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War Of Valkyrie [Pixel RPG]

War Of Valkyrie [Pixel RPG] for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by R.O.App. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Near perfection! I don't really understand attack speed whether a high number or low number is better because shields have high defense but increase attack speed. But then there are modifiers that increase attack speed, little confusing. It's just a little difficult to advance from area to area. All that said, I played for like 6 hours yesterday and nearly as much today. So this is a 5 star game for sure in my eyes!
edit: is there a way to pay to remove ads from the game? 4* if there is not, but hopefully there is and I just haven't found it yet. actually a good mobile game. relatively simple gameplay, but it's fun and the progression feels good so far (a few hours in right now). the theme is strong, and the writing seems good so far. not too wordy and engaging enough. there are sometimes quite a few ads, but it is a free game after all.
It's a good free game. Mechanics are great. But, the game requires a lot of grinding. This can be boring. Overall, It was fun to play.
This game seems to lie about stage difficulty. No way in bloody hell does the first area with a "Difficulty 1" have the ability to wipe out your party with impunity in as early as the SECOND STAGE!! And Valkyrie's levels being the average of the party isn't the best thing, either. (Oh, and why can't her name be changed!?) Screw the rules, this garbage gets UNINSTALLED!!
Mostlt annoyed by the ad setup. The footer banner ad is not bad, but the periodic full screen ads are annoying. Would consider paying a fee to disable ads.
Great game. Would rate 5 out of 5 but I feel you should be able to 1. Change the name of your Valkyrie 2. Save your game to cloud I've lost my game like 2 times... (Not because the app, but me)
One of the best games I have played on mobile. Rarely do even play a game after downloading it to my phone, let alone review it. The game is great fun, and very strategic. Can be challenging and formulaic, but is the best way to pass the time on the bus or before work. Makes my breaks feel a bit too short though.
This game is a bit light on the story and it gets pretty boring after a while. It ends up getting far too easy.
pretty enjoy the game but i think its bit too hard and too repetitive i mean i think u should make some changes or event for the level its too repetitive and similiar just the enemy got stronger and stronger sorry for the bad English hope u know what i mean to say thank for the game :)
Addicting game. Altho at late game is more to grinding but overall is a good time killing vame. I really had fun but too bad there is no big patch or update for new content
Would love if you could use the "cloud" or something to back-up data online... Hate to start over if I have to switch phone!!! Other than that, really enjoy the game as "time killer"
Mindless farming mixed with gacha-like rerolling for better heroes , comes off as tedious and repetitive. Still, a great rpg.
This game is so awesome but i think you can improve it by making the "auto skill" mode more reliable, like the AoE skills will not be cast if there is only 2 enemies or below and make the single target damage Ultimate skills like the bow-proficient has, cast immediately as soon as it cd'd. Same applies on single target heal so that the game can be played idly if you got something to do and just leave it for 5 mins and expect to have a successful run in a dungeon. Overall this game is the great.
Simple yet fun. Addicting! Keeps variety with you being forced to use new units - almost like a roguelike in some sense. Not for you if you want in depth strategy, but lots of fun for casual play. Ad amount and placement are reasonable.
Its great but i dont know if this is true but when a unit gets to 0 cp do they stop leveling up because i have a unit that is at 0 cp and ive been going into dungeons for at least 5 hours. The units level is 29 its rank was A and it was a mercanary swordsman
Fun game with a custom group of heroes you summon, level, gear, then send them to Valhalla to be part of a group to eventually defeat Ragnarok. What I did not like is untranslated text, the Valkyrie cannot be renamed and is stuck with something Japanese, some stats need better explanation also, like recovery up.
Really like this game. So reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile. Much less story elements than VP but focuses more on building your Einherjar. Once you send some to Valhalla you can try to win battles in Ragnarok. Really good for a mobile spiritual successor to VP.
this is a good game, however i cannot see some parts of the screen because of the fullscreen issue. i am using nova 3i. and also, how to combine items? i only see convert. Edit: from 4★ to 5★ nevermind the full screen issue, it's still playable. and the gameplay is freaking good. at first i never thought i would be addicted to this game, as i progress and unlock new features and stories, that makes this game awesome. i highly recommend this. dont be fooled by the graphics. because gameplay>gfx
A really good team building rpg with a lot of character to build and gear to collect. Really resemble valkyrie profile and is really solid game to play. Totally recommend
You know what they say about opinions, it wasn't for me ,I like playing the game myself the fight scenes are automatically and it just seems like a bunch of automatic fights with monsters ,your mainly waiting and powering powering up new weapons and things after automatic fighting bot my kinda game I rated it for how I felt
Something i didn't realize until later, the character class, Emperor, is a random draw only class. and tends to scale really well. he can use any weapon, like the Valkyrie, and is one of the better damage dealers. i got on out of the second hero draw location, and now one from the heroic cemetery which i'm guessing is the last hero draw pool because all the classes are available to draw here. just be on the lookout for those SS class characters. they are real keepers for your earth force till you max em out in the mad tower.
