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War Eternal-Divine Battlefield

War Eternal-Divine Battlefield for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ONEMT located at Unit 1701, 17th Floor Tower Two, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I bound my account, after changing my phone, I have lost my account and everything in the game, very very poor
While those who pay are those who rule, the game is very fair compared to others. Deals are worth the price and gold (the equivalent of p2w) is more abundant for F2P players than most games. Great gameplay, and some of the best visuals out there. It is sad that so many reviewers cannot see what this games has to offer
Fun game, not terribly expensive if u want to buy packs. I would give 5 stars if brutus and homer weren't the only 2 heroes I ever summon, they drop way too often!
Oment is in my opinion is the better game company. The changes I like is the absence of the jaw dropping number of barracks tents, hospitals, and multiple farms. The graphics are good as well. Oment is really polishing this game as well which I really appreciate. And the #1major troll who complained about this game giving it 1 star must live under a bridge.
Disappointed.....Europe have packs for 99.99€? USA have it for 99.99$...way cheaper.... Draining battery way too fast....P2w.....The way you need to manage your marches is stupid.....
This game do not support unbinding of accounts, so lets say if you want to start a new game and you already bound your facebook account,google play and email,might as well set up another email account, this is kinda a turnoff. Also this game is heavily pay to win game .So might as well join the number 1 alliance.
Real good game with awesome detail but has to much of a story behind it, I would like it if I was able to makey own choices but Very good game.
Game start sweet you are building your castle all this upgrades but if you really want to achieve something you end up buying million upgrades who are costing a lots of real money. If you want to save your money and time please avoid this game. I think this game is perfectly designed to make developers rich and me and other players poor. Pure Greed
Early days yet but so far one of the best strategy games I've played, and I've played many. There is a p2p element but you can still enjoy the game without spending. An active chat rounds off the experience. Excellent game well worth trying.
This game is amazing, has a mobile strike sort of feel with more things to do, but you dont have to pay to get vip or anything. Just log in daily.
Awesome game i had issues and customer services has really made a huge effort in helping me thru it all and continue to do so .
Better/more than GoTC, better for F2P. Your 'Order' of 70+ can team up with other Orders. As free to play I'm ranked about 250 (top power of march) in the kingdom (hopefully out of lots). Joining a top 10 Order protects you. The hero system is cool, but luck does play a part. Events are generally NOT worth the rewards. No tier system for rewards. But, once the kingdom settles down you can play more casual. It does favor pay to win, but not pay to survive. Big $$$ can/is spent. Frequent updates.
roman and greek language is not correct. roman should use latin and greek must be classical greek language every time i hear the hero speak, it make me irritated fix the language please.
great game only problem is the random drops appear to be more accessible depending on how much you invest into the game and at level 20 the game basically stops unless you pay to play
Hello, I loved this game everything is really nice and exciting but only thing is messing with us turkish players is the pack prices in the shop. In the game the most expensive package is $99 for us citizens when we have to give that 689 turkish liras. Well I know thats about the currency but at least if you can lower the prices a little bit it would be really nice because some players really beaten us with their money. If I could get the same pack with same price it would be a fair fight!Thanks
The graphics are too big and clunky. Everything looks too blended into everything else. The background noise is irritating.
I think they should reduced number of allies that can help when city siege cus when we attacking the city even they clan is big they called many of they allies to help them... We only one clan have to attack the city against a least 5 defending clan and it's not fair to us...
Overall it is a good game. However, it takes money to play and the daily chest always gives you a stupid proclamation. It takes too long to upgrade and level your hero's. When an event happens there is no instruction in how to participate in the event. Only a 3 because I spent some money on it.
Quick suggestion to the maker of the game is the money you spend on the game to advance fast or picking out certain event purchases, the player should be rewarded with extra chest/rewards a part from what you are purchasing . Send a game email with a gift, like gold or hero upgrades. something that hard to accomplish in the game . Maybe send it if you spend like a 100 bucks a week or something. anyways not a bad game very fun and you meet new people. Long live the "WOLVES"100 lord trump k26
Nothing to different from most games of a similar nature. Spend the time to try and do all the daily grind before someone larger can make a move in you. Easy to become bored if your a veteran gamer.
