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War of Nations: PvP Strategy

War of Nations: PvP Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PopReach Incorporated located at 402 - 1243 Islington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 1Y9. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been trying to get our alliance base fixed for over 7 months and they still haven't fixed it. Lag is bad alot of times. Yesterday the game crashed and would kick you out when you tried to send an attack. They fixed that and now I can't receive notification's.
It's a good game but there's just a few things you got to know just fight people on your level don't harass people and this is a grinding game you're going to be here for a while are all thing I would wish from pop reach is a better report system because right now I have some who been inactive for 5 months and he promised me the leadership of the alliance and I reached out to popreach support and he won't reply back
Awesome strategy game. Just ensure u locate an active alliance and u will grow quckly. Quite addictive too.
The game is rigged, trust me I found out the hard way makes for a bad experience, plus people are arrogant. For no reason. They think highly of themselves, for sure no one else does. If I could take the star back I would.
stop updating the game if your not going to fix lag it takes almost 5 minutes for it to load a attack to a base or sh after i look at the report like what the hell fix it now i coin alot off money for this game im paying yous to fix it
Game used to be good. Now plagued with glitches and declining players due to horrible customer support. Don't waste your time and especially don't waste your money.
I give the game 1 star because there are constant issues that keep arising. 2 weeks ago something happened on developers end that ruined people's strike carrier armies and caused their commanders stats to drop dramatically. 2 weeks later the issue still isn't resolved .
This used to be a great game, now it is one screw up after another and all you get from customer service is " our engineers are aware of the problem " but they keep releasing new stuff without fixing the old. Some of it is the same problems for over a year now. Like others have said this game has gone to the point where if you don't intend on spending money, don't even bother TO PROVE MY POINT LOOK AT THE RESPONSES FROM ROCK YOU ON THE COMMENTS. EVERY ONE IDENTICAL. Customer service is simply an autoresponder I have contacted the support team numerous times. It is a standard response either, " our developers are aware of the problem and are working on it", or Our developers checked and the game is working as it should" But still lag is horrendous strong hold and alliance wars are almost unplayable do to lag. Lockbox event has not worked right in over 2 years., bundle prices have increased with little improvement making this now the most expensive game to play. Alliance wars limited mission rewards are well over a year obsolete. The implants given out are for useless obsolete commanders. The old suggestion fix the old stuff before releasing the new stuff
The whole game isnt working like it should cos always changing stuff.still screens no movement having to wait ages or reload game.its a nightmare.still not rating it its all complete.
Game is good but dying. Players are to thinned out. Game stopped rewarding warcom training, Support will not respond about it. Maybe they feel its not worth it anymore to support the game and correct problems, or just imform players about thr situation. Lag in the game has also gotten very bad and im told of many people leaving just for that reason. 1 star for bad support
I love this game. I complained a year ago on this forum about player support, but now under new company it has been great.
Great game. Just too many inactive players. Should change the rules so you can destroy home bases as well, so only active players can respawn. They claim inactive players are removed, that's a lie. Be prepared for a lot of inactivity.
It use to be fun but they messed e erything up you can't use half the cards only on commanders but all the comms they have to get with the card 70 % are junk they won't put the new ones on cause they want there money. You use to use the cards to get upgrades not anymore
Please,can you add new immune like 7days and 1hour sometimes we are busy in life.i like the game.thanks...i dont like the failing of experimental upgrade.but i like the game
Unfortunately popreach cannot actually fix problems with the game. Instead they make it worse by fixing things that were never wrong in the beginning....they tend to make things worse. Good luck if you decide to download it.
have had no active events for 2 weeks and have contacted your support center throught email and never got a message back this is the last time i will be posting on this problem the next time i will be leaving no stars and a horrible review because this is ridiculous. especially since popreach sent a message saying contact the support email and it will be resolved and it hasnt been.
