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Tanks of War

Tanks of War for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited located at Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it could have been better... but the card to upgrade system is getting in the way... and the Aiming module feels Wonky and quite a bit Unrefined... Less Ad more Gameplay....
very very good game, good graphics and easy to play..ads never bother my game..'cause it helps me a lot..thank youπŸ˜ƒ
Hi game developers i cant enter the game because it says "could not reconnect the game" even though i have good wifi and yeah can you please patch that bug please thank you
Good game. similar to WoT Blitz. Good physic and graphic. The control is much better than WoT Blitz. This game could easily be number 1 for mobile. But man, the ads after each game is 20-30 seconds wait, every game. with all the ways this game can make money in game, why put a 30 seconds ad after everygame man? There are some small items ur tank can crash. Also, i couldnt find this game for IOS. For now, u get 3 stars, one for graphic and physic in game and the other is for the smooth control.
its fun at the beginning few ads , after update lose of control for game wont let u aim or shoots on its own and way too many ads to where i lost interest in game sucks then the game starts over from the begining lose all progress not worth it spend money nobody to help you
I really dislike this game since the searching can troll people, when it reaches 15 seconds, it says 'starting' but it really isnt which is really disappointing. The game can also be easily hacked by other players.
So many players uses the same name example: Rory Madry Rory Madry is my damn enemy πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†, whoever you are I am USA Deltaforce. I think we met at the battlefield couple time and i know how you get your kill. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Anyway, cool games πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I love this game it's really cool and I dont need TO pay a lot of dollars FOR a really good thing it's the best game ever today I started I already bought some things I really love this game
This would be a fun game but when you go to battle and find out your the only one playing on your team and there are 4 players on the other you cant win and it you cant win you cant get ahead in game ! Theres is no way i would spend money on this game!
i'm sorry, the "realistic physics" aren't a thing in the game first: Tanks doesn't have spread circles in real life, the cannons aren't conical shape, projectiles should go exactly where your cannon is pointing, RNG in tank games just don't work second: if this game imitated real calibers and armor, you could oneshot tanks with the monsters that are in this game third: tanks doesn't have HP bars, the game could be unique if you added modules the game is fun btw, but the description is misleading
What is this??? I cant even control my vehicle properly with these crappy controls and buggy af. I am in the battle with a matching screen really? Plus the controls are really unresponsive and lacks realism, you cant even ricochet a bullet. And only 1 gamemode appears to me and you dont even have a team battle? Please add a setting to adjust controls, fix those bugs, add realism to the tanks, and please add a setting to choose a gamemode and a chat system...
this game needs a few tweaks. the points needed to win a match should be increased from 500 to 1000. the guns fire rate should be lower, the guns fire too fast. the guns damage should be decreased, or give the tanks more hitpoints. also how did u choose the rank of some tanks? the merkava is an epic tank but the m1 abrams, challenger 2, and t90 are common?? the tank rankings and rarity and power is just wrong.
Doesn't save game progress. Don't buy credit you will lose it. Also reported the game for copy cat game. (Tank Battlegrounds) and for save server denial πŸ‘
This game is the worst don't get this game this is why am giving this game a 1 star Cuz it is a tank game and it is not fun so if u can get battle fild on phone or ipad get it also if u are reading this it is true so true don't get this game it is not fun
after playing 3 battles Starter kit popup come out on the midle of the screen and cant move it from there whatever i tap or do. it is there even after restart and force close app. it looks like i am forced to buy that starter kit and thats not going to happen at this point maybe later after you improve game and afyer you make it to be reall tank blitz game because so far its not. if you dont know how go and ask Wargaming how, or download WoTB and play few games to get idea... Uninstalled...
The game is fun but there is some problems thank you that you did put the olifant mk2 tank in and the g6rhino self propelled artillery I can't believe that it's in the game but if the g6 was faster it would be a bid more fun this is afrikaans dotsiens
Good game gone bad..Rank 8, top 100 player. After each update the power ranking of their tanks change....Best tank is now mediocre. No more unlimited play. . Upgrade system is uneven.. One T5 tank cost $1600 to upgrade, another T5 is $40000! You need premium currency to update some tanks. No way to adjust controls, No chat. Tech Tree cost too much to upgrade. Bots are upgraded, Play till you reach rank 8 then do your review. This is exactly why I wait before spending real money.
The problem is, the advertisement is good but in the game is different. I only play with mod and AI player
Game concept, controls, tanks all good but server sucks. It kicks me out of a winning game also sometimes it takes multiple attempts to start a game
Nice game, I like the controls, but seriously you make us watch Wargaming blitz ads, they are your concurents lol.
