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War of Kings : Strategy war game

War of Kings : Strategy war game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Falcon Studios. located at West Pender Street 256 Viman Nagar, Pune Canada. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I suddenly disconnected and afk the game when the internet is getting slow, i cant play well so thats the reason this game is sucks.
The Game was cool it has a great criteria, and high graphics. However when I the internet was disconnect you aren't able to connect or back again in the game. Their are too many bugs, when you trying to built walls. And also some players quit the game whenever they want then sometimes i am the only one left.
Add skins for every different civllazions and also add some more air troops . Fix game lags . And also it would be great if archers would be able to climb walls and attack from there . There's not much of defences only watch tower and wall. Some more defences would be great. And also add like ships or boats to travel through water . Add more reaserches in the academy. Waiting this to be added in the next update hope they add these all in the next update . Thank you for nice game.
Epic!!! though there are limitations, the game is sooooooo good! I really liked the music, the gameplay, and the graphics!!! will reconmend to anyone.
Here are few suggestions. Change from 150-200 units only add limits on special units like drake, capult etc. Musketeer firing animation can be just small white line like in Age of empires don't need complete line of fire. Add limits on number of spells. My mobile and game acts crazy when there are 6 max armies fighting on one ground.
I give four stars for the game. The game is outstanding. But u should have some more things in it. Like u should keep the offline mode with more than one player . Means that when we play we should have more computer players in it with us like in offline mode we should have chooses to play with 2vs2 3vs3. OK thanks for making this game
My account was permanently suspended. I did not use any tools to cheat. its not my problem if your program have too many bugs. I did not take advantage to use this bug to cheat to any body. I play fair... I hope developer will be fair too. you are so unfair to your players. Uninstalling now. very disapointed player here...
Fantastic game, gameplay is brilliant and the add system is no hassle at all. The terrain is still quite bare and all troops between factions look the same in terms of skins. But that is an easy fix for the next updates to come. Brilliant work devs!
Population limit get decrease if we do reconnect from network issue. There is no proper standards in the game. Developer is not updating it regularly.
I'm in the middle of a match an a add pops up plays through kicks me back to the main lobby and says I was cheating .. I am playing on my phone. This game has serious bugs . Unsuspend my account what the heck
Lot of bugs , bad graphics & gameplay and controlling is difficult need lot of new content in game like new buildings and army and features need improvements in gameplay and graphics too
Please change the graphic and increase the time to upgrade and bulid soke resources in clans war can you do that ?
One of the best game, but there's also something that can be improved like the graphics but anyway its a good game, make more features. I hope the game keeps on improving as we update . Overall good game
This is absolutely perfect! I love how the game make you a choice of your civilization without a payment and there is a mode of clash of clans. You will never get board. In one game is so long and very fun along the way. Extreme great killer time! No flaws on all mechanics. Thank you so much dev.
This game is nice and super but because of ads phone becomes *hang* so fix it please πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ otherwise game is super
Controls seem good as well as graphics. But the moment i completed the first little tutorial it puts you in. I click lobby and it acts like it signs me in to my google play acc. Then sits there on a loading screen .. no matter if i close the app, reinstall it.. it just wont let me continue. So only 2 stars
This game is really awesome, and I wish only if there is no such upgrade like level 3 cause it takes time to earn resources and also the needed resources to have troops, it really has a big number of resources needed and I wish there is only little if everπŸ˜…
Wow, this game has so much already that is amazing. Some minor bugs, that can be annoying. But this is so much like age of empires i wanna cry....
Cheating is not allowed... which I don't understand, why are you suddenly able to make so many barracks? It should just be protected so that participants can't make much, rather than suddenly being expelled from the game because it is considered cheating. really weird ... i don't know why is that?
please add a skin to buy at the store and add more formationa also please it so that in offline the player and the enemy could use wall and we could set what kind of troop is allow or not allowed to use in offline mode or online mode cause that would great actually and it is possible to have 3 or more faction in offline mode.
Now this game has good potential to complete with other games. I loved the new features, And previous bugs are also removed. Nice development team:)
can be offline and online I am very happy, good graphics and small full size less than 200MB, multiple modes, light for low end smartphones, exciting gameplay, lots of maps, like AoE in regular mode and like COC in clan war mode at less than 200MB in size very amazing, but of course there are still shortcomings, namely FC, etc.
Great game, offline+ online. But they sometimes show me that i am cheating but i am not!! And then they left out me from my game instantly... please fix it guys.... otherwise good game
Awesome game, but.... There are some things I want you to update. 1. Give a better troop selecting system. 2. Give a way to see which citizens are free. 3. I want special abilities of each civilization, just think about itπŸ™‚ By the way, I really liked the game
I really love this game.I would choose this game over all other clan games. But I really whis that you could add more troops in the clan war and to make the ships work also to add a gem mine. And your game is the best I ever played. But I have a small problem is that the production in the clan war takes to long it would of been better if it could produces the gold and wheat even when you are offline.
