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War Dragons

War Dragons for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Pocket Gems located at 220 Montgomery Street, Suite 750 San Francisco, CA 94104. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love this app the game has the best quality and the connection betweeen the player is also good and player love to share there views about the game and the how to grow more in game
Great game. Love the dragons, the battle system is good, events are fun. Only thing I wish to see is a way for old event dragons to be evolved later on (maybe on the months they came out originally, or a special orb that can be used for all dragons to evolve once that you can work towards in an event tree).
bloody useless game developers.. expect us to pay to advance but game filled with bugs constantly require syncing which in situations that u lose out in the big picture. no improvement or sign of any effort by the developers to fix these bugs. tickets sent for grievances are most likely ignored and replied ignorantly.
Glitches all the time. The only way to win is to spend money and you still lose because people have deep pockets. Every week different parts of the game are shut down because of crashes. Been that way the last 3 years. Play at your own risk. They will lure you in and suck your bank account dry.
As much as I love this game. I hate it too. I love the concept. I love my team. It's a very complex game when you take all the aspects of it. I don't like that the developers seem to have no concept of quality assurance (QA). A good development team has a QA team to make sure that everything works properly. This game is constantly broken or something isn't working right. Making the game play extremely frustrating. But you keep hoping it will get better cuz you live the game and the people.
Hate how the game is run including the events and updates but regardless the community and game itself are as addicting as ever.
If it weren't for the in game bugs, glitches, I would gladly rate it 5/5. The game's been around for 5 years and it still crashes often during events. Wish PG took some serious efforts to get those issues fixed. But with all that said, the game is pretty amazing to play and will get you hooked to it :)
I like playing this game it is one of my favorites. Now with that said there's one problem. Now I don't know if it is my internet provider or the game site but it can be a little slow at times?!?!?!?!?!
Is was really awesome game to play for my fist time experience but I also wish that we could use all the dragons at once and got ummm defending dragon I love it well done war dragon to let us experience that will never happen in real life but it keep on return into my home page I don't know why help me for this thank you war dragon you got 5 star well done
I wish you can customize your dragons and change its skin and add more levels and have bigger slots for your dragon and have a saddle for your dragon
Do you like glitchy game? Then this is the game for you. Watch it freeze as you navigate through the menus or just stop loading entirely. Think the dev's don't know, you'd be wrong. Overall it's a decent game. You can get past the pay to win players and actually enjoy the game. It is a daily struggle with how glitchy the game is. If you can get past that enjoy, but don't expect it to change. All the other players just accept it and play on. Good luck πŸ‘
This is a nice game, surprisingly it has everything promised. At first I thought it's just one of those fake ad but when I tried it, totaly amazed!!!
While it starts off a bit slow, the game is tons of fun, and you just keep unlocking new features as you play, the events while confusing at first, there are people who will help and explain them to you 10/10
Very Nice Game.. Very Entertaining...If you are a Dragon Lover...then No Need to Think of Downloading it. Very Entertaining and Relaxing. It is a Game that Needs Strategies and Advance Planning.
Not a pass time game, but an addicting games, especially when you join a team that works like a family. Definitely recommend.
Game play is ok, except for older devices. This latest update does not work on some devices. Complete update, but says running older version when return to game play. Device restart does not fix this issue. Cannot play as need to with new update installed.
I was enjoying it until it had some problems, juat on day 2. It's always not responding since I reached lvl 13. I made sure that this game is within my phone's capacity before J installed it. I even deleted many apps to see if something changes but nothing happened. Please fix this issue.
It has realistic dragons not to scary its a fun and exciting game i love playing there are no main problems except for like a 1% lag!
So far, this game is really good. Wonderful graphics, game play is good. Occasionally, while firing, you can accidentally skip a dragon or minimise the game, losing the battle you are busy with. Devs are very prompt with problem solving, make sure your device can handle the high graphics requirements.
Came from using the ios version for 2 years to this once i changed to android. Why are so many Android versions of apps worse than ios? I never had any problems with the ios version. This version always lags and glitches. Can you guys do your jobs and fix it please?
Very boring, tapping constantly reading screen to see what to do next. Very little instructions. Wears my thumbs out!
Very fun game but connection issues continue to plague us year after year. The most basic things that every other game can do - i.e. loading the game - they don't care about figuring out.
So when I first started playing I had a lot of fun but recently with the new updates I have been unable to attack unless I restart the app for each attack which is annoying now that stopped working so I cant even collect resources. What happens is it says traveling but does not load past it. Idk what to do.
This game really keeps you engaged and playing. This is an good free to play game and you do really benefit by taking advantage of the micro deals. Over all this is a game that will keep me playing and staying involved.