This game SUCKS!!! Glitches everywhere!! I used to play this on IOS, and this looks like it's still in beta-testing in comparison. It's a joke. Seriosly. Ok, now I can't even play the game anymore because, once again, the "rate this app" pop-up pops up and I cannot get rid of it unless I delete the app and reinstall! I'm tired of it. Really. And I keep contacting you guys about fixing my campaigns, too, which I can play because they're also stuck. I'm really disappointed.
I gave this game a 5 star. Until last week upgrade, now, i cant get in game because everytime i try to play. A pop up says, download failed. Been out of game for more than a week. Support took time to reply and gave instruction to no avail. I played this game since it started 2014. Now, im completely blocked from game. But, still hoping, popreach would find time to fix my account. Im still giving 5 stars. Please do fix my account popreach. I know you guys will not disappoint me. Thanks
Won't load. After i complete the tutorial i get an error message saying can't connect to server. Tried force close but same error when reopening. Happens on wifi and 5g. OnePlus 8T
I came back to the game after a few years. Its "ok", but the way the stronghold event is done, low level alliances dont stand a chance. It seems the resource production etc is also slower, so ability to research and build army takes a lot longer.
Game works fine, but I'm haven't got any event rewards since November 23 even tho I participated in all and my alliance is ranked 2and most times. Plz help
Waaay to much lag. Ive been playing this game for 10 years & never has it been so much lag to the point where you cant see attacks or reports at all. Would NOT recommend this game to anyone new!
rockyou allows people to be bullied into quitting. they could care less they only want your money shame on you rockyou !sent screenshots of clear cyber bullying to them there response was the same get stronger which they mean spend more money. 1 person controls worlds and they can decide to wipe out whole alliances if they want without concern of level or anything along those lines rock you supports cyber bullying which im in the process of reporting them and filing some paperwork shame on you
Customer service sucks terribly still but the developers seem to be genuinely trying to make the game better so new rating.
its a fun game if you wanna dump 30 dollars a week in it to try and keep up with the veterans who have been playing for years. if you're not on the best teams in a certain world you will be bullied by higher levels.
far to many issues. if people stop throwing money at subpar performance, maybe they would fix the game instead of sell it to the next guy to make a boatload of cash instead of provide quality product like this game deserves.
Horrible game. They spend more time creating commanders for you to purchase than they do fixing game. Lag is out of control. 5G note 20... Is that one of the devices you're having problems with.?
Way to many worlds not enough players , I dont know if you developers pay attention to stuff other than money but the games dying fast. Every world is the same , the top three alliances the rest are inactive . 169$ bundles are you serious ? People that coin are taking advantage of the game this has been an issue for years. No worries as long as the campany making money though right . Dead Worlds..
banned me over lang yet people makes fun of me and cusses me out when i report yall do nothing they report me for standing up for myself yall ban. i want my money back i spent in obelisk
Bugs not fix like cap glitch. Very lagging take around 1 min to respond when click on any building. Contacting for support is useless, it getting more n more lag. Updating not fixing anything
I love this im 12 and i have been playing since i was eight years old but now its extremely difficult to recover maybe some players who seem to be having trouble shoulfmd get a welcome back gift because i was afk for 1 year and lost everything ps my username is icce145
Developer will not fix lag will not take resposibility for glitches in game always gives excuses that they cannot find or duplicate issue will ask for screen shots a month after knowing good and well you werent expecting glitch and didnt take one.Always give canned responses with 99% of the time no favorable resolution to issue. Definetly a pay to play game now AVOID THIS GAME DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Sucks!! Take years to train units ... And they all did in one hit .. so it's just unit training game... No fights just trainingi
Very poor. 4 months and a change by programmers has kicked many out. Still having some issues after your fix. Next problem is your mods to thestrikecarrier. All myupgrades to two best commanders were lost?!? Ok you were trying to help newplayersbut destroyed the carriers of experienced players. Thanks heaps!
this game doesnt work half the time so i cant sign in now so i cant protect my two npc 38 so lf they are gone when i sign back in then there no use playing any more world 25 is has nothing but bullies in so why try to play or build any units any more
great game, but make sure to start in newest world to have a chance. You can really do a lot without spending money.