Tank tier in this game is absolutely broken, I mean based on real counterparts of these vehicles is just purely doesn't make sense. And why SPGs used as Tank Destroyer?
fun game to play once you into it. I recommend downloading it, but give it some time to get going and not give up playing it. my main or only complaint is that it's expensive to play. what I mean and this is just an example. if you collect money and gold to get stuff or whatever and/or your special prizes or rewards one being gold. gold being the main method of getting what you need, you only get small amounts. I mean like 1 or 2 peices of gold. that's not enough.
This was a great game before update. When they did update they added a bubble that makes it so you are unable to do any damage to enemy. You are no longer able to defend the far point as the enemy can kill you and capture points well they are bubbled making players who generally die once or twice in a match get half the kills and 2-3 times more deaths. Second no chat or alliance features to offer enough enjoyment to the game not to quit with above update will probably quit without fix
The game is rigged all you get are defeats that makes the game not fun to play. Dont in stall this game they will never fix it.
Can't even start the game when I have perfect connection bc of connection failure, I've only had the game for am hour... That's how long I've been in trying
Gaming experience is in the "APPOCOLYPTIC" CALIBER. Keep fighting! Also I might add, You can actually have fun playing this game. Without spending any money! Thats- $0.00 dollars! Now-Keep Fighting Fantastic Graphics(it would be nice if you could talk to your teammates though! Just an idea
I love this game the details are amasing and the controls and gameplay are also but i have some suggestions could you add an armor implematiation because having a 70mm gun or so on a light tank and being able to shoot and kill a tank from the front or its frontal turret armor like the Abrams or a T-15 armata is very unrealistic and could you make it also where you can sell unwanted/unused tanks. also make it where you reset cap/stall enemy captures from bases when the enemy is being shot at
This is the exact definition of looks are deceiving. Looks like a good game, but doesn't even LOAD. Fix your game and I might play it.
Modernize. It would be really nice to see some later year tanks in this game. A little more modern would be great. Or atleast widen the range of tanks. Possibly some of the tanks from War Thunder would be cool. Being a Vet I would love the see the Abrams in this game. Other than that I love this game. Been playing for three years.
It is a fine game. The tanks are tricky to control but can be controlled well by someone experienced. No communication between team members which is weird to say. At least some short of communication would be fine. The graphics is good for a mobile game. It is pretty nice for the game to have multiple live for a single player and for each tank to have a ability that make them more unique. The progression for this game is good and simple to understand. Over all 4/5
Um hey developer I see yes the game is good when I saw its trailer video on YouTube well when I got finally installed this game the is not responding correctly its says could not connect to the server even I had a new internet connection and still the game stop's in 40% on its loading screen pls fix it I will really appreciate this game if it was fixed that's all the problem I see in this game after I installed it have a nice day keep safe
It is fun sometimes and other times you're team gets decimated or won't fight but fun game al and all!
for those who wanted a very precise historical and reality game,don't choose this game currently I've been testing is this game can restore my old game account,please make this game more historical and realistic,the Type 10 speed is 70 km/h forward and 70km/h reversed like that.
Looks like a poorly designed knockoff of Wargamming's World of Tanks Blitz. I've downloaded other games from Azur and the only things they have in common are overpriced in app purchases, poor matchmaking, tons of modders, and ZERO player support from the devs. I'm not even going to waste my time or storage space on this or anything else by Azur. Want a good tank game? Download World of Tanks Blitz by Wargamming you won't regret it.
The game needs more maps, there are only a few. It's kinda boring after a while playing on the same maps
The game is hacked, basically every one is cheating, including the game developers it's not worth the money or hassle been waiting for feedback from developers it's been 2 years and no answer play any other tank game this is the worst
Why game not starting after clicking BATTLE Β«waiting fo 15 secΒ».... it's loop game not started. click back and again start to battle wait fo 15 sec..... no answer! Developers SLOVE THIS PROBLEM (p.s. i use vpn)!
You cannot fool anyone this is not the original World of Tanks Blitz you just renamed it the war of Tanks Blitz and it's already obvious it's an absolute rip-off add in the old tanks okay literally change your name to something else then a rip off
This game is a rip off of WOTB, it is the same tank design, ie. AMX, IS etc. except alot worse. absolute potato game, if they had any downloads theyd be sued by WOTB cause game modes are based on same game made as WOTB, but alot worse.