Very great game known if your on a good team like us very active and help our lower players level up! 5stars 10 if that was available! Just add new type events please. Make it more fun and double events if possible make this the #1 game to have on your phone.
I used to play this game, and when I came back I came back to a big mess, the screen freezing and music starting to play when I was offscreen writing this review. It's a good game with a good storyline, but the glitches, bugs, and freezes make it nearly unplayable. If you fixed the bugs, I'm sure it would be a 4.7 or 5 already.
The idea was good then they released atlas. Atlas is designed to suck as much time and money from you. Go to the boards and see people talking about spending 12 hours a day on the game. Because Atlas favors the big spenders and long time players and pushes new players to spend even more time and money to try to make up. Now you can see most teams don't even war anymore. It's all about sucked into atlas.
Always crashing. Needs better frame rates it's not smooth at all... Nice game just needs to be smoother...
Loaded with whales that would rather spend money to win than play the game straight up. Legendary dragons you can only get in events will completely destroy lower players with no chance of defending yourself and that you can only obtain by spending copious amounts on rubies save yourself the frustration.
After you reached lvl 12 it so hard to upgrade a building unless you pay. No wonder a lot of people quit this game. It is so obvious that developers goal for this was to get people to spend a lot for this game than rather to have people open this and play this game everytime. They lack understanding of how important user experience is an immature project for immature developers
Love the game. It's addictive and I even get to play with my husband and siblings. It takes a little while to get the game going but it's fun. Unfortunately it does crash. I don't think i ever had an issue before until now though so I guess the game does crash every now again whenever it is updated... but don't let that stop you. The game is still well worth it.
Deserves a higher rating than 3.9. Are there bugs? Yes. Is it pay to win? Of course, name a multiplayer mobile game that isn't. There's regular events and there's always something you can progress towards. Learning how to handle different bases whilst also tweaking and upgrading your own base (which you really have a lot of choice with), is fun. Genuinely loving it despite it's many flaws
Too many glitches. Canned replies from PGA. Way too much bs. I quit after 4 years. Boring, and predictably problematic. Pay to play at its worst. I will never play this game again.
It is fun and intresting the only promble i have is the issue with it is the buildings able to attack you when they are being upgraded. And you cant distroy them unless you use a dragon abilty to distroy it
Sure, this game has its problems. And sure, it might not be the best mobile game out there, but it's got heart and that's what matters. They have events, it's easy to get dragons. People are active on it all the time, leveling can be slow, but it's not a very hard task. I've played this game for what feels like a year and I very much enjoy it and it's community. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your game, developers!! Keep up the great work!! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
Very nice graphics, interesting game play. We'll have to see if the 5.0 upgrade eliminates the glitchy screen changes and freeze ups. Don't count on advancing "up the ranks" if you don't have a pocket full of cash that you don't need. 🀣
Best game ever. Has it all. Strategy, events, prizes, team play, PvP, PvE, awesome dragons, base building, ... And can be played completely free. Why only 4 stars? Atlas (about 70% of game) is pretty buggy. At times it's almost unplayable. Events are also buggy. That said, they always seem to come out with an update that helps. It would be nice if they could fix the bugs, but their best is to just make the game relatively playable.
Great game ,f2p kinda friendly not very greedy with purchases, no ads , no offers spamming. One thing that eill make it perfect would be to only disable auto attack from the auto attack button, i sometimes disable it by mistake trying to cast a spell.
Amazing game. Amazing graphics. It has simple game play in terms of both battling and base building. The mechanics are straightforward enough that anyone can pick it up with ease, but with enough variety to challenge players. Events are slanted in favor of paying players, and there is an option to pay for an enhanced membership, but neither are forced or needed. I never pay for events and still do well. Updates can be a little buggy at times, but are usually fixed within a week. No ads.
This is a good game but when ever I try to attack or open chests It always crashes and after the recent update it became more trash the only reason I gave two stars is because I like this game
I love this game but the only issue is that I feel like I have to pay to get better and to get better equipment,etc. Another thing I would like to suggest is when your attacked a lot give said person time off the battling list. It's not only me but I get constantly attacked and there's nothing I could do about it. I just think people who are attacked almost 42/7 should get a break from the attacking list so they can have time to get back up to speed
I love this game!! Great graphics, controls, aspects, multiple layers to this game make it challenging and competitive as well as fun and fulfilling. I belong to a great team that helps members learn and progress, All while not having to use real money. The dragons are constantly evolving and changing, and the weekly events give you something to strive for and help you grow your base and dragon fleet. Did I say I love this game yet??