After I downloaded the nenewest update the game will NOT let me back on it says there is a failure too download when I open it and will not let me in game
Game lags badly 75% of the time. There are other glitches in the programming that popreach can not seem to solve, nor do they seem to be overly interested in improving it. They have asked for more info since I posted the above but still no change in lag or other problems Aug 2020. They have been supplied with more info as per their response but nothing has changed. Still lagging, still lose uv when it's in teammates bubbles. Popreach only wants your money!
Gameplay is fun but servers are garbage, I need to re connect every 5 mins. Extremely pay-to-win but I guess they are trying to milk every last dollar out of this game before it is completely dead
Still waiting for new worlds to open. I currently have 83 vets waiting for this to happen to jump in and start fresh. Take away WvW and bring back the original tournaments held in each world. 56 of us are big spenders and currently waisting our time on other strategy games.
I have contacted support their attitude is to bad we'll try to fix it next time. Or the standard reply " our developers are aware of the problem and are working on it". Really 4 weeks and ltms or event that have been running for months and they can't fix it? You ask for compensation for the money wasted and you get no reply. Ask Google for a refund and it doesn't comply with thier refund policy contact the developer. Popreach will simply screw you any way they can. And yes I can prove it
Few bugs but still a good game, bug like every now and then a commander and his army will just vanish and reappear a few days or weeks later... I dislike the defense calculator... I just got 9000 bp and my attacker got like 1 mill he hit me like ten times all same result.. so everyone walks there troops to avoid defense , I'm thinking if defense was better we could not walk troops and just leave them in bases so we can all battle not play hide an seek!!! Can you guys fix defense?
Played for 5 years. Wasted a lot of time and $. First Popreach took away our alliance boost that we worked hard to earn, now they have made it too hard to get attack points, even for someone with strong commanders. Beginners will have no chance, don't install. I uninstalled. Bye PR
Currently waiting for a new World to open. Do you know when the next world will open? This game is still one of the best strategy games I have played.
Support is the worst, they close tickets and mark them as solved yet they did nothing to resolve the issue. I have been trying to get into the game for 21 days.
best on line game, wish they would fix glitch maybe they should hire or talk with other people who can help fix it . Make war of nations great again 😁😁
Great lil game! Make sure you get in a active alliance. Building takes time it helps to have people help you
so i got the game yesterday and i created an allience but some guy wanted to help me and told me to join his and when i tried it wouldnt let me leave mine because of an event the event ends and i try again, but allience wars started. i get its the game but its really annoying to have to wait another 40 hours for something
doesnt connect to the internet regardless if iam on my data, house wifi, mcdonalds wifi, strip club wifi, trucks wifi, my shoes wifi.
Cannot connect to servers. No idea what's going on, update I'm not aware of? Why didn't we receive a notification about that potentially happening? Please tell me why I can't log in now after spending my morning in game. And before you ask, NO, my internet is not the problem. I'm a gamer, a TRUE gamer, my connectivity is NEVER the issue. Email me back please, and keep your superficial "auto-bot" responses to yourselves. Just email me.
Great idea. Keep adding new items. Maybe you should reiterate the etiquette of experienced players not crushing new ones? A Level 50 should not be rampaging a Level 35. And may I suggest a 'Spy' commander? One that could actually lower the level of a targeted base if strong enough? Just my thought. Keep up the good work.
Not for someone who is looking for a quick fix. I recommend this game to someone who is looking to form lasting strategic relationships and has patience.
