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Wargame Constructor

Wargame Constructor for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Eriksen Software located at 7427 Delta River Dr. Lansing, MI 48906. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent game! I should continue playing this, and I also have some suggestions to improve this game: Playing scenarios or your scenario(s): -In spectator mode, create some AI intelligence for one faction and for another. Editor mode: -Display some reserves and whenever the forces are in danger they can be reserves. -Extendable faction: 1 to 5 more teams per faction (just like an alliance vs alliance) -Helicopter units (I think) on 1950 to future scenarios.
I'd give this a 5 stare but you dont really have any more campaign's in this game I'd love if you had more maybe I will change this review if you do thank you.
This is garbage. Its hard to remember which units you have already commanded, which is important when trying do a formation. Also, whenever I try to make a scenario, I can't place a second unit on the ground. Usually just one
It is a good game,but it is to hard to understand.maybe it would be possible to make this a bit easier especially in the scenario editor,like a shortcut to create a unit,it takes way to long
It's a great idea for a game, and it feels like it's trying, but it just falls short. The gameplay is hard to follow because of the lack of clear feedback from combats. I want to know . Another issue is that the AI pays no attention to victory locations and seems to dog-pile its units at the nearest enemy. Also, I understand the need to monetize, but paying to download scenarios or post on the forum is too much. Maybe rewarded ads instead? I know it's hard to make a game and you have my respect.
this is an amazing battle maker for War Tactic Enthusiastics like me. I would suggest add more units like AA, AT and Armored units. I would also suggest adding unit assistance units like Landing Crafts, Artillery and maybe Missile Launchers. Over all very good app, amazing!
This game is very cool! I had played it before, and it gets time off your back. I once played this and haven't realized 45 minutes have passed! Not only that, but you can select a variety of units and unit sizes to create wars! Amazing game, 5 stars!
Um... Save Files? I'm sorry but just one isn't really enough for creativity. I will just ask for simple stuff that the flash games do. 3 save slots. I'm sorry I can't afford the full game but it is just not cool to me for only having one save file. If you do read this, then I am just asking for 3 save slots instead of one.
With so few features as far as game types go, you'll be bored after a week at most. Constructing your own wargames is tedious and boring, with your only "game mode" being a Capture The Flag type of game. The pre-made scenarios are made far too easy by this feature, as in order to win all the player needs to do is sit his forces on a flag to capture it, and this makes it too easy to win and completely removes any form of strategy or tactics. More game modes required.
I enjoy this game, and while the premium is a bit abrasive, I understand it and applaud the developer for listening to feedback from players as well as he does. Usually small app developers don't do that. This game is fun for people who are into military strategy and I cant wait to see the dev update it.
Combat needs to be tweaked so that units die clearly and there should be more ways to win, instead of just capture the flag. Also can you add the indigenous flag of Australia, so I can make a new scenario. I would gladly pay 10$ to see this app improved. Props on the idea and design.
It is a great game I had been looking for a game like this for a long time. Would be cool if you guys added the option to creat your own flag so we could play out alternate history scenarios something like a flag creator.
The only thing I can suggest is that to delete a scenario, perhaps instead of having to go into the scenario, you can just tap and hold when you are selecting scenarios. Great job m8s!
My only problem is that u have to pay to save ur scenario. That's not good when u spend an hour making a good scenario and then u figure out that u have to pay to keep it. Not ok. 😑😔
The fact you can't save AT LEAST ONE scenario ruins it for me the menu navigation is terrible and things are hard to understand
Can you make things a little less complicated also can't make a custom nations So uh I reviewed my, review, but I wanted to speak more on my topic, as less complicated, I was referring to how in custom creator you never clearly see how exactly to make armies and other things, I now got used to it, but a more indepth tutorial would be nice.
In its current state the game is really good with that being said there are some things that would make this a 5 star review. For example a expanded team option that would allow the player to play for opfor or maybe some options for more teams or the ability to shape objective zones or a perfected UI. With all that being said this game is good without these options but would be perfect with a bit more but as it stands its already pretty great.
Like alot of reviews, the game feels unfinished and there needs to be a tutorial on how everything works. You shouldn't have to pay to make your own levels, that just seems dumb, I would understand if the game was popular and.there were alot more features in the game. There should be like a list of specific units that you could put in like what kind of Stryker team is it or what Marine division etc. The game is well done right now and I enjoy it.
One of the best games I tried but it has many bugs and also please make middle age battles possible. And one more thing please make the ai more realistic.
There's two things that really frustrate me about it. 1. Randomly, units will run away from battle without you telling them to. You tell them to go towards the enemy, and they will, until they decide to go the opposite direction. I'm losing battles because the units do this. 2. The app isn't clear about instructions. I sat there for 15 minutes watching tutorials and stuff to figure out how to save and play a scenario I created. Over all, nice game, and fix those and you get five stars.
Such a great concept, so much room to grow, but so obviously unfinished it's difficult to enjoy. Other reviews are correct in their assessments on what should be added.
