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War in Pocket

War in Pocket for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by KINGFISH ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED located at RM 1907, 19/F LEE GARDEN ONE 33 HYSAN AVENUE CAUSEWAY BAY HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
War! and it's hot for your pocket. building, farming, then go to War! guaranteed you'll easily get to grips with this game. so all I need now say play and enjoy.
little problem here, at first I can play the game smoothly, but after I logoff my phone and log back in I could press any button its unresponsive to any taps in the start page "tap to start". What should I do? I have a screenshot. I'll change the rating after the issue is fixed
The new update saw some major issues come about and a lot of high level players left the game, hopefully the developers realize this and fix some of the errors.
Nothing new. Same as millions of games before, just different dress on the idea. Draining battery as hell. First 45minutes of game drained my phone to 30% from fully charged. Also its lagging (not badly, but annoyingly enough).
I thought Is a Epic strategy game like Clash of Clans. The Raid mode is also big Rubbish, a plane only attacking single character and that's the end. Every attack suppose to be like the Base Attack, to destroy opponents Bases in real the battle
too bad, game seems really fun but getting deeper into it you'll need money. t2 troops took forever, then finally enough rss...ohhh 2 days more. that was for 1 set of troops. built for wallet warriors.
Meh its a decent time killer. No uou may not. Your online community is junk. For a game that replies heavily on others to achieve its goals i spend a ton of time looking for actuve players thrn pkaying the game. This is a decent review. This game is a carbon copy of 75% of the games like it out there and those are roughly in the 20's now. Its nothing new. Same i want money for a half baked cell game. Its not console i dont get where you apl get off asking 100 dollars for upgrade packs from but cell companies are on meth for that.
Not bad for a clone of a tired genera, good art style, above average gameplay, cool music. I dare say, the best among its kind.
Reminds me of guns up on ps4 I love it. Not that informative after the beginning, so it's a lot of things you have to figure out on your own, so that could discourage many from playing, but once you understand the system of development it makes the game that much better. The warzone is active as well, so don't think it's a bunch of abandoned bases out there lol.
The quality is really awesome ! Gameplay very smooth and everything is explained very thoroughly, good job guys . It is just that I actually love the quest battles wherein you deploy the troops and choose your troops. Big up
Its good n awsome n simple graphics but i like to be more ww2 like the real buildings of ww2 n pls add more like naval battle like midway n more buy great game guys not ganna Lie
The translation to English is. Okay. Need to play more to rate, fun little starting story and missions. Hope it turns out to be a fun game.
Good game but won't stop nannying your every move I want to play the game not be dictated to on how it's played, beyond annoying and infuriating not to be able to do what I want when I want to hate nanny games like this just let Me play the game.
So no so not get this game it has taken my money and not given me the item I payed for. Also it times out of the server so much that you can't play it properly. I normally give good reviews I don't like given bad but this game is poor.
Way more to it than what the ads showed. Thought entire game would be deploying units and attacking like in the videos, but this game is way way way more than just that. Also if you're having a problem with not being able to "tap" anything, it's because you have a over screen app running. Something like a screen dimmer or floating clock example. Shut these off and you can play (it's an anti cheat system they use)
Omg I beg you please stop updating the game you have killed it enough, Was a good game when it first came out and I was willing to spend money on it, then they started updating it, first big update came with so many glitchy what made half the people quit, and now with this latest update I don't know if il stay, more people are quiting and alot of people refusing to spend money now, I know I won't be spending any. The new update has a few interesting features but they killed the game buy taking there perfect commander gear system away and replacing it with an impossible one, and as competitions for all are hard work gear, a few scraps of gear matials that won't even make a gray item, but worst of all they have made it impossible to collect resources, they say its to make people fight more, but I'm sorry but that guy with no resources cause he can't collect any is not worth attacking and losing (now expensive on resources) troops, good job you killed your own game
though it crashes sometimes, it does not cause me anything unlike in other games. I'll give it a five if this has an offline feature and will automatically sync all accomplishment once connected.
i would give this game 5 stars because it looks like alot of fun and graphic's are great but problem is everytime i start the game i press log in and game suddenly crashes and boots me out back to my main phone screen so i can only try to load it again and same thing has happened 15 times so if the dev's see this and try to help me i will certainly change my review (edit) works good now and is a fun game worth trying out if you like base builders and war units like tanks , paratroopers , etc
Not bad at all. A crossbreed between Loards, Invation, with a twist. If you like this type of games then you need to download that. Easy to play, smooth so far, Keep coming .....lol
This game requires a lot patience, to constantly upgrade, the more you upgrade the more stronger you become, Of course whilst you are waiting for your upgrade to finish, you can into battle, i gave this game a 5,
This is an excellent game however it seems to have some serious connection issues. I would also like to know why you require the permission "this app can appear on top of other apps", you have to really be able to trust a dev to allow this permission, it can be misused. One more problem which is a major one, when I click on the button to bind acct it does nothing, I dont want to invest
I spend more than $100 and all of my 2x acount of the game delete my acount, and cant do nothing about it cause there are no costume service i hope that this where usefull to any new players
After days of playing this game I have found some bugs. Rather if you purchase or not the game would stop working and it closes after a short time.
