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Warfare Strike:Global War

Warfare Strike:Global War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by GameZEmpire. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its so interesting game... Good graphics.. Build your own alliance and prove them that you are the strongest
Game lagging.. no improvement from developer.. game free but you need bought pack of gold and material for surviving..
The moment i installed and started the game. I always look forward to play it every minute. Great and awesome game. Highly Recommended.
gm never help game suck Money only and they put developers as players in game with unlimited rss gold and fake reports too to forced people recharge game have a lot problems gm just said we r sorry spend again we didn't make up losses which happened by game problems
This game it shows that if you don't have money your nothing you just bullied with higher HQ/bases inside. Always do farmhittings the other players are racist too. Really not a good game.
I like this game, good time killer...just one request, can you activate a zooming in the screen of the base,,thanks!
Nice entertainment to pass timing. Strategy gaming and more interaction with other players is good. But latest update was worst. It ruined my gaming and so laggy.
I start playing this game last 1 year, starting is enjoy, but slowly they create base to kill active player n push all player to spent money
Too bad.. cannot maintain 1 server but combine too many server making game much more worst.. very lag.. banned account that have play for long time
Its ok..nevertheless, its not fair enough for those who cant spend money for this game..high ranking players should not attack hq14 and below
Actually I like so much this game, but untill now, I still can not buy any package even though I have IDR 1,500,000 in my google play. Maybe I should end playing this game, thank you.But the problem is solved just now, I forced stop google play, clear the data, and the cache. Then I did the same thing for the game, after that I opened google play, and opened the game, then buying the package I need.and settled , everything. I am a programmer, so I can think clearly, even though slowly...
This game is a take on, the developers have made the game unfair unless u spend a lot of money and I mean a LOT. If the server isn't making them enough money they merge a small number of servers together. That means you end u being a level 15 hq put up against a level 30 hq, You are just food for the big spenders. Also a lot of racism in this game if u fly the wrong flag u will b hunted and burned as certain ppl/Nation think it's a game for them only.
this game is just lords mobile which i didnt even want to rate it i fought it was going to be like commander couqer but no it cant be the ad becuase it will be a lot better if it was.
This game is very stragictic and fun.you been enjoy and have friends and enemy.hop this game will have many more improvement equipments for battling...ty sir..
Cant enter.. already check and change telco service many time.. Most of player complain same trouble....
Nothing like red alert. False advertisement. Loved the old game and the freedoms of building your forces and exploring maps. This game is not even close to the old one. I will be uninstalling after 45 seconds of game play. Sorely disappointing it's not the game i loved, reply i recieved was a joke
im stuck at loading page (99%)more than hours.. please fix this.. update:- thank you for your fast action.. good game to enjoy.. i love the gameplay
i can not connect thru the server since this morning..has the server closed already coz it has been houts updating maintenance of the game.
The game is entertaining and Good but add more city to give more opportunity to other alliances and also limit the city obtained in 2 by the top alliances like KGD and NOR. I'm SplashQuezon in server 2 and Quezonian in server 1.
Scam Your ads on youtube is directly ripped from C&C Red Alert 2. I downloaded this game just to call out your ad bs. Please stop, use your own games footage. I don't care if it looks or sounds cheesy because I know you'd put stock music or fx in it. Just don't use other games and mislead people.
Very intense game. This game makes you think, strategize and work with your alliance to succeed and dominate.
This game is a ripoff you need shields all the time you can get attacked as many time as they want I was attacked 49 times and lost all my men and resources I collected over months in one day
Games it ok , but when u offline and go start play again , always disconnect 🤣🤣🤣 , the games loading very disappointed , must improve all server , spoil games , 🤗🤗🤗 always stuck again and again , now this game have some improvement
It a really fun game,but many players quit because they got bored of the game,my only request is to add more details in the game.thank you
I hope you get sued for using EA Command and conquer footage in your trailers. This is super deceptive. Your advertising department is criminal. Your game is trash.
