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War Tortoise 2 - Idle Exploration Shooter

War Tortoise 2 - Idle Exploration Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems like alota fun and the evo system means the lvl system must be very deep but it does seem like there should be more options to upgrade but I'm also just starting and may not be able to locate what I'm looking for just yet or I just haven't unlocked it yet lol but so far I like it
Overall good. The game is quite good overall, but it does get kinda bland quick. Been playing for two days and I've really noticed how repetitive it gets. There are things to spice it up, but I last over 90 waves at this point. Takes about an hour. Quickly getting to a point where I dont have enough time to baby sit it. Some equipment is super-powered, makes the games feel...clunky. Some enemies have huge amounts of armor but die instantly as soon as it gone. Needs rebalancing a bit.
I want to give it a higher rating for the game play, it does what it promises. However when I put it on mute I need everything to be on mute, not the game to be quiet and the adds to play loud as dick. also adds that automatically take you to the download page have never been cool.
A totally unique take on an idle game, graphics are somewhat high end for my low budget phone but a decent tablet should be able to run this fine. You can take a more active role in the actions in the game than most idle games, and your actions are so much more than just the standard tapping repeatedly. The game's story is good enough (around 15 min in on my playthrough at the moment) and looking forward to more! Fantastic game, thank you guys!
Awesome game and a great sequel,only current problem is the game seems to disconnect itself from my google play login, which is concerning if it causes a glitch after acquiring a high level item or after spending money on an upgrade
Wore tortoise is it casual game. The graphics are great the concept is nice. I've enjoyed hours of stress-free play.
The premise of this game is creative and exceptional. If I ever get to meet the mind(s) behind who came up with all the ideas I think i would be quite happy. In regards to the gameplay, it is very responsive, amazing graphics and it is fun and addicting. It can be a little laggy at times with so much happening on the screen at once but that doesnt really detract from the sheer awesomeness that playing as a giant tortoise with armour and machine guns that mows down other animals haha.
Haven't been playing long... but so far really enjoying the game... graphics are awesome... game play is easy to catch on to. Great job 👍
Great game All in all not a bad idea and implemented game. Money generation along with upgrades are good and enjoyable to receive. No real issues. Always gets you coming back for more plus there are no intrusive ads. I would give it 5 stars but it does lack something which is zero customisations. To have your own look with regards to the armour or units would make this a complete game.
I loved war tortoise 1 but this one really takes the cake. I really love the traveling implements that they added into the game. It added a little spice of life to the game play
Amazing game! Campaign is taking a while to complete but so far humanity has destroyed itself and these lil guys are at war trying to restore humanity. Ironic right? Seems repetitive from a glance but there is strategy involved. Suggest you dont use the quick spend feature oh and invest that money!!: (pack rat/mouse) EDIT: UPDATE LOOKS GOOD SO FAR! LOVE THE LOYALTY GIFTS YALL GIVE Edit2: still instant death when equipping armor that gives less health but more armor. Plz fix. love yall thanks!
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Thought I could have fun escaping the inequities of reality with this game but even here there's overwhelming inflation XD.
As they said, amazing graphics. Gameplay is nice, and overall it is just as good as the classic War Tortoise.
It is suprisingly good. The pay to win is minimal, it does suprisingly well despite the fact it is practically a computer game. Honestly, the game isn't as good as something like dbl, but it does exceedingly well compared to other mobile games
An awesome game! I thought it would be cheesey but I was wrong! It tends to seem to drag on after a while but still really fun
Playing the 1st game got quite boring, it had little structure to it, this game has succeeded where the first one didn't. Great work devs! The game is amazing and I would highly recommend it.
Gets a little laggy at rare times but it's usually when alot is goin on. Love the theme of it all. Easy to control. Looks great. All in all a really neato game.
A great game after a few upgrades it becomes completely auto. It's basically an increment game where you get to see your tortoise shoot things. Love it.
Really fun and a time killer But I would prefer a way to see tutorials again . . . . .I forgot how to fish . . . .
controls can be a little laggy if your phone is older but this game rocks even without paying anything you can still shoot the hell out of stuff I'm sure there is probably a grind somewhere but I'm lvl10 and loving this game so far
Absolutely wonderful game, as of right now I've only been playing for about ten minutes, and the hill is starting to get a bit steeper, but it's unusually fun, even if I have to run it on potato mode because my phone isn't meant for this kind of game, awesome work, I hope more exciting things happen to it in the future
Not really an idle game, but a very interesting and unique take on the defense genre. Wind In The Willows meets Mad Max. Yeah.
After more than 40 hours of gameplay, I have to say it still hasn't hit the point of frustration. The main complaint I have seen for this game is lag. I haven't seen it myself but there is some glitching sometimes when you change terrain. Easily fixed by turning auto fire off and back on. The ability to look around while on auto fire is kinda difficult but once you get the hang of it, there is some pretty awesome views and you can actually examine enemies and units. I won't say much more.
This game is super good I saw an ad for it and remembered the bit of fun I had with the first so I tried it out and it's amazing so far haven't got a single ad or something telling me to spend my own money just gameplay of a tortoise and mice defending themselves
Not a game for the faint of heart. Between the gripping combat and the compelling story you will find yourself nowhere but the edge of your seat.
I've had a ton of fun and even dropped a couple of bucks on it, which is unusual for me, but the game keeps causing my phone to reboot whenever I get a text while playing. Not just crashing the game but my whole phone. When this is fixed I'll give it five stars but I'll be putting it down for now.
Devs, Please don't change the core of this game? Don't make it a social blah blah, boring guild, clan, etc POS game. -Me P.S- EXCELLENT GAME!!!!
Great game to pass the time! Only complaint I have is the sound/fx goes crazy when you get to higher waves. It's due to all the enemies coming in faster and all the ally units shooting at the same time. I can't play with the sound on because of this. It just sounds like one big annoying noise. However, still gave this game 5 stars because it's fun. It's easy to progress and the main reason I like it, is because you don't have to worry about anyone coming to destroy your base!
Very odd game but seriously this is extremely like a video console game and cool asf !!!! LOVE THIS !
Great idle game! Great graphics! Wish there was a online leader bored to how far I've gotten but all around runs smooth!
Never mind. Now made frustrating. Cant believe how perfect this game was, I spent serious money on it because it was just that good. Engrossing, really. Now update hits and it just tears all that up. Two types of frustrating, unwanted game mechanics added in and baseline resources adjusted despite people paying money on things in game that work off those numbers. That right there is actually kinda despicable, imo.
I love the traveling improvements and base building improvements since the first game. War Tortoise 1 was great, but things could quickly become too easy and almost effortless, and with very little campaign structure I grew bored of it quickly, despite it being a great game, but this sequel is great! Adding campaign structure and a sense of purpose and accomplishment as you progress was likely the aim of including the new exploration features, and it was definitely achieved. This is a great game
Like the game, but repeating easy waves after Ascending, gets pretty tedious. You have to leave the game open for an hour while you wait for the easy waves to pass.... Then actually focus on the game once it becomes challenging again. Needs to be a way of accelerating past this.
This game is awesome and it is the first idle game i have ever tolerated enough to play more than five minutes of.