I love this game, but always crashing during game in long battles and feel like handicapped ... Pllllzzzzz fix it... It's brainteaser for me.. For 5 stars.. Give me suggestions what to do... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Enemies can build walls on your base or build them instantly when you attack them so they should be built by workers like anything else. They also so this building archer towers near you and sorround them with walls. Lastly if the enemy rushes you with heavy musketeers you cant defend and mammoths are too fast to train.
Hello this game awesome and im rushing the enemy sometimes they quit cus im always defend and attack also i like the adds awsome game luv it and and also it takes time to load it
The game is overall good but the only problem is there's no violation like the other players just go quit and you will find yourself 1v3 its so embarrassing so please fix this thats all great game thank you Edit: and also make the reconnection more possible
Pretty good but when i was playing offline mode or prob multiplayer mode, i was gonna get smth so i pause the game by clicking the settings, but then i got an ad. While i was getting smth the ad was finished and when i clicked the x button. It just kicked me out false reporting that i "cheated". I didn't even do anything. Second can u pls put a fog for all the maps excpet your village bc its kinda unfair that u can just look at their village and know what they are doing, which is unfair.
Its a very nice game but just that some armies are capable of shooting tough walls without distroying them. Please try to fix this problem
So the game has a problem when ever I am playing 3 v 3 my connection some how it say my connection is out which is not my wife is working perfect there is no problem with my wifi so pls fix this problem
This is an awesome game like, feels just like when I was younger and would play age of empires. My main issue is AFK players, they need to be punished, whether that's a temp ban or a "negative mark" on their account that only pairs them with other people with "negative marks." And there needs to be some sort of progression, the game just gets boring if you do the same thing over and over with no sort of reward.
Hello i hope ypu can help me developer, i have a problem with the game, the problwm is every time i open the app(offline/online) there would be a alarmclock icon beside my battery percentage (in my phone) i did try checking my clock but no alarm is set, the alarm icon would not be remove even though i exit the game. It'll only disappear if i restart my phone or uninstall the game. Can you help me? I really want to play this game but im irritated at the alam icon showing up
It's a pretty good game now my team mates allways afk though Edit it is so hard to beat on 3v3 2v2 or 1v1 online the offline is good though also can you make clan wars a bit better
I LOVE THIS GAME #1. You can add friend people and play with them. #2. There's Top 100 Players That You Can also add friend #3. An Private Server to play with your cousins #4. You can play this game offline and online! #5. You can chat with your TEAM and ENEMYS While In A War
It will be nice if there are skins. "Upgrading heroes is useless in war'. Don't remove the darkness pls!!!!!! "Pls don't remove the fogs or darkness---so we can have an adventure". That's all everthing is good, just the Heroes cause they are useless. "Add Skins" also The darkness!! Pls don't remove it. Please react to our reviews. This game will gonna be a big hit if moderators are active.πŸ˜’
Wow this game is super cooll.but 4 stars becasue thers no more buildings and only two torrets and cannon😒😞 plssss update it and if you update it i give it 1000 stars promisee😊😊 and dont for get to add some more defence for village add more cannon more torrets. and bomb trap. I hope you update it.and i hope you see my feedback.☺☺☺😊😊☺
The graphics are not too good, But the gameplay itself is pretty good you can go offline with a bot. Overall a pretty nice game and capable in phones .Its nice knowing there are upcoming updates pretty nice game Should check it out!
Really very good game and all functions is good but one thing I give a list a player in clan and rank list not a only top 50 all players rank and not problem in game good game
Very fun rts game,.easy to pick up and play. But there are 2 major issues with it. 1st the diversity of soldiers Isn't very clear and almost heavily leans towards range units.. 2nd is there is no downside to abandoning your teammate in 2v2 or 3v3 which has resulted in at least 85% of those games somebody was at least 1 man down. Which results in hours of time spent building just to destroy them with no contest or vice versa. These 2 things would take this game to the next level
Wow i like the gameplay of this game.. like this game i been searching and fianally found it.. has all the troops such as undeath, modern weapons, orcs, dragons and so more.. but the only thing i didnt like was there is no health meter...if there is health meter of buliding ,troops, walls, heros it would be so great and plzz add long range heros i would be happy if those things were added😊😊
This is the only game I know that is lacking any guidance and stats. Players must discover for themselves troops capabilities and item usage....
The game is good, but not more it has alot of potential, the way the workers and troops move is very weird and when you command them to turn back they take a full circle course and its slow and awkward and not the way you want them to turn back, and the biggest issue of this game is the lag. At some point when big armies and bases are built it gets extremely laggy to the point you can barely move the map and not being able to move the troups or use spells. I hope the lag is fixed immediately.