Filled to the brim with spenders, not active players. Our alliance members are active. We were the rank one alliance in our server and the second alliance in the ranking has 4 high spenders with hq 22 and t7 while our 2 highest spenders only have hq 19 and t6 troops. Trying to become strong in this game without spending is impossible, spenders would just step all over your troops and drain your power until you have no more troops to send, then the members quit and the alliance is dead. THE END.
Bruh..... Where do I start, first, they used a C&C ad (command and conquer) that advertises RTS gameplay when it is Cleary a base builder... Another thing is, despite multiple revoeees, they refuse to take down the C&C ads, which is copyright infringement by the way, so westwood could technically still sue them. Lastly, I've seen them reply to all these copyright infringement reviews with what seems to be a bot message, as per usual to make their game seem better. No, we do not care the ad 👎
hi, I posted my review but have not received rewards. I did give 4 stars, but now I have 5, because I'm addicted. Great game, now I understand it better.
Horrible game with a horribly misleading ad. Don't use other games for your ads if you want people to stay with your game. For all those wondering the game in the add is command and counqer red alert 2
first time when i downloaded this game i didn't know how to play it, so i joined the group and now i really like this look thank you
I rate it 4 couz of vetting better translation, the developer need this to balance so all players can play fair. overall the game is so fun, intense and you can have more friends on this. hopefully on the next update the bug will be fixed. thank you.
Uhhhh..... Absolutely %100 not the game advertised! Your ads depict PvP action like that of other games, found no such type of game play. How do you people get away with this stuff? This thing is just a tedious and relentless stream of upgrading and ads to pay an unrealistic amount of real money for pixels... Hugely deceptive advertising. Uninstalling... You folks should be ashamed of yourselves. If i could rate lower, I would. Hate being lied to. SMH...🤮
it keeps asking for permission for this game to make and manage phone calls, I keep denying so it won't let me into the game. Why would I allow this? uninstalling!😡😡
Why i cant enter the game? The connection are good, but when i enter the game, it always said reconnect, why is that?
great evolution of strategy game...very intense and addicted game suitable for us. like those farming etc. similar to generals command and conquer..love it 5star for this apps
Yeah, the ad caught my eye. But it was footage from a different game. This game is nothing like the advert. Seriously don't waste your time with this. Download command and conquer if you want to play the game that was advertised, not this garbage. Oh and if you care to look you'll see that like 99% of the 5 star ratings are clearly fake accounts. Edit: I predicted your response in my first sentence. GG!
My oppinion, this game interesting. But need to spend penny on it to make it happen. About game strategies, all you need was to be in team. If your team are scck, then you become scck if not using penny on it. Always make lots donation on an alliance or better don't play if you don't do that. Always shield, if want to play this game, and remember that, if you feel not enjoying this game, go find others exciting adventure game. I give 1 star for my enjoyment stats. 0 star for strategies. Tq
I have only downloaded the game so I can post a review. I have been driven here by an advertisement that shows a Red Alert style game (well or probs Red Alert itself, btw isn't it illegal?) and I have read the comments that of course as expected this game is nothing like that. I've read your responses to others comments but seriously guys, if your game isn't eye catching enough they why bother writing it? Also if Red Alert is then why not write a game like that? I could write more,but no space
how can i get back my old base name bentaraperak? its happen went i uninstall the old version apps? too tired to be beginner again
Clickbait losers. To catch my eye? How about I stab yours out. Edit to response: Your ad is a fake, to make people think they can play CnC, so f you and your lies. Never downloading a GameZEmpire app ever again, congrats on killing your own name! At least this way I found out you're a liar developer right away hahah
Game is okay but loads of improvements needed and BOTS should be banned as they have an unfair advantage over otthers
Overall a good game but once you need an alliance the top few you need to join you cannot and this becomes a problem, you become left out and targeted. Their is also a lot of the game where you have to figure out yourself and even now after a few months playing it's still un-clear, so their is still a lot of improvements to be made
The games are becoming so sucks. Hard to login and makes player hard to defend their base. Always have bugs problems. Money player will dominate the game. Not recommend anymore.
The info and sound makes it look like a command and conquer type game but it's nothing like it. Why do the game makers lie about what their games are so much?
