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War Robots Multiplayer Battles

War Robots Multiplayer Battles for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PIXONIC located at 243, 28 th Oktovriou Street, 7 th Floor, Apartment 702/802, at Christiana Sea View Court, 3035 Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game just wants your money. It should not be considered in gaming community. Its motto is pure buisness. Started playing in 2016, once leo and griffin were really powerful. Now almost all of the robots and parts can't be used unless you pay 1000s of $. I achieved master league in 2017, without paying, But then Uninstalled as every other day a new robot and weapon started to appear and it became a hardcore pay to play game. Returned to game few times in these years but it's not worth it.
Fair warning: Unless you're prepared to spend $70,000 a year on this game, you will not compete. **This is not an exaggeration** Never have i seen a more deliberately broken and unbalanced cash grab as this game is. This game used to be amazing. Played for years. Now its a broken mess with criminals running it. Content is crammed out monthly and ZERO bugs are ever fixed. HOW its not been kicked off the playstore and landed in court is beyond me. Youve been warned.
I promise this review is from the heart. I have played this game for 6+ years. It was the greatest game I ever played! War Robots has now become the ultimate pay-to-play game in the world! Unless you plan to spend MASSIVE amounts of money, Pixonic does not care about your gaming experience. The recent "upgrade" is merely a way to rid themselves of loyal players who are not spending enough money anymore in favor of new players who are excited and naive. They make false promises to fix problems!
Clearly alot of effort has been put in. The graphics are exelent and the gameplay is smooth. All in all this is an exelent game though i must add that the "keys" reward system is a joke, instead landing randomly, as its suggested, the reward "wheel" is rigged.. Almost exclusively landing on petty rewards and always rediculously close to decent rewards... But never on them.. forcing you to buy large amounts of keys to get something decent.. Please dont let greed ruin such a fantastic game...
I have played this game since it's begining and it was my favorite game. Lately I have been very aggravated at the game with the rewards, the meta robots, and the lags. But I thought about it and the more I thought the less angry I became at Pixonic. They put tons of time and effort into remastering the game. And sure in the chests you may feel like you don't win the good stuff, but the important thing is you won something. Pixonic doesn't have to put these chest with prizes in but they do.
its an amazing game dont get me wrong but everything is so expensive and it takes forever to get to lvl 25. this is my second time installing this game and the last time i played for 1 and a half years and only got to lvl23. and i had played daily for about 3 hours. but still a good game. plz fix this.
I have played for years and now hate the game. Total cash grab and very unbalanced. It's not as simple as it once was, and whenever you work your head off getting something, they nerf it and continue. Titans are unbalanced, drawing is rigged, matchmaking is broken. It is the best example of good developers turning money hungry. Being free to play is a death wish, both mentally and literally (in the game). Respond or you guys are scared to admit you are money hungry.
Fun game. Heavily heavily pay to win tho. With good strategy and some grind you can definitely have decent success but at a certain point it doesn't matter how good your strategy is if people have spent hundreds on OP bots and weapons. Can get them for free but it takes a lot of time and a lot of grind to get even one very strong bot not to mention some of the weapons that go with it.
There are some ridiculously over powered robots and weapons, of course you have to pay money to get them, you'll get stuck to walls constantly which will get you killed, targeting is awful, it will lock onto distant robots completely outside of your reticle while ignoring the one inside your reticle that's shooting you, teams will be very lopsided, expect to be mad most of the time
Everything is so amazing and fun. The gameplay, THE GRAPHICS!!!!! Its SOOOO Cool! But the only problem is this tends to be a big app, and it always has an update almost every week, I know its bug fixes and everything but I'm sure im not the only one that runs outta space really quickly.
Fun game but it seems too many people spend money on it to get the good stuff. That's good for the developers but sometimesyou andyourteamgetslaughtered. Finally got the graphics reduction but still seems like something is off. Still with my new tablet (less than a year old) i get booted from the game server for some reason during intense battles. Other players i mention it to seem to have the same problem on similar platforms. Still a fun game and you don't have to buy stuff to get ahead.
Been playing this since the beginning. Great graphics and movement. However, the last 3 years, it's become nothing more than an uber expensive pay 2 play, like hundreds of dollars, not tens. And their server is extremely unreliable, so you buffer constantly (tablet, phone, android and fire, doesn't matter). Why pay, if you can barely play?
Y'know, I really expected more of this game. Yes, it is quite fun, but it has many, many downsides. Those "crisp" 3D graphics look like they're being played on a Game Boy. The "balanced" gameplay is as balanced as a Bugatti Chiron to a Fiat 500. Let's not forget the worst part, the prices. I am seriously NOT paying 25 bucks for some weak weapons on a fictional robot. If I wanted to "customize" a robot, I might as well do it with a pen and paper. Fighting others? No joke, Lego robots are better.
Yes, graphics are great but I have a few recommendations. Firstly, decrease costs real money things because the game is mostly pay to win. Secondly, PLEASE FIX THE LAGS. You are taking a lot of money for us but not considering to use it to improve the game and instead are making more OP things which brings us back to pay to win. Also, please make platinum a currency that Is easier to get. For example, if you come first place in match you get 2 platinum and etc. Also fix matchmaking.
