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VR Maze

VR Maze for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Evgeny Karavashkin located at Stylianou Leonida 1 Str, Andriana Gardens block 1, mez 1, 8577, Tala, Paphos, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game and I love mazes but I just felt sooo sick after playing I played 4 other vr games before this and I felt fine I never get sick from anything so I dont know what it is about this game but it almost made me throw up!!!!
Usually i have a good stomach for this kinda thing.( Controls are okay for controlling a marble with your face). But the vertigo you get from having to look around to move is disgusting. It's like super monkey ball's camera with marble it up gameplay, but none of the fun.
This is my first vr game and it is top class. The only thing is that your veiw of the "play" button has to be perfect. Other than that, its fantastic
It was really fun but when I took the vr headset off I was sick to the stomach and had to go to the bathroom right after I dont like to leave a bad review on anything but you should know that this game will make you sick and play at your own sake. Thank you for reading and I understand if you disagree with me.
I love the game, a little nauseating at times, though you could pick a better time to have a player rate you instead of in the middle of the game
It's harder than it looks, I'll tell you that. I played this game just now and I believe the fact that I'm stoned makes this game so much more trippy. You literally play as a colorful meaty ball. And it hurts your neck when you play it sitting down, and gets you all dizzy when you play it standing up. It's a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me! It's exactly how a VR experience should be.
It's Horrible...So disgusting like a INTERNAL MESS...yes there are lots of five star reviews...But as soon as I got in the game brings me back to the app store it's annoying to think you made a game worth five stars reviews only but I don't agree too this it was a waste of time to make it. Who else would think getting it is a good IDEA...Because clearly you tried putting the whole time in making a horrible game you deserve a one star review on this everyone should so in that case I deleted it k
Linda lags alot and sometimes crashes or freeze I would've gave five stars but sorry fine game I guess :P
You can click on it but first look down and put your hand on it and soon all good.and it is a good game out the vr headset made my nose hurt and YOU YES YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT PLZ SO MUCH FUN 😃 but ... Am going to donlode anter one but good game🙆👌🆗🆗👌🙆👌🆗👌🙆🆗🆗🙆❤♥❤♥❤❤♥♥💚💜💚💜💜💛💛💜💛💜💝💗💖💙💕 do why do you hate it 😭😭😭 the game is soooooo good💐🌹🌹🌹💮🌹🌻🌹☘️🌹☘️🍁🌀🍁🏔️🌾🌊🌾🍋🍏🌶️🙇🙇🙇🙇🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🌹🌹🌹🌹
I like the idea of a maze game in vr I really appreciate you making this game.canyou make more games please??
good game tbh the point of view make me wanna puke i think if it first person on the ball perspective this game would be awesome ill give 5 stars if the dev add a new feature (first person camera mode)
For the most part, this game was amazing! I loved moving through the maze and getting the diamonds. I felt nauseas because of how the movements worked, but that honestly felt like part of the experience. If you don' t want to feel too sick while playing, try not to eat much before playing.
This app may be a victim of it's own awesomeness. The graphics are so clear, movements so smooth, that my stomach can't handle it for more than 3-4 minutes.
So conflicted about how to rate this game, i got so sick nauseated and dizzy after just 3 mazes. Would not recommend it to people with motion sickness and other motion sensitivities. But other than that its a great game.
Need to look down at the text to activate the screen. Nice implementation to collect gens on the way to the exit. The maze is a bit dizzying when trying to travel quickly through the maze.
I am enjoying the game so far, but give it a low rating because the display does not use the viewer configuration.
The game randomly times out, I can't close my viewer without exiting to the home screen, extremely difficult to line the app up to the viewer.
It was really fun but the reason I gave it 2 stars was because when I opened the app and started playing it all of the sudden I felt very sick and dizzy I had to sit down and I felt like I had to puke after it. and i think play store should take a look at this i also never get dizzy or sick of a vr game this is also my frist time to play vr I lm still feeling sick to my stomach and I got a mager headache of this (anyone who gets carsick mochin sick I recommend to not play the game) thank you
Failed for a dumb reason - my phone only works one way in my headset but this can't flip so it's upside down. Too bad.
love the feeling of special awareness and movement..especially when you start floating up higher and vertigo kicks in... it really does warp your mind a little as you try to move the ball without falling over.
