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War Z 2

War Z 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Neuron Network Limited located at RM C 21/F CENTRAL 88, 88 DES VOEUX RD CENTRAL HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Map View does not work at all. All that most players are able to do is build, research and train troops. No real point in downloading. If the bugs would be fixed then I would say download it.
World map still broken but now there's a tournament? Christmas tree still there, got a bunch of ornaments and cookies and canes I can't do anything with. CAN'T DO QUESTS because of broken world map. Seems like this game gets worse as time passes instead of better. You can keep your gems for 5β˜†'s .... I'm a beta tester and will always give an honest review. Glad I didn't use real money yet...
Let me start off with I have a galaxy note 8. The world map is nothing but trees and terrain. I see no buildings, no zombies. I'm stuck on a quest that reads ( kill 1 zombie) I've killed multiple in the mission and at my fort. Only place to find them really. I like the game but needs a lot of work. Bugs around every corner. Your octopus. It will say 4 hints available but "searching for monsters"for about an hour. I've been let down
Freezes up all the time and game is slow. You have to log in ten times for it to work and it's for a very short time.
The game is in need of a big update. The forge doesn't work at all even tho i have supplies i can't scroll down to start it off. And i keep getting told by the game to attack zombies as one of the quests but there are no zombies anywhere on the map. Just like mafia wars full this game is full of issues
The game seems to be abandoned and the most recent update breaks the game. Servers are unplayable and slow, the updates add new bugs without fixing the old ones, and it needs a language update for English. Many spelling errors in English translation. Lots of bugs. Sometimes items are not received. Virtually no customer support. A money making scam.
Everything was fine until my quest was to go to the world map and kill a level 1 zombie. The map does not load at all so just stuck waiting there. Waste of time
Please update and keep safe your struggle. We don't want to give up because you make a great time killer and we don't want any other gameπŸ˜”
I paid over $300 on this game and it quit working over a week now. They won't fix or even say if they are working on it.
Don't waste your time getting this game as the game development team don't care about you! Ongoing glitches are never resolved, still running a update from Christmas 2017 with useless chests which can't be opened as well with a multiplayer world that doesn't load. This game would have potential if someone really put time and effort into it but this really is a joke!
Have the newest version. In this past week several players have found some sort of cheat code. Have sent several messages about getting then to fix it but they never get back to you. These players habe increased their overall power by 50s-60s million . They either need to provide everyone with the code or reset these players. Basically, If you invested any money into this game if is down the toilet. I'm in Homeland 6.
I vote 5 stars only because to get the diamonds as a reward. But basically still a few bugs such as not possible to go to world map only keep on loading. Need to be fixed asap
Dev n mod only wants u to buy more diamonds but never fixed bugs n glitches!!! No fcuking support team or any other forms of chatting nor replying your feedbacks!!! DON'T WASTE TIME ON THIS GAME AS CURRENT MAP SUDDENLY VANISHED!!!
Use to love this game, not anymore. This game is full of hacker, unless you know a hack you will never get strong enough to do anything in this game. I was not able ro log on for a week and got zeroed. Creator dont care dont do anything about it. Find another game, this game is a waist of time. Only reason im still on is , because i have met some great people. DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY ON THIS GAME IT IS CRAP...
Game has many glitches now cannot chat with alliance, gangsta zombie rallies nobody can join and a whole lot more I would rather not spend my time rambling on about a lot of people spend money on this game issues with glitches should be addressed and corrected.
this last update ruined the game nothing good has come of it the map doesn't load anymore no removal of the Christmas theme no keys for the hundreds of box's no updated events what is this update exactly??
Lost my 26 lv castle because of update and 4 farms although they all were binded to different accs. This game has the shittiest developers they wont do anything about it. I cant login it says you got no progress πŸ–•
Lost my account still didn't got back. Support not answering. What's the point of blind account if you cannot get it back? The game developers stole my money and are not giving my account even not answering my email. Do not spend your money because support is inactive they won't give you your account if you lost it.
