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Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure

Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Fourdesire located at 1F, No. 4, Lane 113, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wonderfully motivating; gets me sticking to my physical therapy. The designers combine space exploration & a funky fun imagination. There are things to do both on & offline. It's a delight to look at & soothing to listen to. UPDATE: An ad hijacked my speaker, made all sound disappear or crackle. My security app malfunctioned for the first time. The ad had no name just 2 anime girls kissing. I dont mind ads but DO mind security risks! STILL NO SOUND & now the entire phone is crashing.
I don't get it. I mean, I know it's tied to how far I walk and there's a social component, but there's so much going on that it's a little confusing what my goal is. Nevertheless, I'm somehow addicted.
i love it! i get my steps in while having an enjoyable and adorable game experience! the fact that i feel the need to feed the creatures gives me motivation to walk even more than i already do! the graphics and the sound design is spectacular and veey fitting for the app!!
I like that you dont have to only use energy as currency. Would love to see this integrated with fitbit so it counts steps more accurately.
RECENT UNRESOLVED ISSUE: I've reached out but I cannot load the epics, bridge, or social except for random times once a day. There's just too many problems now, it's no longer fun. Ad update now no longer is silent only even though the game also is muted. One of my biggest pet peeves. Fun little game. I wish it would sync with my Fitbit or with Google! I can't always carry my phone around with me. It would also be great if I could send resources to friends, coins or food; not just energy.
Great pedometer game, visually entertaining. I've used it for a few years and have a number of planets, the harvesting options need tweaking perhaps, as there's no need to spend that long doing those tasks. Having all lvl 7 planets speeds things up. Today went on a long walk, 10k steps maybe, everything is on and working but no steps were recorded. First time that I've known.
The app is based on a good idea but it runs constantly in the background and there is no option to update the amount of steps via other systems. I would have thought integration with Google Fit would be a basic necessity, especially as it wants to connect to Google anyway. I use a walking app that actually does something while I'm walking and just want to use this as a reward for the walking I've done. I also listen to audio books and this app drains the battery as it's running all the time.
guys I think i might have a bug, for some reason i am earning way more energy than i should, any idea why ?
Could you please expand the spaceship ? because it's very small I barely see it 😒 But still a CUTE app I've ever met and it is good for your health too!πŸƒβ€
to say I like this game is to say nothing. I absolutely adore it in all means! i did not expect it to be so simple, battery friendly and addicting!!! love it
Good app, but they've reverted back to the ads playing sound even the game is set to silent. Giving 1 star back since we can now mute and exit the ad without exiting the game. Only 1 since we still have to mute each time
love,love,love this app. It totally motivates me to workout to get points. Very addicting and hard to put down and I love the little walkr community.
Fun to play and addicting. I wish I could connect to a smart watch instead of having to use my phone for the step counter though
Great game to play. Practical and fun at the same time. The only problem for is that I wish they reduce the amount of time to explore a new planet.
Love this game! The fact that you just play the game by yourself is great.(I like self played games) Would have loved to change the step count in the beginning (like start off with 5,000 steps not 10,000) I'm a beginner walker and needed a beginners game to help me with my steps at first. I also don't carry my phone everywhere. And would have love to be able to connect to my smartwatch.
i wish i could add friends that arent on my facebook or twitter. no personal information gets shared, so there would be no harm to add random people as friends.
So far the game is pretty good. I have one problem though. The stepcounter wont go up when I walk. Other than that the game is creative and imaginative!
Very repetitive and boring game. If this is meant to encourage you to take note exercise, it fails miserably. Stamp collecting is more exciting.
great concept but why does it need complete access to my google account that reads email and stuff when all other apps are do e via google play. doesnt seems to be logging steps correctly and doesnt synce with any of my devices. wait or pay? when its a walking app. i like it and its one of a kindπŸ‘Œ but for those reasons i had to uninstall.
Cute and simple game with the goal being to get out and walk! The step tracking is pretty inaccurate but overall a pretty good app!
