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WAKFU, the Brotherhood

WAKFU, the Brotherhood for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really, really good.Not going to lie but you need to add more because I can do it really quickly like in 15mins you need to make it like a adventure game.Also why can't you add more stuff like dofus touch
After every level u have to reload the game becuse it freezes I hate this game agree if you think the same.
It's a great game but it's so short I was really disappointed when I couldn't fight no but other than that it's a great game I can't download the one on Steam for some reason it is it because it cost money or something else I don't know if it doesn't cost money but it probably does because I can't download it but other than that is a really good game and I played it because of the full thing that came up and it looks really good
This is a fun game but the bomb things are so annoying and to make them worse they are placed in the most annoying spot and also when you slide after clicking always gets me killed and there are only 16 levels
Great game wish it would've gone on longer tho. And make season 4 for ussssss wakfu season 4 has to come out
It's a great game I love the franchise and i love the animated series. The game has a small story line which is fine it plays great. The only downside is that it is a short game
This game really needs some uptades only 16 levels cmon whats next and when u try to go to the next level it loades then freezes really fun but pls add more updates
It is obvious that you guys do not know how to make MMORPG right because dofus and wakfu games on PC are on lifeline and now you guys are ruining both Dofus and Wakfu franchise. Both games were great when they first came out but now, it's sad and this game is a proof. #BadManagement #ReplaceDirector #ReplaceProducer
I actually really enjoy the gameplay of the game, but the game keeps freezing when I try to move on the the next level. The only way I can proceed is if I close the game and reload it. I really hope that gets fixed cause I really want to keep playing. IF IT DOES ILL GIVE IT A 5 STAR RATING JUST FOR READING MY CRITICISM!!
Incredibly fun and calming. If you're looking for some long challanging game this game might not be for you but otherwise it's well made with decent story.
this makes my memories of watching wakfu feel active thank you sooo much for this (by the way great time killer!)
This is a really fun game there is one issue when you finish a level and press the home button it freezes and i leave and get back and then it works but its still fun and i am so excited for season 4 of wakfu.
It's fun and it's cool u can play all of the brotherhood members. It's fun but I with there was more levels.
Fix support characters! Adamai and Percedal suck. Also the game can lag if your internet connection gets some problem even if it is an "offline game"
I would love this even more if it wasn't so short. Makes me wish it was a full-fledged videogame (also wish the MMORPG of Wakfu itself was a console game, like on Nintendo 3DS or Switch...)
This game is fun but I finished it in one day so there was no more point of keeping it. If you could add the second season and third, it would be great.
This game is actual amazing but please update the game to the rest of the seasons either way its a good game
I love you... Everything you do as a company, as an animation stufio/Game developer is just PERFECT concernig wakfu. You guys are the role model on how to do Outstanding animation. Average anime should kiss your toes, Adult Swim should kiss your toes, even disney should learn a thing or two on how far you can expand universe and yet be so wholesome. Im speechless, ive been stumble bad animation, regular animation on after another. Art like this is why i love fiction, first of all
First of all it is a amazing game but when I finished level 15 I had no idea what to do next I had no idea if I had to get every single creator but I decided to just play the little games over and over just so can get nox but still I had no idea to go to level 16 so it would be great if they added what to do on the last level that and I wish there was more levels that and I want more games like this
Awesome! I really like this game! It reminds me so much of the show! But it wouldn't let me defeat box and he was locked and I couldent buy him with Wakfu and dally needs to be funnier other than that I think it is an awesome! game
Basically there was barely anything to do, though when you get to play as Nox, it's kinda weird because he is killing his own inventions and there a two Nox's at the first level 😹
To simple, to short has no game really, only 3 types of enemies. Love the PC games, and shows but, this game lacks alot. Only, thing was neat it had some what had a story. At this time in 202. it's a weird that they would waste of time and money on this. making the 2 pc games an app game. Would make money ect. Then using this game to Advertise your other stuff. Hope they do more tho shows that there trying! ^_^
I really enjoy playing this when I'm not playing anything else and I partly played for my love of the series.