I have played this game few years ago. I still like it. There are more dragons, new events, but there are few problems: When I attack other player's bases (This is main aspect of the game), I usually get message "Unable to attack this base." Dear developers, could you change the message on "this base is being attacked" or "error, player's resource count is being changed." Otherwise, the gameplay is very fun, especially upgrading dragons. Kelsis and Arborius are awesome!(They are my best dragons)
Have been playing this game for 2+ years and I am at a point, all to familiar with these money grubbing games, that I am completely ineffective without spending a large amounts of money. Every event and season the Devs are making it harder and harder to enjoy their game. They just keep screwing you till you just stop playing which I think will be very shortly for myself. Thinking of selling my account, try to recoup some of the money the Devs have F*Β₯K'D me out of.
The game is fun and I enjoy it, it has a lot of cool things adding inside and when you join a good team things are really easy because people are nice and give recourses to you when you need. Other then that I jave been dealing with bugs were it says my dragons need to be a certain level to breed, when they are already over that level. Because of this bug I can't breed all the dragons and I'm upset about it
Its a great game of strategy and its fun when u get a good team cause u get good resources and you can get cool dragons from breeding u can also attack villages and u can do team battles and defend together
is good, it's basically completely free because there are no in app purchases that are at all worth it lmao. It's a good place to socialize as well if you find yourself in a good clan
It's been great experience. But I would to more seasonal Dragons from the past. Because I have a few Dragons that I would like finished now that I'm a higher lv now.
Day by day it's getting worse. It exits the app or restarts on its own while playing. It always says "unable to attack the opponent".. without any reason . After 15 tries, it finally allows to attack the opponent. It doesn't even notifies whether we can attack the opponent.
Sad i love the game. Why Was my bank card charged without my permission,and no control ,also caused me to get overdrawn by the bank for 100$+ after fees. Put it in the game. Best way How the game company could fix this? Return the $ to the bank and I will play your game but I choose when to buy...
Bad game to play. So many issues with bugs and game play. Then they do everything they can to make you spend. Do not play this game.
There are many flaws in the game.. sometimes it crashes.. between battles.. which is ridiculously annoying 😴😠 Server too much slow.. slower than my 4G internet 😐😐 Forging time is really tiresome.. hatching eggs also..and after becoming expert dragons loose battles 🀣🀣🀣 Very much weird πŸ˜‚ So giving one star 😏
I love war dragons just like the best dragon game I've ever played you get to like build bases you also get to collect and breed dragons with egg tokens, and you also get to raid people with your own dragons, and get to loot them as well and there's also events as well!!!
I've had this app for about 5 years I still love it. The graphics are amazing. Some updates are better than others but I haven't stopped playing and adapting for years.
Unplayable on Samsung galaxy tab A6. All events are highly problematic. Massive lag even when it is actually possible to play an event. If you're on android don't spend a penny on this game. Other far more graphics intensive games work perfectly, there's nothing wrong with my tablet. The lower graphics options don't help in the slightest & actually cause the game to crash frequently if you try "poor" graphics option in settings. (I've very fast Internet with a low ping too)
This is a really great fun game but the bugs and glitches don't get fixed the support team is not supportive and sometimes we get kicked off the game...that was my previous rating. Now...today september 3 2020 im giving it 5 stars. PG has worked very hard at improving performance and its showing this season.invites, quests, dragons and loading operating much faster and smoother. Keep it up Pocket Gems! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€—
Awesome game! Really in depth, I would honestly say out of all the games I have downloaded this one is the best. Great team play. No pay to win at all. No ads! Fun for all ages. Well done!
9/2/2020 update, still at 1 star, y'all need to stop the game from crashing. 1 star due to really bad lag spikes and major server issues. I've had up to 4 stars in previous reviews. 5/22/2020 The lag is horrendous, the game constantly has to be restarted. Evident when I attacked 7 people during the last lumber build event, zero credit, zero loot, it's difficult to play something that after playing for 20-30 minutes, nothing you've done has been saved. Effing horrendous.