What happened to this game? It used to be so good... Ads only served to make the game better... Now it is just kinda meh... Without the loot boost from ads, you never get enough equipment... It's rare when you complain about not having the option for ads... But I can't seem to find an answer to this. There is no support or forum that I can see... An d no answers or updates... Just an unfinished game that the developer decided to give up on.
This game is quite enjoyable. Can get boring after a while but it keeps you busy enough to play every now and then.
Really fun concept, no problems with anything so far and just beat first Ragnarok Dungeon. Satisfying grind to get there.
Perfect offline game you can come back to it over and over. Liittle nuances in the progression keep it interesting for longer than one would expect.
Please fix my game, my valkerie became a flame maker and the flame maker that she became can't go Valhalla, then when I go to Valhalla to check my troops, my valkerie mage became level 9 rather than 17, i grinded my character and also the mage that my valkerie became doesn't have cp, while when I battle to dungeons she has cp, I will give you 5 stars if you fix it thankyou.
The game is a little confusing at first but once you know what you're doing it get really fun. I also respect that it does not shove adds down your throat, I never felt like I had to watch a add to get the bonus. Everything considered this game is great especially for a free no Internet required game.
Love the game So addictive.. Difficult to start with, but once you know what you're doing, it keeps you busy and occupied
ads cover user interface perpetually. loved the game, got pretty far then a perpetual ad streamer from Google started covering the game screen. no way to close it, no way to move it. makes the game unplayable.
Levels are too hard to reach and kinda boring duh.... slightly enjoyed it thanks for the developers effort
This was a really really solid game! I would give it 5 stars, but the auto move would constantly glitch out. (Also turn off your internet connection to remove the add bar, and skip days (in your phone settings) forward if you need to just grind souls and weapons (not even worth it at the end though)
Well this is definately one of my favorite games. It is well balanced and all around fun. One thing that would make this game better is by making the Old Battlefields troops cheeper. The sudden gap of 500-700 to summon to then 12000-15000 was very hard to keep up with.
I loved all your RPGs! But I would really love to see more update in this game, or War of Valkyrie 2, rather! Please make it happen!
Easy to learn and play. Great for passing time. :) Noticed some bug tho. Additional buff ATK SPEED on any items (except shields, axes) becomes NEGATIVE so it lessens even tho it's supposed to be added. It's really a pain esp. when the item is unique or legendary w/ other buffs. Hope it gets fixed. Thanks!
Honestly fun and pretty straight forward, I just wish there was a little more to the game I have been playing for a while but I do enjoy it still.
Really funny, creative, adctive and inteligent! I liked a lot. I'd like to worry a little more about the battle but the game is more about the outside of the battle strategies because you have to battle over and over again so sometimes you can get tired of it. Specially because it takes a lot of time to get good stuff like Rank SS warriors. But in general it is a great game: 5 Stars
Pretty fun class and their based roguelite. Would like to see a way of progressing each class or character. But it's good.
This is easy to pick up but challenging to master. The graphics are charming and the music is enjoyable. I've found myself playing it frequently when it was time for bed or work. That's pretty much the best compliment I can give for a game.
Great game! Loved the concept and pixel graphics. Grinding and battles are challenging. Add more characters and battles. Loved it
Just beat the game for the first time! Great game, awesome time killer with great graphics and a fun gameplay loop. Very addictive gameplay!
Really enjoyed it until I hit a bug that would force your team to the next section even if you isn't the option turned off in the menu. This forced myself into many losing battles, wasted my teammates CP, and resulted in big losses of experience and treasure. A lack of syncing my save with my Google profile means that reinstalling it doesn't help either. Really, really liked the game. Wish it let me keep playing.
Wow, what an interesting and unique direction this one took! You play as Valkyrie who is charged by Odin to find and train warriors for an upcoming epic battle. You are given a short time to gain as much xp as possible for each warrior, then Odin judges them. Valkyrie then gains abilities on how well you do. This app is truly amazing.
Starts off promising, but quickly becomes tedious. The only difference is the random loot drop, but even that gets boring.
Hey there, it is a really great rpg and i loved those icons and graphics but it seems there is some issues about the setting like 'forced full-screen displaying' I can't see part of those UI in my screen properly, could u please fix them _(:3)
This is simple yet fun and great if you are waiting for something. I wish that you can also Challenge other players and we can use magic stones to weapons and armors also and upgrade weapons and armors.we could trade weapons from other player.
The game is a great Valkyrie Profile clone. Unfortunately, with my new android phone, it cuts off at the borders due to poor resolution programming, and the game is unplayable. One of my favorite hidden gems, and one I can't enjoy again.
At the 4th dungeon and can no longer get rings been through 20+ raids and still none. Why is this. Feedback would be greatly appreciated
The good thing here is that there's no in-app,means that you have to think what would be the proper heroes to be with valkyrie, keep it up, hoping for more new updates
I was not expecting to get SO hooked on this game. It's SO much fun that I'm scared I'm about finished with it. The sprites for both characters and monsters are FANTASTIC and the game is VERY well balanced. Advancing doesn't feel like a boring slog nor is it too easy. This game really makes you feel like you're accomplishing something and getting more powerful. My only dislike is the lack of control over which enemy your characters target which can lead to frustration and the inability to permanently save characters (since you're constantly replacing your active and Ragnarok teams).