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Wannabe Challenge

Wannabe Challenge for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
got this game a few days ago and i absolutely love it! i'm at chapter 5 so far and i love all the characters so much, the voice acting is on point and the little side stories are great! the plot is amazing as well! all i can say is: biho best boy, i won't hear anything else about it
Beautiful artstyle, heartfelt storytelling and fun, easy gameplay. There's so many different tasks that are easy to grasp and keep you entertained, and events are relatively easy to grind compared to similar games. I cannot recommend this game enough, there are so many different elements that appeal to all types of visual novel fans no matter their taste.
i'm loving this game so far, the plot, characters and everything else are all so good.. However, the level become sooo hard and it took so long to complete a chapter specially without an SSR evermore it's super hard to clear the elite chapters.. I think that's my only complaint about the game other than that everything's so great imo
Would've been able to play but the resources take long to download. It hasn't started moving for an hour since I left it to download
Love the game, love the visuals, overall love everything about it. But i wish u guys improved the chances of getting more ssr. Its just impossible for me to pull a ssr. I am on 35th level and i still have only 1 ssr which is making my game progress hella difficult. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP ON THE GAME. :"(
A genuinely cute and interesting story with beautiful art! All the summon gachas have genuinely decent drop rates and the photoshoot practice lets you try until you succeed. Tolerable amout of ads, which are very few and all opt-in for rewards. Every day you log on you get a bunch of hearts (energy to play scenes basically) from friends! Keep adding and sending hearts and it builds up 😊
Been playing this game for a few weeks now and it's so much fun however when i open the app i get a message saying "there's a problem communicating with the hive server" I'm not sure what that means or if it even matters since the game seems to work fine but to be sure i tried contacting customer service as the message says but the website doesn't work.....
A really really fun game so far - the story is cute, the m/c isn't a dud, and the characters are fun. There's a lot to keep you busy when you're not doing the story itself, which I love. One suggestion I have is for texting: it would be fun if there were daily conversations between the boys and you, ones where you could pipe in and earn affinity points. This would make it more fun to interact with the characters. Also, if we could keep events that we finish in our diary, to go back and watch?
I love this game!! I'm very picky about games, especially when it comes to whether or not I'll spend on them. The story is new and fresh and so intriguing!! The characters are great. I'm only level 21 atm but looking So forward to reading more story and partaking in events and just yes, HIGHLY recommend!!!!!
At first it have some entry issues, but it has fixed now but there are new problem this game is too hard to play. I update this but it still doesn't work.
it's the best game ever, really. I really like it. the story, characters, who's making me smile and think, that we're very close friends. I come to them and don't feel lonely. thank you very much for this game.
It is difficult to advance Buying T-Shirts It's not easy to get to the next chapters, even if you try to get to the next level If possible, make it a little easier, even if it is not easily upgraded It is not easy to next chapter,I always waithing for two days for play this games doing upgraded Let it be a better game and success But this is one of my favorite games Good luck!
I love this game! It's the first game in a long time that I've been playing for months and haven't grown tired of it yet. There's so much you can do aside from the main story and there's new things being added all the time so you never get bored. If you like romantic stories this is definitely a game for you~
The game is very fun and the storyline is compelling! I like that there's many options for extra stories like Dates and His Story if you have no hearts. The only thing is that the story seems very focused around Taehee and for people that prefer other characters it can be kind of disheartening. However, there are moments and sections of the story which are good for other characters too! It just seems like the game pushes you to main Taehee is all :3
I just download it....didn't even read but I have a feeling it will be the bestest game in my whole life....🥰🥰
OMG I installed this thinking it would be like any other fashion-story game but no this is way better! Just if the photoshoots could be easier that would be nice. But otherwise the game is great! The storyline is addictive and exciting!! You should try the game out.
Unfortunately only 3 as I literally can't rate this game. After waiting about 10mins for it just to load and agreeing to everything, it says I don't have enough storage... Which I do so that was fun.