Like the dragons but the game is a bore you have to spend real life money just to make the game more interesting and the servers suck it needs improvement and the game in general needs Improvement. And the admins don't care enough to fix the problem and all they say is sorry it is never fixed if this keeps going I'm seriously stopping playing this game
The game has a lot of potential, but there are some serious cancers which need to be removed. 1. The community is generally made up of the longest playing players and they are the most vocal. New players are indoctrinated or beaten into submission to obey the community guidelines. 2. The community has decided to make win trading the norm for getting ahead - PvP is all but extinct and multiple hits on the same player typically results in emails to team leaders and posts on FB anti farming forums. 3. The community dictates to the developers how the game is to evolve. When the developers attempt to shake up the stagnation which has infected the game the community becomes incredibly vocal and threatens to leave. The tail is wagging the dog. 4. Real world Politics are allowed to enter the game. In particular one employee has made it his "personal mission" to destroy teams which attack players on player created memorial castles in PvP zones. Some players on the teams have been banned chat banned for 20 years for sending messages which pale in comparison to abuse I've personally received and reported with not consequence. PG needs to 1. Grow a set and do what needs to be done to bring back PvP life into the game. The community screams are just children throwing tantrums. Make the game great again. 2. Leave real world politics to the real world and not let staff abuse their powers and push their personal agendas against in game players. Yes I'm talking about Galileo
This is one of my best dragon game I ever liked in and I cannot compare this game to anything else this is one of the game that I can give u more than 5stars...❀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯keep it up
Game is really fun. It can be very off-putting for new players. It's very easy to make mistakes and get carried away. Only to have it snowball quickly. However, the game can be amazing for those that tough it out and stick with it. This game is a Marathon; not a Sprint. And I like it that way. You don't get powerful dragons early. Those come with time, and effort. Game is great, just stick with it and don't get discouraged!
Was a fun game at first . Then came the deceit and misleading trickery. This is the best one tho the account I spent hundreds of dollars on Is gone poof gone can't login to it So not are they all the above there plain thief's
I absolutely love this game and I've been playing for 3.5 years. If you're part of an organised team (plenty out there) you can work together to grow and war with other teams. Unfortunately it can be very laggy, because its such a big game! Instead of expanding the game and creating ANOTHER new tier of dragons Pocketgems do need to focus more on reducing lag times, especially within Atlas. Thats the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me!
Won't give it any more than 2 stars because alot of us are constantly getting kicked from game during battles...so irritating
Good game but too many bugs & glitches . I can't even get my referal rewards , some times after opening chests I can't find my rewards in inventory 😑
This game can be pretty addicting and its somehow like clash of clans, but in a dragon version. I gave it a 4 star because it can be lag sometimes and it takes a bit long to recover. But overall, this game is awesome
Its a great game but there are very slight issues that cause connection and lag issues with phones without physical home buttons (with or without always on screen back button & window box button which is the button that allows you to close applications in a box view of every app) as the digital buttons cause the game to lag and have connection issues
Used to be a good game with decent graphics, but now I try to play it and there's just a white screen, then my tablet says " War Dragons isn't responding. Do you want to close it?" Please fix this it was a great game but now I can't play it.
Been playing over a year. It is technically free to play but you want at least an elite account if you want to accomplish anything. It is a good game but it leans pay to win and is pretty expensive if you go for that. Update Dec 2020; over the last 6 months the game has gotten buggier. It crashes and lags so often now that it is no longer fun to play.
Love the game! An absolute addiction! If you can find a guild with active peeps, you can go far in the game but you have to pay $20 a month for Atlas to do really much of anything when it comes to that section of it. Be nice if it was a bit cheaper lol but I get it.
Fun game, but support for Android is almost non-existent, game lags and crashes constantly, even with top of the line phones. Makes the whole experience not so great. When the game works better, I'll be happy to reflect that in the review. *** 4 months later 12/8/2020 Game has not seen any improvement for Android users, crashes at least once every 10 minutes. If you have an Android device, I don't recommend this game.
Will rate higher if I can ever log back on game was great until I hit lvl 10 and unlocked event menu game foreclosures every time I tried to open menu then a day later game won't open at all.
If you minimize the game it will restart again very annnoning....so many network issues - video buffering in Netflix and everything is faster than the game event's screen loading time, even at poor graphic settings
Game used to be awesome and fun. Built my dragons and fortress up high with constant play.Then it started to downgrade, It just sucks now with load and glitches. Chats just died out with groups.Waste of time and money I spent on the game..
It takes long hours of play time to level up. If u want to speed things up, u must buy elite membership, it will double up egg tokens, timers or construction time. But if don't have extra money, suffer like I did lol waste precious time just to get things done. Visual effects are impressive but sumtyms it's just too redundant. Game loads huge data so must have alot of space on device to load properly esp. Atlas. All are interrelated to level up w/c sucks big time! It takes out the fun.
Awesome game really amazing dragons and events. Only complaint is cost are really high and need to find a way to sell or trade unused items for things we need. If you could lower the prices by half I'll bet lots of people would buy more. It would be great to have a breeding tracker to show where a line will go and show how and when to change up selections. I'd love to play with every dragon on game. You really did crazy good work on the dragons love the special abilities.