So good game kinda issue is higher lv players just tp next to you with 25 THOUSAND TROOPS i only havd 2k and wipe you out
Boost still not fixed ancient experimentals have a super high fail rate under player senario. Repair scripts may have been run but you guys messed boost up somewhere coined it to be where it was now obliterated. New setup on crates alienates older players.Crate rewards have yet to be adjusted at dev stated they would be.Viable trades have been elimated and or reduced to trades for obsolete items
It's a great game I've played years ago and the strategy is complex but when you get it you will love it I also pay for items but they have not been giving us our rewards for winning events so it has dropped two stars because of the new developers ability to fix bugs in game which I personally have spent money on
Rewsrd out of date. Unless you coin your screwed on good comms. Coining rewards are now being down graded for same cost. Almost not worth playing.
I have played this game for 4 years. The game keeps getting sold because they can never fix the tons of issues. 1. No notification. 2. Extreme lag. 3. No reports when you attack or get attacked. Must log out after every attack with the hope that you get a report. 4. Screen freezing constantly. When you report any of these problems to developer it may take 3 months to get a general response stating issue is fixed when it is not. Concept of the game is good but execution is a total joke!!!!
This game is garbage I've played for years and it gets worse every time I play it. Lag is horrible never fixed, ( support says problem fixed) tech support must be a bunch of 10 year Olds trying to fix it which has never happened by far worst android app game I've ever played. I won't ever recommend the game to anyone and I'm embarrassed to tell anyone i spent money on this game!!
it has alot of problems. but the reason its google review score is so low, is because its a great game. its aweomse, its just infurating as you get so invested in the game. the negative stars are aimed at the lazy developers. but this stops new players from joining the game. This game is one of the best skill based stratergy games on mobile. try it, give it a week, youll love it.
Game sucks. I have photos of bug where cannot build alliance support building. They will not fix it. They have had empty spots to build things in the alliance base for years and you still cannot build anything. Well, you cannot even build the original buildings. So I guess this is just another thing popreach doesn't want to fix. Please continue the boycott on spending money on this game until they fix everything including all the so-called visual glitches pertaining to the boosts.
I have played this game for years quitting in between but game has always pulled me back to it. Game has become much better with recent updates. One needs to spend some money getting to the top but even without spending one can be a descent player with recent updates. This game takes time to learn but once you learn it well you can play it like a pro. Just start playing and keep upgrading and once you understand the ropes hit the new world with your experience you will be a pro player
Would be a fair game if it wasn't rigged. Horrendous. Just because the developer doesn't know it's rigged it's still rigged
what's wrong with you guys every time you release an update you ruin it more ? now the game doesn't start saying i need internet connection really?
Well use to be a great game now there is so much lag takes so long to load also terrible daily rewards they need to be updated plus would like a chance to get old materials nd stuff for old normal commander upgrades also experimental without spending so much cash
One star as of today. Now the bugs are getting to me. I can login at least as some other players reported that they can't. I don't know if I will remain playing this game or take a month break since I think that is how long it will take to fix everything that is broken with the game.
Used to play years ago, tried to get back into it and all it keeps saying is "retry connection" every 5 seconds which makes the game unplayable. Sad when a good game ends up like this. Will not be spending any more money here.
Not going to lie,the game is pretty good.i just started playing this game and i'm already ejoying the game.and yes i love it:D
After I downloaded the nenewest update the game will NOT let me back on it says there is a failure too download when I open it and will not let me in game update 12 8 2020 this game is worse now after newest update you have to uninstall game 2 times a week and reinstall the game just to get on to play it. .its now even worse trying too play this game
It is a very addicting and fun game. But the company is terrible and so is the support. They push out new updates that mess up your entire progress. If you spent money on the game, you are getting screwed
Played this game a lot a few years ago, recently tried to get back into it but now it repeatedly says that I cannot connect to the servers because I am "not connected to the internet" even though I am clearly connected to WiFi, even tried with 4g.
still have parts of game that won't work trying to upgrade on my victor base iron mine and storage box won't work still legs.
This is a good game, but the pvp is completely broken and unfair. I'm lvl 35, over 200k power, but I'm getting attacked by a guy with 100k power and he even wins sometimes despite me having better troops, commanders, and stats. I have hawks, hammerheads, and centurions and am losing a substantial amount of these units to jeeps, tanks, and helicopters. Really need to fix pvp to have it more balanced.