Games fun but it's BS. If you don't want to pay anything to advance you will just get your butt kicked every game. It doesn't seem to pair up people based on skill level or weapon levels. It sucks having 5 robots and a titan, been playing for months and all are dead within 5 minutes of starting a game. Kind of takes enjoyment out of it. Too many weapons are too powerful and too hard to obtain. Pay to advance. If you don't. Game blows
EXCELLENT GAME. 100% Pay to win. Ridiculous to have a robot that is untargetable 100% of the time(Loki). 30 days 8 hours a day just to get 1 new weapon. 6 months to fit out 1 robot. New players are up against players who have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars, have all robots fully armed, 2 hangers to choose from & unlimited healing available. So yeah great game if you have money to spend, otherwise it's just a massive cash grabbing game with not balance or fairness, just $$$$ taking !
SUCH A GOOD GAME!!! This entertains my kid for hours and he told me this game is good, smart, allows you to make robots and fight enemy machines. It also gives the ability to be able to destroy enemies. I've tried this and it's great. Try it for yourself! The feel of getting your team OBLITERATED and getting revenge and slaughtering the enemies feels so good! This game is truly LEGENDARY!!!
The game can be fun but its extremely expensive trying to stay competitive. It can take you over a month in real time to get enough components for weapons or robots. Then you have to upgrade those weapons which realistically takes real money and again real time consumption that by the time you finally have the robot and weapons to even attempt to compete they're all nerfed to the point of being useless. I may enjoy a week or two of my hard work only to see a big middle finger from pixonic.
It used to be great, now it sucks. They have let their greed get the best of them. Only paying players will now have the best chance. They have extended the wait time to acquire robot components, to ridiculous amounts of time. I'm talking days on end. Almost a month wait for weapon!! Look at other games if you want to have fun. Pigsonic trashed this one.
Okay, so to all the people that say this game is pay to win, are somewhat correct, but you can get very far as a free 2 play player, but the problem with that is you grind a lot more, and you are locked into a certain way of playing and building robots. This is because if you make a wrong move, you could waste a lot of resources and just destroy your account
Potentially a good game ,problem is customer care!! Any complaints are constantly blamed on a third party system, nothing gets resolved - complaints are back and forth until you've given up realizing you've got better things to do with your time! I've had this issue with several of my war robot accounts ,not just 1!! Good luck everyone ,hope you get better results than I have!
The concept of this game is good and I enjoy while playing it and the graphics are also good. The only thing I don't like is the pay to win. In this game the reason for winning is not based on your fighting skills, it is based on what weapons or robots you have. I request all the developers to please make a way so that we players can get this weapons and robots without paying money but we would have to work harder to "earn" these. I would have given 5 stars if this game was not pay to win.
Pay to win. Massive money grab. Even it out a bit for free players. So it doesn't feel like a money grab and then I'd pay. Timers u should pay for the best robots and guns should be free. People will pay to speed up to get max lvl. What am I saying people paying now why u care to even out the game.
A few years ago I spent money on this game. Yesterday I redownloaded the game to see what it's like nowadays. When I log in, I see that all the robots I my storage have been deleted. No compensation or warning, they're just gone. I like the game, but I won't play without getting my robots back
I've been playing this game for 3 years now. During that entire time they constantly add new content, keeping the game fun. You don't have to pay to enjoy the game, as it is extremely well balances between the massive amounts of bots, weapons, pilots, etc. 10 out of 10, would recommend
Pay TO WIN at it's absolute worst. After level 22, If you can spend $450 a month, EVERY month you'll be okay. Too bad. This company ONLY care about the $$$. Don't believe me, look at all the other reviews and see what most of them say about pay to win. Yes companies are there to make money, but this type of greed is abnormal and outright stupid.
I had a great time playing this game untill I reached around level 22. The opponents had far better equipment than I had and the matchmaking was sometimes very eneven. The game quickly gets frustrating when you get obliterated. One complaint I have is that you shouldn't have to fight a Titan unless you have a Titan. If you get a Titan at level 25, then make the matchmaking be <24 or <25. You can also definitely tell the difference between player who spend money, and players who don't.
As you get going on the game (for ex like I reached Lv 25) when I join a battle I see other players/bots having better experienced weapons than we do. Meaning it's making it harder for us. And this is more like a pay-to-win type of game, because of those sales they offer, I mean by some are helpful but, as you continue with that robot you feel like you want another stronger/powerful robot. (Also in rounds there will be battles that are unfair or unbalanced) on the other hand well played game.
Pay to win game at it's finest. You aren't going to get very far in this game unless you dump your bank account into it.. that's what 50% of this game's player base has done, and now, for a free-to-play player, it is impossible to compete past a certain league unless you pay up. Winning, or making any progress at all beyond gold league, is simply a matter of outspending your opponents, no skill, strategy or tactics needed.. unlike what this game used to be. Impossible to win a single battle.
You don't have any way to lock on and stay locked on a target...!!! If a scorpion robot comes into play I can't save the robot he is destroying if cant lockI lose robots 60 percent of the time because I can't stay locked on to a target!! I have been playing this for a year now and put tons of $ into it but YOU ARE GONNA LOSE A PAYING CUSTOMER BECAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM!!! No sense of playing and paying if you keep losing robots this way. You keep saying your fixing the issue but never gets fixed!!!