It wont even start up for me. I really miss the original war of tanks. Up to 3 of your tanks vs up to 3 ai tanks; no pvp and it doesnt try to be a console or comluter game. War of tanks and war of tanks blitz (not world of tanks; that game sucks; war thunder is better than world of tanks but i only play that on my plasystation.) were n still are my favorite tank games for phones.
there must have feature to connect online and duel and rewards...i am unable to connect with google play or facebook
would be 5 stars if there was a add after every battle and the last 5 battles I've been booted of i have very strong internet connection so that is not the issue please fix and reduce the amount of adds and I'll give 5 stars
This game sucks its just bots!!And there turret wilk be pointing one way and then u die from a random shot comeing out of the other tanks body its trash i don't recommend playing this just go play World of tanks blitz its alot better and u dont play with bots on world of tanks unlike this piece of trash
Great game. However, the Abrams (arguably the best tank in the world) needs a major buff. It would be great if more vehicles were added like the Bradley fighting vehicle.
want solo vs team well this is the game for you and also it can kick you out of the match for no reason so hurry up and suffer
The game is really fun but i just finished playing a match against some noob with invincibility, yeah i still won the match but i dont like winning just cause i capped the points.
Hi! I am MOUSE from the channel Youtube(Tank strike Mouse)Your game is very well made!!! good grafix,nice maps,cool looking tanks and nice concept!!!) BUT...You guys(creator's)have done the same mistake!!!95% of the tank games doing!!! The DRIVING MODE!!! front and back need to be the SAME!!!!!!!!And for sure do not forget the AUTO SHOOT MODE!!!For those resons i m not gonna play your game Sorry!!! But still your game LOOK very cool!PS The MOUSE!
TIPS FOR MAKING THIS A GREAT GAME..give us repair crew.give attack drones..ability to put all our tanks at the same time on field, main tank controls the other (just like freedom fighters game).ALSO MULTI MISSILE LAUNCHERS, ANTI TANK SINGLE BARREL GUN ON JEEP, OPTION OF 5 MAN COMMANDOS WITH ANTI TANK MINES TRAPS to spice things up..wooohoooooo........yeah...if tou do this, it will be THE BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ™
The app, game is a ripped off no controls and game dropped you it costs more points around 1000 when you win only get 10 points total waste of time it's a copy of World of tank blitz but way short of being the same kind of game . THEY ARE STEALING MONEY AND POINTS SO YOU CAN NEVER WIN A TOURNAMENT .
so far so good adverts are pain but that's understandable it's to cover costs. the double up points adverts is good idea helps you progress through the game. Had to turn sensitivity right up in your settings just to get to look around when you're driving still a problem but much better on full blast. could try and take that. but it is a working project good luck
It's okay, it would be more fun if there were more players in one battles and if you could also bounce some shots and if it the battil was a little bit balanced, but it's a fun game, I would like to see the future updates, if it will get better
It's a very nice game. Nice graphics and controls. I can get all tanks by simply playing this game. Love this game
Very good game please make the battle's a lil longer so we could choose 3 tanks instead of 2 and why it doesn't it have live chat in the room and also the lobby please add it thanks but over all great game. πŸ‘πŸΎ
Now after playing some matches in this game, I can safely assume this game has the potential to rival World of Tanks Blitz and Armored Warfare. All this game needs is some polish and a couple of tweaks. The thing I didn't like is the "limited energy" thing that's common in mobile games, and the overpriced tanks ($40 for 1 tank). This game can make some people think this is a p2w game. This game is for people who want a simple tank experience. Keep up the good work Developers.
The game is good but i some suggestions to improve your game the graphics of environment is bad even the rocks,roads, etc but the tank is very detailed and perfect and add all the information and about the tanks armor and the speed in the right side above so were alert in the body of the whole tank and add some new crosshair for more comfortable for the last is add a offline mode so we can enjoy while there is no wifi cause sometimes the wifi is bad just could you just add them plss thats all :)
My type or game controller number one graphics second to none game sell off trust me the best of the best
Very nice game. It starts with a very nice tanks. But to control the tanks needs some time to familiarize.
This game is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much bad copy of original world of tanks Blitz you can't take place of original world of tanks Blitz i dosent give you even want to give 1 star original world of tanks Blitz is better than this game
Worst game in physics. Also pls make that you don't hve to lower ur level rate in a loss. Very bad....
This game is very laggy. Not to mention, the graphics don't do anything to the lag. Its not really that helpful. Its not at first, but it's laggy when you play without the tutorial.