Our entire world hasnt received rewards for a week now. Our campaigns aren't working and people's research lab are stuck. Why aren't you fixing this problem? We have emailed multiple times and heard nothing back for days now.
fun to play just wish it was cheaper and more fair I'm not a coiner and you have to be to be competitive with the big guys
SEVEN YEARS! Down the drain. Obviously I love this game and past developers have taken care of any issues. Latest update downloaded an account which was one that was closed several years ago. I was high level, two worlds in top alliances. They tell me problem is fixed, but I cannot reach their server to deny privacy settings, hopefully to once again cancel this account. You could spend couple thousand dollars and would not be able to buy my account through developer. I get several messages that I did not answer so they solved the problem, and each time I write back “yes I did and problem not fixed” I’m still giving them a chance to make it right as of now I have no alliances and my bases have been captured. So I hate it when people talk lawsuits, but I can see why someone would. If this situation is not taken care of maybe a few of us should come together? If fixed and compensated accordingly, I WILL change my review. I have been very nice, but during these quarantined times, this game did help getting through the days.
Developers do not react quickly to game issues. Main functions of game did not work for weeks and they did nothing to repair. However, they could add content for you to spend money on.
This is absolutely one of the worst games i have played on google play. The lag is horrendeous. Google play doesn't care if the game runs properly or lags. They just want the money. There needs to be a new competitor in the android gaming world. Or the governments need to setup laws against this. Consumers need to be protected against this. Game developers and website distributers should be held responsible on how a game runs and the constant breach of privacy log into your account.
iv had the game for 5 years and now i cant connect to the game. its says i need the internet to play. witch i clearly have or i wouldn't be able to leav a review or download the game in the first place. iv sent pop reach a e mail requesting support to work this out but still no reply days later. i have spent hundrededs of dollars in game that i cant even access now for an unknow reason. i will be reporting this to apple and apply for a full refund. there is zero support from this game maker!!!
With the recent update, it made things much worse. I made a lot of progress in the last week that will all be lost now, because for some reason adding two strike carrier armies and rolling back on that results in one of my comms getting downgraded and other upgrades get rolled back as well. Seems like when popreach messes up, they tend to make things much worse when they try to fix problems. Today is worse than a couple days ago and the update was a week ago.
Best online game I've played for a long time... Only problem I have, is reports don't show at multiple player's sometimes... Even me... But I'm now updating to the newest version... And I'll see if the bugs that was fixed, was that specific one
this is a good game but takes alot of time and is hard to get ahead unless you spend money I wish they would open a world that you can not spend money in even if they charge 5.00 or 10.00 a month to play that world
Constant glitches. They will never admit it and when it costs you stats or even cash, they will do nothing to fix it. Edit: Oh look, they responded. You'll be happy to assist? Funny, I've requested help dozens of times. The response you provide every time, "sorry, we will forward to our engineering team." Then around 2 weeks later you will say, "everything is working properly, you will not be refunded...." or...."tell us if you have the problem next event" then no assistance. unethical jokers.
Bugs not fix like cap glitch. Very lagging take around 1 min to respond when click on any building. Contacting for support is useless, it getting more n more lag. Updating not fixing anything. Reinstall can't make it don't lag.
It's a fun game but I have my own Alliance and no one will join it I'm Iron_ man Alliance name Is ADVENGERS come join me in W7
pretty good free to play game. If i would want you guys to add something it would be another better way of getting star boosts for your commanders a little more often and another idea would be to give people gold in events to.
It was a good game and I used to play it everyday but last 4 months its just freezing and lagging every 2 to 5 minutes... And they didn't fix the lagging or freezing!! Why to play or coin for a game keep freezing? Was hoping they will fix the lagging and freezing screen.. coz it's really good game but they didn't
Always need to spend REAL WORLD money to try to keep up with long term players. Nothing is done to prevent them from destroying everything you try to build up. War game or not honorable play and fight style should be encouraged. New players be warned ! Toss in its various glitches and bugs.
