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Wanna Survive

Wanna Survive for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PINIX located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, War Themes, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's really hard. And you need to do it in a trial&error fashion, making it very tedious if you want to get a perfect score. Also, WHY THE HECK does when one of your characters die, it increases the difficulty (it says so in the game)?! It should ease up. I know it encourages the player to not sacrifice a character for the sake of others, but the game is already hard enough with all characters, why do you want to make it harder with less characters? Everything else is good, that's why I give 3 ★
The game is nice. It offers real tactical challenge but not the typical RPG tactical which you level up to proceed. The difficulty shoots up a little bit in the middle of the game but it's not hard to pass all the stages without a dent if you understand the purposes of the characters and know what to do. It could be better if the game can be longer. I was expecting a second chapter but the game was ended already.
This is a really fun game! Just hard enough but not impossible. I liked how simple things were, but you really need to think about your moves. Each level is like a chess match, It reminds me of the XCOM games too, if you like those, try this!
I think this game is very unbalanced. Story elements don't matter, easy mode doesn't seem to lower enemy spawns and is just about as difficult as normal, the and to last level is ridiculous, and the ending is horrible. Also this game is HARD, which i actually liked until enemies spawned like crazy every turn. I love the "kill 3 waves of enemies" missions,i hated all missions with a zone. Also pickups are so tiny and hard to see (watch)
extremely hard! Would be better if the characters had better move sets in order to balance the gameplay a bit.
This game is so good. I'm surprised nobody has ever hyped or talked about this game. The strategy is top notch but still simple to follow. This is soooo good.
Good idea and the gameplay is epic but some levels are just too hard for example u made the doc a 1 shot so I have to keep him back even though in 1 level all gunners have to be frontlines taking damage because the melee cant do anything or they die
I loved the game, it is very addictive because it is very challenging although it is very frustrating, i really like the hunger concept where I can really feel what a zombie apocalypse is. Good Job making a great game with deep story. Hoping to have another game like this. Thank You
Nice game! I could complete all the missions until the last one without casualties. This "holding" mechanism makes the game really strategic! Great job!
Very fun and entertaining. You can pick up and play at anytime. I just read some other reviews and I disagree with "restarting the campaign" on characters being too weak. I waited until people were about to die of starvation before I fed them (Min maxed food.) Also with "one way to beat each level." Maybe a couple of levels, but I felt free to play with movable objects in different ways to change it up. I am only okay at these types of games and got 3 stars on all levels. I used no gold at all.
Casual mode is supposed to be easy but my characters keep dying. I know imagine it's that I need to get good, but I also wish that it wasn't AS hard. I don't mind a challenge but having 3 NPCs die on a tutorial level? I'm not THAT bad.
very fun game glad it went on sale to experience it. also I've read the reviews and you should probably fix that bug, also can people not put 1 star just because you don't know how to use a brain
It has the makings of a good game. The combat is fun. The campaign is where the flaws are. There are no 'rubber band' mechanics, so you can find yourself several missions deep and too weak to progress. So then you have no choice but to restart the campaign. Hurrah, let's play the tutorial again! Or perhaps let's just uninstall instead.
This game is amazing, I picked it up for free during the special, that being said it's infuriatingly hard and I have to restart some of the levels 50+ times due to my not wanting to use second chance coins and the amount of enemies in later levels overwhelming me and I play on the chill difficulty so I can only imagine what the harder version of gameplay would be like. The graphics are great, every effect is beautiful, the UI is a little bland so I tend not to look at the numbers in the corner.
Amazing storyline and awesome graphics. I really loved how the game really makes you think on possible ways to pass each level.
Great tactic game. I'm really enjoying this game. I hope the developer will continue to create such great games
This game has potential but the insane difficulty makes it more of a trial-and-error puzzle game where there is only 1 perfect solution per battle rather than a tactical RPG with multiple viable plans of attack or defense. One false move and you basically have to reload the battle. This shouldn't have to be like Edge of Tomorrow, restarting a battle over and over, tweaking 1 or 2 things and trying again. It's a shame cause the other stuff like the story and overall presentation works well.
Good game, hard and fun. Got it for free, if I had to pay I'd give it 4 stars because is really short.
I sorta expected this to be roguelike survival game. Turns out its story based. But its still pretty fun, the controls are good. I just wish this was a regular survival
Very different kind of strategy game, love it! Tho I don't really like the small girl, very hard to use and not very helpful in most situations hahaha
I like this game so much! Developers, Thank you! The only problem for me - it is too short, wanna survive more ;) PS: it is not so hard, as people write: all characters survived till the end, but I had to restart the missons couple times each =)
I love this game it clearly looks amazing and it's overall good but I can't share the food or chat it's just a black screen, please fix it.
