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War Cars: Epic Blaze Zone

War Cars: Epic Blaze Zone for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HeroCraft Ltd. located at Leninskiy Ave, 155a, 4th floor, 236039 Kaliningrad, Russia. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game but no way to keep opening any of the good chests enless u buy blue gems when the free ones they give u r gone.. stuck getting just gold.. I love this game I deleted it because I play many games will b playing again. I will and would refer to anyone!
Ended up deleting the game due to the inability to shoot. Game is unplayable. Attack button doesn't work consistently. Weapons damage your own car. Reached league 3 and now keeps losing internet connection and can no longer fight and progress.
It's a good one! Like the way of upgrades. I think it might be a good idea to add random "excellent item" drop... once in a while. Which is unique!!! and upgraded to max level. And some customization would be nice!
The gameplay itself is pretty good and I do enjoy smashing other cars to smithereens, BUT for some reason it occasionally takes its time loading, i left it 5 minutes and the loading icon was still there and I couldn't press anything.
ok so finally got back in but it asked me to pick the best account tied to my email both i was at the same level so choosing was a 50/50 and my luck got the old account back which hey that would have been nice after the first problem now just an inconvenience cause my new one i had way better stuff so downgrade and almost as bad as starting over but i raise my stars one because they do take care of problems well. hopefully they can help with this one to
once I spent money on the app, everything started glitching, weapons not working and other players character glitching out on the screen.
Good Idea. Bad execution. Tournaments need timers, otherwise you sit there and wait for someone who disconnected. Ridiculous wait time for boxes and nothing else to do. Get on for a few mins and come back hours later. FML. Better games out there. Dont waste your money
The gameplay is bad :/ loot boxes are your source of new parts, and all you have to do is spam the attack button to win that's it. Could be worse but its ok.
I am very excited to play this game but it turns out a dissapointment, everytime i "Search for opponent" when i find one it keeps sayin no INTERNET CONNECTION i have a very good wifi speed and my phone is OPPO F5 Youth so it should be able ro run it just fine, SO.... IF you can FIX THIS ISSUE IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED AND I'LL GLADLY CHANGE MY STAR RIVIEW WHEN THIS IS FIXED!.
Poor English, unbalanced gameplay (get under your opponent with explosives and wedges and over half of their weapons can't hurt you) annoying reward system doesn't let you keep chests once you're opening all of your own... This needs work, lots of it. But the concept is awesome, the idea is cool, so you've got that.
why 1 star? I've played this game before, using this account. good stash of cars, weapons and upgrades. then i stopped playing for around half a year or more. when i came back, EVERYTHING was reset. back to square 1. absolutely disappointed.
Update: The support staff deserve credit. They contacted me frequently until they were able to somewhat reset my progress. I didnt give 5 stars cause this game needs more content, however I'll check out some of their other games since I know the staff stands behind their games. Thanks again
The attack button stops working for all weapons but the very front one, which is usually melee. It stops working when one of the weapons is destroyed. Can you please fix this bug?
This app is superb but the only thing is that I missed diamond chest 5 times. There is no sufficient place for chests. please fix this problem.
Most exasperating in this game is you launch the game and after three four matches, you will have to reopen the app. Because after playing three four times with your oponents the next you try to find your opponent it won't work sometimes it says oponent disconnected. And sometimes constantly loading. Again you go back and cancer the search and try it won't work. If you want to play then restart the game and relaunch..
Not modern enough for me too semi stone age,needs a modern edge update maybe a granade launcher, machine guns or shotguns a little less hack and more boom.
after one or two battles I have to exit the game and go back in to continue to find opponents causing me to not be able advance in the game.
I'm trying to play and I don't know how this game is popular when the tournaments are broken. I'm on a brand new s10 5g, and have wifi and it tells me I'm disconnected consistently during fights and awaiting opponents finishing their fights. I haven't been able to complete a single tournament. I spent money that I'll be attempting to have refunded due to the lack of effort put into making this game even function.