Iv played this game for a few years. However there is now an awful lot of pay to win features. I thought a robot with an impenetrable shield was bad. Now you can only get this one if you buy it. Damn thing teleports, gains damage resistance out the ass and specializes in burst damage then teleports back to its original location.
The reason I was attracted to this game was because of it's simplicity, I didn't spend hours tapping the screen and could go into battle relatively quick, honing my skills battling with my bot, only had to worry about getting stronger, now, the game has gotten very complicated. I feel sorry for the beginner, lots to think about and if you don't have a lot $'s, you will be playing for years before you get ahead, it is a 'P2W' game, but still a Great game!!!
The game is great if you are put in game with people on your same level. But the match maker consistently puts you in games with people 2+ leagues above you giving you no chance at all. There is no viable path to increase besides dropping a ton of cash. Would love to rate higher but the greed by the devs makes it a solid 1 ⭐
I tried for over 2 months to get support for this game after battles refused to launch and wasn't receiving rewards for videos watched. I received some emails back like "just keep trying, the game will eventually load" but they did NOTHING to look into the issues. I'd get to the "battle begins" screen and hear the game begin but wouldn't let me into battle. Android 9 shouldn't have any issues. UNINSTALLING!
I got denied 20k gold because I didn't go through their offer wall which makes no sense. The game is pay to win, you could still win by earning in game currency but it's super slow. Skills have to make up for it by a lot. And even then, someone with a deep wallet can out class you. It's fun when you're beginning since everyone is learning, but as you climb to higher levels you begin to see the distance between free vs. pay to win.
NEVER PAY REAL MONEY FOR KEYS!! The chests are so rigged it's unbelievable. You could spend about $10.00 and end up with 100 gold. Everytime you open a chest you will always get the worst thing in it. They are trying to steal your money so you can keep hoping that you get something good, trust me, you won't get anything good. Other than that the game is great!
Watched 3 videos to "reduce time" on upgrading.... nothing happens. Timer still at 11 hours. I spent too much money 💰 in the past on this game. Why can't you guys still just pay out time when people click on the "reduce" time? Don't you make enough? Like the game but I still won't take my credit card out when I see this sham going on
Sad to see this game go tbh, as an ex legend league player my only advice is not to play this game. I have played this game for years. I had fun for a while. I have spent wayyyy to much money on this than I should have. Unless your up to spend a grand a month because of the constant nerfs and buffs. Don't play it. This game evolved into a cash grab. Sad to see.
Been playing this game for about 2 years now and this game is a wallet destroyer. If your not ready to invest literally thousands of dollars this game is not fun. The only reason I still play is because of the time and money I've spent on this game. The only fun times is the occasional weekly skirmish that's the only time the game makes everything even. Other than that if you don't have the most recent bots with the best weapons and drones fully upgraded then you won't stand a chance.
Fun game, but it's a money game. I see robot's that aren't even offered in the store. Whoever thought of 10,000 puzzle pieces to get a decent robot is crazy. There's no way. Many are tooooo expensive cause they cost too much gold unless you spend $50... That's not happening. At Lv 22 it's getting boring cause they same robot's (not available) are always dominating. Something fishy going on, cause I can't find those types at all.
My overall experience was fantastic. Sure it's a bit slower paced at the start. What quality game isn't. But when you start making levels...it gets off the chain! My more critical opinion is that I'm unable to communicate with my squad and the reduction in response time at during critical moments Of battle. Well, that and the stupidly high prices for upgrading.
Fun shooter game. Been playing for a few weeks and have not had to pay for anything. If I level up to a point I am overmatched by people who invest in gear and bots, I will likely find another game to play. The prices for upgrades seem a little ridiculous to me. Update: Lost several arenas so now it is repetitive. Also the team match ups have become highly uneven.
Not a Free to win game. If you wanna get anywhere you gotta spend money atleast on some daily deals. Infact daily deals is your only real way to get somewhere without having to spend alot of money. Oh and Never by they're Big Costly stuff, its Not Worth what your getting. Ex: a hawk with a skin that gives 5% more hp for $99.99? Lol no way Ex: 5000 Components for a gun $34.99? Never Ex: they're version of a pass thats $14.99 which the benfits are bad? Dont waste your money on things like that
Please add a hidden "Power level" to improve matchmaking, unfair teams are made. Don't make it win/lose ratio based, because all you have to do is lose a lot, then winning is easier. Your power level could be affected by: in-game levels, money spent in-game, robot stats such as [DPS, damage resistability, durability], the amount of silver, gold, platinum, and power points you have, or even whether or not you possess a Titan. Otherwise, it's a very good game, it doesn't take much battery, either.
I have been playing this game since 2014 when the game released. This game is really fun and the graphics are insanely better than they used to be, but reasons I put 4 stars are as follows: 1. This game went from play-to-win to pay-to-win 2. The workshop is a joke. You have to spend a minimum amount of 28 days in the workshop to get the robot or weapon you want. (The workshop is maxed out and I am producing 60 components for 1 day costing 290,000 silver not 170 components for 3 days for 950,000.
Been months from playing and paying also. I loved the game at first 5 stars then developers keep removing stuff like maps. Adding a whole bunch of money schemes. All the while ignoring the fact that it has problems with the game. In the sense that you CANT PLAY WITH OUT WIFI!!!!
