so please fix it up for me one of your veterans
One 9f the best mobile games I have ever experienced. The graphics for the time it was made in is incredible and, I would really recommend giving it a try.
Could be greater than it is, if your forced to spend, it's not worth it at all! Especially so soon in the game! Your not even able to figure it out before they slap you with charges to get past a certain point!
The graphics are good. The only problem is your controls are not too easy. Like the two fingers tap, it is hard to aim and messy. I suggest just make buttons or icons for that.
Fun game, great graphics and a cool addition to Warhammer. Unfortunately my machine keeps getting stuck on level 4 unable to use guns, shields etc. so I obviously get destroyed. Id be willing to spend $ on this game once this is fixed
This game is obviously a cash grab but I do not care in the slightest. This game is just endless fun and epic battles are everywhere. The multiplayer is really janky but it's ok.
It's remarkably easy, even for the early levels. The visuals are pretty nice though. Maybe it gets harder as you go along. I'm just kind of enjoying blowing things up in a giant robot.
Could be 5 star. Some levelz are glitchy and you cant pass them as the camera angle doesnt allow you to attack some enemies. Could lbe very expensive to play if you start paying to get stuff. So far it's been decent without but can be slow to progress. They really want you to spend money
I really like the game. I remember going to a phone store to get a replacement and saw some kid playing the game on a display tablet. So when I got home I installed and had ever sense. My only complaint is that the game kicks me home screen sometimes and I dont know why. Probably a server issue. 10/10 would get again
Excellent game over all. But why doesn't this game have cloud saves? That's ridiculous that I lost my original save file because I switched devices. Cloud saves aren't new or novel but now discovering that I have to start over despite the money I spent? I'm just going to uninstall and move on..
Absolutely awful controls that don't register or do the wrong action 90% of the time, touch points that never line up with the hitbox, unforgivable grind even for a F2P game.
Game looks great, combat is fun, multiplayer combat isn't too great imo. It's really hard to figure out why the other mech is building rage faster even if, by some miracle, they have a weaker loadout than you. Power creep hits after the first section of gameplay and is present right away if you join multiplayer. Challenges are pretty pointless to play unless you are dropping money to get drops and lucky enough to hit RNG. Overall loved the atmosphere of the game as a 40k novel fan.
This is a solid game, but there are a few things here I need to address. Firstly more emphasis on the story would be a amazing surprise to the community, such as a portion where you play as a regular dark angel marine. On the other hand I feel like upgrading your knight to a higher gear quality, (such as rare or legendary) is extremely difficult withou paying and the events are pretty drawn out and unfun. Other than those things this is a solid addition to the warhammer 40k game library, Thanks!
This game is the best. The graphics are a little low, but overall the guns, the mech suit and the abilaty to choose weapons is sooo cool! I would totally reccomend this game to people who love guns and giant robots.