I am so in love with this Game. I downloaded yesterday when it appeared in the Suggestion tab and then in just a Single Day, i crossed Level 10 of My Game 🀩 and then, i bought 2 in Game Purchases too !!! Graphics are just awesome 😍 and the Dragons,πŸ‰ i am so in love with them 🀩 Just Loved this Game so much 😍😍🀩🀩🀩🀩 I just want to add that "EMBER Dragon" is BEAST πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Would love to see the money being spent in the game being used for actual improvement in the game. Lost an entire event because of the bugs and crashes even when I am next to a strong internet connection. Game loves to give sync errors and crashes especially during events.
One of my favorite games. The only reason it lost a star is because the IAPs are kind of pricey, but you don't NEED any of them to score big and win. They hold lots of special events that let you win any special items or currency you may need.
I love this app. There is so much to do. It is fun and interesting to discover new and more powerful dragons, participate in seasons and wars, and become stronger. There is a small glitch where the mission for egg tokens takes a bit of time to show progress but it is usually fixed by the hour. I would recommend this game to most ages. It does not require too much exertion and you don't have to be staring at a screen all the time as things take time to build in the game. However I have two suggestions. In consideration of players like me who cannot pay for things like evolution stones, could these things be made to be earned in the game possibly. I also think that since this is such an awesome game, it should be available on laptops as well if possible.
The game is awesome!! The only sad part is that it could be a pay-to-win game like most of them but other than those,if you play it legit it is still very good recommend you to download if you like dragon's!
Played way back when it first came out. Was a fun game but way to many bugs. Got worse as it expanded. Reinstalled it a few years later and the bugs and pay to play are much much worse. Developers also don't care about there players. Just letting you guys know. If you do play this don't expect much. Also certain dragons you don't expect to be powerful can be extremely overpowered. So choose wisely.
Nice game but it is difficult to play where net is very slow.but can be played in those areas.you have to pay for almost everything to make yourself strong. It's taking a long time to open.
Pocket gems are useless. do not download this game. They promise you less lag but then give you a potato. When there is a issue they blame your device even if it is the newest on the market. You can't customise dragons at all, PG just use the same dragons and change the name and the colour. I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Very fun game! Just wish it ran smoother on androidOS. I can get passed the fact that the game glitches between updates and often needs to be corrected. Graphics are great and the dragons are amazing. Especially loving the new SoulDance season and the discounted Invoker Marav.
I have been playing this game for 4 years now. What started off as great fun has turned into never ending frustration. Not only are they unable to fix long standing events, but they're unable to fix the lag in Atlas, resulting in teams losing castles. Teams can't even defend themselves, let alone get help from others. Something they have worked hard for, spent real money fortifying, is lost due to PGs incompetence. The player base is speaking- PG isn't listening. Wouldnt rec. to new players. 🀷
I've been playing this game for three years now. Over the last year PG has completely destroyed it. Font is blurry. Constant lag and crashes. Restarts. Force closes and lock ups. PG tells you to do basic trouble shooting.... Which works for all of an hour. But takes 15-30 minutes to complete. All I ever get is ...we are working on it..... And we can't tell you a time period it will be fixed. This game relys heavily on events. TIMED EVENTS. So you'll lose out. 0/10 would not recommend
Game is very nice but sometimes it takes too much time to load or shut done automatically. Please resolve this technical cliche
This game caters to those who are looking for a sort of constant improvement, there are lots of activities and missions to help you stay entertained with the game and its a very well rounded experience that slowly sets you into its full saddle.
Love it. Just a few suggestions. How about making it so that you can have friends and you can invite them to your attacks. Also maybe have it so people can do a mock attack on their own base to see how it holds up? Other than that it is great.
Great game! Sometimes will get a little tedious but for the most part they keep events coming and you win lots of items in the events. I love my team and it seems i have made some connections with cool people. The Debs of respond very fast to any problem.
It crashes everytime i try to attack in atlas ever since your new update. Nothing is being done despite several "help requests"
Boring game, it takes forever to do anything, and a friends account was suspended for 20 year and we have no idea why
my rating went down...game freezed all the time it is super annoying..they haven't fixed the bugs ..and there christmas and new year event was just Sad....the more i play the worse the game gets.. there are more bugs now than when i started ..they lie about fixing game..im almost level 400 after working so hard.. I'm very discouraged !
Once you get started the tutorial is relatively slow but you have to walk before you can run, and run... Before you can Fly.
DON'T BOTHER PLAYING THIS GAME, TRUST ME. There are many issues that never get fixed, including everything you click on taking forever to load. Everything they do is focused on making more money off the players, They don't care about the players at all, they just care about making money. This is a game that will frustrate you, not work half the time, while at the same time having the nerve to ask you to pay a lot of money. Trust me stay away from this game.