The gameplay is standard troop (unit) training and upgrading either by research or leveling up the troop (unit) type. The higher your base level, the higher your strength. Means, in order to go strong, you must spend money. No tactical war gaming is relevant, the basic is clear, those who strong win. All units are same, infantry, tank, mobile armor, and plane. The difference is only level. Also, since new update, the game become laggy, which will be trouble in order to execute precise action.
bad game... this is money game... no money u cant play freely... all the thing need gold... u cant survive without recharge...
Don't play this game because it will banned you without telling you why. Even if you spend thousands in it. It will simply banned. Stop spending stop playing this game.
As others have pointed out, the false advertising is a disgrace. The game is nothing like Red Alert 2, which is shown for the entirety of their ads. Cue the nonsense reply from the developer to say the ad is designed to 'catch the eye'. If you can't catch the eye without using a completely different game, maybe it says something about the quality of your own game.
Is very difficult to understand this game. They make a very complicated to understand. Look like redallert but they make it difficult to build till, game difficult to fight is ok. But difficult to understand is very hard to continue this game. Endup this game are not popular. Somemore this game horizontal screen not landscape screen. Hmm feel not interested anymore
updating my ratings..the new update sucks it favors the big time spenders...more and more players are loosing interest into this game...fix the new update please!
Good game, environment is more likely on Red alert, tesla tower, grand canon, prism tower, army is great. I want to see Tanya and the rest of RA character in the future.
great game for a beginner and i suggest a good alliance at the beginning, lots to learn, money packs make it easy as you dont have to buy the expensive ones.. it lets you work into it. thanks
it is a bit disappointing, I thought it would look like the old RED ALERT that you see your troops when its attacks but its not. RED ALERT is far much better than this, sorry.
Fun game, great for wasting about 30-60 minutes at a time Has a minor pay wall, but all around decent game
Seems the game developers plant employees with endless points in order to get the public to pay more to beat them. Needs looking into!
Fake advert! Waste of time. I clicked on the advert after seeing red alert 2 and was super excited to play. Until I saw the screenshots of the actual game play. I even installed it to write this review about your sh** click bait adverts. I hope you wasted all your money on advertising
It can be boring at times and need more resources.Also the amount of resources used to build or upgrade is to high as your lvl gets higher then the amount of resources you get should also increase. I have also think that if you choose not to join an alliance and you remain neutral them while you are neutral you can help whom ever you can but you can not be attacked by anyone else because of your neutrality as is reality of a war situation then the game becomes more true to life
because of the update of the game I can not open loading loading days later nevertheless expire the shielding offense to play online games like this.
Not very good your game can't log it's take 3 or 4 days to get in. It's so junkie to me. I have purchased in the game but your developer not developing to make it easy to log. Cut the crabs just make it easier.you just make an annoying game.worst game ever to log in worst worst worst case ever
This game is good and enjoyable, however, they are not generous enough to provide compensation to all inconvenience that the players are experiencing. Also, i would like to mention the following for you to consider on your next update: 1) add "quick challenge" on ruins 2) reduce vit consumption for tile attacking 3) make reasonable compensation for great lost of troops during attacks from higher HQ levels, you make me laugh when you give me 60k alloy for 150k lost troops
I cant bind using my facebook. Why this game not use email address? My castle gone because this game always restart when i try to binding.
When you spend money on this game you will be banned. Developer didn't care about it. Some of our members got banned by buying to some third party site. 😢
This is a great strategic game, but somehow there is no such as resources sharing or donation for the fact that this is a team or a clan game... For this reason ill give a 4 stars unless updated thanks
False advertising,do not buy ,I will be laughing my butt off if EA sues them.Also,this game's ads are technically illegal
I like this game the future of Red Alert but i dislike is LAG and BUG. One more thing is gm never tolerate to players and they like ban commanders reason as farm account.
its a very nice game & i want to rate 5 but due to some bugs still occuring i rate 4. hope you'll fix the bug's problems, god bless us all.