Temporarily 1 star because I cant play anymore with the update. The app force closes a few moments after I open it :( this is one of my favorite games I hope it gets fixed soon.
this is a really cool game and provides me the motivation I need to MOVE. Also, play 'Plant Nanny' It reminds you to drink water and in turn allows you to keep track, as you use your water intake to feed your plant.
Was looking for game with pedometer funtionality since I walked a lot, decided to try this one out eventhough I'm not one for Scifi. Turns out to be a very fun experience, there was quite a few ads, but not much pressure on paying.
Very cool and well built game to motivate activity, however I'm not currently using it. It needs an option to manually enter steps or (much better) connect to Fitbit API and just update from there. a) phone pedometers often mess up and it's clearly annoying users with no way to adjust. b) lots of people don't carry their phone while jogging or biking etc. c) I don't want yet another battery sucking app trying to run background processes. d people do wear activity trackers while jogging etc.
Game is ok. I have two big with this app. First the step counting is very imprecise. The steps app I have used and tested for 3+ years said 14200 steps today. Walkr said 5900. That is just beyond bad, when that is one of the main points of the game. Second issue is when showing an ad, it pauses my podcast for up to 30 seconds and doesn't turn the podcast back it on.
Fun game that makes walking more engaging. The more you unlock, the more ways you can spend your fuel (earned from walking). The multiplayer epic motivates you to walk more so your team mission can succeed quickly. Game creator factors in different pace, so that your team contribution is rightfully earned. Designer considered The graphics are innovative and cute. One reason it's only 4 stars is the app is still buggy. GL to developers, looking for awesome things to come!
Recent update has cranked up battery usage when in idle. Gone from 100% to 30% in 6 hours with normal use that would usually get me through a full days work and home on 60%.
Even though I see my current account active in the background I'm being presented with a modal dialog "to log in to play". However when I try to do so with my Google account I get an error message "oops there's something wrong 50005". Can't do anything about it. Already installed the latest version afterwards but only with the same error scheme. Hey, @walker, let me back in!
It's super cute and I enjoy it when it works, but it often doesnt track my steps. I just got back from a 2 mile walk, and it tracked absolutely none of it. I should have gotten thousands of points, but I got nothing. I have definitely reached my 10k steps goal today, but nothing to show for it. The starting mechanics are annoying as well. It only lets you keep 10k boost points, so I go for a walk and get 20k points, but I can only use half of them. Hardly encouraging.
1) I want getting count steps while app is open even when in background 2) I have a screenshot of bat visual of some spaceship and can't find contact email ))
Cute game! Love the concept and always wanted to give it a whirl, so I'm glad I have a phone with a pedometer in it now! It's fun to check after a long walk and I love the little aliens. There are a few negatives: occasional typos, navigating between planets requires a lot of scrolling, Walkrdex is similarly bothersome to navigate, and there's no way to turn off notifications inside the app itself. The message system could also use some optimizing.
I love this game, reminds me of late game Spore with all space exploration. The only issue I have is the controls can be a bit touchy and sometimes I don't move to the next planet or I move past 1 or 2 planets in one go.
Loving discover the new planets. The graphics is really cute. I have one problem, the app won't always run in the background after I close it. It will automatically closed when time pass for awhile so I have to reopen it every time. Anyway, I found the way to solve this problem by myself. Thanks for fixing the animation problem. Everything go back to normal. Here's your five stars 🌟
One of the most boring games I've ever played. I originally downloaded this "game" because I wanted a fun way to motivate me to get out and run/walk more and was looking into activity tracking games. This was the first one I downloaded and boy was I disappointed. I've never once played a game where I had no idea what I was doing and NOTHING ever happens. I wouldn't even call it a game. It's the most bare bones "game" I've ever played. Uninstalled after a week.
This was such a fun app until android 9 rolled out. Afterthe update this app does not track my steps anymore... i had to reinstall the app but lost all 50 planets and still not tracking any steps. :(
This app really encourges me to walk. I just wish it connected to my Fitbit since I can't always have my phone in my pocket.