Awesome! I love this game, it has an overall amazing robot design and playability. The weapons allow for many possible combinations, and with the pairing of a bot's ability, can lead to awesome plays and decimation of other robots. The only real complaints I have is getting ravaged by multiple promos everytime I open the game and play.
It's a fun game to play, but to truly enjoy it you have to pay to play. A second upgrade center would be great. Also campaign play mode would be great just to get your robots to a certain level before engaging in player vs player combat. If you don't have upgraded weapons it is difficult to survive let alone rank in the top three positions consistently. The most fun I have is playing as a Titan.
No quick starts with this game. Way to many pop-ups before you can get a game started. I had five this last time and there have been more. It lets you know the developers are far more interested in relieving you of your money than actually letting you get a few games in at lunch break.
This could be a better strategic war game, but starting at level 20 it's more about money and nothing else. Spend $$$ and you get more wins/destroy more enemy robots! In other words, it becomes "pay to win". Furthermore, recent mismatched in battles: my team had levels 22 - 25, & the other team had two 30s. On the flip side: graphics are very good, the robots are easy to navigate, and there is large selection of bots and weapons!
Uninstalled yesterday. Tired of getting robbed by a company that forces you to spend, only for them to "rework" what I've paid for. Google needs to add a "zero star" option just for this game. Pay to win game. And we're talking people spending $1000s/month. As soon as a casual player finally gets and improves a meta bot, they nerf it. Fun to play, but Pixonic's game economy is the worst. If you don't spend a good deal of money, you CANNOT stay competitive in this game.
If you spend THOUSANDS of dollars. You might hit champ league. They are constantly rolling out new bots. As soon as you get them and upgrade them the developers neuter it. Weapons are the same. They have to keep you spending. Their servers suck, constant lag and aiming issues. These issues are well over a year old. They know about it and still hasn't been fixed. If your looking for a game to spend thousands on, go no further. They have great graphics.
Here it is in a nut shell... sweet game, graphic's, game play and aiming need sum work for a few years now. If you want the newest bot or weapons take out a loan because that's about the only way you're gonna get it. Not to mention it takes about 6 months just to upgrade it, and a small fortune. Then they are gonna neuter any weapon you buy if it's new. They cut silver earning down to hardly nothing. Same with gold and pt. It's all aimed for you to SPEND.
Game was fun, but with the new upgrades and robots. Constant updates recently and its becoming annoying. You play against new invisible robots and get destroyed instantly. I know you guys have to make money but this set up just isn't right. So if you want to stand a chance you have to invest money into your bots and everything takes forever to upgrade.
Expensive Game to be competitive. It's an unfair game. You just go up against clans if you are an individual. I have a full energy and get destroyed by a player who has no energy level left. I use three robots and can't even put damage on some players. How does that work.? Unsure how you put teams together. But you need to balance the players out.
I honestly love this game, but as of late everything is just going downhill. Prices of in game merch is way too high. You cannot straight out buy the newest weapons, robots, Titans, pilots & so on.. instead you must compete in "randomized" crate openings, during events. However the main prizes are always hundreds of dollars way. Many YouTube videos showing that a $200 usually isn't enough to get the newest of the newest.. Match making is horrible.. I really wish I had more space to say more..
This is a pay to win game. The best robots are either bought with cash or you can grind for a solid year to get it. Every time you open the app you have to look through the "deals" they have which can cost over $60. The pay to win aspect really ruins the experience
Don't waste your time, unless you're willing to spend a lot of money. When they come out with a new robot, it's way over powered and your robots are useless against them. Unless you're willing to pay the 100 dollars to get it. By the time you earn one the free way, they lower the power of it. Just in time to introduce a new more powerful one.
I used to love this game.. I have played it lot.. from last 3 months I have taken brake from it and now when I got back to it thay had done great work on graphics.... But a same problem was still there..😒 it's more likely to be paid no more good feelings due to unfair matchmaking and so costly purchases... It's game can literally rock if you guys make it free to play it would be intrusting also work on the robot changing system when one dies in battle alot time another one is un able to drop..
The ultimate and probably the best mobile war robot game but with GREEDY DEVELOPERS! No doubt it's the best war robot game with ultimate graphics, ultimate weapon choice, perfect UI and all those features you want in a war robot game.....but alas!....the developers are too greedy! IT'S LIKE FIRST THEY WILL MAKE YOU AN ADDICT OF A DRUG, THEN WILL ENSURE THAT YOU WORK FOR THEM TO GET A KICK. Pathetic mentality! Deducted 2 stars based on devs attitude. Beautiful game with money minting devs! Sad..
This game is great! I've been playing for over a year, had to restart a couple times, but still. I watched this game to from ftp to ptw. But now, now it's looking better. However, I have encountered an issue where you don't get rewards after a match. I have reset the game and played several matches over the hours, but still not a single reward. Overall great game!
everything in the game is amazing! the graphics are good, the gameplay is decent, and the controlls are great! however, the one thing that drove this game into the mud, was the fact that a single robot costs 100$ and weapons range around 50$. However, if you don't buy anything, it usually takes around 3 month's (for me at least) to build a weapon or robot. overall for me that one problem makes the whole game worthy of 1 star.