I have an issue were I've lost access to my account. I've spent a couple thousand dollars on this game. It's been 10 plus hours and still no response from there support team. Looks like I will have to go spend in a different game not made by these people
GM, please quick answer my ask in the game, i active play in server 5 and the account not bind to my fb, and i want u help me that my account bind to this fb, i didnt want lose my precious account in server 5, if u cant give me back, i will not play this game anymore and uninstall it, please help this one .. thanx GM
Very disappointed by fact that real gameplay is so boring and trudging. It's not RTS. Also I suppose that developers don't know that there's space needed after punctuation marks in some text (look at name of game lol)
False Advertising - These plagiarizing scum ripped gameplay directly from Command and Conquer. Developers like you are a disease to gaming
My experience with this game is terrible, Developer has a bug causes loophole for players to take advantage in their gaming. They permanently banned player, or else hold them ransom for large amount of cash in order to reactivate their Commander. A highway ROBBERY.
empire and allies is much better allowing u to build a base and defend it against attackers. also lets u fight and control the battles when attacking other bases. This game does non of them. description was like red alert 17 years ago. This is far from it.
FAKE! Doesn't look like the ads at all. Its like all those annoying games that takes longer and longer to build and you need to buy diamonds to be strong enough. Bad game.
Misleading, not like the ads, just another attack game that you have to spend a lot of money to win. Don't waste your time
Not a good game.. Not fair, if your alliance strong, the weaker alliance just need to complain.. Then the gm just banned player from your alliance.. Without checking the complain.. Always leg this game.
Well your ad doesn't tell the truth you showed a gameplay of red alert wich is a pc game created by westwood studios and may I ask why are you people using other games for advertising your game
game is good but need more system like mafia city..this game no alert when we're being attacked when we're not online also name owner of base is so big I think just write under the base
Pros: like the teams experience and graphics. Simple team tiling and resource gathering game. Battling can be fun. Multiple boards to game. Cons: no limits on daily purchases and some players seem to have unlimited buying power. Some players just buy excessive power overnight without any strategy. No good online resource for game help. What is there is weak. Purchase items are expensive. Tournament play always happens at the same time. Not fair for a world game platform. Excludes people
Super lag and wasting my time ..You are not eligible to receive even 1 star. I will rate 0 star if i can.
I played about 2 month.. Now i am about lossing my Account... Why? I give you 5 star.. Wish you can fix it.. I am waitng
Doesn't even attempt to disguise that it uses command and conquer red alert 2 as the advert for this game which bears no resemblance to the actual game. And no, the point of an ad is not to just 'catch the eye'. It needs to highlight your product. Otherwise this is the equivalent of advertising a Ferrari and then when I buy it I find out it's a fiat Yugo.
This game is nice but so annoying when u play with autobot base and dev join too to balance and helping other alliance... tile hitter from bot base and from bot base incoming superpower base to helping other alliance when lose on battle...
Another one of these money sucking games that are all the same and marketed as something else. Don't waste your time downloading
You don't even use your own gameplay video in your ads, atleast don't use others' video, the one in your ad is EA games, Red Alert. That game is far from your level, its very unprofessional on your side, and to say that its just for promotion is not even an excuse, you should use your own game in the ads. Do not mislead people!
dont play this game..without investigate they block because the other hater report..they cannt survive they report...then blocked..pity with system..no longer be the best game..bye2
This game is a rip off. Dont play this game this will only take your money if you are ever be a spender. This is a scam
this game so much spoiled, look like someone have relation with GM to control this game, f2p & p2p just rubbish on this game, only hyper P2P can survive.only 1 person can destroy whole guild, 30k troops can kill 500k troops like tamil movie, resource gathering take so long time until 6 or 7 hours on single tile. lose compensation? some time you got speed & resource , when you lose big army's you got nothing, poor game, this most stupid game ever.
The game run slowly. This is especially frustrating when player engaged in a battle. Slow response time. It stopped when I engaged in a battle. I had to restart the game. Very slow game response. Im a VIP 4 player and shall entitle for free 1 minute research time. This feature disappeared ever since I updated the latest version. Please improve
since the newest update i have not been able to update the game. My base is now zero and rss gone. i reached out to devoloper contact and its been 3 days with no response... to say the least im very frustrated
1 STAR for graphics and controls because it's different from the game ads. 1 STAR also for gameplay because it's also different from the game ads. 1 STAR also for anything else because I thought this is Red Alert mobile version. The game play sucks that's why you guys put red alert instead making your own.
the game is very fun and addicting but sometimes lagging and please fix the bug.but all and all the game was amazing!!!
