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Pocket Survivor

Pocket Survivor for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FlutterBeam Std. located at Екатеринбург Луначарского 74. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun time killer at first but easy to "beat", then quickly becomes repetitive. I quickly maxed out with nowhere else to go or anything else to gain.
Awesome game, hope it gets updated with better english and better interface, trading system could be improved and the difficulty could be balanced better, but overall very fun and NO pay to win (:
I really love this game, great concept, except it's too shallow. It just needs more stuff in it...missions, monsters, events, goals, levels that are not just the same...etc
Over all pleasant experience. Issues with trading. The item will not drop into inventory. Please fix. Has lots of potential. *Edit* I did not understand I was out of caps. The trading is perfect. I love this game and find the broken english cute. You can still understand what you need to. Lovely game
The game has so much promise but ultimately does not deliver. You can't equip items that you pick up straight away which is completely illogical and makes the game boring and too hard. Sometime I have enough caps to buy something from trader and it will not buy. Combat system is too confusing. Music is good. The game could be good if those issues were fixed but for now it's too broken.
Great game to kill the time. But i am experiencing a fatal bug wich limits my carryweight to only 1, no matter what back pack i have. (Edit: Re installing the game doesn't seem to work. I have also tried running some cleaning programms with the game uninstalled but it doesn't work either.)
The game is fantastic fun to play easy to get absorbed on this game. The but I have a few complaints 1.addiction has no later effects that I've noticed 2. I think water should get rid of addictions But the game is great so have a good day guys
I Love It Soooo Much! Seriously Amazing Game. I have been looking for a fallout mobile game just like this. Thank you for making such a great Game!!!
I have been playing this game for a while but for a while I could not continue, before it took away all my equipment which I was not happy with. I will not give this app one star because I remember what it was like before the changes, but this is unacceptable for a game. I am glad that I can play it now but with all the changes they have made, I wish that they had made a new game.
I love this game, but it crashes after opening it once on Android 9. If I want to play it, I have to uninstall and reinstall it each time. It'd be great for this to be fixed as I love playing it, but not if I lose my progress each time from reinstalling it. EDIT SEPT. 12, '19: Since the update to the app it runs perfectly! Thank you so much!! Im looking forward to seeing what else you have planned!
I've only been playing for a short while, but I can definitely say that I found my new personal favorite mobile game. As a HUGE fan of the original Fallout, I appreciate this game greatly. Great sound effects, great soundtrack, and good, simple pixel graphics. If you liked the original Fallout, you'll love this. EDIT: How does the battle system work?
It's actually a very interesting game, but it lacks proper communication to the player. If you're observant enough you'll figure out the mechanics fairly quickly, but they're otherwise unspoken. The greatest example of this is that Nuka-Cola gives you 4 Rads, 10 Hunger bar, and 25 Thirst bar. Oh, and also increases Max HP by 2(!?!?). The entire in-game description reads: "The most popular soft drink." But again, that's the most extreme example. I found it fun even while learning everything.
I love the game but it will not let me use weapons and power armor and back pack so can you please fix it
Noice! Among other problems, I have noticed no difference to rad accumulation speed after wearing the best armor with rad resistance. Also the inventory is in need of scrolling. I am also in the last location and there is nothing else to do, please add more to this great gem.
Not bad. Fairly decent actually, but short lived. Really need further content. It doesn't take long to max your gear, even without changing zones, and once you hit that point there's nothing to do.
It was quite difficult in the first 100 days. But, eventually, it gets easier. What I did at the beginning was to invest in buying meats when their prices were cheap, and sell them for 20+ to another trader. That actually helped me alot. But as you get further into the game, that strategy won't work anymore because nobody sells meat for 3 after about 100 days. But that doesn't matter anymore. Now the game just got really easy. I'm in 600+ days rn.
I wish I could say there is some rng in here, but majority of the days that go by nothing happens. I also really love getting an item I can't use for 300+ days. Insanely fun to get it and not be able to use it for the whole game play. I wish I could give this a 0/5.
Amazing game! Takes time to learn how to survive but as soon as you learn the basics it gets easy quick. Could use a few more stuff to do though cause Im at day 3000+ and its starting to get a bit boring and repetitive. Thats the only problem I have. To all that are struggling here's a tip: buy the canned corn cause and fills hunger and thirst. Sell all the gear like armour you get cant equip in 20 days to get more caps. Have atleast 1 medkit and radaway if you can afford it.
Great game hope it keeps improving. There are some glitches. Read the other comments, they have some tips and tricks.
After lots of death the game is very fun to play once you get it however, after the inventory gets past the bottom squares i cant see or use untill it comes up. nor can i scroll down to it. Please fix it.
this is a really good time waster, it was really tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, the game is so addicting. There is one minor bug that I have with my game once you fill the 16 slots there is no way to scroll to see the entire inventory and sometimes i cannot purchase things from the vendor but it usually goes away after you progress, if the inventory thing could be fixed this would be 5 star all day long
Neat design but the game isnt at all enjoyable with such scarcity of resources and how hard it is especially when the merchant is haggling with you all the time giving the highest prices depending on the weight of your purse. Needs balancing. Otherwise the idea is pretty simple and could be a lot of fun!
First of all, you have to wait 100 days till you can equip anything which is stupid because the longest I've ever lasted was 32 days, The trading is broken as everything is way overpriced, The combat system makes no sense, there isn't enough events as I played for 30 days and there was only 1 event that occurred, and the lockpicking just doesn't work because even though the line is in red it still doesn't open it.