Devs are slowly killing the game. Making changes to events simply to get people to spend more and more, they used to claim that it wasn't ptw or ptp but more and more they are making a monry grab. Was an awsome game but now there are so many inbalances that will be corrected if you spend. Till they stop telling lies to the community and give what they promised and correct their money grab on events, this review stays. Its not fun anymore and people are leaving more and more
Not a bad game at all keeps you busy with events ... Only bad thing is only fun if you pay 2 play... Not enough for fun if you do not.... Most Orders will kick you out and if they do not the are always attacked
I updated to the new version and know it crazhes out, i uninstalled and re installed the game and it still crashes out, the game is great but this issue needs to be sorted, i do hope to keep my game that i had in it as i spent money on the game.
Just another terrible Game of War clone where you pay to be strong. If you're not willing to pay literally hundreds of dollars to keep up don't bother even installing it. Complete pay to win.
I absolutely love this game, I am a big fan of ancient Egypt so for me personally this game couldn't get any better. Great strategy game of war and advancement. The golden time of the Pharoah's is one of my favorite ancient cultures. It's like actually being there to witness their very advanced and genius society of ancient Egypt. 100 percent rating totally earned 500 stars out of 10 maximum stars. Love it
I love this game, and for anyone to hate on it you do realize it's still in Beta testing right? Anyways Great Game and Great Graphics love the way it did turn out, let's just say no other game would make me Quit Iron throne but this one.
it took awhile to figure out the game, but once I did I like the game very much. However just like any PVP type game, you always have high-level a holes that want to spend their time following you around and killing you because you're low level. but, as I understand PVP, you got to be in it to win it. If you can put up with jerks like this and find a good order to be in, you'll have time to learn the game and get into the higher ranks. I don't advise anyone from this point on to start this game.
The game is great ,but it favour the spenders ,I think you should change somethings like allowing a player send resource to Alliance members what is the essence of an alliance if you can only help in battle ,and when attacking a castle you should be able to take all resource except ,why will you be able to take food and you can't take anything else ? please just reorganize this game. Thank you
The game is interesting so far we'll have 2 c what other surprises it has. The only thing I don't like is it seems to almost act like it's going 2 freeze so I have 2 close out the game and restart it kinda frustrating
Now only 1 star, will see how many players will left after 6 months and I want my $3k refund, I want my money back. (Please don't play the game, before it was ok if you spent $100 to $250 in a month you could have enough fun, but now you need to spend $1k each month to have fun in game, it is just a pay to play game. Well done developers, you changed the game into a trash.
I lost my phone and now someone else changed all the passwords and is using my account after I have spent thousands on this game. I can log in from my sd card and contacted the support, I even contacted them on weservice..guess what..no help! If you want more stars, answer my emails!!!
I have enjoyed this game very much so far. It's entertaining and do ad you to death with pack offers. The seems to played without having to purchase any packs, but as all games level faster if you purchase.
You have a lot of false ads. I downloaded the game to try it out but immediately got kicked for violating a TOS get real I literally just downloaded the game and for that I will never install this game again. Thank you and have a nice time trying to get people to play this game.
Nothing good to say about this game. Also, you showed the American flag flying BACKWARDS! You need to fix that RIGHT F***ING NOW! Uninstalling.
Puzzling game, there is always something to do. I like the graphics. Only thing or issue i have is, that you can't build up your resources that much. Especially in the beginning of the game, you run out fairly easy. Other than that, it's really a cool game and lots of fun.
Really nice and polished game!! I have played several strategy games and this one is by FAR the best I've played. The heroes and troops look amazing as well as the ground detail and civilizations are just breath taking!
I am a sucker for these kinds of games but they all have a common theme. At some point you will have to spend money or an absormant amount of time to do the fun part. Fight! That point at this time for me is level 10 keep on the verge of level 11 keep. You'll notice allot of people with more power because of troops but if you and a group of people go full blitz on that person youll be vertually useless. But hey thats these kinds of games you play till you pay.
Pretty descent game and all I've learnt a lot but make it more capable to get 100x rewards from bandits and legendary hero tokens easier to acquire we pay to much to to reap so little allow resource exchange also
Long story short, throw money at and win. I lost 12 hours of progress because i couldn't log in. Realistic battles and cunning strategies? No you just level your self up and the highest number wins and you have catcha heroes .... in a war game (even though they are not the first to do it either). Great customer service and quick to fix bugs.
spent close to 4k on game...reached a certain point in game and was stopped from progressing due to in game reason and without notifications prior to spending money ....if they told me hey dont spend that 2k yet because you will not be able to progress then I probably would have played a different game ..fk this game and Fk Google play for allowing this to happen and not give a refund
This is a "base builder" game, but it does more than most of the others. This one gets you involved in more ways and feels more like a game instead of just screen tapping for stat increases, at least, at first. It later becomes just a nother base builder ...better, but just a base builder.The graphics are great for this kind of game. But the same drama that plagues all these games, is here too. BUT, if you like base builders, this is one of the better ones.