Because you change the settings!!! Plenty of my troops are lost in the hero legend before I got the rewards. Maybe in the future I will uninstall this game due to I can't buy shields and lack of troops...
Not the game advertised. The game advertised is command and conquer red alert, but the game that downloads is a poor imitation of this. Very missleading.
Nothing like the video advertising it. They have used a video from Command & Conquer which is a totally different game to this. Uninstalled it as soon as I discovered it wasn't C&C. Shame on you
The game developer of this are too greedy you will not win unless you spend thousand of dollars on it and not to mention..all servers are dead unless you join on some spender players you survive..
i playing this game because i like red alert sound. even there game is totally different, is enjoyable
I can't log in to my game.. It's stuck at the opening.. Please fix this... Already updated the latest version
Not a good game... This game is for the rich people only.. Who can spend money to rise there base's.... If you dont spend you will be bullied by other players... And the game so lag it takes 5-10 minutes to open... And this game needs a high internet connection.. Hope the developer resolve this issue and i will give a 5 star rate..
This is not fair. This is not some cheat code.Players pay real money in this game. As far as i know the seller said the owner of the game has sold the game to a new buyer. I can see the dev name has changed. He said he is from the dev team selling cheap packs to recover some of the money. We are being cheated and we are the one got banned. Its like we invest in something and that something dissapear. You should punished the seller not the players for being cheated. Where is the justice in this.
Fake ad!!!! Game is not even funny to play. No actual war gameplay.. Just Send you're troops and that's it. No control or anything. I downloaded this app because I saw an ad for it with an actual clip of "red alert©" but there is no such thing in this game. -10/10 would download again! I do NOT recommend this.
Wow! Really smooth, perfect. But , with my high speed internet , how you can say CONNECT FAILED!! WHY???
good game but some basic maths in the game are incorrect. EX. you have a way to speed up your vitality gain. made mine to 295secs per 1vit. then when you used the additional skill to further increase it by 50%. you'd assume that it will be 148secs per 1vit but NO. it went down yo only 219secs.... LIKE WHAT??
this is the best game i love it! *this game is child friendly so hahah no swearing people if your a pilipino join us our alliance is pilipino soldiers usp ok guys see you in the game!*
It was a nice game but the GM ruins the game i play this game for a long time but this recent update the GM ruins my account.
But there is a problem I have incountered. It is hard for me to go on with the update, I am using sattelite internet which is limited access only. Maybe I cannot join the city war to help my alliance and worse thing is my base unprotected.
Great game addictive and it will be more addictive if your going to give us another map and server i saw some bases left behind cause they are try to create another account but the problem is they can't because we only have one server and its hard to bind another account please create another server! And map to conquer!!, thanks
My husband installed this app on my phone and so I tried. Thought it was only gor boys but I definitely enjoy playing it. Cool!
Just another lame wannabe war game using illegal copyright pirated footage to pass off as its own. Very poor. I suggest that if you download this, the criminal Chinese communist party would then steal your credit cards and use them to prop up it's tanking economy. If only they'd use their cash to pay reparations to other countries affected by the China virus.
Terribly misleading YouTube ads. They show a cool command and conquer type rts gameplay but is nothing like it. Its not rts. false advertising. Also the english is awful right from the beginning its cringeworthy.
I love the game, but I hope we see action during plundering. Looking forward to some sort of development. I actually referred the game to my friends but they found it boring tho I don't think so. Just have to learn it.
False adverisement! Bad for business!! This game is being advertised with video gameplay of Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 (a PC game) which this game is nothing even close to being compared to! You should be ashamed of yourself. I bet if EA found out about this you would have a lawsuit on your hands!!
Desperately needs chat improvements, settings options, and another means of binding account for those without a facebook.