I have tryed everything but it wont let me download it gets to installing and then it tells me there is a problem really upset it looks like a good game
so far it's a calming and relaxing game. the art is so beautiful and the story seems interesting. Is it just me or the female lead looks like Chungha? maybe you took her as the model for the female lead. Good job developer team 👍👍 It's an enjoyable game ❤
This game really help me through my sleepless night. For sure the voices that they used are very soothing and calming. More importantly, the game is pretty and fun to play.
This game is perfect! But when i try to open the app, it shuts itself down so many times. It's hard to open the app. Please do something about it, i can't play it.
The graphics are so smooth, everything about it is absolutely alluring definitely a game I would love to recommend to other. :3
Such a fun game! The art and story are wonderful and it's easy to get rewards without spending money. I expected the story to be cliche and shallow since it looked like just another dating simulator, but I couldn't be more wrong. The story tackles some deep topics and brings a lot of new insight, but also makes you feel happy. The 4 main boys and the MC and really fleshed out and have realistic personalities. I really recommend this game!
IT KEEPS ON CRASHING. i don't know if it's just on my phone or the game but literally after i open it for a few seconds it crashes. please fix it! i enjoy the game but ugh it just wouldn't stop crashing.
Yes yes yesss!!! Day 7's art never ceases to amaze me! The way it's played is different from most Day 7 games, but it is a game with Com2uS so I expected it tobe different. I love it though!!! Take my moneyyy. Edit: They just got a new update for their 1 year anniversary- and they give out sooo much free stuff!!! I highly recommend this game it's so awesome!
I love this game so much. The storyline is absolutely amazing!!! and everything is just soooo beautiful ♡
This game is very F2P friendly since it's easy enough to earn jewels and money quite easily but progression is just too difficult. Many of the items required to level up are in later stages and those stages are hard to get to without leveling up. Getting an SSR is stupid difficult though I guess that's why they're rare. My set up is decent and relatively high level but despite that I haven't advanced much because the stages have requirements that are difficult to complete.
Love the game, they capture the whole korean thing rather well, and the stories are so good, really fun 😄. Love that you don't have to spend actual money on this game, can easily play without spending money, unlike other games!!! I don't exactly get the whole goblin thing, but super fun game!!!
The game itself is fun and engaging. And you can do a lot without spending much, which is appreciated. The only thing that I dislike is how awful the main girl character is. She is extremely rude and dramatic - and often you don't get to pick how she's going to behave. It's not unrealistic, but it makes it difficult to read because you want to yell at her half the time haha. Otherwise it's worth the 5 stars :)
Interesting scenario/storyline, but considering gacha features and conditions for unlocking full storyline& progression are not that balanced. It's so hard to get enough materials for evolution, since daily enters are limited & there's no guaranteed resources from this limited entries.
I love this game sooooo much! Its completely amazing and interesting but since the new update happened, the app isn't opening after the download... like the download finishes and then the app just freezes at the home page and doesn't open. I have extremely stable wifi and a lot of space in my phone, my storage is basically empty since its a new phone. I can't wait to hear your help and advice! Thanks for this wonderful game.
Okay I'll give this game a 5 star because first of all i love the characters them visuals got me going cray-cray plus their voice actors really pull off the feels and added more factor to the story..the gameplay is pretty amazing, I could say. My day wouldn't be complete without playing this even for a few minutes. Story is 👌 and soundtracks makes you feel the moment more. All the widgets and stuffs going on are just right and can be easily understood because of the tutorial...
It's such a perfect game, with such an interesting story! I cried, a lot. Not gonna lie 😅 But there's thus problem at least with me, it's about the ads. They don't play when I want to watch an ads to get gems or coins :( When I click the gem to watch an ad, it doesn't play and the game stops :( I would like suggest you to fix that. Overall tge game is pretty addictive, the graphics are on point, the characters really do have different personalities and perspectives and I LOVE THAT ☺️💖
One of the most generous apps out there. Love the story, characters, music and CGs are freaking awesome they are just like you clicked them from phone camera. They are VERY generous with the gems which is not usually found everywhere and WLive and Dream feature is AMAZING. It's the best f2p friendly game and the in game items aren't too expensive either.... Love the VAs would've loved it more if they talked in English too.... DO PLAY IT. Thanks to the devs ❤️❤️😘😘keep up the good work.....