Great game! Wish graphics were a little better. One last thing: Some in-game objects are hollow, like lamposts. I think it would be really cool if you could interact with these object more (making them more solid). In my opinion this would make the game feel a little more realistic. This is being picky though. Great game, have been playing on another account for years now.
I've been playing this game for about 6 years now and it just seems to get worse. Its ptw and with the lag, it just seems unplayable. This game is amazing if you have money to spend and a powerful pc. Its a mobile game and your phone can barely handle it. If the lag was fixed it would be just incredible. In all, its a ptw game, with an indescribable amount of lag, plus the developers don't care about the meta being unstable. Soon even with skill you won't stand a chance.
Takes up the vast majority of my phone's storage data. Pay to Play Game. This game has basic gameplay bugs and player cheats that have been issues for years. The only way to be good in this game is to pay real money and watch ads. The gameplay is creative, but is very frustrating playing due to overpowered players who paid to be good. Takes far too long to get upgrades, new bots, and has a dwindling base. Played for over 3 years, but now I'm done gambling for items.
I played this game for 4 years and ran one of my favorite bots the Raijin and it was awesome Robot. Powerful but still equaled to others. I now rate this game 2 stars due to how desperate they are for cash and not listening to the people that support your game by downloading it and playing it. It is very unfair and overpriced and how long it takes to craft and upgrade your robot. If I saw improvements I would consider playing again. Thanks!!
So far, the way war robots has been going, it's definitely taking a turn for the worst. Don't get me wrong; war robots is an incredibly fun and addictive game and i think its the best in its genre. BUT..It is THE most pay to win game i have ever played in my life, there are troll players who purposely make their team lose, and lately it lags so hard that my game consistently crashes. I dont even care about the p2w aspect anymore..just solve the crashing issue.
What aggravates me most is not playing for very long and going up against robots that have been upgrading for years. Instead of a ranking system that punishes new players, how about a system that calculates robot and weapon levels and matches with similar power? My Ao Jun level7 with two weps level6 would have a value of 19; Mk2 level 1 would be a 13 value. It is not rocket science, they just seem to not care.
This is a hard 5, but for the real $ you need to spend in order to be viable. But I spend it and regret it little. My wife raises her eyebrows. Serious note: play this on the largest screen possible. The graphics are great, but things down-range can be tiny. On the tiny screen you can also thumb-over stuff that works against you.
You can enjoy this game until level 25. Just saying because unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars just to be average like everyone else, keep moving. Until you reach level 25-30 that is when the daily sometimes hourly deals happen..all the time. I made new account to have fun again and its fun until you get to titans and MK2 and hawks and everything else. Its just not worth it, just for them to change or "balance" something when it completely changes the meta and u have to spend more4fun
Expanded this game too much. Getting to be quite a bit of items. I truly enjoy the game, don't make it unattainable. Initial review was on 9/20/2020. Four stars. Back in the beginning it was five. Pixonic needs to listen to their players, huge pushback on drones ignored, now they're scrambling to figure out what to do with them. Too much time on storytelling not enough time on player listening. When nerfed, it's like buying a car with 4 tires, then a couple of months, they take 2 tiresback.
This app is like the most fun game I can get for free. Its has awesome graphics hardly lags and barely crashes. Totally recommend. But I have one issue with the offer system and gold thing. I wish you can make it so you can set up an offer wall thing for platinum or silver, so when your out of it you can easily complete the offer and get more.
Used to be true free to play where purchases give you a bit of a speed up and edge. Still fun to play free, but regardless of your skill the premium robots and weapons will mash you, and you will hit a paywall. If anyone tells you different just look at upper ranked people's bots, titans, and equipment. Also, the introduction of titans took a lot away from the game in my opinion. They should be nerfed.
Wow unreal to me a company runs nothing but Ads..that are plagued with so much lags they wont play..30 sec.ad last minutes..and you all think your going to fight with robots against an even match situation ..just go watch tv..atleast the commercials finish..and you dont Fight 6 players with only 3 on your team .game is definition of a Scam
Great game, wish it wouldn't freeze up. PLEASE bring back the Previous Voice during game play! With the new upgrade, the new voice, (to be honest/no offense) sounds really corny....myself and many other War Robot players really prefer the deeper Darth Vader voice!!! Please bring it back! Bring in new play fields and reward loyal players!
this game is very good and I like it, but year by year I give decreasing value to the DEVELOPER of the war robot game. You know, you are making updates to this game not to improve it and make it better. You even make robots and weapons stronger, but a year later you reduce the abilities of the robots and weapons, you even make new weapons that are more powerful, and once again you lower the abilities, that's so funny. You should fix the issues- issues from players, such A LAG AND TARGET SHOTS.!!
Fun to play, great graphics, easy to understand, and lots of options. There is a heavy pay-to-win model, but you can watch advertisements instead and do well enough. The game does a pretty decent job keeping you matched with relatively similar opponents. If you want to regularly team up with friends or family, make sure you all use the same OS type (all on Android only, All on Apple only) or you cannot join a clan together.
The game itself is a lot of fun, tons of variety in bots, weapons, and pilot perks. But it is easy to hit a point (around level 9 or so) where it is almost impossible to upgrade weapons and bots without buying Silver. It feels really limiting to get ripped apart because of the inability to keep upgrading. Other than that, very fun game.