Unable to migrate to my friend, joined days after them. I've bound my account using their code, I have the novice migration (usable under lvl9 and account under 24hrs old). He joined the game days before I did and was put 2 kingdoms earlier than me. Contacted customer support and got nothing, contacted on facebook and same silence. Bad design that I cant join the person that invited me to the game and get silence from cs when I message!
It's fun and very relaxing. I do have alot of experince with a game of this type and like the possiblity of recuinting both historial and mythical heroes. All and all an enjoyable game.
If players are threatening to rape your wife and you report it both on the game and on the Facebook page and nothing is done , then this game , the devs are equally useless. I will spend my money elsewhere.
Update 2: DRAMA ETERNAL!! no war, only dramas!! Update : The game was fun before after recent update the game has been garbage. too many spams in email. not a game for newbies, they will get frustrated by the rules made by these players inGame. feels bad that such a good game is going to get spoiled because of the rules imposed by the few inside players. Amazing fun to play game. love the simple yet interesting GamePlay.
Great game, war animation strategy, graphics, well designed. It's is not complicated or overly confusing as other strategy games
The most recent update absolutely ruined the game. Full of bugs, poorly designed optimizations, absolutely ruined forts so they are no longer worth doing (saves me spending more money though, so good on them for that). The new chat system is beyond horrible.
need to add voice room and more ppl and more kingdoms tor fun.and also less amount money to spend coz WE has expensive packs.
This game is fun, played a lot, invested a lot, but I have a really huge problem since I upgraded to Galaxy S20+. Game is so poorly optimised for this phone that it lags every time. Other games that are more hardware consuming are fine, War Eternal lags enormous until the point is not playable anymore. Most annoying situation is at KvK or Bastion when a lot of players are around, then game just crash and you can loose your troops because of it.
A New Experience.... ok so this is a new experience. having come from art of conquest, i do see some similarities. However, this is by far different than most of the expansive world pvp games. The introduction and storyline is a bit over the top and I felt like Aeneus was gonna die if I didnt help Brutus. Maybe change that up. Otherwise, the grind to palace 12 is a good 5 days max. Very decent time. I look forward to all the updates and will revise this with time.
It's a nice strategy game, where making the right choices can greatly speed up your development. Unfortunately the game has become worse over time. All new events require zero intelligence, and can only be won if you invest enough money.
So far so good. I absolutely love the myth character depictions. Also having them speak on their native lenguange is MARVELOUS. Great game good graphics good plot.
Fun game but rampant bugs with no response from developers when you need help with the bugs. Currently no one can use emblems and the game has not done anything about it.
Currently keep getting kicked off the game so uninstalled to reinstall. Pretty pissed if it doesn't work as I've spent money. Other than that good game....ok so I've reinstalled the game and it still kicks me out not even 2 mins of play..... developers please sort this I like this game!!!!!!!!! Update all is fine game is awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I think the first switch civilization's free,but is not,it cost 4998 Gold!,i'm very disappointed.Well...but i really enjoy the game.Thx,keep on good work.
feels like another reskin of game of war. that said there are differences. still a cash grab though. id like to find one of these games that isnt pay to win.
I love the game. There are some problems like slight lag but other than that it's great. People may say it's one of those games where you buy to become strong, I have not bought a single thing and I'm strong. The key to becoming strong is by becoming part of a great order. Speaking of which, I love this game because of how you can work well with those in your order. I love the order system. I love the use of heroes which are people from history and myths, I like the civilization themes. 5 star!
im loving the battle interactivte theme very smooth game play. fighting battles pays out more then spending cash yup im hooked lol
seems to be an alright game but transfering to join group impossible kinda a disappointing part but sooner or later it will work out.