I love it soooooo much!!!! It's great and it's like I have a boyfriend!!!heheheeh Plus, thanks for creating this amazing game I'm sorry that my English is bad but I hope you can understand that I love your game very much. This is also my first time giving a review this long Ouhh ! One more thing i hope you can create more game like this cuz I love this game sooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
at first i was really disappointed at the lack of customisations for the female lead's skintone, facial features etc. but i eventually got immersed in the game ! the concept and the art is great, and i was already really attached to each character after the phone calls on the loading screen. it's harder to get used to the game if the female lead doesn't look like you, so for that i changed it to 4 stars :( other than that, great app !
Would be so much more enjoyable if you could purchase Luvit with coin/gems or even through in-app purchases instead of just randomly aquiring them as rewards. Also takes too long to level up to move on to the next chapter once you get to chapter 6 and leveling up Evermores star ranks above 3 stars are so tedious and take way too long. It shouldn't take me days just to get from one chapter to the next.
I love this game overall. The story line, the characters, the voices, the music are all so mesmerising. I love how there are new updates all the time and all events are really interesting enough to keep you hooked. Fun fact: Taehee and Yooha are voiced by the same VA as 707 and Zen from MM!
Super f2p friendly, lovely characters, stunning art, and a decently interesting storyline! I didn't expect to get as hooked to it as I got but I'm so in love with the game! I hope it keeps being as f2p friendly as it is now, even though I've already bought a few things out of support for the devs! All in all a super undderated otome!
I haven't had any bad experience with it so far, it definitely exceeded my expectations with the amount of currency the game started me off with! Inclusive of all the past early access and anniversary rewards, and you get even more when you unlock daily missions & log in rewards! Thought this was gonna be a full p2p but stories are free of charge & ads are optional to watch for free gems. Hope they keep it up with this concept. Definitely f2p friendly for now, it's worth a try.
This game is SO GOOD it makes me sad that I don't find it earlier. The visual is extraordinary, from the UI design to the artwork itself are really appealing to the eye. The gameplay is great and there are also a lot of features that made the game more interesting.
This is a super sweet game with super sweet characters that melt your heart and make you feel really special 💕 The voice acting is really nice and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. I find it really hard to get into dating sims, but this one had me hooked almost immediately. Absolutely love this game. 10/10 would recommend.
I'm so mad!!! on chapter 3 they say you have to download the newest version and just give you a list of information about the game.. No any button that says download newest version! I uninstalled so it would download the newest version together but instead I'm back from the START!!! 😡 Please fix this issue.. such a good game it's a pity it's like that.
Plays nearly exactly the same as Mr. Love Queens Choice (which is a fantastic game in itself. ) major differences Include Wannabe giving you the choice to do Free to play. Getting top quality SSRs isnt easy but absolutely attainable. The voice acting is incredible and the content is wonderful! Give this a thumbs up if you simp for Yooha 🦊💗
It was downloading very very slowly although my network connection and strength is good (5g & pretty stable). After dowland i tried several times but i can't open it and the pop out window says error occurred...
Unlike most people (at least so far) i haven't encountered any bugs or issues. The only reason i don't give this game 5* is because there's lots of room for improvement, the art could be a lot better, it's almost identical to another game I've been playing for the last year (in terms of controls) and the korean voice actor for Biho is too flat lined, making him sound like he has no real emotions. But it's a good start for a new game...
I'm playing this for sometimes now and I have to admit that the game is really something,, it's not like any other games that you'll feel bore after playing for somedays,, If you download this game you cannot be able to stop yourself from playing this game,, It's my challenge to you.. And about the Graphic and Design of the game and also the new storylines and characters all are amazing ,, you can also see that in the game pics,, Anyway Thak you so much COM2US for this Amazing game.. ❤❤💕💕❤❤❤
Characters personality great. Art great. Clothes are expensive and they are not main thing. It's the story but I still liked it. Day 7 game's art are similar that makes kinda same face syndrome but anyway deserves 5 star
Been playing this and takes a very long time to download (because this app eats a lot of storage, it'd be nice if developer could reduce it more tho). But have no problem with the gameplay, graphic, nor the story line. These guys are so cute and i like it very much *^-^* I hope you reduce the storage size :< it'd help me to love this game more!