So far, AMAZING for a mobile game. Fun puzzle solving and strategy in each stage; rationing food between every stage adds an extra sense of risk involved, and it has me trying my best to look for food in destructible items in the stages, even if it means making risky plays. Definitely a fun and engaging way to waste time. Might change my review later if something sours my experience.
Yhis game is so good, but it's impossible too. I have reached the level 3 and can't pass that, because the food sharing. It could be too just me, doesn't do the right stragedy. I'll just keep playing and try to solve it
A fun strategy game that's well worth the price. Doesn't try to screw you with in-app purchases like most mobile games — you can buy extra retries but you get plenty of them just by playing. I beat the whole game without needing them. Just good clean fun, like real videogames should be :)
Having fun so far. Good strategy game with no ads and no pay to win mechanics. In app purchases are only to give you coins you can use to reset your turn and you get a lot of them ingame. I like this.
So I love these pixel style graphics. I do really enjoy what story line I've revealed so far.. But I do agree that this is definitely challenging as a stradegy tactics game. I have a hard time finding a comfortable difficulty different between normal and chill modes.With that being said, even though I fail, I have this nagging urge to keep playing and trying to progress further.Lastly I do see how this would lack some replayability, but I look forward to what other projects this helps create
Interesting and good strategic game, but i'm too lazy to describe... Oh yeah, no ads PPL!! (At least when i'm typing this review) .. Keep up the good works dev
The game was good but I think it's more of a puzzle rather than an survival game. The flaws is that it's like the game has only one strategy per level which is kinda frustrating
What a beautiful game. So well done! Just finished it (with everyone still alive). Must play!!! READ THIS: Wait for the credits to finish rolling in the end with the van, you'll see something very special. Yes, it is very tough at times, but trust me, it matches console game endings.
It's a really good game I really like it too, however I would give it five stars if it wasn't for one small issue. The level with the dog is IMPOSSIBLE. Even on easy mode. Impossible to save everyone. If you change that, i will be more than happy to change my review
Very nice game. Would recommend it to my friends and siblings. Great for mental exercise with different mechanics to turn the tides of battle
Its a good game but in the part where you share the food I dont know who im giving it to... Its just a black screen and i just tap randomly untill someone eats. same for the spot where you can chat with the party members its just black except for the logo on the screen for items and the map
Lovely story-driven, single player game. Might be annoying at times, but I'm sure anyone who loves story-driven games would enjoy this!
Streamlined mechanics and a simple but cute storyline. I do have one problem which is the ending so spoilers. It's anticlimactic. There are a few interesting bits that lead to nothing, and don't affect anything. You don't find anyone, dead or alive so it's vague "oooh maybe they escaped". Overall cute story but pointless ending.
Very good game. Only complaint might be that it's too short (took me about 5 hours to complete the game), with very slim replay value.
I like yet very much hate how the "chill mode" isn't easier at all. Between the "original" difficulty and "chill" difficulty I still get the same amount of food on both modes and still get pissed at the one level that really shouldn't be that difficult. Though I'm guessing it's supposed to make you lose someone because it's pretty much impossible to get them all alive. Even in many videos I've watched they've all lost one person because there's no way to keep them all alive.
Was expecting it to be filled with random events and members but it is just the same story every time i play. I'm going to refund and wait for update. I love the combat and tactics but i think random events and members are necessary for this game.
Strategy/turn based zombie survival game? I think it's the first time I've seen a mix like that. Game is pretty interesting pixel art is great and sound/music is pleasant to ears. Good game but IT'S HARD like ridiculously hard and I have question. Are NPC always destined to die? or I just played it wrongly cuz If they are developers know where to strike to make me feel bad for making bad decisions. Poor girl and doggie. Also I like the mechanic of hunger but ratio hunger and food is unbalanced
Ok storyline, the graphics are a nice retro, and the combat is turn-based boardgame like Final Fantasy Tactics. Offers to save at certain preset intervals during the game. I haven't played much of the game, but I don't see myself replaying this one. Overall 4/5 stars
Great game! I played "chill" mode.. and manage to finish the game without anyone die.. and still have a lot coin.. not too hard but still challenging. I hope there will be more level,more story,or more character.. thank you!