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War Tortoise - Idle Shooter

War Tortoise - Idle Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just wish there was a story. I have so many questions. The games fun though (which is saying something since im ruthless and have a short attention span when it comes to mobile games. Oh and even better it's not an add farming game. You can actually play without being bombarded by ads constantly. The controls as also intuitive and ccx easy to use. Excellent game just wish the was a story. Seriously I'd invest real money if it weren't missing that one thing.
Seriously addictive strategy game: So, you are a War Tortoise. Like, with armour and guns. You kill waves of attacking woodland creatures, you level up and increase firepower with IGC earned from killing critters as well as regular upgrades by watching ads. Hideously addictive, great visuals, fun gameplay, the most addictive game I've played since boom beach (I have 5 BB Accounts) Download and give it 10mins, you will love it!
Really enjoyed the game, played for hours. But all my data is gone from the game, purchases, time spent leveling up, generation after generation. Ugh. Do not get this game. It is fun but theres no way to get game data back if it just erases itself. Not even a way to restore purchases.
This is without a doubt one of my favorite mobile games of all time. These developers are excellent and come out with quality games. These are major time killing games and I have just recently downloaded this game during quarantine after taking a hiatus since high school. Several years later and this game is still as fun as I remember!
Honestly, I like how good the graphics are. Very simple, it's a nice game to play when you've got nothing to do
The gameplay is super awesome, the design is cute and funny, but the constant bombardment with ads, sometimes crashing the game and sometimes seemingly starting a feedback loop that then crashes the game, and being greeted by another ad upon reopening is super frustrating and makes it about a third of the fun. Play ads after you die and leave it at that. Also, the timer after you die takes away from the hoot that this game is, 13 minutes of waiting for what? It's small and easy fixes.
I played this a couple years ago and I love it and the graphics are great for a mobile game I didnt know until just now that there was a 2nd one although I dont know what it'll be like after 2 years
This would be a fun game, without an AD everytime it opens which CRASH THE GAME forcing it to be restarted just TO FORCE ANOTHER AD. Game devs: you had a great concept, I tried to enjoy it but the ADs make it UNPLAYABLE. My device is top notch new gen android, this isn't the fault of the device. If you fix the AD crashes and reduce the amount of them to a reasonable limit, I would consider rewriting this review, but I don't expect that to occur.
Reminds me of the old defense games i played as a kid,only beyond the level of detail in my imagination
This game has given my phone adware. I get the same style of ads (proprietary to War Tortoise) all over my home screen when I don't even have the app installed! Everytime I unlock my phone, it launches me into a chrome tab full of ads. The ads on this game have somehow stayed and infected my phone even when it's no longer installed. Beware users, you might share the same fate. Now I will have to factory reset my phone because no anti-virus tool detects the anomaly. This game gave me adware!
Excellent arcade-style defense game, with a bar that's constantly raising and challenging the player to spend their in-game money wisely - or just wait for a new Perk from a video ad that will turn the tide. While there are a great deal of things to unlock and invest in, in the end there isn't that much strategy involved apart from bolstering your own defenses.
Good game. Was better. When you crash your game just to show ads you know that its bad. Other mechanics are standard f2p
its an entertaining game.. except for a few things. 1.) glitching screen 2.) glitching audio 3.) inacurate machine gun when in auto + slow turret turning speed) 4.) too many gold coins flying everywhere after killing enemies 5.) useless turtoise (needs more anti-personel damage and weapons) 6.) the mine needs a bit of adjustment, the prices goes up when upgrading it but the money return is sub par. so add more as the level goes up. 7.) needs art rework on bosses.
The only complaint I have is you can't control the tortoise movements. in fact it doesn't move at all other than that it is very addictive and I have full faith in this games future.
Could you add that the gunner mouse have a vehicle the keep then upgrade to the tank and I want to control the characters on the ground the shooter mice
This is a great game if you're into the genre of it. You don't have to spend money to enjoy it also it's one of those types of games where you can play as long as you want without being stopped by lack of energy or some stupid thing like that. The ONLY issue and it's a significant one is that when you step away while playing and your phone goes into idle and you go to start playing again the game and sometimes phone lock up and require a hard reboot. I have a Galaxy S10+ so that kinda sucks.
Seems good. I started on war tortoise2 been playing for months. I hope its as good as the second one!
This game is amazing, why I never got it long ago I'll never know. Great graphics, very fun. Developers balanced this extremely well haven't hit a pay wall at level 10 which due to that and my appreciation for that I have happily spent real money on this. I wish this one went on forever. I have WT2 but it is not as enjoyable to me as this one. When I can go no further on this I will delete the data file and start over. If your wondering about this, get it. It's a prime game.