its a great game in just 3days i already have 8m of food wothout spending a single money, its also not boring. It give a lot of golds so players can have an fair fight without spending much. It also give an interesting story line in the beginning even the heroes has. You could also change you civilization its a very good game
All I can say is damn!!!!!! this is by far the most well put together strategy game I have ever played thank you all so very much there are a lot of pay to plays and straight up money grabbers this however is not one of them the devs are honestly on top of everything...MIND YOU THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION thank you again
I like the game except this mammoth event the rewards are not that great for the loss you take. If you're not a paying player you'll lose all your troops just to get good rewards. I love the game except that its hard to keep grain for your soldiers if you're not a paying customer
Have played for only 15 minutes or so, but everything seems to be streamlined, smooth, and very engaging. I have no idea how the game is in terms of cost yet, but based on what I have experienced thus far, great game! 5/5!
An excellent addition to the list of such games. I just have the problem of not receiving any notifications for example when buildings are completed, research is done, troop training finishes etc. All options are turned on the game and notifications are enabled in my cellphone. Can this be fixed? Edit 1: Thanks the issue has been resolved. Edit 2: What is with the recent update? Things have been ruined for many players. Hope devs fix things.
Just a good game for now, and for the creator of the game I hope you a great day and keep up the great work, though there are things i would like changed I still think its a great game
Great game, could use more events and challenges to keep you going throughout the day but still a fun competitive game
I do not understand I subscribed to the game in pre release state and I only got the notification about the game releasing today but the people have been playing for a month. Do I still get a reward? Am I in a new server? I do not know.
After updating the game earlier, now when I try to open it it loads up to 53% then the app closes... Please do something about it, I need to be there with my team!! Edit: I reinstalled the game and now the screen is all black and all I can see are frames... Edit: thank you for solving the problem
I have had a horrible experience dealing with their customer service. I had partcipated in an event not knowing I would be unable to shield my castle during the event, I was hit and lost alot of troops. Their customer service is telling me I lost no troops (without even investigating) and they will not replace them. Even though their information on not being able to shield was so bad 90% of the players didn't know. If you you don't want to be treated like a dollar sign, dont download this game.
This game is really good, it's very involved and you can spend hours without even realizing. You can pay a lot or nothing at all and still enjoy it, I go down the middle I spend a little and it really enhances my fun.
Great game except after I stopped playing for a month I came back and it would let me load in it kept saying I had connection issues I did everything it said my internet is fine and I even contacted customer support. They said they would work on it and never replied back
It would be an excellent game if there were limits of purchasing things. Otherwise the people who spend all there wages on this will come out first in rankings. You can develop fairly without money no doubt, but during that time Richy Rich will buy everything possible and become the king of the game. That's the biggest flaw. Let the orders develop with the same chances in a slow pace ( we have time) and than it would be more about strategy than about how much you can afford to spend.
game plays good but the problem with this game is that its terrible with the pay to play ppl who have no lives and throw all money in this game. which makes ppl lose interest and quit before getting powerful
Great f' ing game ive been playing for about a week now and i havent had an troubles with it yet. Connection is always great. Im having an incredibly fun time with my team mates. Theres a couple things i wish were in there, but since it released like 8 days ago im sure theres still some tweaking going on. Overall controls are great. Very easy to figure out how to handle everything, and figure out where everything is. 5 stars all around. GREAT JOB ONEMT LIMITED!!
A beautiful fantasy game that mixes very well history and fiction. I really appreciate it and hope it will keep going on this way!
Update: after a month of playing I dropped it down to 3 stars for 3 main reasons. 1. Success or survivability is heavily dependent on who is in your kingdom. Big spenders with a bad attitude you're not gonna have a good time 2. If the kingdom is cooperative and forgiving you're gonna have a good time. If it is filled with high egos, big spenders and pettiness. No bueΓ±o. 3. The events r good but to be safe spend $100 and get to 21 I'm pretty sure my prior review is still visible.
Good game so far, but I haven't played that much. I'll probably give a more descriptive review once I get farther.
I'am a VIP 11 ($700/and up). I'm so disappointed about this game and customer service as I never did before with any other game in my life,I had hopes for this game to be my game for life, but NO, it's made just to suck as much money from you as possible, and the reason is that it corners you so that u would have to even buy food to keep playing,this isn't war eternal,rather is pay to play, not even pay to win,customer service kept ignoring my messages!Simbas event is a fraud! Spent $100 on it.