Why does it need access to make calls? If I deny this access then it says it needs sd card access. I dont mind if it accesses the sd card. I'm not going to let it make calls!
this game should not been rated at all actually. the most worst game ever. dev and their team also play along on the game. dont waste time guys on this game. no point complaining to gm or developers. if u want to make people enjoy this game stop dev players play along.
City war is on and I can't help my teammates won't let me recall troops from crystals or let me chat this game has so many problems I think the developers are just interested in big money players is that it the compensation you have given me is a small drop in the ocean to what could of had I lost a days resources collecting and not given a chance to upgrade my commander via collecting crystals not good enough sorry if it wasn't for the friends I have made I would of quit
very bad experience. this made in China game is a scam. developers are playing with unlimited rss and support doesn't exist. definitely stay away from it.
Downgraded it to 1 star. The game is so biased, and the dev's or gm's of this game never listen to any player's suggestions. Peace shield has been abused. This game is only for those who have much money. Rich can buy plenty of shields while ordinary players are having difficulties even buying just one everyday. Then the shield system has been abused, we are always requesting to the gm's to at least give a cooldown after an attack by a particular player, because rich are taking advantage of it.
It's funny how these games show one type of game play in the add but it ends up being another completely different. You must get some $ for ppl downloading game than anything else cus I wouldn't waist a penny
Gold and equipment legitimately means playing with an unaltered game client downloads and Hurt's the same the button below to verify your email address and phone number is not available on this email address is no longer in the future of our games are based on the button below then click more again and Hurt's and I will be in the future
are you serious u claim to be like red alert when the only thing u have is the voice over for building complete. complete waste of time.
idk.. ur servser has a problem i think?? it wont let play and it keeps loading.. i just purchsed lately with my card so i removed my card on my gmail account theres no transaction details it just push through im worried if the transaction was automatic renewal? pls help me.
why did you change the settings?! there is no more battle lose compensations🙄 my Shield was off and some people attack me and killed all my troops 💔I didn't even get 1 compensation, why is that!!!!!! plus you change the event in the city occupation no one can get the event!! why are you make it hard?!!!!!!!
Not like Command and Conquer at all. The video ad showed this was just like the old Command and Conquer games, but it is nothing like it. It's like all the other strategy games. This game sucks.
amazing game. i've been playing this game for over a week and I am enjoying it. just add cheaper items for newbies so we can catch up.
this game is really awesome! i highly recommend this game to my friends and family, this is such a great bonding!
Don't waste time download this game. The YouTube ads they use is from a different game that exists in the 90's called: "Command and Conquer Red Alert" from Westwood. A very successful game. This developer decide to be lazy and steal others hard work as false advertising. They gonna say that "The main goal of ads is to catch people's eye" but by stealing content that's NOT from their own game because their game is "NOT EYE CATCHING" False advertising and if Westwood wants to, they can get sued.
Don't spend a cent to play this game. 1. Expensive growth equipments. 2. Those who throw in big money into this game control the game like in server 44. Spoil the fun. 3. Slow servers. 4. Games drains battery fast for both iOS and Android
Only wish to add a better chatting system with a good translator, Its so boring always loosing chats over restarting devices, hope to work on it
Already reviewed this once. They sent me the generic response and deleted my review so here it is again. Report their ads to the host platform (FB, YT etc) to get them removed. They use PC Red Alert 2 gameplay to advertise a grindy mobile game, when called out on it they say it's just to "catch your eye". That's illegal in the UK and EU and breaches advertising laws. Their last game had the same issue, won't be long hopefully before this pile of junk clickbait-and-switch game is removed too.
System players are working for the company and push you to spend money. Do not play. It is not possible to win even with spending.
trash game, total false advertising using an actual good game to promote this garbage game. it's just another clone of then play to play game where you have insane wait times unless you pay real money. do not keep giving dev's like this reason to pump out this kind of poor quality trash. to the devs dont bother with your copy and paste response. own the fact you pump out this kind of game only to gain money, use your time to make a quality game and more importantly dont false advertise it
Nothing like the ad........ Reply to dev. You took footage of command and conquer red alert 2 and then the game is just like every other game on the play store just a different theme. My advice is go make a game similar to command and conquer with multiplayer etc and give people what they want. Not more of the same. Thanks for your reply
The ads are complete lies. Ads display video that is nothing like game play. I would rate it lower but am unable. Very disappointed.