Good game play and good game devine, but I think that the controlled and control customisation need I bit of work, eg. The sensetivity, I would like to individualy change the sensetivity for scope and the 3rd person view
Help .. while opening the game..it is loading something but getting stopped with notification " reconnect with server click ok"
if I want to play with an actual person, it'd have the best console system,sound + theater size seating! I like to play against AI. I mean texting while you're playing games to some stranger, pretty pathetic. now people can't breathe without texting someone. could've never survived back in the time of men. to think you had to physically go get a job, when real men weren't so lazy, that he had 2 figure ways to make a living sitting at home, in his underwear, pathetic. so, more offline games
I want to add something like shells bouncing in a thick armor and a detailed armor thickness in each tank and add the penetration of the shell's in each gun and please add a feature for low end gadgets and lessen the lag or afk
pretty good. ive just started but i really like the mechanics of the game. base capture element is on point. targeting is the best ive tried yet. tanks are pretty good. maps are ok. controls is easy enough to get used to, its pretty good. overall any enjoyable game to play.
it is an amazing concept exept i have had trouble going to battle it will load and then stop. but over all it is an amazing game
gameplay is ok. Maybe my internet is just slow. But there are cheaters in the game I believe. People who know each other on different teams will sit back and not fight and the other team just gangs up on the unknown guy. The enemy caps all the capture areas and doesn't kill their buddies on the other team. I normally don't fuss about cheating but it happens enough to make gameplay not so fun to say the least. Also I suggest allowing communication between players.
to bad for a game trying to ripoff the world of tanks blitz i mean controls are so bad i can barele move. i reccomend to play wot blitz its better.
Its a great game the most best and realistic game tank game I've ever downloaded And there is one problem the sheld the blue shield dosent work but wonderful πŸ‘ game
Game have potential to became one of the best of its kind but 2 stars just because after every battle pourchese popup come on the middle of the screen and can not be removed. And going and deleting game cash after each battle is annoying. Sorry but i cant play this with closing app after each battle. hope you fix it soon.
This game had little bit modern tanks from war thunder, it seems I rlly like it cuz I wish they got air crafts, spaa and aa would be best mobile game ever if it's update.
I dont like this game at all bc when you get lag out of the server you loose rank. Even turning the phone of for important stuff i loose rank. plz fix it its 10X worse
I can't even play the game. It said connection error but the wifi is on, please fix otherwise its a 1 star.
All im gonna say and this is from a players point of view, if u want a good tank game go to World Of Tanks Blitz by Wargaming that game has satisfied me and is great on graphics, gameplay and has WWll tanks from the U.S. Japan, Germany,Britian,China,Russia, and they even make up tanks that you can win in events.Want a good tank game pick World of Tanks Blitz
This game is amazing destroying averything you see and I love it thanks for making this game i wish you could update more tanks and maps here
Two times download Loading 40% and stop i don't know what happen Request Switch control settings buttons (left/right) custom control
There is a rather bad issue. When you win a team battle, you're asked if you want to double the reward from watching an ad....never get an ad and game hangs up and then, must restart every single time. Pay or be killed in less than 30 seconds. Matchmaking leans towards pay players. Uninstalling this.
New updates a lie. Theres no 3vs3. New maps? Not at all. Those maps have been there. Theres nothing new about the "update". Game is still exactly the same as its always been! Disappointing. This game was 4 stars when i first played it. Now its a one.
Please fix server cant connect to the server. Uninstalled because I cant connect to the dam server when I'm on always on 5G connection. My connection is very good.
this game. is. asome. one. thing. you. have. to. change. you. need. to. make. tanks. the. when. they. die. the. explosion. affects should. be. more. real. and. after. a. tank. dies. the. dead. tank. should. stay. instead of. sinking. into. the. ground
i give it one star beacause it looks like one those troll fage game improme the detail of the tanks the menu
I love this game the details are amazing and the controls and gameplay are alswell, but I have some suggestions could you add an armor implematiation because having a 35mm gun or so on a light tank being able to shoot and kill a tank from the front or its frontal turret armor like the Abrams or a T15 armata is very unrealistic and could you make it also where you can sell unwanted/unused tanks. also make it where you reset cap/stall enemy captures from bases when the enemy is being shot at.
To be honest I enjoy the game but at some point in the game it lags meaning slow motion for no reason... at one point I was about to spend 4.99 to get a new tank but, I changed my mind cause of its lacking movement and too slow to get started. overall I still like the game...maybe in time it gets fixed or something... I only could wait and see, and for that reason I gave it 3 stars...
Waste of time and data. Couldn't even connect to the server,unneeded notification,work game. If we have a 0 star I would give that.