Hard to depict the style of game play other than it looks fun although i haven't been playing for long periods of time and graphics seem nice can do without the lag especially if you play the game on your phone where the lag is most horrible. I'm a f2p player so I'm sure those that p2p will soon come after me making the game more harder to play since im easy to pick on but im not here to judge them. so far game seems ok to play but i think the devs should work on the platform for easier play.
horrible game even paying players there are very little rewards and the CS team they keep telling us to contact does nothing. you would literally have to spend hundreds of dollars to see a difference and the poltics and drama in game are on a whole new level of ridiculous i have asked for a refund of my money and ill be deleting this game. do yourself a favor and look at another game. do not download this game. already 2 days and no reply from devs. yeah great customer service.
Good game..but the recent update(not able to enter into the game...the black screen issue) has bound me to uninstall..it ...but...really wanting it to paly it again..i was in a good growing postion...if i download it..will i get it back my previous account..and all my achievements..
I like the game so far,it got really good graphics but have a hard time getting the hang of it,but so far I like the game.
Initially looked interesting but again this is spend money to win game, if you join now only thing you can be is a farm account for some other player. None of the events have achievable targets, stamina takes half a day to refill n one can hit a max of 10 monsters with that but for getting a good reward you shld hit atleast 400-500 monsters in 2 days, so spend gold to refill stamina n spend money to buy gold, no fun. Unless reward system is given a serious look stay away from this game
All around castle builder with devs who actually fix problems and take player suggestions. Fun game and you can get alot done in a rather short time compared to most castle builders
Seems like a cool game, but I have no idea what I am doing. My next task for chapter 4 says achieve legion power of 1900. I am stuck at 1809, no idea what to do now. It never changes no matter how many troops I train or promote.
Just started but it wants a review soon after start. So far it's good, a lot of information to obsord at the start but fun and lots to do!
i have to say good bye to this game. too many things decided by luck.(better to not spend at all then. to all game player in the world. read this if you want to play this game. dont spend at all. let them go under)
The best war game i've played so far. Been 7 months playing and now at level 26. Great community, good events (sometimes repetitive and boring). You need to learn the game and strategize how you will play, and that's the good points of this game. The let down is everything getting pricey. But you can still develop well without spending money, you just need dedication and time. You also need to be with good and strong comrades if you don't want to spend money. This game is addicting though.
A very descriminative game, they hate Muslim people as always western do, the second thing, you just can't concentrate on growing castle cuz the graphics is very complicated and harm eyes.
cool game but greedy devs. get attack just a little get ported out. no way to earn gold daily for shield and ports. you all are idiots if you waste cash on this game just for ports. was getting ready to start dropping cash today. just happy to avoid giving greedy devs a dime.
I love this game and will give it 5 stars but you just broke it!!!!! Fix it fast and i will quickly revise my rating. We cant do anything in game since new event started on k54!
Ok soo new reason...I don't know why it was it was on one star should've been 3 but now it's definitely one star for a reason. I've been playing this game since last March of 2019... I started in k5. The devs are ruining this game. They MESSED UP ALOT OF GOOD EVENTS. They've made this game COMPLETELY PAY TO PLAY. I was spending when but now since I've seen how every new event is about spending. Tokens...spending, heroes they won't pin the hero pool So how are you going to get that pool to 5*=πŸ’΅
great game but u can add different and more kind off castle for different kingdoms, and add more events so ppl don't get bored right now theres 1 event for 2 days if we have 4 event in a day that resets every week that would more fun... couple of suggestions there
So far as a f2p its nice and easy to catch up but the VIP system still is kinda a problem and I wish there was a f2p version of it at the very least and more time decrease from allies help to counteract the reduction of time with VIP
Its a good interesting game. Ruined by the super rich players that rush to the top levels. I would suggest the big payers have their own kingdom so the average player can gring and spend less. Needs a better teaching i.e. practice zones or even you tube. Enjoying it so far but 99.99 for 50 shards that lvl a legendary up one lvl. Get real i have a family to feed.
Absolutely amazing game! It may be because I live in a kingdom with a bunch of chill dudes, but we have a great time in the game! Really worth a try!
its a nice game but now i cant see any castles in the map and can collect anything and cant chat .. soo cant play fix this thing up tried alot of connectiont between 10 times getting in and out of the game just once i can play
Game is slowly shifting towards more pay to win system and that coming from a vip 9 player. Customer service is horrible. they dont even solve your issue just reply to it and close ticket. i recently ordered a refund on something i accidentally purchased and didnt want to buy it, rather than reverting the items i got due to the purchase they contact me 2 weeks after the refund and tell me to cough up the money or see my account get frozen. this is how devs and gms work in this game.