First off, this is an idle game combining the element of 3rd animal shooter arcade into the game. On mid res graphics, the Hero characters heads are cropped off. The AOE weapons upgrade description display are buggy and did not displayed properly the function of its upgrade. The War Tortoise is actually just a decorative static character mounted with 5 type artillery. Two of the Primary weapons, which is the Sniper rifle and Howitzer choices is pretty obsolete for its limited use and lengthy reload time. Obsolete as in your minions will do most of the killing without even need to use them. Not to mention it becomes a bothersome expensive upgrade not worth getting and wish to avoid in the Quick Spend feature. If I can have a Disable option on these 2 upgrades I will tick not to include in the Quick Spend. Wish I could keep a customized settings of my upgrades that I can save and load up so not to repeat the procedure over and over on every single thing. They should also include a Health % enhancement on every Generation rebirth besides Global Damage and Cash so it can scale beyond higher levels before succumbing to death too soon.
Could be 5 star. If there was a way I could pay $2-$5 in order to get rid of the waiting times after I die itd be great. Keep wanting to play might even spend money but now im stuck on a 60 min wait time to play again. Ad a paid version with no wait times or a way to pay to disable it and throw in like a 1% money boost perk for it and id totally pay.
Update 05/10/2019: I find the onslaught relentless. So if you play on 4x speed on auto battle, you can amass a huge budget, and the enemies don't seem to be able to react or upgrade quick enough so you're unbeatable pretty much (except when a red exclamation pops up, so go manual and shoot it). Also, I've unlocked the support tortoise and zeppelin and hence I'm unbeatable, so it's just a matter of watching my battle group go through each wave.
Love it I use to play it I forgot about it but now I found it!! Only a few requests 1.Add A D-Day map 2.Add more tourtise 3.Add anything else
1 Day of playing. It's not my kind of game. It's a little mouse on a tortoise with a Machine Gun firing at Frogs, Beetles and other forest creatures. No Shooting button, it's all auto. Just move the screen and it will do the work. Upgrades are decent, a bit of grinding and you'll unlock other weapons. Upon dying, you will go back to Wave 1 without your upgrades, just the Perks you've obtained. So back to square one. I won't continue to play this game. Maybe in the future.
Great game. One of the Fewest Games that I've played that I truly believe deserves 5 stars. Great Graphics. Audio sounds good, Good choice of sound effects. Good Progression, it's not too difficult. The music makes you feel like you are defending something. And you are, you are defending a tortoise. The War Tortoise.
Great game. I suggest to install this game because it's fun and strategic. I watched some ads to support the developers of the game because currently, it is the only support I can do yet. I rate 4 stars because I was disappointed by the "free" button to earn war tokens. I've answered 2 surveys but it didn't gave me any war tokens. Please fix this problem
Used to be good. I just reopened the app after a long period and discovered that the "watch an ad for a bonus" option had actually become "watch two or three ads for a bonus." It still says "an ad" but as soon as you close one ad another starts playing. Additionally, the text for upgrades with descriptions has become unreadably small (like two pixels tall).
HEY! FORSAKEN MEDIA, YOU THERE??? Read your reviews and fix the problems. It's the same complaints over and over. The game gave me the option to take a survey which took me a half an hour to earn some tokens which it never delivered on. Pretty frustrating. This technology is obviously not developed enough to go GA. That's 30 minutes I won't get back.
This is a simple, yet fun game. This is the exact kind of game I would make if I was a developer. I've noticed that all your games are alike in a few ways, like auto-mode and they're all fps's. If there were one thing I would change, it would be not so many ads. I also like the new generation concept.
It's that turret gunner game your looking for, you see those ads where your the turret gunner but none of those games actually have you be the turret gunner wiping out zombies... this is that game but your killing bugs instead of zombies, so far its great, not a single complaint, other than what happens when you die lol but it's nothing to fret about
Great game. Enjoyed it but there's an issue with my experience. Was playing it until hitting level 70. Then the game crashed and auto exited on its own. Didn't think much about it and then I played it again about an hour later. It started me back at the beginning. Tried loading my profile again it still doesn't show anything or any of the achievements I've done. To think that I actually spent money on it and this happens to me. Will be uninstalling soon if the developers don't look into it.
The game it self is great. but there sre far to many ads. You close 1 and 2 more open. it freezes the game and you have to restart it.
The mechanics appear more complicated than they are. It is an idle game that was clever enough to actually be really engaging and fun to play live. You certainly rake in more coin playing, but offline periods can really make a difference if you use the funds to solidify weaknesses. I have three heroes already and have spent zero dollars. <3
The game itself is fun and the little animals are cute. I'd only recomend doing the 10 dollar purchase as 20 gives you a buch of perks which pulls you out of the game adding purks after you buy everything else. The problem that I'm experiencing however is that the game keeps delleting my tokens. I experienced it twice that I noticed. Once when I was spending the tokens for my 20 dollars that I spent really burned and again when I earned 16 and was ready to spend them they disappeared again.