I love this game. My competitors are real players and not AI's. My only problem with the game is that it seems to have no buffer (or a really bad one). Often I sit and watch multiple ads and get no credit for it. In game if you wifi drops beyond max signal your ejected from your current game with no rewards. This happens to me regularly so I don't play as much as I'd like (I have a low tolerance for BS). Do wish there were other types of competition such as a "Shooting Range" competition.
The game in itself isn't that bad although I was disappointed seeing that the graphics that are being advertised do not match with the ones we get in game but the worse part was that after playing 2 days when I tried to login on the next days, it just wouldn't start and continuously keeo crashing for the next 3 day, in the end I just uninstalled it
Good game, but the developers will often change an aspect of the game to make more money. (I.e. same cost for operation pass, but only half the prizes and duration and they are not as good.) Everything is designed to make you spend. If you buy the new bots, they will nerf them so you have to get the next new bot. It's like buying a ferrari and then they change it to a corvette, still a car, just not what you paid for. If you don't want to spend do not expect to be competitive.
Trash. The game itself is fine. But it's completely pay to win, every other match you play there will be some loser on the enemy team who spent hundreds on the game and just kills everyone to the point where it just isn't even fun to play (even if your brand new to the game), it would be 5 stars, had it not been a pay to win game
Very fun game...but...a note of caution. There is pay to win and there is you don't have enough money to pay to win. You can pay $20 and not even begin to buy equipment that allows you to stay competitive. 2,500 gold costs $19.99 and most of the competitive robots cost at least 5,000 gold to unlock unless they go on sale. To expedite the process of leveling up and getting other benefits you can become a Premium Player for $14.99 for 30 days. All this said, the game is very fun...but...
Fun game. I've played for several years now and managed to build all my bots to level 12 status and weapons to level 12 status without spending a dime. It's doable you just have to be patient. I say this because all the reviews are full of whiney crybabies mad thinking they have to spend money to keep up. You do if you're a have to have it now person with no patience. Jesus are world has grown to nothing but I need it now or else I'll cry over it people. 5 stars all the guy's keep up good work.
Been a free player off and on since 2015. Evolution of the game has certainly had its ups and downs (especially for low-cash players): from early Gepard based seal clubbing shenanigans to the the inaccessibly expensive pilot skill system. Still, overall it's nearly always been enjoyable. <<>> You will need a fairly high tolerance for frustration, as you're absolutely going to occasionally get viciously curb stomped by players with vastly superior equipment. Some battles are unfair to the point of being utterly pointless, but the vast majority of battles are reasonably competitive. It is possible, as a free player to enjoy play in mid-level leagues and earn enough currency through play to stay close enough to the meta to be competitive (again at mid-level—at the time of this writing Expert-Master III league). This can be done playing only a handful of battles per day. You're not ever going to compete at the highest levels without spending, but surely that's to be expected. There's ongoing, challenging, tactical play available here for free players. <<>> The rating system is my only real complaint. As it does not reward you at all for skillful play. The goal seems to be a neutral winning percentage for most players. So the more skillful you are, the better your opponents equipment (on average) will be compared to yours. So playing well doesn't just put you in competition with more skillful players, but also less skillful ones with much better equipment than you. As such, if you're reasonably good at the game you basically never see a fair fight (equipment wise). Ultimately, the only reward for skill is enduring an ever greater handicap in relative bot/weapon strength. The only way out of this system is to reach the upper echelons, where your equipment is near max level—something that cannot be done without regular spending, since the meta is constantly changing to new bots & weapons. If you pay to reach this nirvana, you'll be rewarded for maxing out your equipment by being given the opportunity to curb stomp less well equipped players in between competing (based on skill) with other maxed players.
Graphics, controls, UI, and gameplay are good regardless of device. However robots are horribly unbalanced, the real money cost for items is insane, and the harrasment to buy stuff is truly horrible. Opening the game you are greeted with "buy this buy that." In popups after a few times, you are about ready to uninstall. By the way, NO way in hell am I going to spend $100 USD in a game for 1 robot
I just witnessed a flying ball making short work out of every enemy, one by one, with some laser. He did the vast majority of our team's kills and damage. How does one play against that? Ads are optional and you can watch them at any time but they make actual playing look like a waste of time. ... Which is good if you want the resources more than you want to play. On the plus side, the graphics are great and even matches are fun when they happen (even with bots).
Used to be a great game, but performance has been getting progressively worse. The latest update makes it unplayable. Multiple devices all experience extreme lag and frequent crashes. Nothing like trying to play a game that you've spent a lot of time/money on, only to get framerates that go from 2 or 3 frames per second up to maybe 15-20 fps.
I love this game. I expect better customer support. If you have a problem with the game, a server error or an upgrade and complain, the only thing you will get is a thank you. Without much gratitude for the time spent to help the game improve. In addition, the graphics are phenomenal, the game is very interesting, very good quality of time spent playing the game. Worth installing, spending time, buying items. Congratulations to the creators.