Its a good game so far.With awesome graphic and various method of chatbox grouping.but need to work out of the marching speed they arent change when use boost,only kill times, and base design you should make it variety as lvl goes higher,not like as the giant looks similar wth the small base.only size is different.
I played 3 days in a row, 16hrs a day, it's a very good game, the problem which annoy me is I'm always seeing a message unable to connect server and log out.
This is not command and conquer I downloaded it as I thought it was a version of my fav game. You copyrighted a video and falsely advertised what you were not offering. If game is good enough it does not need someone else game
This is definitely not C&C Red Alert game, just another spend time or pay £££ to survive..., so time wasting game
Ads are literally gameplay from Red Alert 2, while the actual game is yet another generic pay to win "screaming face" idle city builder. Should be ashamed of using that footage in ads.
This game suck,when u update game u cant login the game,take time to login your accounts,gm advice u uninstall game and install again and u lost your accounts due facebook cant pairing with the game,keep try untill now,u need to do something thanks.
Lags a lot. Seems developer are not experience and lack the knowledge to run this sort of game. A very bad copy of Game Of War. If you value your money, time and sanity, STAY AWAY from this game. I can't even remember a game so frustrating and annoying. They gave you 5 servers each with the same game with majority the same players and same problems.
I run to a little bit of issues with in game purchase, I have already email Dev about this but nothing happened... I hope the Dev would see this and help me
Advertised as a command and conquer clone, but is in fact a click and collect game disconnection issues, obviously a pay to win game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
The game is fun but keeps disconnecting from wi fi . Sometimes hard to connect . Mornings better but gets worse as day goes on
great game. for alliance donation maybe can put button for max donation.would be easier.idk wether my phone screen insensitive or the game i lag.need to click multiple time for single donation.if can do that then would be better for more players
Already contact the GM.. n until now for 7 days the problem cannot be solve by the GM.. so dissapointed since last nov 2020 im playing this game n only wasted my time n money in this game not for enjoying
This game is a complete scam. All previous 5 star reviews are fake, they refer to red alert even though the game is nothing like it. Some mention loads of bugs but still 5 stars??? Complete illegal false advertising. AVOID!!
There are times when the app just get stuck at the start button screen. Only restarting the phone resolves the stall
Not a good game... This game is for the reach people onky.. Who can spend money to rise there base's.... If you dont spend you will be bullied by other players...
Server S2-12 ,too many bug and lag..sometime cannot login..Players already spend too much..hope dev can solve it...and make new price for buy resources and equipment ...too expensive..
This game is a farce. I just spotted an advertisement showing Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. I have seen that you mentioned that ads were supposed to catch peoples eyes but catch them with your own creation! Don't just show us footage of a fantastic game that your team dont have the mental capacity to even come close to.
Interesting but the pay wall IS HUGE and extremely high ranked players constantly plunder noobs because the PAY WALL is HUGE and they're forced to plunder resources from pre adolescent kids
game keeps freezing then crashing cleared cache and is Facebook bound still doing it and I have the latest version
This game is using C&C Red Alert 2 as their adverstisement. Pure scam and misleading. Stay away from this game.
The ads are complete lies. Ads display video that is nothing like game play. I would rate it lower but am unable. Very disappointed. "The ad is a simple game introduction." Yeah, to a totally different game!
This game legitimately showed me an ad to install where they used ACTUAL footage from Command and Conquer Red Alert from pc to sell their game. This game looks nothing like the footage, this game plays nothing like the footage, I know, because I've played the game the stole from. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE JOKE THIS DEV IS. Can't even support themselves by advertising their own game.
Great little time waster, but unless you're willing to spend real cash, you'll just be fodder, for those who enjoy lording it over others.
False advertising, a big Big problem in the mobile gaming platform right now. Not only is the advert gameplay of command and conquer which has nothing to do with your game which in turn is misleading I'm pretty sure EA would be only too happy to file a lawsuit against you for use of their copyrighted material. Either be honest about what you offer or stop being part of the untrustworthy devs of the mobile gaming industry Let people choose your game for what it is No excuse for it.