I really liked the game I've been playing for 2 weeks and I'm at level 20 the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I was playing an event called ikkuma I spent over 1000 sigil to get this dragon and when I finally got enough to purchase it the orange egg wasn't in my incubator and it says I got it. The only other complaint I have is the algorithm for breeding it takes at least 15 tries to get just 1 fragment of an egg. Other than that I love the graphics and collecting the dragons
Hello developers please do reply this..this is an request your game is very popular so please take this under consideration..please make the dragon evolution stones free like ember purple evolution stone. I don't meam totally free make it buy like with red gem stone or like lessen the price like for only to buy that stone not the whole pack. Please do reply
Best game ever. Has it all. Strategy, events, prizes, team play, PvP, PvE, awesome dragons, base building, ... And can be played completely free. Why only 2stars? Atlas (about 70% of game) is so buggy it's unplayable. 5 minutes is about max before game crashes. And you will have to launch game 4 or 5 times before you can get another 3 to 5 minutes of play. Extremely frustrating for a PvP where you can lose resources that have taken weeks to build up while trying to re-launch game.
Its a fairly repetitive game BIG down side is the stability and all the good dragons are seasonal. The game seems to make it to where you NEED to spend money to get a dragon/ Dragons leveled up all the way. Its a decent game to pass time otherwise. Just have to be fairly active or your clan will drop you for inactivity.
Ever since my team got Atlas I've had nothing but problems. Glitching getting kicked off during events I've been unable to play without this happening. This game has glitched 25 times on me repeatedly. I've tried the fixes they say and nothing has worked to fix it. I've spent money and time on this game. I don't wanna have to uninstall it but if this keeps up I might have to.
This game has one problem that i was in lvl 12 but i have yo delet the game because when i was going to clear fog for next island its vomming you need 1.6k food but my storage is 1.5k so i asked all how can i solve someone told that you need to upgrade storage when i gone there they told that you need to build one morelumber mill to upgrade storage but i have no space to build i build weapons all whereever was empty so i have to delet because my storage was not increasing . But i love this game
Brilliant game. Problems are fixed immediately if there are any. And it keeps evolving without getting crazy complicated.
This is an awesome game. U do not need to pay to play. It does help if u do spend 5$ a month for vip so u grow faster. Then u can build 2 buildings at once. Atlas is like a complete different game once u get there or join alliance there. Ur able to build armors for ur dragons to look awesome and help u be stronger, Also riders. I think the random armor could be better but it doesn't change how fun game is to play
Amazing game but I'm gonna give 3 now coz' many things are not going on well (PGs'- need to take some consideration for the interest of players) I hope you guys know what to do. Well anyway, thanks to the developers for this game but please reduce the amount & the time.✌
The game design needs some improvements. For example, when I would finally level up enough to be able to upgrade a building, it requires more resources than the maximum ammount in my vault. And to upgrade the vault, it requires two or three more levels, which can be irritating. Moreover, I think the mechanics for the attacks of the sorcerer dragons should be improved, so that the dragons fire exactly where the player wants to. I think that the game needs more tesing in general.
I still play the game but damn, players forget it is just a game. Way to hard to get to high levels and will take years or pay to play to get strong. The one star is for the fact that they allow bullies to run the show. Players with billions of power hit lower level players. You can report and they do nothing. People actually threaten one another on this game. I play because of the time I've put in but the game is a joke and so are many of its players. Game is full of Dangerous types.
Very fun wish it wasn't so hard to breed dragons. A lot of ads aren't very honest though you can't create your own dragon at all which is the only reason i downloaded this game in the first place lol. It would be very awesome and cool if you were able to make your own dragon like in the ads.
Horrible bugs that they refuse to fix. Lag is horrible, they are more interested in your money than giving you a complete product. PG will claim it is your device/connection no matter how new or how much bandwidth you have. Events are buggy, Atlas is a joke when sieging a castle with all the lag. FIX YOUR GAME PG! You can tell nobody from staff actually plays the game.
I love this game it's so much fun but Why my level didn't show that i lvl up even i upgraded my base still remain ....since the event started...pls fix ..thank u very much appreciated.
I have been playing this game for 3 years now and it has gotten progressively worse. Lately the quests and events do not update even after attempting them multiple times. The fix I was given my game support was to delete and reinstall the game, which solved the issue temporarily, but the next day it was the same isde again. It is very frustrating to delete and reinstall everyday. And this is just one of the issues. There are too many bugs and glitches. Not fun anymore. 😑
Great game love everything about it. Just wish PG would fix the wrong they are doing to ny father when he has asked several times for them to help him get his account back because he lost his phone which have his email and password on it and now he has to get a different email but yet PG still has yet to help my father retrievers account and get him a new password so he can play his game that he's played for over 3 years. Its not right...