This is an absolutely underrated game with a few hundred active players. As a new player going into It: The mechanics (controls) of War Cars, in itself are incredibly easy and simplistic and you get thrown into the combat in the best way possible as the tutorial is literally fighting against a real online opponent. The combat is very live and learn; Each battle can either display your War Cars' greatest strengths or Its greatest weaknesses. I've genuinely enjoyed playing It thus far. And I can't wait to see what new content appears in future updates in this absolute gem of a mobile game.
The game is very interesting, it feels nice when apart from equipment, skill also matters. An interesting leveling up system, I like it. The reason I didn't put 5 stars is because of some bugs that ruined the experience in the tournaments. Sometimes I would randomly get kicked from the tournament, feels bad when you win the finals only to get "the tournament had ended" message instead of the first prize. In some cases it would tell me that I lost, when I actually beat my opponent. Otherwise, the game is nice, I really recommend it.
It's fun Concept but the people that make this game obviously cannot fix a simple error in PvP which all this game is PvP you can play 4 or 5 matches then after that every player you fight don't make it past matchmaking says opponent disconnected read through comments I'm not the only one with this issue. thumbs up get the trashy games off of play store like this one thanks
How do you upgrade parts! I would really like to know. I click a part then hold another over it and it says upgrade for 10 coins and shows the stat change but it wont let me do it. Whats wrong?
Connection failed??? Everytime i join a tournoment, everytime i play a couple matches, and everytime i play the game. Great game terrible service i'll play more whenever the problem gets fixed.
crashes every other match. if it worked I would say a decent game. devs thanks for reply. I tried to goto url and it sent me to a contact you thing so I filled it out as you requested
Been playing this game for 2+ years. Im a big fan of the side scrolling oldschool action. If you think 3D is the only way a game is good.....i feel sorry for you. 3D happened in the 90s gaming scene..... almost every game has been stuck in that platform since. Look at every other car shooter game. They all look the same, 3D + garbage play . War Cars is a refreshing respect to the past, with newer graphics, awesome controls and gameplay, with a seemingly endless array of weaponry and vehicles.
great game just hate these games where you get chests as rewards but you gota wait and open them up one at a time. vary vary annoying. Play and get 4 chest but have to log on 4 time to open them (can only open one at time) to be able to play an get 4 more chest to log in 4 more times to open them! see the frustration. dont mind waiting for the chest to unlock but to wait for them individually is just vary vary annoying.
THIS GAME DESERVES A 4.9 RATING ONLY BECAUSE 5.0 IS IMPOSSIBLE. The current rating does no justice to this games quality, Excellent Controls, stunning Graphics in 2D, Endless Upgrades/Weapons/Cars and the games artistic achievement is stunningly beautiful. A lot of hard work went into this. Which I do appreciate and am so grateful for. I wish this team made more games liked this. Refreshing to have such a work of art today.
Sup guys! The game is very nice crafted. Loved the idea and the gameplay. There is no energy system and you can farm for goods as long as you want. Thats why y recive 5 stars. My only issue for now its tournaments. We have to wait for 1hour? Really? Inside the game? Do you understand that its ridiculous? I totally think that there are enough players to start in 5 min. Fix it and you will get a cookie O_o
It is impossible to complete a tournament in game because it never moves on to stage 2 , Match making in single battles is tough ( I think partially from the low active player count) in the over all feel of the game needs some Polish. Could be a great game with a bit more development
This game is raw, Controls are fine & parts choices as meh but the game gameplay could've been better. It's slow & takes too long to damge something (even with heavy hitting weapons) If the devs want i can replay this game & spot out the goods & fix my review, been awhile sence i played.
It's a good game, but very often i can't start a match due to "internet connection" although I have 4g+ and fast wifi
add more cars and make it make it more the graphics better and make it kinda like a war derby to where you don't just go straight
It's a good game. Need something to speed up progression though. But I did find a setup no-one has beat so far. (Used the same build in over 34 fights. Won all of them with mild damage)
Its good but when I got a chest and watch an ad,it kicks me out and it glitches out like an idiot,pls fix this again so i can reach this stars to 5.
Was excellent but cant fire my weapons myself seems to be automatic which has took the strategy out of the game