I give this a 5 start I like the quality of the game This is a good strategy game battle but make more maps maps and fix the bugs I think add a magician soldier I guess that's so cool
I like the game but it keeps on crashing for no reason repetively and the games needs an update on were you can tap and attack soldier/controls, the way how you control units to out it on control 1 and 2 staff amd finally the part where micro the soldiers and the way how you select all soldiers needs to be changed evertime i select 5-max it adds the random unit that i dont want to be added
Just awesome. They are a team of very dedicated developers and surprisingly not greedy. The game has no pay to win policy. You need skills and wit to win. The game has a small 5 sec ad after every battle which last from 15 min - 1 hrs long. Very good strategy game with no time investment like other military games such as Lords mobile. Just log in build an army and crush your opponent! Simply addictive!!!!
Finally found a game like AOE. Fantastic experience. Need more and more update to make this game the TOP. Many things to be add. Love this game anyway.
I realy like this game it is like ,,,,,, First u know that u have to built town hall than level it up it is kind of amzing game but there are still some bugs and plz add 1vs 2 that will be amazing
Here are few suggestions. Change from 150-200 units only add limits on special units like drake, capult etc. Musketeer firing animation can be just small white line like in Age of empires don't need complete line of fire. Add limits on number of spells. My mobile and game acts crazy when there are 6 max armies fighting on one ground. Other than this game is amazing so 5 stars
While i was constructing some buildings, i got somes ads ,but after that i got kick out ingame. It said cheating is not allowed, please fix that.
The game was good but the enemy players have more longer range at their troops while attacking unlike me i upgraded the more longer range and still shorter range that just is unfair And also is it normal your troops that dont attack even it was just standing because if it walk it doesnt attack how about the standing right next to the enemy what the hell is that i cant win any matches because of that.................
The game is good but needs more improvement mostly in the selection of the characters. I hope there no cheater's on the game
Great game unfortunately cause once the building been destroyed then the player could not rebuild it which mean even you survived the attack but all your baracks been destroyed then the player has no ability to fight back. And also it would be great for an additional map
Now a days more hackings, after connection interrepted army remains 250. Please improve on this aspect. Else game is superb.
The game is mediocre at best in terms of content, the movement of the units are sluggish and you dont have the option to attack an opposing enemy. This in turn results in an awkward cat and mouse chase in which the winner will be decided on whether or not your army can get to the targeted location first before proceeding to auto attack. The userface of the menu is also unresponsive at times and you are constantly bombarded with invites from random players.Pls consider these points in the future.
Greetings, in this game I have formed a group, but some of us don't use the same app for us to able to communicate so maybe if possible can you make a Group Chat system in game, with this players would benefit by easy communications, can easily wage war with others, etc. ... many people are chatting in the world chat, it's difficult to communicate and wage war. Pm is useful but such a hassle if you're the one managing the war. So if you can make this possible we would really appreciate it.
This is actually a great game considering the fact that their are many civilization to choose from but i gave it 4 stars since it needs alot of revamps, making new troops in every civilization or their skin, making alot of researchs, making stars to climb up walls, actually this game is good but only needs alot of work to do so i always play this until the very end
I love the game it just needs some stuff,for example a button that lets us attack others and defend our base also a button that arranges the troops properly. And also seperates melee attackers and long range troops please
I was playing this game since last 6 months i have an issue with your game that it usually gives error you have lost internet connection And also add feature for rejoining if any bug come please do is fast
Well its good but one thing i hate about this game is noob teammate and on singleplayer you only get to fight one bots it should be 2v2 on offline
The game was good but the enemy players have more longer range at their troops while attacking unlike me i upgraded the more longer range and still shorter range that just is unfair
Doesn't give u a chance to build up your army or castle to defend your self its to fast and u get killed before u even get any where it needs to be a little slower and be able to build and develop and defend your self better
A beutiful game for me "WAR OF KING" i love the gameplay and good the game i download this and this is beutiful but sometimes the game is buggy and laggy to 3v3 im angry for that .......... but goood sometimes .
1 star because while I was playing and I am an honest player, the game twice kicked me out of a 3v3 and a 1v1 game showing me and add and then telling me that I was cheating and that cheating is not allowed... probably some other player cracked it and I got kicked instead...it's ok with me but Devs should look on that...you cannot let honest players get banned from the game while the crackers are in there having fun destroying your game!!! Really bad, for there are too many hackers!!!
Hello i've been playing it for a while i loved the game at how it started i respect the company for having ads in it because they have a reason to make it more good i will not rate it 5 stars because their is some parts missing in this game like drawing the range of the cannons and archers in circle just to see how far they can reach the enemy and there is some hackers in this game that they attack with freezing army that take your city without reaching the deffences !! Need to fix the glitches
It's easy to play and aside from that it's really a game that improves your strategy towards something that somehow really important 🀍