I have played this game on and off for 5 years. This would honestly be one of the best mobile games if it weren't for two big problems, one being the P2W aspect and the balancing. The balancing of this game is really dumb to where basically you have to obtain top tier weapons or you'll get dominated, same goes for bots. The other big issue is the p2w part. I can't stress how much better this game would be if it was free 2 play friendly. Seriously.
Definitely a fun and interesting game , I would really recommend this game , but is this game P2W ??? Yes Of course , but not so much that F2P can't survive in the game at all , is making progress in this game really hard ??? Yes , but not Impossible , it is slow but still , if you are a regular player and play at least 1 hour a day , then that's enough . Keep on the look out for upcoming buffs and nerfs , plan your hanger according to them , and you'll do just fine.
Kind of a Pay to win game, the game used to be so much fun until the game got greedy, Like when you start playing the game, you'll be pretty good against the opponent bot or player, doesn't matter, but when you start playing more and more, more players will appear with far more superior weapons than you unless, of course, you Pay-to-win, like the game is just begging you to buy their deals, either, you finished a battle, opened the game, at least like 5 deals will pop up on your screen.
This game went from great to worse,and is still ever marching toward full pay to play. Ive played it since release and it was a good game. But then pixonic became greedy. They rigged the system. They changed the draw system but it has a 1 in 3 chance now of drawing a prize. And even that is rigged. You will hardly ever get the good bots and prizes unless you pay an arm and a leg to get them. And they need to stop with new content and fix the major lag that has become almost a main feature.
Could have been a real good game but as soon as you get to level 20 or so, you're outclassed in every battle unless you're willing to pay the rediculous prices for gold. Balancing doesn't exist. Crafting is a joke, takes months to get enough parts. The developers won't answer any of the posts that say any of the above I have noticed, which just proves them right as they have no argument and really are just greedy, £100 for a weapon in a game lol. Just another pay to win dominated by the rich
The simplistic gameplay mechanics is superb. There is no daunting buildings to make and upgrade or research to do, which makes it an attractive game. Developers often nerf and buff weapons and robots, which is disappointing having spent time and silver upgrading them. A lot of game elements require gold to upgrade further.
There has never been a mobile game as good as war robots used to be. I'll break it down for the people looking at this game but all the veterans already know what I mean. As you've figured out by the other comments this game is pay to win to the extreme. I have ran through this game with so many accounts to get the feel as a noob and even with my skills which are leagues above most players I can hardly make it half way to the top. With my main account I'm in the top but it's not easy. R.I.P. WR
So after several months of playing, for the most part it's an enjoyable game but my problem the lag... It's like laaa aaa aag... boom! It's seems I'm having a hard time of doing any damage when my robot just stands there and gets shot at and I can't do anything, or I see a robot sitting there and it's open season on it because it's stuck in some LAG loop. In your quest to suck everything out of a device processor is doing just that. burning it up.. unplayable. Are you getting this. Do you care!!
Love the game and never complain about p2w - not one of those to highlight. What makes me give them 5 stars is the fact that they give you great chances to obtain new content just for playing and opening event boxes, unlike other games in which you really have to invest a lot if you want to get it. We can play for free with the latest stuff and that's why I praise you. Thank u PIXONIC!!
I invested alot of time(began playing pre titans update) and spent a few dollars on this game. At first I loved it! Although over time as I leveled up it got harder to advance with constant equiptment and robot changes as well as each update adding more complexity all to push you to spend money to stay relevant in gameplay. Be prepared to walk away in frustration at some point as so many others...I wish I could get a refund ugh!
I have been playing this game for 5 years and it was quite good, intact amazing until more new robpts were added and you basically had to pay money to get them, if not you will be collect pieces to unlock it for a whole year playing the game at least once a day. However the gameplay in general is good but try and make the game more affordable for 5 stars please :)
I stopped playing this game awhile back and reopened the game and could not remember why I quit playing it....well after a couple of games I remembered. Some of a select group of players have invisible robots that come around and kill you. You have no way of knowing when or where they are until they appear behind you and kill you. And better then that it seems you don't have the ability to get one of these robots called Scorpions. Way to ruin a good game.
Money-hungry game; it's more about the money you spend than about strategy, technique, and ability. That's sad, especially after you have developed a good robot hanger, then lose many succeeding battles, i.e., it's not how hard you play, it's how much you pay! Otherwise, it has good controls, selections, sceneries, graphics, and movements. { You decide how much it's worth }
Robots - awesome. Weapons -awesome. Backdrops - pretty descent. Game play - the worst. Game has more lag and hang-ups than my ex-girlfriend. Also is a pay2win platform. Looks great from the outside, but unless you're using a newer device on a high-speed reliable network, you're going to have lots of lag, dropped games and unexpected boots from the app. Ads hangup and also require app restarts. Fix these things and in the words of Donald Trump, this game could be great again.
There are some bugs in the game. Lag and keeps saying reconnecting due to their server issues and than place you in the low priority queue as it is your fault, without mentioning for how long. They usually do this exactly when there are events (like christmas event) so it is hard to finalize and receive good event gifts without paying. It is a heavy pay to win game!!