War of nations has greatly improved alot these past few months, been improvements with bundles so there better value for money also.. The performance has improved too and the customer service has def improved also.. Keep it up pr 5 stars from me guys
Been playing since 2015 and seen the game change hands 3 different times, eventually you get bored of the same thing over and over again. There has to be some innovation or something done to keep players active besides a new tier of Commanders every quarter. A better job has been done by making more available through LTMs, but the rewards are still light-years behind where they should be. Some LTMs have updated rewards and others give you Commanders 5 series behind. I don't want to see it die.❤️
Extortion at its finest. Rather than focus on increasing the number of people that play, they just make more components to the game that cost substantial amounts of money. Pay to play. Otherwise your just farming for the players that do. Seriously don't waste your time or money here. Sincerely, someone who paid plenty to play
This game has seen 3 different owners, and quite a few ups and downs. Unfortunately the Devs had a loss of data recently that caused some issues in game. Of all of the owners, PopReach has been the most active. I commend them for trying their best for fixing the bugs as they can, and working with players to improve the game. This game is overall fun as long as the world you are in is active and not toxic. It's a good strategy game overall.
was nice but they ask to much for there stuff ...i buy more $1 stuff on clash of kings and is worth buying less spending ..but here they try to see how expensive they can be so i buy less or nothing coz its pointless...cheaper stuff =more sales ..expensive stuff = less sales ...its a game not a iphone or addidas or nikes ...not a name brand...you want more sales start wirh great $1 deals everyday between the other more expensive deals then you see the diffrence..
Bought a couple of bundles and the developers decided to delete the account. They won't assist get the old account back or compensate for the monetary value that was lost. Horrible customer experience and support. Would not reccomend!!
Well, they have this crisis world event called global domination. You go against people from other worlds. On the splash screen it states that you will battle and take your best 5 commanders, units, and BOOSTS. RockYou cant fix the boosts from dropping off during battle. I have been messaging them screenshots for almost a year now to fix it. They initially stated it was graphical. That was until I sent ss of my attack wave size decreasing by almost 3000 units when boosts turn off. I also sent them ss of me attacking someone in GD multiple times and winning. Then boosts turned off and I lost. So I restarted the game and boosts came back on. I attacked the same person and won. Then attacked the same person a second time and lost cuz boosts turned off. So I restarted the game and boosts came back on. So I attacked the same person again and won. RockYou refuses to fix this issue. Maybe people waste gold refilling to attack multiple times only to lose cuz boosts turn off. Dont waste money on this game. These developers want to keep making new stuff to add to the game, when they cant even fix the game they have now. There was never an issue with the boosts turning off when Gree owned this game.
Your game is infested by cyber bullying level 53 players destroying level 38 players with missiles and making excuses for it
First ,the reason for the one star rating is there us no way to reflect any further negative rating and comments be posted. Developer and Google knowingly peddle a flawed product, and seizing players monies not returning them due to their "stealing" monies and inventory. Both Google and Popreach point the finger at each other. Player loses account,Pop reach techs announce account recovered and to follow steps to restore,A LIE. THEN when presented with the google alert option ,SAME THING,YOU START ALL ANEW..THEN GOOGLE SAYS DEVELOPER HAS CONTROL AND DEVELOPER SAYS GOOGLE HAS OVERWRITTEN ACCOUNT...The result is they keep your monies and in my case erase years if progression in game.Google gives the comparison of them as a shopping mall while Popreach as a store in their mall! Yet them as the masll knowingly leasing to a Tennant that sells a bogus product which !makes Google a willing accomplice in this theft. Well screw that..Going to separate myself from all Google products and services and go ios
Battle Report ...is Always Down...smh...Like Being a Blind Sniper....Ya wont last Long....they need to fix This asap