It's good how you can use tactics like you can flank the red army in the winter war but it could use a bit more
I Love The Game, This Game Is All About Sandbox Strategy. I Would Like To Suggest Improvement : Better AI Difficulty, Add Delete Scenario Button, Anyway Thanks.
The dev isn't on the game anymore. If you want the premium for free, search the game up but with "mod apk" at the end. There should be a website with "oyyunhub" at the end and make sure to click "mod download apk" or whatever it was called. It isn't a virus, I used Lucky Patcher (a 3rd party app that can change assets in apk files) and saw all the permissions were the same as the regular game. So if you want the premium for free, use this.
Really needs some tlc, but the premise is really great. The gameplay has the foundations of good, fun strategy, but there's a distinct lack of polish. I feel like certain key features are missing, like an elevation map and better AI. More feedback and information would also be very helpful. I'd also like to see the casualties after the battle to get an idea of how well/poorly I did. A place for people to upload their scenarios would be amazing as well. Overall, not great now, but has potential
Best tactical/operational level app available for the wargamer who is interested in tactics and operational art versus role playing kiddie games. Could benefit from including additional unit types (especially engineers and anti-tank units) and their associated support capabilities (obstacles and bridge/ferry), and including CAS/BAI sorties would also enhance realism.
This is a great game its very strategic and realistic I've been playing it for about 2 weeks now an its still fun
This game is alright. Many bugs involving troop movement but other than that it's pretty straightforward. Could use some gui work.
This is amazing and realistic, kudos to the developers. Though it could be confusing when trying to command Command Units to move.
It's really fun for people that like turn based strategy and is the only true wargame on the store I think it should add a custom scenario selection made by other players and should maybe add 1 free custom slot
Ok, so found out you can add custom flags and stuff, but now the game crashs everytime i click on it, i assume bc i may have added too many, my review will be a 5 star one if you allow more images
Can you make things a little less complicated please also make it a offline PvP so I can play with me friends (once I teach him how to play...) also can't make a custom map
The game has potential to be great. But the game has a bad bug that prevents you from issuing orders to a random unit, thus hampering tactics and game play badly.
8.7/10 for me, the entire game is good, the only thing I dislike is that you need to pay to save games. But I can live with that. Not much else to say. It is exactly what it says, and don't blame the game if you lose, because its not the game's fault you suck.Best strategy game I know. Wish there were more games like this. Basically the only other things to improve is whatever everyone else says.
The game is a nice concept but it can improve a lot. Having to pay to download scenarios is stupid for example. I also do not understand how to use custom map type as it only allows me use one picture and nothing more.
Fantastic idea for a mobile game kinda badly applied, even though the game is still great! The things that i love anout this game is the infinite possibility of scenarios you can create. What i don't like about it is instead the fact that you can save only 1 scenario, and that you have to do the terrain yourself. I really don't like to cover every small city with the urban terrain. Anyways, it's still a great game that has a lot of potential, nice work on it, cya-
I really Liked the game But i dont like the idea of paying premium to save your created scenario (I dont really mind if it has ads because im willing to watch ads if the game is this good)(it does not have ads) But please could you make the save your scenario free but for only one scenario Im just a kid who is a ww2 enthusiast Thank you for creating this game
So I didnt wanted to rate it 5 stars, however I figured something out. If you go to the files there should be a folder called WCS inside that are other folders such as flags, unit images etc. If you download an image (preferebly high resolution) and you add it to the desired folder, it does appear in the game. So even if you miss a flag or a unit symbol, with this, the game literally gives you free hand. You can even make costum flags, units and maps.
i like the concept but i cant really understand how to play as there is no real feedback from the units i cant see how an attack went or if my unit even carried out an attack and the enemy units often just go past my units instead of attempting to destroy my army i have also noticed that setting my units to attack doesn't seem to do anything they just march at the enemy get shot at and immediately retreat
Bro thank you for showing a little love for this game and giving us a free slot, genuinely interesting idea, which with more love and care could turn out to be great!
I... don't have that much on this game. The games design is very good, but i don't like the reason why you can only create 1 scenario and for the others, you have to pay for it. Not only that, but I can't delete my own custom scenario. How do I do that? Do I have to seriously have to delete my units one-by-one? Unacceptable. 3/5 Stars.
Great game if you like military strategy.I prefer having a 3d map of the battlefield because it's hard to see which land are mountains and which are flat lands. Developers if you're listening I say you should do something like Wargame red dragon, where their maps are fare more easier to see and monitor the battlefield. My final request is for this game to have a multiple player map where every country in can be played by real players in a live 3d map. Overall great game.