The ad for this game said "You'll be addicted in 30 seconds." This game must be a tribute to overanalyzing because it's waaaaaay too incorporative of micro management. I expected to jump right in and get thrashing but the multuitous training instructionals ruined it within 5 minutes. Too much for such a lackluster game. Uninstall
The game is so slow to upgrade anything and becoming boring to do anything Don't waste your time with this they just won't your money to play.
Lots of things to keep track (upgrades, generals, badge thingies, etc) of but not overwhelming. Not a cash grab from what i see so far. Game is well done. Different type of building type rts. Love the platform style battles and other modes. The animations and variety are great. Let's hope this keeps me engaged for long. We will see.
I just gave you two stars bec the fight thing is pretty good in the biggening I thought it would be like age of empire but on mobile but then I realized it like lords of mobile and so it's bad idea. If you made like you builds a barracks and armory then upgrade ages so to upgrade troops....... ETC. and you know the game may take 1 or 2 hours then start onethor one it will be better. thanks for your time.
Unable to play. Won't allow me to connect with my Google account. No way to bypass this. Dev says you can play with a registered account, but how is that helping those who can't get past the failure to login screen?
Just another p2w strategy game like all the rest, but I do enjoy the game. Some of the campaign missions are a little different and a bit more self-controlled which I like. Scrolling through menus is very slow and half the time the menu ends up closing by itself randomly. Music tends to cut off when I level up. Some other additional bugs, but I enjoy the game. Fix the bugs for 5 star...
Used to really like the game but the developers made changes that took the fun away also they arent adressing the issue of the lack of new players joining the game. Also not adressing the issue of high rank players not allowing small players to grow brfore the updates
Update to previous rating: Game has potential. Devs need to figure out the issues. Game is set up to rob money from all players. You are stuck in one area unless you spend money. No chances of being awarded ports. Designated ports, alliance, and random if you buy the gold straight up cost $16, $8, and $7. And that is just a one way ticket. Better start budgeting the return trip. Servers are dying rapidly due to spam server openings reducing active players in regions that have a high drop out rate. Leaving regions with 1 or 2 alliances of marginal strength within 10 days before it dies totally. Ability to get to higher levels based is stacked totally towards money. With the high cost of upgrades and the limited ability to move locations to raid all the dead accounts for resources, requiring you to buy packs daily at high levels or buy ports. Like I said it has potential. But a little more consciousness reaching for my wallet would be greatly appreciated and a needed improvement.
Terrible game. Not enough players to keep game alive. I bought the growth plan which would have paid out over 20k gold for the life of the plan. After the last update the payout is now 16k and change. Crooks is correct like the last review said. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
1. Takes too much time to loading the game. This game is very sensitive connectivity. 2. daily login bonus is not pop up in the first time of a day. Every other game, always shows it up first.
I am a newbie and I really like this game. At first I find it very complicated but now I am learning and beginning to master the game. I hope that the bigger alliance will not be able to attack a new player like me. So I can get my base bigger to compete with veteran players fair and square.
Just like game of war except everything is expensive, it will cost you $10 for a teleport, I don't know how you expect players to participate in war events if they can't afford to attack enemy bases.
Getting issues again with the App to get back into game. Since the last two updates the game has become much harder to grow. Reducing the in base farms production has destroyed my ability to grow as now I either have Farm and shield for days/weeks or just fight and heal and not grow. Bring back the farm production beta Nearly a week has passed and no response from Developers. What a joke.
so far good game easy play an fast to lvl up an new events NOW ITS A GREAT GAME COME AN GET BLOWN AWAY
Great game but I'm facing with one problem, u see the game is training off by itself whenever i clam my quest rewards and I'm so frustrated with it and this didn't only happened for one's it is happening every single time, i can't even stay in the game for 5 minutes after login, the game will turn off whenever i clam my rewards or train my troops. Devs i hope you have a solutions for this? Other then this game is great and awsm, i recommend to those people who loves war strategy game. ★★★ 4 now
latest update jul 22 finally finished me off for good. Ranked 8 in my realm after playing 6 months, i couldn't log in as it keep verifying my account. asked help from customer service still can't solve and no more reply from them. need to spend alot to keep in touch
Game was great until the last upgrade now it's to hard to upgrade your buildings due to cuts to rrs and longer times to even get that. The fun has been taken out of game due to greedy people wanting more money out of us please change the game back to before the last downgrade
This game is best I have a lot of fun playing it thanks for making the game and I would like that the campaign like the you send solder like rifle man,rocket man etc there mission were so less mission and I would like a defence type you know like the game gun on my pc they have the things like making base if you put I would love the game thx for the game
Took a few minute to install, a few seconds to uninstall. Received the connection error message constantly even after switching to a different internet connection. Seemed like a promising game, oh well!!