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VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard

VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Fguillotine located at . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you like the Legend of Zelda... It requires external controls, which makes no sense for Cardboard. The game is awesome.. until I died. No save. The game is more of a war between my right arm to aim Cardboard and my left arm to navigate. Get a Merge for BTC(controller) games. You will sweat.
I love this game only part I did not like is when I got to one spot in the game there was nowhere to go I could not go past that stage and it would not let me backtrack to get what ever I may have missed to go on. That was 5 months ago I am redownloading the game now in hopes it's working now. Ps for some reason this game is the only game that makes my phone over heat and dose a automatic shutdown every time I play it
Simple graphics work well with mobile vr. Good length for a free game. Much better experience than the majority of mobile vr games
Great game. For a google cardboard game, this works well with a otg connected wired xbox360 controller. For future content, even if limited, try making a way for a motion controller could be used as an option, such as a daydream remote or maybe a spare phone with the required sensors. Basically a motion styled rpg maybe. Overall very fun!
There is no jump its makes hard to play and step sounds comes after the movement and finally checkpoint distance is too long if you die you have to be start too far away...
Was exited to see a vr game that used controller but it did not work with the shinecon controller disappointed
This was great for a free demo. A bit too much backtracking for my tastes, but the environments captivated me enough to keep playing. Reminds me of Kairo, a Steam game.
Loved the game can't wait for the full game that's coming soon, y'all games are so immersive fun and just the right amount of challenging, only complaint I have is that in wrong level , level 8 platform to high to jump on, other than that 8 so detailed and great
So far, it's been pretty fun. I got to the dark level so far, feeling like a member of the cast of Alien. Seriously scary - well done guys! Skeletons have kinda small hitboxes, but I guess it's part of the puzzle element of the game - aim for the necromantic masks, eh? But yes, my main issue, and I'm playing on an Honor 7 here, with Vizor Pro Headset and controller, is that I can't seem to be able to select the back button. Both systems work fine otherwise. Could this be fixed?
Great, it was the best vr experience in my life, good job and it was very emmersive thank you for such a great experience!!!!!!
The game at awesome. Pretty much going in the best direction of what is possible for the VR. However there are some bug and when I die I have to restart from scratch or much earlier...
As far as VR games go, this is one of the best that I've played. There's not a single VR game that I've tried so far, that I would give a five star rating to. This game gets my highest rating for VR games so far. The game is pretty simple, and it's fun. Each area is kind of a maze, but in a style that I have only seen for this game. I feel a little motion sickness with EVERY vr game that I have played. Some games make me more sick than others. This is one that is NOT AS BAD at making me sick. I have gotten much more sick with a game I tried on the Oculus Rift at a Best Buy demonstration. Like I said, it is one of the best VR games. But there is not a single VR game that I have played, that I would want to play if it were not in VR. I suspect that most vr games are made by small groups of people, and sometimes even a single person. So this is a really decent piece of work for a small number of developers, especially for a single developer! I'm a programmer, and want to make some good vr games next year. I think it would be a good idea if some of us formed some groups to raise the standard of the quality of the games for VR. This is the most complex platform to develop for. I am also hoping to finish a new peripheral for VR gaming by next year. But the device can only be as good as the games. Right now, the games aren't the best.
ABSOLUTELY 5 STARS!!! Give 6 if I could. This is one of, if not the best, VR Cardboard offerings I've played. Heck, one of the better VR games I've played. While the graphics are decidedly not 'cutting edge', their retro look has an appeal that works flawlessly for the style of this game. It also helps this app to run butter smooth and provide an unparalleled level of immersion. While some developers might prefer to add HD shine that makes the phone work all the harder, this dev has made the right choice by keeping things streamlined and simple. They obviously understand that the real appeal of VR must first be immersion and then visual quality. The game has a very Duke3d/Doom/Quake feel with the use of 2D pixel assets, but again, this works in its favor rather than against it. While playing it, I felt that same thrill I did way back when. If the retro vibe doesn't capture your fantasy, the gameplay will. This is game makes you THINK, and explore the environment in order to proceed. The dev has obviously decided to skew towards puzzle solving rather than FPS shooter and again, it's the right decision. Please continue work on this and you'll have a guaranteed buyer.
Best game for Google cardboard. No question. Also, if you have a oculus quest or quest 2, then you can sideload this game using sidequest and it works great.
Took me about 40-50 mins to complete, which is huge as most of these games are rubbish single levels. Wrong Voyage is SO well put together. The atmospheres, levels, scope of size and variety is brilliant. The darker levels give goosebumps when the skeletons come rushing out. I love the eerie, haunting feel, and would pay to have more games like this.
Amazing, but need to add jump and turn around with joystick, its hard to turn around all the time. It was first time in my life I got motion sickness, and it was because of this game xD
Would not work with any of my Bluetooth controllers. I tried the Day Dream controller and the Samsung Gear VR controller. Neither would work. I also tried my VR Box Bluetooth controller It would not work either. Please add Day Dream and Gear VR controller support.
This is my second favorite cardboard vr game. (next to Flats) the gameplay is solid, the controls feel nice, and is super atmospheric, like, the most immersive game I've played on cardboard vr. It's really worth checking out.
I use iPega controller, i can look around and shoot but i can't move, i literally cant play stuck on menu because of it.
Even with a simple viewer and a simple controller you can have a truly great VR experience. Much better than the other games on offer!
Among the best android vr games, actually a proper game not just a one-dimensional experience. Very impressive, makes you think that a version of the original Doom would work really well in this format.
THIS IS THE *beep* BEST VR GAME EVER !!!! ,I recommend this game it's the best vr game of all the other vr games
This game is Great !!! But you also need a joystick to play this game !!! Graphics isn't so good but the gameplay is awesome !!! You can try once this game 👍🏻
Pretty neat game. The hit boxes for enemies is not so great. I had to spam the fire button when I saw one coming and even then it didn't mean it would work. Overall a nice free game with a mix of puzzle solving and fps.
I was having trouble getting into VR games until playing this. Very fun maze like puzzle game with a little action just to keep things interesting. I highly recommend trying this out.
Overall a rather enjoyable VR shooter. The dark levels were a real pain, but it was still a neat little experience.
Super immersive, great controls, fun gameplay challenging levels. Absolutely loved this game. I already want more!
Even though the graphics are very simple, with a bluetooth joystick and headphones this is one of the best cardboard VR games I've found. Its an actual game for a start! Puzzles are simple but challenging. Only dislike is the restart locations. They are Too far apart. It has you doing many puzzles again to get back to where you died. Don't have patience or time to do that, unfortunately!
After every level is done loading the head movement will freeze and you have to open the case and hit the menu icon and then back out to get the game to respond to the head movements. I'm using a mi note 2, running Android 6