The art is very beautiful and the voice actors 😍 Really nice voices!! The story is good and I love it so far, I'm already in chapter 3!!
I love the soundtrack & the voice acting. It fits the concept & the characters very well. The game is about fashion & a love storyline. Not only that but there isn't any more language barrier. This app was targeted to those who speak Korean but after there was a "global" option, it brings in a new variety of audience. There's always new things added (ex: UR cards or events) & it makes the game more fun!
Excellent story. But there is one thing that's bothering me. Why don't you make ssr evermore more available. I spent so many diamonds on it. But I never got an SSR. Moreover those dream levels are very tough. I'm losing interest in game because you designed dream so tough. Please make it easy. Otherwise I'm going to uninstall it.
This game is good but the data takes so long to load and whenever I leave the game it pauses it please can you maybe lower the data to 20 or 70 just do whatever number you want just make sure it's in the tens it would really help me thank you 🙂
Pretty good. BTS have progressed to fame quite fast. They look very smart too. But here's the thing... There are other music bands who are well versed in romance, aside from BTS.(whom we all know of), and they are not getting the amount of attention they should. Can you please make a similar Visual Novel on Versailles (Visual Kei Band) Kamijo Yuuji is the sexiest man and Vampire in the world. I am sure you would agree. Please see to my request. Thank you for reading.
Has a good balance of f2p content and paid content. There's so much to that you'll have a hard time getting bored! The voice acting is also great!
I would love to play this game, but I can't. Every time I try and open it, it comes up with: Download an error has occured. I've tryed turning my tablet on and off, uninstalling and installing and changing Serves. I've never had trouble with my wi-fi and loading games before
It's amazing, I hadn't even opened the game completely or started playing and the characters were already stuck in my head! The storyline and character designs are on another level, this could really rival mystic messenger as my favourite game!
This is fun, whacky, thrilling, descriptive, emotional and amazing! I'm a good looking model and there are hot guys! I signed up, when i saw this game in an ad, now I'm hooked! Keep up the good work!!
its fun but when my brother deleted it I tried to log in to my previous account but it keeps on telling me to download the data but I already did so it kinda makes me angry at that part it is an amazing game the graphics are amazing and the upcoming outfits in the photoshoot are so cute☺️
I've tried downloading this several times and the files get stuck at 1 or 66 and it's really upsetting me bc I really wanted to play this
Art is great and characters are well designed. Very cute main guy characters and interesting story! Many side events and updates, as well. The levels do get hard quickly, but it's overall very fun with lots to do. Not only can you get texts, you can get calls, see their pages and view "livestreams" from the guys. There are also many side stories, such as dates and the Dream stories. Oh, and Taehee makes it immediately 5 stars cuz 🥺❤❤❤❤❤
The art is A M A I Z I N G - there are many transitions and animations to it, just like a visual game and so pleasing to the eyes. If yu like otomes or just choices games (something like episode or chapters) you should try this one out! totaly!