I love the game and I think the way you progress is well thought out and fair. It definitely motivates you to move because there are certain things in the game you can't do without energy, no matter how much coin you've got. On thing though, the UI is complex. Only the main screen makes sense, other than that it's hard to figure out what's going on in other tabs without asking in forums. Still, it's a great game, just make a few improvements in the navigation and it will be 5 stars!
Lot of fun but the count of the steps is completely wrong (ex yesterday I did 10k steps and for the app I did 234).
I love this game! it makes me walk, and gathering planets is very fun. But recently the app wont count my steps. When I checked it with my friends, my app didn't have the 'use the embedded step counter' option button. What is that about? What's the difference with 'Activity Tracking'?
When I'm watching ads for cubes I get ads with sound turned on. That's why I will now lower from 5 stars to 4. If I never again get the add with sound turned on, I will give 5 stars again.
really nice! not too many ads, a lot can be unlocked with paying but not necessarily! the longer you use the better it gets. sometimes it won't catch when you walk but it's generally alright, especially when you are off battery saver.
Update: reinstalled and signed in only with google. Is working so far. It got pretty bad recently. The game keeps crashing around the time the initial ad appears. It still records steps and all, but just can't proceed further
I've been playing for a few months now and I'm starting to notice the quality take a nose dive. I think this game is way over due for some quality of life updates. Why should I have to spend over a minute holding down a button to collect resources? That's not really fun or engaging and I usually ignore collecting resources. The social aspect is also a bit of a mess. I wish I could send friends energy or food or something and not just the few in my bridge or lab. Not bad overall... (Text limit)
This is a really enjoyable app that rewards you for walking and has lots of fun components with the types of planets, satellites, space ships and food producers. The planets also have unique descriptions which encourages you to get more which in turn encourages you to walk more.
Really got not clue what this is meant to be. Is it meant to push u to walk? Is it just a normal game? Why is everything behind waiting or paying? Horrendous horrific mess.
Great and cute incentive to walk. Sound design is wonderful. I wish it would let me join a lab in Australia, but that's ok. So cute.
Fun game for reasons not immediately clear to me. I like the aesthetics and the social aspect with epics and labs. Addicting!
Step counter nerfed way down after update rolled out with insane bolt delay. Instead of fixing that they nerfed the step counter so that delayed bolts won't max out the bolts bar. Seriously messing up game play. Be advised.
it's fum and cute, so that makes me want to walk more. however, the link between rate in app store and getting hubble telescope is hard to use. I had already tried twice but cannot get it.
Fun game but...in game cubes are very expensive with real world money. You need cubes to get a better ship. Also planet upgrades get really expensive with in game coin. It would be awesome if the game took my Fitbit steps.
from 5 stars to 1. the game is no longer opening for me. will bring it back to 5 once it works again.
It's an app helping kill time, not complexing, confusing or time-, money- or energy-consuming. But it seems the sensitivity of switching from one planet to another is not satisfactory. Hope in its next update this problem can be solved.
Does not always catch the walking and is a long countdown. Just got it and did not really feel like going back in and out of it like other apps. Concept is great so worth trying and hopefully it will adapt and grown
Does not even come close to accurately tracking steps. March 9, 2019 - changing my review to 1 star after testing many variations of in game settings, phone placement on myself and ending up with the exact same result. Zero to <1% of my actual steps are counted. I wish I could post a screenshot to show that my native phone pedometer shows I've walked 16k+ steps today, but this app shows I've taken 11 steps. Ironically, motivation to move more comes from the app's inaccuracy... hahaha...
Love this app. Fun and easy to use. Great with a group of friends. Recommend this for anyone whos on their feet for most of the day. Makes you want to explore more and more.
Fun! Very motivating to walk. For de developers: it is difficult to pass from obe planet to the next with a swipe of the finger it keeps skipping one planet. Could you look into that? Thanks!
Fourdesire, I beg you please make an apps for to do list gamification, RPG type...I know your team can do this!
Been playing for a 3 years, version caused an error from Device Care: Some apps or processes are overloading the system (CPU) and need to be closed. Walkr CPU 12.83%. Never seen this before and I did get a phone software update 2 days ago, but didn't get any errors with the previous version.