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VR Escape Game

VR Escape Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Blacksmith DoubleCircle located at 1-5 2.7Bld.2F Minami2-jonishi7 Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaido Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Super simple but cool game, cute music and the cat companion was excellent (though, short lived). I wish there were more levels, honestly! The movement detection was a bit laggy and the height of the player was tall as heck, it hurt a bit to crane my neck to unlock things but other than that, amazing. Totally worth it.
The expierience for the fact that it's on a phone is amazing. The end also makes you feel so proud and happy.
OMG! I didn't realize this before but if you get this city ending with the cat next to you go back and click start then click the 2-1 and then it'll take you to the 2-2 once you finish the first level of 2-1 and I probably making no sense whatsoever LOL! But that's how you get the 2 - 1 / 2 - 2 levels and I did not know that because I only did the 1 - 1 and 1 - 2 sorry looks for other levels and I found the 2-1 and 2-2 in the start and they were really good I hope this helped!
It was tricy but at the end it was soo beautiful I love this game and (spoiler alert) the kitty was soooo cute and helped me 2 this was the best vr game I had ever have thank you for creating this game👋👍❤️
Fun but very short. I did like that I could interact by just looking without any other buttons or controllers but I finished the whole thing in about ten minutes and I kind of wanted to play more.
All things considered it's a good game! But the lack of levels just kinda ruined it for me. Please add more levels. That's why I gave a 3. But I know you can do more
It was pretty fun. Short game. The end was beautiful and i was kinda sad to have to leave the pretty sunset.
This game is awesome! It doesn't require a remote and the puzzles are challenging, but not so difficult that you get stuck and can't pass them. Unfortunately, it only has two rooms at the moment, but if you have a spare dollar you can buy the extra rooms which are much more involved and so much FUN! Also, it is not compatible with remotes which is both good and bad. Good, because if you don't have a remote you can still play this game, but bad because if you do have a remote you still have to move and pick things up through sight such which is a bit slower. Overall, though, amazing game and I certainly hope to see updates to this in the future!
This game was amazing 👏 🙌 😍 the graphics could be a little better but the gameplay was cool. And at the end where you and the cat are just looking out to the city was so peaceful 😌 ✨. 5/5 would recommend.
This is a really good game. Graphics aren't the best, but it controls well, and I found myself really immersed (well, as much as smartphone based vr can immerse you)
Hmm? I downloaded this app on both of my phones and it still said I had no certain type of sensor for vr when I opened up another vr app and it worked so I think you need to look into this thank you
The game play was short, but the end was so much fun! The visuals of the city after you escape took my breath away! Plus, I made a little kitten friend which made me very happy!! ^u^ I recommend!!!!
Only 2 levels with a head set idk about finger mode Edit: it dose have other levels but vr head set it makes u feel dizzy otherwise good game
Pros: •Fun Puzzle Solving Game •Simple Cons: •Could use a bit more customization in terms of controls •Graphics feel really low definition and can get annoying Suggestions for Devs: •Add quality settings •Add a way for us to use VR controllers to select stuff faster •Make a text line or something that tells us if we need a screwdriver to prevent confusion Notes for potential users: •Comes with drawbacks of VR •Would recommend playing in an area where you can freely turn around 360°
it is a good game for hpone built Virtual Reality systems. Short but had a good stoyline. if you are bored and yiu have a phone built vr headset lating around, play this game. its a fun game to kill time and I would recommend as a game toplay with a VR headset
the game overall is good but there's a lack of levels (there's only one level)thats why i gave it a 3
THIS IS A AWESOME APP except one thing... they removed the next 5 stages to be free i used to play them and they were free and now they are a dollar dude make them free again pls
amazing game, i danced with the bunny thing most of the time in the second room and got a little emotional when the game ended. the music was wonderful and i had a great 15 minutes
Pretty Awesome! Almost all of the other games I tried ONLY work for Google Cardboard, it's really kinda annoying...I love how you used the sight as the click! I wish there were more games like this! It would be pretty awesome! I was even able to talk my 4 & 6 year old nephew & niece through playing it! (though my nephew needed a touch more instuction of course) I hope you make more games like VR Escape Game and VR Escape Game 2! Maybe a slightly more realistic setting would be interesting...
I loved it, a typical game wouldn't be this interesting, its a time wasting game (in a good way) that works well, the creators of this Lovely game have put 100% effort into this great game. if someone said this was a bad quality game, they SHOULD THINK AGAIN. This game should cost money because its that great!! Buy it now, Its Sick!!