Overall a very fun game! My only complaint is the huge wait times it can take to restart a level if you die. Currently waiting for 14 minutes. 30 seconds for the first one if I remember correctly and it makes sense to scale up but this was my third(I think) time during. If they cap it off at like 2 minutes after a couple deaths it would be 5 stars for sure.
I've been playing War Tortoise for quite a while, (way back when it was a lot more basic than it is now) I've had it on every device I've had ever since I first found it. So I've had my account for 5 or more years. And I still love this game keep up the good work devs 😆well done.
You have got to be kidding with the ads, 6-7 before you can even play?!?! I'd give this a zero if that were possible. FIX THIS PLEASE
for those who dont like ads dont use wifi or mobile data and sure if you die you have to wait but its kinda a secondary game so you play it like 1 hour a day
I'm in love turtle games that this is the worst turtle game ever it's like so bad the title looks cool but the game is horrible
Too many ads. Some are also pornographic in nature and clearly geared towards children. There's an option in the game to watch an ad and get a little bonus. That actually turns into two or three ads. Did the game freeze because a crappy bootleg ad failed to load properly? That's okay just restart the game and before you continue playing you'll be forced to watch two or three more ads. in the middle of playing? That's okay and add will pop up to keep you on your toes. This game company sucks.
OK, let's get the techie stuff out the way. So far, I haven't come to a standstill. Seems pretty unique, upgrade system is doable. I say doable cause I haven't had an issue yet as far as being able to acquire those little orange perk points, gold in other games, and those seem to be key. P2p option but so far seems unnecessary unless you're an impatient gamer. All that said, what I actually like the most is the imagination behind this game. You got a mouse squad of commandos with a tortoise combat vehicle. Makes me think of Secret of Nimh. Smart rodents and such. Yeah, this one's a keeper. Mice with guns...doesn't really get much better than that.
Love it. Perfect on a bored day, get up a couple generations then slap it In Auto battle and rake in the cash. Spent 10$ on this and it's the best 10$ I've ever spent!
It is the best thing that ever happened but can you make it so you can get more than one tortoise please and more people will want to play and have a tortoise army!!!
interesting game and def worth a try- fairly ad free and simple enuff to pick up and play. So far im very pleased but i only just started... If it turns into a "pay to succeed" or "ad after ad" then i will update my review but for how it is now i can see myself playing for awhile and even spend $$$ if it continues to impress... its worth a try for sure if u like shooters!!!
Make all adverts closable with a clear X close button, I shouldn't had to duo my menu to carry on playing the game, some adds and pop ups are fine and easy to navigate. Otherwise it's a pretty well built game !!! Bit of a forced tutorial, I didn't want to goto gen 2 but it forced me too ! Pretty graphics and sounds good :)
I am not being rude but it seems like just a robotic toryoise shooting at frogs and if to see what i am shooting by zooming i'Ll be dead or the bullet shot doesn't shoot like the way it shoot without zooming and it's like shooting at nothing but something just to protect the warfare tortoise but hope it does better and more interesting up the levels. Thanks
The tortoise is just a platform where you control your gun and doesn't affect gameplay at all. Unskippable video ads on game opening. Watching ads sometimes don't give reward because the game crashes. Timer starts appearing when you die in later stages to encourage you to pay with premium currency. The game becomes an idle game once you unlock auto aim. Basically an incredibly boring game now with the game randomly throwing overpowered enemies at your level to force you to restart.
The game play is fun but the ads are a wreck; black screens, they freeze and you have to restart the game just to get stuck with the same broken ads.
too much ads, a few is fine. But one before i can even start, one for something extra, and then another starts to play and all of them glitches me to the playstore instead of closing and letting me play further. And if wifi is off while an add wants to play it crashes the game. that leaves me 3 stars, because the game is good, it should/could have been 5 stars.
The graphics are amazing you must download! It comes with exciting upgrades, the music while you battle is Super epic! And I started caring for my mouse warriors and my turtle and many more upgrades makes the battle more exciting! Upgrade on weapons too shooting firebombs in the sky! Overall if that sounds exciting then you must play!
Started fine but progressively got worse. Horribly invasive ads. Slams an ad at you as you start up the game, and every 2 minutes, sends more your way, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time, in a row. Once the string of ads is done, returns to game with distorted resolution, making buttons impossible to push, requiring an app close and relaunch, starting the cycle over again. Would not recommend