I used to play clash of clans a lot of super cell and this game reminds me a lot of that game. In it you can do pvp also.
OK, top three comments complaining about glitches and locking even with high end phones! I play it everyday on a low mid line stylo 6 and the only times I have issues really is when I forget to clear cache for a while. Event page is slow to load and can be very slow during high server traffic, mainly beginning and end of big events. My only big complaint is that I wish they had more affordable packs for us normal folks, not with stuff you could win in ten minutes of gameplay either!
Constantly parking itself causing reloading games everytime. Big waste of time. PocketGem has no clue as to what causes it. It appears to be issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab a device. With current release, I crash about every 10 to 15 minutes.
Been playing awhile. I've even had the opportunity to chat with this companies development team a few times. Their dev team is awesome. However their mouth piece isn't the greatest. As long as PGGalleao is verbally trashing players in your release videos, 1 star across my devices. Most unprofessional person on your staff.
It's a really fun game to me considering I love dragons. You also need to carefully place out buildings on your base instead of just randomly placing anything. That way your base gets stronger and better to defend with. There's all types of dragons and I love unlocking a new one everytime, there is also riders that you can actually see on the dragons if you bond them.
This game is amazing but the seasnoal dragons are available for only some time. I was about to purchase kinnarix but right then, the aftermath season ended, LOL!
This game is very hard when you are in regular account and level 12 then you get to build a building in one time which makes it very hard. Par Attacks dragons get very little exp and to upgrade the storage you have to upgrade the production equipment until you upgrade the storage Then your level is up and you can't upgrade the storage. Please allow regular account to build two buildings at a time. Increases the exp per attack of dragons. Please. Sir
Amazing game been playing playing since it first came out. There is only one, problem that i run into but understand which is storage that can be hard to deal with most of the time. There is some players that are straight up rude and need to get dealt with alot more then they do nowadays. Dragons are awsome same with the gameplay and clans are very helpful. Not many bugs or problems with the game and recommend it for people who like base games. And its overall a really fun game to take time .
Love the game love the graphics and love the dragons not too bad in building up on your base you don't have to I repeat you don't have to be spending a lot of money in the game to just accomplish something. The game just wants you to play ,more you play the more rewards come to you and if you play your cards right you'll succeed very fast and a lot of new friendsπŸ€™πŸ˜
Pay to play. They took away the skill events for pay to win events. The atlas side of the game is atrocious, if you are not in one of the 3 big alliances then you're up the creek without a paddle. The game is weighted heavy for spenders and giant alliances. Don't waste your time and money.
There are bugs that need fixing, regularly, but the thing people fail to recognize is that there are weekly events (that change every week) and lots of features that are constantly being upgraded and updated! War Dragons is definitely a five star game! Some of the issues that arise from time to time are frustrating, don't get me wrong. But they're nothing to cry about!
Pretty good game, the glitches are a pain though, the most consistently experienced one is the game abruptly shutting down and nkt allowing me to login again for abiut 1 minute. I've been playing for 8+ years and its a reoccurring problem. The game though is wortnn it, if you like long term long play style games, love the base building and attacking play. Its been a really fun ride for me and I've encountered nithing that has stopped me playing this game permanently.
Don't get me wrong the game is fun, and the graphics are pretty nice. Even has events and team play and it's free! However the game tends to by a bit buggy. A lot of times for some reason, the app freezes and shuts down. It happens at random times, but exclusively when I am on the event menu. I could be opening chests or looking at the reward tiers. Suddenly I can't scroll or click on anything and then after a few seconds the app just closes and I'm back on my phones home screen.
I use to love this game several years ago but I reinstalled it while ago on a new phone a found that I can barely load up half the game, the chat is mainly dead unless it's the highest league, the leagues are dominated by lvl 400 people, even the lowest one, the regular gameplay hadn't exactly improved or optimized, the "recommended" settings to prevent crashing sets the graphics to high (that doesn't even make sense) and many more annoyances. Don't install this.
Super laggy and it glitches out in events but it is fun when it doesn't lag dont buy stuff its a waste of money
Very fun game but connection issues continue to plague us year after year. The most basic things that every other game can do - i.e. loading the game - they don't care about figuring out. Will continue to rate lower until basics are fixed (can you give negative stars?). PS I'm on a Note 10+, so it's not my phone.