Dont bother unless you have lots of money to throw away on this game. Otherwise you cant do anything. Not worth even 1 star.
good game. it's fair, you get plenty of rewards as a free to play game, and the game functions are excellent. not to mention graphically speaking, its gorgeous. I've played many rts games. I'm very happy with this one. seems like the devs also take 0ride in their game. it's not just another money scheme
So I was completing the missions at the beginning until I got the 6th letter which said it would give me the last chip if I fight the enemy castle but there is no Cassandra popping up or prompt for the next objective or enemy un confused. AND and actually I upgraded my palace and still no chapter about the chip letter or enemy ,will can u add different servers then because the game is a year old and all the orders are powerful so if I make my own no one is going to join Like for new people
This is the best base building games I've came across, I played 20+ different ones and theres not one like this. Definitely not pay to win, can advance a fair pace doing tons of different activities with give TONS of rewards. The packs you can buy are not advertised heavily either, and at the same time the prices are very reasonable. I also enjoy the alliance layout and it's tastefully done. I've never put a good review on any other base building game out there. Definitely worth your time.
Good game but it takes a long time to get your castle up.need to put purchase for 99 cents . Sometimes it helps when people don't have a lot of money. You fixed my problems. I'll give you a 4 Star
I got addicted on the first week of playing this game, Its fantastic that i can interract with many players, not even from Asia, but around the world. Cant wait for the new updates, and why not 5 stats? U should make instant upgrade a bit cheaper than before, anyway really love this game. Ty
This game is very cool and nice looking it very fun I whoud recom to evrbody it realy nice and fun good job keep it up πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜ŠI edited to 4 stars only game need new update and in shops like order shop and etc need to be more stuff to buy for etc wars and stuff and you need to give better prize in events realy poor prizes in events not good you need to fix that πŸ†πŸ˜Šand game isn't pay to win like sombody say... Learn to play games ppl you suck ho say this is game pay to Win peace✌️✌️I support game
Do not listen to all of the people who say this game is trash with no real or correct explanation. The devs have done a great job with power balance....the game is great overall....THANKS DEVS..best war game i have ever played.
Probably the worst experience of my 20 years playing games on the phone. So the game starts. That's it. There's no tutorial. No opening quests. No type of guidance anywhere. Waste of time. You can upgrade you're palace 3 times and the embassy 2x but then the palace takes almost 2 hours to upgrade to level freaking 4 with thw handful of speed ups they give you. Stay very very fast away.
You told me to make an account together, yet there's no way to make a new account... I started last night, he attempted to start today, and I was already stuck because MIGRATE and JOIN are Two very different meanings so I was stuck on an older server with Nice Generals, and stuck due to the confusion.... Also means it would be difficult to bring my Alliance from other games to this one, due to no search function.
if u are playing with real money then its your game. otherwise you will be sitting duck waiting to be hunted.
The graphics and everything about this game is beutiful and i got hooked straight away. The only problem i have with it is that it is pay to win. At first sure its fun.. Wuick upgrades and stuff..... Then you slow down to a snails pace and any actual progress is blocked behind multiple paywalls where if you dont pay you get beat to the ground by people who paid. Dissapointed in what could have been the best mobile game ive played
Really like the game, just wish I could migrate, started game to play with friend and it started me on a different kingdom, like the game in all other aspects.
This would have been a decent game but alliances are a joke.You join one and for no reason your kicked out.Been in 5 alliances in 3 weeks and they have the decency to tell you why ,then they turn around and wipe you out.Sorry folks but there are a lot better games out there than this one.....I don't recommend this one......
At start of the game was awesome and very active but slowly and slowly became dead due to the admins and GM not hearing us active players comments and issue to develop the game! Talk is cheap let actions speak for it self! Honestly this game can go further if they listen to their active players rather then making all players become farmers and a dead kingdom is borned with nothing to do in it!
if you don't do any quests, kill bandits, dailies and all events...... you can't cry about not enough anything! there's plenty of stuff to do that can net 1k gold a day, loads of rss from events, and you wouldn't get whacked on by bigs if you knew how to talk to mofos! Weekly, monthly, and the dollar daily pack and I'm still good! A newbie tip: use shields ya dumbasses!