OK first of all the art is so beautiful and gorgeous, I usually get tired of games after 3 months or so but this game? I've been waking up excited to play and get the new cards I just love the cards system so much it's a bit challenging but still fun, also the story is pretty good and the characters are all lovely especially my cute taehee ❤️❤️
Truly a beautiful, heartwarming game ❤ I have no idea why, but the MC's memories of the Goblins hit deep within my soul and YES I cried 🥺🤭
I have been playing this game for about 20days and I must say there is so much to do. I understand that everything will not be so easy to achieve and clear the stages. But you guys really made so many activities to achieve diamonds and coins. I'm impressed plus the game characters are pure art. The voice over just sound so real and pleasing. Altogether I must say great job guys. PS: I'm giving 4 stars now cause I want to decide on 5 after playing for atleast 1 month
this is cute, fun and has a really great story. I thought this will be a cliché but no, every character has their own realistic struggles and story. I just wish that when you use diamonds in summoning Evermore the SSR/SR rate in getting those are kinda higher + why am i not receiving any more ads to summon SSR cards in photoshoot? 😭 but overall this is a well recommended game, it has main story and other mini stories that you can play and it doesn't make getting dias hard & the graphics!!! 💛💛
It really love this! :D, there's so many things that you can do! And it's easy to collect gems, and not like other apps you need to pay real money or download something and do the task! In this app you can collect gems by watching ads ten times then you get 20-50 gems or completing a task, and it's easy too collect money too!, I really recommend this to you whoever is reading this and rethinking if they should download it or not, Anyways great game! :]
I adore this super cute game! I took off a star because the customer service is awful since they reply once and you have to make a whole new ticket just to reply. Just try not to have any issues I suppose. I'd LOVE to have darker skin tone options for the dress up, something that doesn't come with any attribute bonus and also free. I know the MC in the cgs/cards can't be changed, but it would be nice to be able to dress her as close to myself as possible, if possible. Inclusive games are my fav~
Love the outfits and the storyline. Tho some photoshoot challenge are hard to reach 3 stars or sometimes even 1 star. Plus it'll be great if we can wear the outfits from the set we bought together with other outfits (I mean if we can wear them piece by piece not by set). But overall, I really love the game!!! Also love the characters and their personalities. And I really love the art style. There are so many activities you can do in this game thus making it more challenging and entertaining :)
Best RP game I ever played so far. The design, story line, characters development, there are many things to enjoy within.
I honestly have no problems with this game. The story is amazing but a bit too dramatic. It's hard (for me) to level up but that's the point. Challenges and other things give rewards. 👌 Game is the best out of other similar ones i've played
This game is really good if you are not in mood these four characters are lovable, funny I love them but there's one thing I don't like in this game is that I can't login anymore I am so sad I don't know why??
Oh my gosh this game like makes your heart feel so lovely like when you get a new evermore and if it's a ssr one the line it shows you is amazing its so good and meany soon meany outfit choices the only downside is that when your in the story they're is only a certain amount of poses they hold
Boring, boring, boring. The game is so muddled down with extras and "challenges" that the story gets drowned out. I played for 3 days now and any story so far is weak and lacking progression.
I love this game!!! Its Got Me Addicted The Storyline Is Fantastic, And The Art Is Beautiful!!! And The Fact It Has Voice Actors Is Astonishing, I Love Everything About The Game It Makes Me Really Happy!!!! I Also Love How The Men Ars Goblins And Ones A Fox!!! I Love The Game So Much!!! I'm Happy I Found This Game!!! I Spend Alot Of Time On Otome Games But I Spend Most Of That Time On This Specific game, it's a great time killer for me. I Really Enjoy This game I wouldnt change anything about it
i love this game so much! it is hard to pick a favorite with these characters yet Biho and Yooha (even when i didnt make it that far) stole my heart! but anyways keep up the good work and this game is phenomenal!
İts pretty good, the drawings, the plot its all amazing. You dont really need to spend money for chapters (only special chapters if you want)
Arts, styles, stories, lines, voices, eveything seems perfect! I love the voices, good job, voice actors! I find myself slowly falling in love with the characters too! But you see, despite of being seems like antagonistic character, I am starting to like Teawook the CEO/Day Goblin~ ♥️♥️♥️ I'm so happy I found a chance to have his SR Evermore~ Thank youuu
So far playing this game I really love it,the art,music and also the storyline hook me so much.I guess you can play even if you can buy the paid ones but this game is truly a gem.I will playing this if I have my own money.Btw I just curious to play this game and dl It but now I don't regret it.I really love it and more powers to the developers,you guys make a great game :)
The new update is just amazing! Although you need a really strong connection and lots of space for the game to work, the art, the voice actors, the storyline, everything is just perfect! I totally recommend you to play this game!
I wrote the down review a few days a go 👇👇.now if anyone could tell me how to upgrade level much faster? Just what to say!!!it's such an awesome game.with such beautiful characters awesome story ,completely in love with this game. But there is one problem that it takes a lot of time to be downloaded in the start ,else everything is just awesome :-).😃😃
In writing 3 stars because the game is amazing and I really love it but when I login it's taking so long to load and I'm confused because I thought that would have been fixed and the maintenance problems that were also fixed so could you sort that out please
Failed to fully install then the app crashed which led to my whole phone restarting and my ad card nearly being wiped/broken. I managed to play bit of the intro that was good but everything else just sadly ruined the app for me. EDIT: the issue wasnt my connection as my internet was extremely good at the time but the reason i had to remove off my phone was cause it crashed my whole system and nearly broke my sd card and phone. This is the only game that has done that before so it shocked me a lot and made me panic but like i said it wasnt a connection issue for it to crash my entire phone the way it did.