There is definitely potential, but it needs more of a dificulty curve. As well as that, it needs more translated parts, as even the attack bar has an untranslated bit (as well as being hard to discern, "My damage" for example, does it mean the damage I do or the damage I take?). Still, potentially good with refinement.
I've never played fallout so I have no idea what my motivation or objective is. Could use an intro with some basic info like the setting and chat description. Kinda reminds me of a more complex and very lonely Oregon Trail. Except I don't have to ford the river and watch Betty Sue die of diptheria. Seems solid - thanks!🖖
Your last update was an email.....how about you fix your game...people have given you tons of of ideas....what you have is pretty good why not go for the finish? Maybe its not making money because it looks like its nit a finished game yet. Adding a goals to the game would help. At some point i feel like im just walking. A home base would be nice. Survivors typically have homes.
it still shows up in a different language ofher than english on my phone. Other than that, its a solid game. once they fix the language issues i feel like this game will take off. ill probably come back to it in a couple months
Really cool concept but needs more. The game seems a bit challenging at first but once you understand the flow of it, it becomes stupid easy. Manage your money in the begging and only buy the Dish food, purified water, and radaway and med packs as you need them while selling everything else, unless you can equip it right away. All the other consumables are pretty useless. Give these items more use or the better stuff more rare along with more encounters and items, would greatly help this game.
It's fun but extremely difficult. It's way to hard and I can't even level up. Maybe you should let us put the points into the special stats at the start so the game plays different each playthrough. That away you can be a dumb brute or smart scientist type guy
The game is a bit difficult to understand at first but after a while it starts to make sense. Tip#1 If you are tapping through the day and you are losing health its because starvation or radiation what you should do is keep tapping untill your health is half way because every tap gets you a few caps you use this to buy food or radaway even if the item's you need are not there tap until they show up. Tip#2 If you can't equip something its not a glitch you just haven't tapped enough days.
surprisingly fun game. really simple, with great graphics. Things that I think it can improve on: -Tutorial: maybe show how the weight, item, stat and attack systems work -english translation: there's a few minor grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too big (bit of a nitpick) -Cheaper items: make the items cheaper -more random events -more armor and weapons
It's a good game but I think you should make items able to be able to wear as soon as you start the game because a bunch of the things cost like 500 days
Good. One of my best games that i played for the entire decade. Good work. Simple, yet fun. I currently have 5k caps. It's easy if you only level up luck. Good luck everyone. Stay home.
It was okay, needs improvment but has potential. Maybe make it to where you can "prestige" your level or something so that when you die you dont lose ALL of your progress. Im okay with losing some but all? Lowers replayability as well. I enjoyed it but i would still be playing if you didnt lose every bit of progress.
This game has a lot of potential. It should have dificulties, more enemies, a storyline, more things in general. Enemies are really easy, the only skill that matters is luck and there is not much to do. Also the english is bad bugged and generally looks like it was translated by google, for exaple i see "radtarakan" instead of "radroach" and i see parts of russian text in the game. As i said i really like the idea and i think the developer should improove it more.
No instructions about poor quality game mechanics, bad English translation. Had a lot of potential, but clearly failed to deliver.
Game is pretty good but you just walk, collect things, sell stuff and kill. You don't see the creatures you kill, you don't see the people you help. And the game reminds me of fallout with the dog with text based game. I lost interest after level 3.
It's a fun game, needs a few things fixed for English (sometimes the Russian is still there) but other than that I love the concept. Also it's hard as balls if you don't pay close attention, I've only gotten to 287 days before drying once.
Played through it all the way, fun little game. At a certain point it just becomes eating corn and clicking on your journal. Everything gets super easy by level 6, atleast for me. It needs missions and harder enemies, it also needs more low-mid range gear. And the shop needs more variety in items.
The system with equiping weapon after whatever days is very much broken, selling anything will get you almost no caps i want to say that over all its a great game but i really cnat because of how much the game is broken
Lovely little letter to fallout fans. Keep up the great work on the game, would love to see minor improvements on some of the English translation but i understand it might not be perfect. Though i think i speak for all of us when i say we'd love to see and listen to more radio stations and music! Possibly more map locations as well in the future, like mabey from fallout 3 or New Vegas? Impliment some kind of improved map/travel system for that?
M there aren't any real options of what you can do just click till you die pretty much. Not enough items in the shop at ridiculous prices when you make maybe 10-20 caps a day. This game is pretty garbage some jobs or something needs to be added you can't survive without a damn miracle
pretty good, though I think that you should make it were there are more things that could happen, and your health goes down way to fast. over all though, it is a pretty good game.
I mean personally it isnt bad but some of the things in the game are not achievable because after a bit you stop earning as much money which means you can't buy as many things and the good things are like 500 days away which is non reachable so if you improve that stuff maybe this game coukd be decent.
Good game, a bit tedious though. With the leveling up system being a bit slow, the whole days until useable thing and the amount of damage you take when waiting a day.
Amazing game with some interesting mechanics, would love for some new updates adding more locations and loot, the English parts are pretty great just a few grammar fixes and added English to where there isnt any would make it a five star game!
The game is way too easy once you get the hang of it. It needs more (ex:plot,minigames, quest, customizing character, meeting new characters, going into bulidngs? Etc). This game has potential but there needs to be more. Also a tutorial would be helpful or a little here's what this means! Especially concerning the fighting system. This is a good foundation for the game but It lacks.