Do not download this game. They are falsely using other real games to advertise their own pathetic game just to make money. They are using footage from the classic command and conquer games by Westwood studios to promote this pathetic game, not only is that wrong on so many levels, but there is no comparison in any way. This is just another cheap ass pay to win game that is cheaply and quickly made for the developers to make quick money. I wish Google could remove and ban developers like this.
I like the game and the battle loss compensation feature, but there's one thing I hate, is the skin costume feature. You made it to last 3 days and I just spent 10000 gold hoping that its unlimited and that kind of ruined me when I saw the Countdown. Please make it unlimited and ill rate 5 stars.
Don't waste your time guys like all games like this one players pay stupid money for power put on maps same as none payers,wipe you out they have farm accounts also dame server,and have more than one group of friends where they gang up on small players these games become pointless as players can't compete against bully or players who pay for power, , game is deleted full of bully don't waste your time for nothen I did months and contant hour's of playing which take so long to build /collect
Hello, i found out that my base is not on the world map which os cause of freeze on the game. Now i use teleport to another place and it wotks fine. Problem solve now. Thanks for the support. Attacking rebel freezes. I tried to clear cache. Even clear data. And still freeze. When i clear data. It came from start and i login to my bind account. When i will attack rebels. And i press march it will not march. When i close the game and open. The i tried to attack rebels it became freeze again.
How could this game banned some big spenders?its ur security fault about abnormal acc.How can big spenders bought abnormal pack if its not from someone from ur company?REALLY BAD GAME..
i enjoy this game, hopefully your not trying to make new server fast, its bcoz some other players will jump to a said new server,and its sad to say that other might be ghost server soon.
the computer game this is based on is one of my favorite of all time, and the adaptation is cool, I just wish someone would create an old school single player version. I prefer to avoid the political agendas that come with games of this style, it gets a bit too ridiculous for me.
This games is suck.my account been blocked after i spend a lot money on it..Guy,stop play this games..you will lost your money..
i playing this game because i like red alert sound. even there game is totally different, is enjoyable & entertaining
Even the games are upgrade by the technology. The concept of this game is came from my favorite red alert and yuris revenge. I'm so happy and excited to explore this lifetime gaming experience.
You are tolerating hitting the troops that are collecting at the farm. Dagler deliberately hitting the farn troops. This is very unfair on our part. Many players are now disappointed with this action of dagler. I hope you punish or give sanction on this biased playing of dagler. Many players will stop playing this if thereis no necessary action will be given to dagler.
Basic version of many other games but its fun. Suggest developers optimise the game for tablets also as the lower half of many pages cannot be accessed. Also I'd like to suggest that the translator functions in private mails so that player from different teams/nationalities can communicate.
This is a very good game but some players keep on bulliying, racism, and speak violently to other players. This is a real voilation of our constitution. The player must be given sanction by this act. To the creator of this game i am appealing to you to give punishment specially the player named maddog. This has the worst attitude and law breaker.
First of all, the game's ad is a blatant content from Red Alert 2, which is as illegal as it jets. The game itself is a cheap preset "town builder" with its events time centered for East Asia. Every few main events, some really powerful players appear out of nowhere and wreck havoc, forcing players into new purchases. That level of power (in absolute number) costs $,$$$ and nobody in their right mind would spend this amount on such a game. Stay away at all costs. Devs: your ad uses stolen clips
allow make and manage phone calls otherwise cant play? what is that s.....t? why i allow to do that? i deleted straight away be carefull people!!
False advertising, as well as copyright infringement for passing off Command and Conquer as your own game. I'm familiar with that footage, so I knew what this was, and downloaded it just so I could review it. I don't know anything about your game, but I might have tried it had you been honest. As it is, I will be uninstalling now, and because of the way Google ads work, I won't see your ad again, even if your company grows a conscience and releases honest ads. Oops.
Was a fun game and very even play, gm changed alot of the game to make it lopsided so the only way to compete is to spend lots of money.