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War of Thrones

War of Thrones for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by LeyiGames located at Room C 2/F., Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Street, Kowloon East, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game. But in this game there is open world so anybody can attack anyone and hence I always get attack by players stronger than me.... Wo l who actually have money to grow fast.... Plz fix this... Otherwise this game is superb.
When I typed game of throne in search bar on play market the game was not on the list.so i used google to find it and return as player
I love this game Bt the only issue is after the update it's not working properly plz rectify dis problem of the message showing network error while logging in even wen der is full network. . And it keeps booting me wen I go in the Account chat or World chat
Been wotting for 6 years now. Tried other games and they just dont cut it. I love Wot but the devs really need to focus on this game more. It needs better updates and the worlds need to be taken better care of!
Did not bind account, spent hundreds of dollars and have an account floating around out there in gamer purgatory. Devs tried to explain how to recover but no matter how much information that was given to them they were unable to help me recover my account. followed all of the instructions and everything they told me to look for those not even there. I would expect better customer service and for the developers to allow me to get back to my old account.
Nothing in game but needed to promote helping and assisting.Please introduce solo and alliance events in which assistance will be promoted
This game are full of problem and they never solved any but keep giving more problem ! Don't try this game as this game will only annoying you! This game developers never fix problems , only push away problem when u encounter one! Worse game i ever play! For those who like this type of game, me suggests DO NOT PLAY IT ! Try others games are better choices!
This is by far the Best I have seen. Detail, graphics, genre, music could do with an upgrade, more drums and bugle type theme. All in all, the Wheel of Fortune does change occasionally and prizes from daily gift could use more higher grade gifts. Great job Dees.
Expensive packs expensive upgarde rate for scrolls , amount of resources in tile is low considering the huge amount need for apgrade after castle level 25 Ps. No one will buy resources for gems I have been praying this game since 2013/3014 and still playing
Y i rated four star is that if i leave this game to do something it would restart ,but the game is goood and nice
Very adictive game, could be different prizes on the missions ie solo team etc , and the free spins same usual giveaways, hard to get the items you need to level up. Plus it's mainly set for the American market as all the wvw missions etc start on American timings , usually middle of the night for us Brits , would be nice to change the times more, apart from that like I said very adictive
It's okay, but it could be better with minor improvements.. Such as: 1. Reduce the overall research time when upgrading perks on the research trees. 2. Reduce the overall construction timer when upgrading buildings. 3. An option to "collect all" when collecting finished quests. 4. The alliance information needs a rehall, because I spend more time trying to figure out the alliance options then actually playing the game.. That's all.. Thanks for reading :)
I actually love the hame. Its addictive and fun but it seems if you don't pay for gems you can't suceed. Everything that happens in this game seems to revolve around profit for the developers. It's not really free to play, it's free to have an account.
So I have never played this game before and when I downloaded it , it put me on someone else's account by the name of draza and yet again I have never played this game once. Fix that problem , so I just have uninstalled this game because of that problem.
I have been play this game for a couple of years now and have managed to get myself into a position where I can do quite well but recently I had a massive amount of my troops go missing and when I contacted the developers of the game about this it took them 21 days to finally come up with the decision to not give them back to me. I gave them all the proof they needed to prove that I had all these troops one minute and then they were gone the next. I lost approximately 60 million Force to the WoT black hole. To replace this amount if troops would take months and hundreds of £'s. I have to admit that I do like playing the game but I love the people even more. I am going to have to mail all these people now and tell them I'm leaving because the Dev's are thieves. They have stolen my troops and expect me to spend my hard earned money to get them back. Well, they can do one. I'm going to leave the game and take as many people as I can with me. For those of you considering playing this game please don't. You will be taken advantage of and eventually stolen from. Very disappointed at the Dev's, I have not heard one good story about them, now I know why. Stay away from this one guys, you will regret ever installing this game.
Full of error with no show of improvement, not willing in compensate after all sort of error affect the gaming! Poor in management,show no sincere! The most disappointing game I ever play
Love this game! Highly addictive. Been playing for well over a year. Always events running to keep you going and the devs listen to the players, reply to messages and try to fix any issues. My only complaints are when switching crystals on our dragons we get a bit of lag and that the devs could do with advertising a little to get some new players in as most worlds are filled with long time players so we're constantly fighting the same wars with the same allys. Other than that, great game and good fun.
they are to focussed on there other game they have made and now we are suffering from this. am about done playing the game.