Omg, this one comes in my top 3 games and I really love it. The art, the storyline and most of all– the cards. Everything is perfect. And the fact we have an option to download voice for chapters and calls is a very good thing. Thank you for creating such a good game.
This game is really good, but I just can't give it 5 stars, but only because of my ad problem. Whenever I want to watch an ad to complete a mission or just for gems, its just loading for a couple of minutes and never show me an ad. Just some "there is no ad for you" message appears. And it's been like this for days. I only managed to watch a couple of ads on my first day, since then nothing. It's upsetting, cause I can't complete ad-related missions in the game 😭
overall the game is good but the call that got scheduled is confusing, i waited until 00.00 to call but it still said that i didnt call between the time its like forcing me to use my diamonds
I want to like this game, but for some reason an entire portion of the bottom screen is cut off for me, so i can't see a lot of options in the menus. the parts i can see however, i do like
This game is so much fun! It's really addicting and really cute. The story lines are so adorable. I like the art design. Everything runs so smoothly. I would give this app a 10 if I could.
Just started playing this game and I'm already addicted. The storyline so far is nice and the graphics are amazing. So far I haven't noticed any bugs or anything of the sorts yet, so I only have thumbs up for this app.
It's well done and way better then most of the visual novel/dating Sim games out there. I am early in the game so I do wish the ui was a little easier to follow. But other then that the story is a bit I don't know how to put it. It is realistic in some ways but I don't know... her life isn't terrible. I want to continue and shall, I hope the pacing goes up a little though. I'm not a huge fan of the chopped up parts, I honestly just want to read the story.
woww i love the voices ❤️ but it took a lot of my data to continue download it, around 2gb+ were used 😭 actually i have wifi, but the downloading stuck. can i ask? after we download the resources will it be fully offline?? or still online?? because it's consuming like a lot lmao. plus im broke i couldn't afford data everytime. pls help?? tysm.
The game seems fun enough, although the translations arent the best i just had a conversation where hansol said "girls love these stuff" instead of "stuff" he could of said "things" or just "girls love this" which wouldve been correct its slight but it keeps happening, they need a better translator i think
I love the soundtrack and the voice acting. It fits the concept and the characters very well. When I heard the song was by Oh My Girl, it made me love it even more. The game is about fashion and a love storyline that peaks anyone's interest. Not only this but there isn't any more language barrier. This app was targeted to those who speak Korean but after there was a "global" option, it brings in a new variety of audience. Definitely 10/10 recommend!!! (...IT'S A BIG APP TO DOWNLOAD...)
The best game! I easily get bored playing games but this one makes me to play nonstop. The storyline isn't cliche, and the soothing voices of the four of them are just 👩🏻‍🍳👄 This is my favourite game now..
I normally dont write reviews and i love this game but this is kinda to help other people who are just starting it, when you first open the game and you have the download screen, you have to actually click the notifications on the phone screen and interact with the members for it to complete the download, its sort of like an intro before the game begins. I saw someone had a problem with this but you can't reply to other peoples ratings on here so hopefully they see this! 💕
i've been playing this game for a while now (haven't play this last few days tho). i knew this game from a friend because Taehee's Voice Actor whose also the va for 707/ Luciel Choi in Mystic Messenger. the story line's really fun though there aren't really many options of words the mc says unlike mystic messenger. i had some problems with the music and voice for around a day, but overall it's really enjoyable.
Okay I would give 5 stars cause I completely love the game but. I installed it last night and started playing this morning. After a few hours it said it will get a maintenance update and the server was unavailable for nearly 4 hours. Now the time ran out, but when I open the app it says in Korean that the game has a new version, please get it from the store, but here in play store there is no new update, and it wouldn't let me play if I don't update it😭😭😭