Game play is very easy and addictive but not worth the time unless you are bored... Game developers have ignored the game and have done nothing since Christmas time... I suggest sticking with the original WarZ.. At least the developers are still working on it...
if I could rate it no stars I would and the creators banks can go crash for all I care right now and this review is helpful
The world won't load I've been trying to figure it out no one answers. Personal assistant was a joke thanks for wasting my time and data
please make sure when u got server problem or maintenance please terminated a game system too . its hard for us to login just now and its gonna ruins our base ..please fix it as soon as possible before ur company going bankrupt.
I'm only giving the gameplay and the app overall a three star rating for now. It was all well until my world map stopped loading. I will update my rating once this issue is resolved.
This is a good game, but I think the developers and/or programmers like to drag their feet regarding updates for this game. It's June 2018, and there's still snow on the ground, and you still get Christmas ornaments from the zombies when you tap on them. I noticed that im30 are in the same building in Hong Kong as Neuron Network Limited, but im30 update Last Empire: War Z more frequently than NNL updates this game
Now i have been locked out due to an account data error after the game being down for days due to server maintenance, Not happy. Also you say to contact customer service for any problem but how can I when I can't log into the game?????? We all play spend money then get locked out of the game and the our base gets plundered as a result of this. Administration unable to provide a stable reliable platform which in turn costs us more money and time to rebuild. YOU STILL TAKE THE MONEY BUT HEY!!!!!!!
They need to work on it, I know state 15 map dose not work, , so get out of it before you get over lvl 6 , I'm staying in the game hope it might be fixed, if they get off their butt
When I want to attack on zombies and go to the world map, it stuck on only loading and it nothing show me. I am trying to open map from yesterday. Please help me and fix it. My id- "abhijeet donbro" Thank you
Nice job of notifying players of an event change. Seems after yet another epic downtime,they change up the usual schedule an put in a cross state kill event. Right after a 2 day state kill,in whats suppose to be our rebuilding time. Fix your mess,restore the accounts harmed by your deliberate over site and greed. Still looking for the event change notification!! A quick question, how does 4.5,4.5 and 4.4 equal 4.6? 4/9/18 Another epic downtime for server maintenance, still getting xmas ornaments. What did they fix..not a dam thing. Look elsewhere for a good game to play!!!!!! The only people giving this game good reviews are the friends and family of the developers or the truly lame that can't hang playing a real game!!!
Take x mas out of game, we need Key's for kraken boxes. Do that and get all cheaters out from last merge. Then it will be fun again. Thanks J Roller State 7 OG😜
Are the Devs even reading the reviews? The game is literally unplayable right now. WORLD MAP doesnt load..... Please take this off the stores if improvements are not going to be made towards the game.
Zero communication about updates. No customer service at all. Issues go ignored. Lost troops never returned. Currently merging servers has been well over 6 hours. Facebook page shut down after maintenance started. Leaving states without any information and zero compensation. *** update*** State wars started with no warning. Players zeroed due to not being informed. Players are now locked out of their accounts. Zero support... developer attached to this play store is no longer the developer for the game. Not able to get any support from developers or in game support. In game support has gone unresponsive for over 6 months. Only reason 5 stars has ever been given is due to getting free diamonds in the game. Facebook page has blocked people from being able to see the page. Admins of that page do not bother to reply to messages either.
After a 24 hr maintenance we have expected the game to do better now it is even worse. We're in July and still with the Christmas theme, world map won't load, many have lost their bases. Come on devs fix these issues or else many will simple continue to delete the game. Players demand respect especially after spending alot of money on the game. Thanks
I would give a zero rating if I could. Devs made an update on the game but they did a half ass job. No support or any feedback from Devs or Moderators when you have an issue.
I really like it when I first started. Don't waste your time the map screen won't load game is unplayable now. Hackers and cheats have corrupted the program and the developers have abandoned the game. NO fixes or updates work. Developers refuse to respond.
Don't waste your time They are way behind on updates. In the kingdom I was in, you couldn't go out into the world and kill zombies, gather or attack enemies, you couldn't even see your own stronghold. Heck they still have a Christmas tree in the game and it's May.
Changing from loved to hate. Merged servers and game has crashed. Devs put in zero effort to this game. Still snow on the ground and xmas packages