I did love this game and have been playing about 4 years. I just did a update and now I can't connect to any leagues or battles or my clan. I put about 400 cash in this game and now I'm not sure what to do. I uninstalled it for now. Hopefully it works down the road cause it was a fun game. UPDATE!. They fixed it
I've had 3 accounts and started playing when the app was called walking war robots and over the years it's become unbalanced. I would've rated it 5 stars back then but after the pieces, module, drones, pilots, and titans it's quite unfair. Back then skill was all you need now you need some capita to even see victory. My third account especially has seen plenty of titans and max robots and it's just a lv13. Don't recommend unless your willing to spend the money. Its two stars for the old times.
This game is very rotten and is so p2w that you need to spend so much money just so tht you can win battles. The game concept is really good but its a very bad game because of the fact that 90% of the player base spend money and if your a free2play you just get obliterted out of existence. Very bad game, very p2w, wont recommended, the game should also be called Lag-a-ton, I have 20mbps yet i get the Reconnecting sign evrry 15 seconds
I honestly love this game, but as of late everything is just going downhill. Prices of in game merch is way too high. You cannot straight out buy the newest weapons, robots, Titans, pilots & so on.. instead you must compete in "randomized" crate openings, during events. However the main prizes are always hundreds of dollars away. Many YouTube videos showing that a $200 usually isn't enough to get the newest of the newest.. Match making is horrible.. I really wish I had more space to say more..
Completely dominated by pay to win players. Horrible match making and it is completely rigged such that you won't really get anywhere without spending large sums of money on the game. This cycle keeps on repeating and those don't spend constantly, won't really be able to get much from this as you move up the leagues. The top clans actually require that you be able to spend on game items to even exist in them.
I voted five stars just before the week where two upgrades came in two days. 6.0 to 6.1 and now can't get passed the ready to battle page. It does not allow me to actually fight ( play ) on the field anymore. I can however buy products and do everything else in the game. But while waiting for page to change to, Battle Begins. I'm stuck right there. Cannot find fixes
Fun game great graphics. Edit from 2018 still playing still my favorite game. All the changes don't bother me a bit. Adapt too the "game" and just play too win. There has been many improvements and a few set backs. Nothing too too stop me from playing. New weapons bots,pilots,titans and drones just made the game more challenging for me is a plus. And don't forget the the new story lines for old bots and new pilots last couple month nice.lots of upgrade events gets to. See you on the battle field
War robots is a very fun and attractive game. I really recommend that you download it. Graphics are insane and quality is very good. It will very very occasionally lag. It has very unique names and abilities for drones, pilots, titans, robots, weapons and last but not least, special abilities. It has ads so free players can easily speed up their upgrades and workshop. all the weapons don't include spending money, and are easy to get. leveling up is easy, and getting new robots is easy. Get WR.
This is a very good app 100% recommended, but there is 1 problem. The things on the shop are very expensive like you charge people like 30 dollars just for 1 small weapon which could be like a quarker. Please lower the prices everything is very expensive and many people don't have enough money to buy in the game. The pass is a reasonable price because it gives u a lot of stuff for 15$ which is very good. And also give more benefits to people who don't invest in the game. But the game is amazing!
4 yrs played about. It only took them months to fix the most prominent and exploited bug ever. They announced new content AGAIN without fixing old content. Typical. However, I will say the latest map and the re skin of an older map, are actually very good. This is the ONLY good thing I have to say regarding the game. The recent drone changes have made drones EVEN MORE USELESS. The floating pieces of garbage do even less, and all work put into making them is thrown out with no compensation.
This game is extremely pay to win. I quite enjoy playing it in my free time but it's like "If you do not pay, you will not EVER win" As a player who hasn't made a single payment, its very hard to win any matches against players who have. You would need to be very skilled at the game to win a match against pay-to-win players. Last thing I have to say is *stop* being greedy, it's one of the 7 deadly sins.
Overall, really fun game. I'd rate this a 10/10 if not for one problem. When i started a new account, i got robots like bolt and even got an ancile from the lucky draw. But..., i had an account from a few years back and when i signed into it, i realised the account sucked... And i wanted my new account with the ancile back like really badly.. But i couldnt get it back. What do i do??? I really want to try out the ancile!!
Had some load bugs but works good now my only problem is how pay to win it is. I myself am pay to win. And its just unfair for free to play. It could take them years to get most of the stuff thats sold. And it is hard to compete when you dont pay for op robots and/or have the money to get a $25 season pass. Other then that its a good game
Would rate 0/5 if I could. This game used to be good, and fun, but the devs ruined the game, they got greedy and made the game pay to win, and if you don't, the game is so unplayable because other players spent $150 to buy a fictional robot in a video game.
I gave this app five stars before. Now it's a four star. Reason behind this is because of prices and the way the game is created. Pixonix makes it so that everytime a new robot is released, it's completely overpowered so whoever has it is going to walk out of every match with 15 kills. So, short answer, it's pay to win. All players have to spend or fall behind. Only way for a free to play player to get good bots is from events or workshop. It's a fun game, but too pricey if you want top plyr.
This game is amazing. just hit level 20. It is excellent however it is definitely evolved into a pay to win. There is a bug with stalker, but I still love him. I downloaded the game a year ago, and forgot about it, found it stored away on my phone. Now I'm totally addicted. Don't like the prices, too much. The rajin is about 50 dollars in gold? I also found a weapon on sale for 50% off and it costs 60 bucks. I also hate the jigsaw pieces, takes forever and the event robots? Forget about it!