Very Complex Game. PvP and PVE options, multiple ways to strategize. Don't listen in the pay to play haters. I pay the 4.99 a month to have elite and do very well, earning multiple event dragons each season. Requires a string team to be successful so keep shipping until you find a good mix. All of that said the game is extremely buggy the last year and they need to quit trying to add so much all of the time and just get the game reliable.
The game always crashes or laggs after 20 seconds in the screen to get your rewards or participate in events it's been a hassle for years no matter the phone
Pretty fun, when it works. Currently crashing on open 9/10 times, and event menus have been ultra laggy for months--can take up to 30 seconds to switch tabs or open chests. Suuuuper annoying to have to open the app like 10 times to get in
I really enjpy this game. Im in a good clan and i like the people. But omg this game crashes and freezes non stop. Especially if im in the seasonal screens or the armory opening chests. Constantly freezing. Sometimes i cant even open the game without it crashing multiple times. Yall really need to fix this please so i can play without having to deal with constant crash/freezing issues.
It used to be a fun game. But with the seasonal dragons it stopped being fun. The seasonal dragons are extremely powerful which is great but in order to evolve them you need the evolution stones, which when the season has ended are gone forever +you never get all of them unless you spend a lot of money. Without the stones you dragon is stuck and so are you. Also the helpdesk is rude and unhelpful I lost 4000+ sigils because for two days the game was glitching and there was no help whatsoever.
This game is good in every manner. But only thing which I didn't like is that I'm unable to play or attack when I'm using a wifi network. I asked my teammate for the same and they also have to same problems. If developer can fix the issue then I'll surely rate this 5. So I have asked support for help and they are also not of much help, I'm able to play fps games (for example pubg), and I never faced this issue before and support is telling me there must be issue in my network!!?? Seriously??
UPDATE: Being in the game for several months now I am too this point getting tired and burned out from the game itself, nothing has improved, rewards are bad, you need to spend money to advance in the game, PG is horrible beyound a doubt hopeing they would improve the game better, its seems NOW being in the events you got to do ALLOT MORE...ALLOT MORE!!! to just get anywhere
So far, I am enjoying this game, as a lover of dragons. As a gamer, I wish there was more lore behind each dragon, but that's just me, I suppose. The gameplay is likeably simple, but the controls can be finicky (especially with Sorcerors). There's a rewarding dread that comes from winning one day and coming back to fiery destruction. Literally the epitome of "win some, lose some"
I like this game, would've given it 5 stars but Im having 2 problems, might be on my side but you never know maybe you can fix something, first of all when I'm connected to my internet, the connection times out while I'm loading into the game, so I tried it on my grandma's internet and it loaded perfectly fine, after an hour or two of playing, the game suddenly stops responding, I thought it's just a one time problem and if I restart it would be fine, but it still doesn't respond after a bit.
I like the game play, the dragons are nice, the leveling system is well balanced out with the combat strength, the events are fun and keep the game interesting . Downsides, the loading screens take forever and there are a lot of unnecessary animations like when you open chest and collect quests that I wish I could turn off
I was really interested in playing this game, but after reading the reviews (both good and bad), the fact that you are still having so many issues with this game after so long.(Constant lag, and the game freezing just to name 2 from the reviews), and the customer service is non-existent. That isn't the type of game I want to sink my time into.
Good game but my atlas is not working efficiently there are so many glitches occurring it stops working than if i want to attack someone in atlas its is not working and then someone attacks me. So i hope you fix this problem of mine.
This game is awesome . I love this game like🀯🀯🀯wow. The only thing I don't like is that this game freezes suddenly and in atlas it will restart whenever i want to claim my rewards. That really sucks you know.that is the only drawback in this game that's all. Other than that their is no other problem. I really like the developers cause if their is any mistake by them they will send some apologies and some rewards for their mistakes β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘.
The game is amazing and all! Beautiful!! However, the consequences of installing this app is little severe. When I'm updating, it keeps saying cant install the app. That needs to be fixed.
I Hold one star for low eclipse sagils and if my teammates send me lumbers and already my storage is full means then the transfered lumbers are waste...I can't use them often... please improve it....It become worst and worst.....Don't play this game πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Ώ...it's drain your charge and money .......
Great way to burn some time. Will try to get on this on PC !! The new PAY to win system SUCKS, But still fun to burn time. If you want end game or great Dragons then your screwed without a wheelbarrow of cash.
This is a great game, but I don't rate it five starts only because it lags considerably when I try and do research, I have to wait a while for the game to catch up. This also happens when I complete research. Other than that, I think its an amazing game, very few glitches in it that I've come across but I was just hoping maybe in your next update you could sort out the lag? It may just be the device that I'm on but it doesnt happen in any of the other buildings I use. Anyway great game.