I get to play as my favorite Wakfu characters it is really fun and you you should go watch the show they have a lot of ads that represents the old online game and it is really fun so play it
The game freezes when youre on the loading screen (the one that apears after a level is compleated) can you please fix the glitch.
It was fun. But I finished it WAY to quickly, over a 2 day process. The game is too easy! Other than that, it was fun and addictive, and the characters in the game reflected the characters in the show.
I was waiting for something a little more epic, but seems like I have wasted my time on watching a damm yt ad. Idiots. 😒💢
Alright. So when I first pulled this up I was really excited because I was crazy for Wakfu at the time. When I played it, It was nice but... I think it would be nice If the character's faces changed expressions, and also it needs an actual ending. Every level is extremely repetitive. I found myself rage quitting, but laughing when my friend did. Nice game but I got it done in a day total, and didn't get much from playing. Nice job, but needs a bit more.
Rwminds me a lot of watching wakfu. Jist loved the cartoon and now the game too. Excellent work, keep it up ankama. Three cheers for ankama.
Look good.😁😁 grate game. How you stop nox it,s fun. I,m glad a lot that you made this game. Cool game.😎😎😎😎
I absolutely love this game, I am a big fan of wakfu, but you might want to add more levels, there are 3 seasons (soon to be 4 this April) and you only have the first 1, if you make more levels, I will share this at least 8 times and make sure everyone who installs this gives it 5 stars, please reply if you did
It was exceptional, Wakfu is my favorite animated series, but the game is a little too short, consisting of only 15 levels and with almost the same gameplay (excluding character interventions), so updating it to be more variate gameplay speaking and adding more levels and season 2 and 3 (maybe 4?) would be excellent. Other than that, the game and the series itself are totally amazing. Thank you, Ankama Studio ;)
HEY ankama i watched every episode of wakfu and you know what i loved it, but do you think it can end like that i just hope you make a season 4 because i finished this in 3 DAYS so comment on this because i wanna know more about yugo and amalia also im hooked up to your games so please give me a response for this
amazing game! but add more worlds and bosses like oropo and his tower and kilby and whereever he came in lol
I don't know why this is so highly rated, and while I would have loved to say I gave it a shot, within the first 3 minutes of gameplay I've had the game Freeze once and fail to load the next stage twice. For anyone hoping this will give them an experience similar to that of Wakfu the rpg, this is more like a Fruit Ninja clone, complete with "bombs". The gameplay already became repetitive only after making it past the few stages in that I did. I love Wakfu and Krosmaster, but this is a let down.
To me, it's more of a Wakfu themed game. Its fun, but it repetitive and doesn't seem to be based off the actual show that much. Essentially, it's a clicker game with Wakfu skins.
This game is a ad for wakfu the computer game also can you guys make a full game out of this with new characters areas bosses and enemies i would love to play that
The game is fun for those who are looking for a quick reaction based game. The option to play each member of the Brotherhood is great, but could use some additional levels.
hey ankama i am your biggest fan and my favorite character in wakfu is nox and his horloge so i request you please create game where there are battle you know so see you later !king ankama!and the game wakfu the brotherhood is awesome too!!!!!
I absolutely love wakfu, but I cant give this 5 star in sorry. I was really excited to play the game and it was fun, but the game I found was quite short and easy. It was a fun journey playing the game but it felt like it ended too soon.
Hi! My name is mounia I am 8 years old a nd I love love love this game as well as the series. The strategy Is great! I collected dally aka percedel, yugo, evanglyne, adamaï and amalia. I love how w hen we change a character there's a different sidekick! Love it. I totally recommend it! Oh... one problem, HOW IN THE NAME OF NOX AM I GONNA GE T TO THE last LEVEL!? Please fix it! Otherwise it'll be a extremely awesome game! Love u ankama studio's! Bye!
I've played dis a long time ago and if it's new I'ma ready for it because I already played it when I first played it it was so hard nut now nope k got used to it