Very good game. But in this game there is open world so anybody can attack anyone and hence I always get attack by players stronger than me.... Who l think actually have money to grow fast.... Plz fix this... Otherwise this game is superb.
Ok for all the crybabies whining that this is a good game but there's people spending hundreds of dollars every couple days so they ruin it, I got into this after playing stormfall rise of balurfor over a year. Who cares if other people spend hundreds to get in the top rankings, I spend 25 to 50 a month and have a blast. There's no sniveling in stormfall and i find nothing wrong with it even though I get prayed upon by overpowering overlords in this game too. Play it for yourself not recognition (slap)
Good game but needed to promote helping and assisting.Please introduce solo and alliance events in which assistance will be promoted
I do like the actual game element. What I struggle with severely is the lack of support from the developers. I have personally lost troops in an "opps" network error (that took me 3 weeks of back and forth emails to get corrected), and the game regularly glitches and kicks people off when they are vulnerable. Aslo, the developers really only care about those willing to drop thousands of dollars on all the extras. Buillies are encouraged, even helped if they drop enough money. Don't bother.
Game is good easy to play server has some issues with screen blacking out game reloads and starts you all over as a new player but if u have the game bound to your Google play just close game and restart it puts you back where you were it will freak you out the first time it happens then just make you mad when it does it again if developers fix this issue I will give 5 stars
I have tried to play this game several times, but I am not sure if I can keep going. I understand the devs need to make money, but seriously there are way too many people willing to drop $100 and more every couple days to stay big. Just put in the description "for people that don't have any good use for their cash" already.. I would spend a small sum if I thought it would do me any good but it won't with that going on.
I hope u can put button to open all low level egg, so boring to open 1 by 1 take to much time. Will give it 5 star game play if u do it. Ty!
I hat that i kicks me out and put me in someone elses acount pls fix it then i will give ir 5 stars piece
This app should really have a deactivation system for people who need to be away prolonged periods instead of protection that lasts only 24 hours. It gets really tiring and frustrating once you become a substantially sized player to have to rebuild and heal troops from scratch if say an emergency happen such as the weather related ones like hurricanes, power outages or if something happens to your electronic device that will keep you away from wifi and mobile data for game access temporarily.. Occasionaly the other players on a server will be generous and spare you but in a war game where people take past defeats personally one never wants to be at others mercy. Also contacting and getting solid answers from the developers is nearly impossible. I am redirected to their Facebook page when I look for contact info so I have tried asking questions about what I think is a glitch with my sorcerous carriage shop and was pretty much left on seen and ignored. As a result I have not felt compelled to spend gems and support them in months. I am a vice chancellor in an alliance and one of our members had also been stuck in the world versus word battleground for several weeks at one point.
Have to spend to much to grow and upgrades takes waaayyyy to long i find it unneccessary. Plus you have items that are no help to you with no way to gift another player who needs. So there's whole other way to waste money
Could use a few changes that have been recommended by the players but otherwise it is a good game and fun to play
I tried this game 3 times last night because when I went off my tablet and back on again it would restart. In the alliance I was in this guy paid money to teleport to me. I came back on this morning I was still in the alliance but my name and castle and all the buildings I built was gone. Need to fit this or tell us how to save out progress.
Really good game but yall should make it to where the people that went through the painful process of divine favors if they have extras sell them down so i don't have use 1000 gems everytime to get divine favors its just a pain please help!!!!
Game is a ok the world im in is dying. Because of ppl having 20-30 alts causeing dead castles. And devs wont clear the dead castles. And its has a few trolls. One that is most racist and underhanded player i ever met in game. He stays bubbled
This game is the worst game i ever seen.It always does lots of glitches and It has crashed many times.This is why i rated this 2 stars.
Still having problems of getting booted from game when I open the chat function. Other than that the game is ok. It's not as much fun on the higher levels as it was just starting out.
I thought it is good game but it needs lots of development network issue always update issue.if u slove this I ll play this this game plzz next keep some advisor or guide for what to I don't understand..