This is very fun and awesome I wish you could add this when you play.You could controll both sides and other units.But anyways still fun.
when i use newer devices the controls do not work. Like if i want to move, defend, or attack. Other than that,it is a great game. you can make many senario's, rangeing from BC era combat to modren combat. The animation is ok, but there is no noise, maybe if you were to add a littie bit of sound customization, for people who want music or gunfire, or sword battle or artillary etc. I wish that you could have AI ally's, and maybe even more mode than capture the flag.like spec ops or multiplayer md
Can You fix this After I Make 2 Scenarios But In 2 Scenarios Its okay but I Create A Scenario again but The Enemy Color Flag wont Show To Me Can You fix this 😑😑😑
The game i have been looking for, too bad the common troglidyte can not understand how to play such a unique game
This game is fantastic, it does require some visual polishing though. The only bad part I come across often is the hitboxes, when ever I split up a division and try to click the flag to select all, it often misses or selects another division. I found it difficult to encircle divisions because how much the ai squirms. And I love it. So it needs better visuals and hitboxes. that's all, I might suggest getting rid of google maps and drawing the maps yourself though. : )
I love the game. EDIT: Now that I've noticed you have found the free save slot I can't find any option to delete the save if I want to make a new one.
Good concept, dashing even; but it still requires more reworking. Its exausting to operate the game and it tends to limit possibilities. The custom sandbox/edit also feels very limiting in setting up large battlefields and terrain (so does terrain in general). Finnaly, the requirement to spend mony to save edits/custom battles comes off as obsurd, would rather pay for more customization possibilities and better maps.
well i would put five or even a hundred since its addictive and fun but two things... i hope there was many factions and build our own flags so its more creative
I absolutely love it! And I play a lot of strategy games but this is so cool and has a lot of potential, all in all great game
gameplay is alright with occasional bugs occurring with troop movements but my main problem would have to be the scenario editor as my brigades keep bugging out of their designated division and sort of become their own and when i do delete these brigades they would keep coming back , no matter how many tines i keep deleting them
Fun game. An idea to add is maybe a calculated casualty count? And like manpower for units added to damage (like, 19,000/20,000 for divisions and so on.) Also. Maybe add trenches too!
Needs an update... but if you are a strategy gamer, Military or a Military Wantabe(I am), or want a real world war sim, this is a suggestion. Hopefully the developer(s) update this regularly. I have emailed my requests.
Units retreat to easily. 1 battalion vs 1 platoon and the battalion retreats.... Also after about 8 turns the game gets super laggy EDIT: In response to your reply it was in the premade scenarios
3D unit graphics possibly? You could make some money buy offering 3D units as well as the NATO symbols, like $1.99-$4.99 for good looking 3D units
why do you *require* access to photos & media on my device? i highly doubt you need that to make the game run as intended 😂 uninstalled
Definetly needs more updates, but its a well developed app for this type. It needs more developed naval units, also forts to recreate historical battles, it should have the ability to share maps and download stuff others have done. By the way, how about custom flags? Custom icons?
This game is enjoyable but having more than one scenario is behind the pay wall and it needs to stop having bugs every once in a while
For the most part loved the game, though I wish it was easier to find my units in edit scenario. I've lost like 15 platoons and now I have to search the entire country lol
NEARLY perfect but the game-breaking lack of features runied it. Combat is confusing and we need the ability to STOP VIBRATION FOR GODS SAKE. Please. This game was almost perfect.
Intresting concept wish their was a way to consolidate units to under 1 command as there is a way to deconsoldiate it from commands to individual units... also I wish there was a tutorial to teach you how to do things
Honestly even though I played for 5 minutes at most I could tell this game isnt fun, creating your own scenario is honestly very confusing I could not find my troops or the enemy or even how to start the battle their was no button to start the battle
Even inspite the lack of any tutorial, the button controls tell you what they're for so it's not too hard to figure out on your own and it's wonderful: realistic tactics such as flanking manuvers work, the unit structure is realistic, and it's just a wonderful game. The only problem other people complain about aswell is just the preminum fee you ought to pay to unlock saving scenarios.
Creators can you add tanks and maybe make it where you can attack with more than just one unit and maybe make zombie units for like a zombie battle example instead of armys for regular units it would be Hordes for zombie units if you see and read this plz reply back Thanks:)
I enjoyed the game alot. I think the UI could use some updating and more scenarios added but other than that I loved it!
I would give it 5 stars it's a really good game but I set up like 50 divisions from the English channel to Switzerland along the France German border but I couldn't save it and it took forever to assemble that. Please add this. Also add the ability to delete custom made maps. Great game overall!
I like this and I really want it to get better,but you need to add more things. First, more units, as of now there are only tanks, infantry, cavalry,naval,air,artillery,supply,and hq units, (I might be forgetting some)but engineers, anti-tank,different types of air power like Bombers and fighter planes should be included(As wall as recon, etc).Another point I want to drive at is the Army creation of the game which is lacking in my opinion and tedious at some points.The actual gameplay is a mess.
I wouldn't necessarily call it a game, it's more of a simulator, but it's pretty fun regardless. It gets a little buggy if you add too many units (they don't stack correctly) and combat is a little iffy (some commands don't work like you expect them too). But there's really not too much to complain about
It crashes on my Google pixel. Can't select anything. Sometimes it crashes before it even fully opens. Fix that and I'll re-review.
Love this game and if u are interested I have a YouTube channel about it called History Geek TV if u wanna check it out. A few things that would make it better are copying units in the order of battle, make things quicker and also sort out some of the movement stuff u do when taking your turn Also the public forum doesn't always appear but it's still a great game