Absolutely rubbish you go in to sige battles which then means you cant recall your troops and then they hit your castle again and again what a joke
Fun game at first. but it's just a pay to win money grab. not fun after a while. devs should be ashamed. wanting money more than providing a good game.
This will be taken down after customer service talks to me, and my situation is rectified. They had summoning glitch recently which there response was to tear people's accounts apart to fix the situation instead of doing a emergency maintenance to fix the problem correctly, in my situation they had several errors with my heroes rank. They did nothing to compensate me for lost time which lead me to ask for refunds totaling maybe 30 dollars (spent hundreds). Now they want to ban my account.
Every now and again a minor bug is discovered, mainly with events. Other than that, I love this game...the culture with each civilization is so intriguing and the mechanics of diplomacy within orders are amazing. Great Job devs!
Love this game, but I see Pharaoh civilization broadcasted as available now and it isn't. Unleash the other civilizations already! Tired of Middle Ages and want to get Egyptian or Viking. Let's go now. Chop, chop πŸ˜…
Game play is fun for a month or 2, and then the design fails. Too repetitive and migrations have absolutely ruined the game. It is a giant party of all the same players from the old kingdoms. They move and take over and then the wars become petty arguments between old rivals. I'm sorry I spent time and money on this game. STAY AWAY!!
The moment everything is going perfect; you get attacked by p2w players.. players you know you cannot defeat no matter what you do and you have to watch them destroy you, very fun... as fun as the whole game is; PvP in this game is extremely unfair and unbalanced. Customer Support really doesn't care for you when you encounter countless of bugs (they will ignore you even if you are a p2w player). As for the bugs, they wre most likely going to be fixed in future updates. overall 2/10 final rating.
money grab. it's not even pay to win its pay to play. stay away from this game unless you want a worse experience like I had. customer support is awful. no help whatsoever. I cant believe Google allowed an app like this on their store
it's well made, however, the game allows the strongest of players to continually attack you taking a large amount of resources and destroying your army. making the game impossible to play unless you are happy to be a farm for someone else or want to pay money to be safe
I really love this game so far I'm really getting into it and am a diplomat in my order and that is fun too. Edit: Not a diplomat anymore but I became a high up player in a really strong order that is really active so that is awesome and I'm still really enjoying the game too.
Amazing strategy game. Very nice story line too. Very detailed and graphics are good. Still learning the game so I'll update review soon. Thx
bad game because a lot of spending to grow up and took a long time to upgrading. All major big castle attacking small castle even at farming so how are we going to grow. rubbish...
It's a fun game. The combat sequences are great and I love the fact the game has some form of a story.
I just decreased the star to 4, you guys increasing the events to just pay to get something and removing the free resources, it's ok to spent some, but don't turn the game only p2w, I will increase it to 5 star when devs sorted sth out or we will uninstall the game.
Seriously don't download and here's why. The attacking system has been made extremely easy, in fact that easy that 5 people can teleport around a territory whilst 4 of them 5 send there troops to the fifth as reinforcements then that fifth person can use all there legions and the 9 legions of reinforcements to attack giving the territory extremely little notice to reinforce as we don't know who will be getting attacked. Also once 1 person gets an impact that bad they are teleported randomly.
extremely fast loading, console quality graphics & addictive game play. Easily became my favorite game!
Lot of good things to say about this game so far & very little negative. After a few months I'm already more engaged than I ever was w/ GoW or FFXVANE. Devs listen to community feedback. Unlike FFXVANE, you don't have to be independently wealthy to grow & fully engage with the game. Really love it so far.
This is one of the best games of it's type that I've played. Nice map and graphics. Switching between civs is a fun option especially if you enjoy upgrading your castle.
Be careful when spend money i started on my server to catch up spent some $ but there is always top how use id theft to buy packs.. I spend my money and when switch between accounts my p2p account got locked when i was in middle of a war! I reguest my $ back you can delite the account.
dear developers why i have been muted in world chat? why? honestly developers do something about it please.. i guess now i have to uninstall it but i love this game please dvp do something about it please.