Awesome Experience The beauty lies in the simplicity, the vertigo and nausea associated with the spatial rotation gets better with use. Best played in a comfortable swiveling office chair. Great job Devs. The only suggestion I have is in having the ability to tighten/fine tune the sensitivity of the gyro so the same distance could be covered with shorter movements.
Best maze VR I've played so far, liked the idea of controlling sphere, yes makes you feel nauseated but if you persevere this soon passes.
I am going to get an oculus quest soon so i thought i would try some of the new vr games on my old google cardboard. Threw up after 5 mins. I dont usually get motion sick from vr but this was horrible. I dont recommend playing.
There's no instructions. I can't still figure it out how can I play it. Please help, I have remote controller tho. It just doesn't play, no matter what keys I press. Don't know how to start it.
I liked this game but it was kind of boring. It might give you a headache because it gave me one.And you get kind of dizzy because you're rotating to try to get the ball through the maze.
Give it 3 stars as I can play without cardboard viewer. Epic Rollercoaster I can play without. It's a shame you cant play this without viewer.
You have to sit in a swivel chair or stand to play it. You control the ball by literally spinning yourself around. This combined with the constant jitter of the camera makes for an extremely disorienting experience. I couldn't play it for more than 30 seconds and I play PC and PS4 games in VR quite often and I don't get motion sickness. EVER. It would be much better if the ball was removed. The camera placed at the point of view of the "ball" so that the maze is navigated in first person. If, along side this, the jitter could be sorted out the game would be quite fun. Difficulty could be in both the complexity of the maze and the height of the walls. Lower walls mean the player could see over them and get visual clues of where to go and where the goals are. Sorry for the one star but I hope my criticism is constructive rather than just derrogatory.
The game is fine and all its really easy and it gives me a headache it for my opinion it's not that fun but people do have different opinions you can get different skins in different mazes like other VR games there are no like. Thing is to point out what you want to choose you just going to have to guess where
This Vr Maze game is very fun to play. Expecually with friends. its very fun to try to pass the maze while getting all the diamonds. I love all the levels and the diffrent balls you can get. I have to be honest i dont recomend to play for a long period of time because you do get dizzy and fell like trowing up. Since you are keep going in circles. And making turn for a long period of time. Thats my only complain but its not really the games fault. Other than that i say you should download it :)
It's cool but I need the creator to make a game so I can move around and free roam with no controllers thx😜
The game dose not work 😔 and I tried to hit the play button but it still would not work so do not instal the game!!!!!!!
I'll suppose give a 5 star but i give 3,why?cause even if i don't want to use vr,but i still can't use a normal one,the picture can makes the normal one,but why i can't,its a lie suppose right?and even if i want to use vr,i still can't enter the game!i not so recommend this game but if you still wanna play it,i don't care,but for me,not recommend to download it cause even it can't play!and you'll feel nauseous if play this so do not download!you can search in yt not waste your memory
The controls are very confusing and the view is in third person marking causing almost instant nauseous when playing
Steering the ball requires so much movement. I only did two levels and the movement required coupled with the extreme heights made me nauseous. Couldn't take anymore.
Really fun, but I had to stop playing after about 5 minutes because it made me really sick and dizzy.
I have watched many VR videos and this was my first VR game. I am not sure why but I started sweating and felt very dizzy while playing this. I had to take it off every 2 minutes. I haven't felt this way when watching videos though.
I couldn't press play even though it wasn't in my headset yet. I clicked it a million times and my friend and I got a frustrated from the buttons. But once managed to press play it was loads of fun (for 0nly 1 level at a time,yes u had to press play continuously)
This is a amazing game to play I recommend it to everyone any age it is good quality and has amazing features
Interesting if a bit hard to control the ball. Note to dev - if you select a 'daydream' type headset without having one you will be forever locked out of the game, as the 'daydream' setup must be completed before being allowed to choose a different headset type. I'd recommend a headset selection on game startup instead of the current 'use last type selected' until a 'cancel daydream setup' option can be created.
I had high expectations but it brought me back to the app store and i dont even know the controls!! Why!?