I just finished the trail of hope mission before the maintenance and it said I had to chose between wage war or protect the peace then before I could choose the maintenance happened when it finished and I went on I tried to tap one of the options and it said target status changed please retry I just started and now I cant even do anything
support is fast and understanding, events are fun with great rewards, community is supportive and help you even if you are not in the same alliance, there Facebook page has some small events that give you rewards, the game is really amazing i spent only 20$ and I'm stronger than people who spend hundreds of dollars i love developers always try to improve the game, keep up the good work guys/girls, and please remove DM as a bad word come on guys.
I really like the esthetic. The character models all seem greats. The only reason I don't give these types of games 5 stars is better because they all require some level of monetary investment which I already knew
Excellent strategy system. As of 6-28-20, after the recent update, the developers swiftly fixed the bug issues for Android users and gave game credit to each player. I'm pleased with the Customer support that makes this game even more enjoyable and trustworthy.
Great game love the art and concept. Just dont like all the cheating going on. People are using too many ways to glitch packs and cheat deals.
After new update it claimed that I owe money. Even though I never asked for a refund. Worse experience with a game ever. If they fixed the problem I will rate it higher.
Played for WEEKS, not a single update. They have a community webpage designed just for your suggestions but none get implemented. Events are gold sinks for those with money and nothing better to burn it on then a mobile app. Drop rates are garbage so you will go the extra mile and buy more gold for that slim chance to get the hero that is avaliable for only 24 hours for said event. Community is toxic, sex deprived children masquerading as adults who just complain in chat all day. AVOID!!!
Great game all around...much value for your dollar if you coin,but coining not necessary....good chat room...no trolls
lost my level 15 castle because the game wouldn't save my info with Google Play Games. not starting over.
honestly i have been playing this for about a year and its rwally good mafe some good friends online over all its a good game a take a time kind of game
Such an AWESOME & AWESOME war game, that ranging from 3 civilizations to choose from. Each with their specific building , troops & traits you won't regret installing this one, it ain't a commonly boring war game like others. My suggestion to the developer : "Please...hurry launch more new civilizations to choose from, don't ruin the moment cause players 're waiting"
I think it a very good game and easy to play too. I think the game should aloud players on the same order to send some resources to each other to help the players grow faster. An also maybe add different civilization (samurai/ninja) Ps can anyone tell me when the Egyptian kingdom is available
better than any(I've played most) p2w game I've seen so far. gameplay is actually fun and back story is interesting. not a fake review lol
Have only been playing for a couple of days, but so far, so good! Pretty easy to figure out, and the Heroes system is a nice feature. Also, unlike similar games (I'm looking at you KoA!), I haven't felt the need to buy anything, and haven't been pressured to, either. Community seems nice enough, and helpful, as well! Only real complaint I have is that I'd like to be able to zoom in on maps better, and I wish the graphics were a bit easier to see, overall.
It's a great Strategy game. There's so much to do in this game. It's so addictive that you don't want to put the game down. I recommend this game to everyone.
Overall it's not bad. Far too many updates. New update I'm stuck at 91% and can't play. A lot of connection issues. If you don't want to spend money expect to build extremely slowly and to get attacked regularly .
The game draws you in...very good at forming investment within you. The variety of players makes each kingdom different and the experience unique. But what was built on very little game error and a superb user friendly interface is now riddled with glitches. Update after update the last two months has been a cacophony of mistakes and glitches. The new "Bugs Galore" expansion pack is working wonderfully! Sarcasm included free of charge. The worst part is the pompous and arrogant customer service.
A little better than average..game rules could be defined better. A way to dispose of heroes not being used would be nice; unless I have overlooked on how to do so now.
DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS SAYING ITS PAY TO WIN!!! this game can be played to its fullest with no money spent, there are always options to get free gold and free speed ups, the devs talk to there players consistently and always listen to suggestions and feedback.. anyone saying its pay to wn most likely pissed off a high lvl player themself or an order member did so and where punished, good work guys and keep it up!
I actually really enjoy this game..i am not bored it has enough quirks to keep you interested..it has an interesting hero system, and a steady development pace..war is crazy and chaotic, which makes it fun. Not too many events each day, so they are achievable. I believe I would actually recommend this game, which is very unusual
Ive played for almost a year and I love this game! the community aspect is wonderful, and the core game is great. Stick at it, get hero's, get powerful, join a good Alliance, and all can be done free. Of course there are microtransactions as per every mobile game, but you can still compete over time with the big guys. My advice? The best hunters work in packs...