I hate this game so much because the camera moves uncontrollably I want to talk to the developer 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
This was kinda fun, I really liked the end. It scared me at first but then I saw that I was on a platform. The only thing that is a bit meh are the graphics, if they were better I'd give 5 stars
This game was very horrible and I nearly vomited all over because it was so bad and the graphics are insanely terrible I do not recommend this game at all. :(
So that was a lie. I cant even play the "game." Waste of time do not download. It said it supports non-vr and vr. Tried both. Nothing worked. Dont waste your life!!
I love this game but I want the developer (developers) to bring the old vertion back there was more levels and you dont teleport every where you walk so please bring the old version back
Fun escape room game. Great interactive no controller game so can play it on all VR headsets which helps it's versatility. Very cute kitten assistant. You become irrationally attached to it. Can't explain why, but exceptionally clever of the developers to create an image that delivers such an impact on the player. Congratulations.
Great! Especially if you are learning how to use your vr goggles. Not hard at all. Only wish there were more free levels. There is only ONE. Almost 5 stars, if not for that.
amazing!!!!!!!! I read the other reviews and for most people the game froze and for others it had a low refresh rate but they must have cheap old phones because I was playing on a galaxy s6 and it worked fine and I didn't get dizzy til 45 mins in but maybe it's just me because I go on a trampoline every day and the round-a-bout almost every day so maybe I just can't get dizzy you should try it and if it does work it will be amazing when it ended I was almost crying even though there are only2lev
I loved doing this. It only has one level (excluding tutorial) so I hope you add more. That is why I gave 4 stars. The cat is cute and the game is challenging.
Everybody is saying it's good but I tried to get on and I think it's a glitch because it won't let me on. ):
The game is pretty good and all but there are some bad things about this game The story is too short and the graphics are too simple, there are no shadows, and everything is lit up. There are some weird and random stuff too like a bugs bunny figure dancing in a drawer. The models are too basic and so are the puzzles. If the creator is reading this i am not saying that this is a bad game, overall a good game even if it's basic
Excellent game. Great puzzles to solve and the kitten is so cute. I played the first version and was well worth the $0.99 for 5 more puzzles.. I hope they bring out more puzzles.
This is a short fun puzzle game, but it ends in a relatively sad way, but there is an adorable little kitten to make everything better.
I was trying to play with mt VR headset and it was good until one spot. It wouldnt let me do anything. I exited the game and came back in 3 times and it was still frozen. I am sorry but i give this app 1 star. I also tried reinstalling it and the same thing happened.
Its tricky but I like kinda got stuck on the first bit I could.not see the dot for a little but other than that it's such a good game!
pretty fun, there's 2 demo puzzles and 2 extra puzzles that you pay for. The demos are easy and a fun little concept, the extras only cost a dollar and are a lot more fun to figure out. Only problem i had was that there wasn't enough puzzles. I didn't have any technical difficulties, i use a samsung s8+
I like this game alot...although I was really disappointed when there wasn't anything more puzzles to solve. Will you be adding more to this game? The kitten was so adorable it stuck it's tongue out at me lol!
This app is good. There is only one stage unless you want to buy the extra five (Worth it) but it's still really fun. I've played it 7 times and it isn't that hard but also not to easy. I do recommend it.
Really really great game!! Genuinely finished it in about 10 mins... Really nice short but still fun Challenged me a bit near the end!!
Crashes when entering tutorial. I'm so disappointed as I was excited it could be a good game for my son's VR but it wouldn't work in my device for some reason.
It was a good little game not the best quality didnt really bother me idk why a bit laggy only reason its not 5 but it might be your first game or your developing ngl if that was your first game you made damn you made it good wished it had more levels but overall good
Glitchy, and blue things keep glitching in and out of the game. Wouldn't recommend. Mostly poeple with epilepsy.
It was very fun. 2 games for free and 2 you pay for. Even though it was only 2, it was very fun and realistic. I enjoyed playing. I liked it so much, I actually kept playing the 2 free levels over and over. It is a really good game.
The game is really good and the controls are just genius . I really want you to continue to program this awesome game. And it looks so cool in VR!!!
I love this game. Its looks so real and i love escape rooms it makes me feel powerful like i can do anything. This game does get 5 stars out of me
It's really entertaining! I got confused at first but I figured it out! I'm happy it doesn't need controllers! Also I LOVE how some of the objects move and help you out. Sadly though, it ended way too quick! I wish there was more to this. I REALLY REALLY loved it! Highly recommend to download to get a taste of how vr with no controllers is like. Honestly, this is the best vr game I've come across. It's free as well which really helps! Can't wait to see more of this game!
I love this game I love the puzzles the graphics are okay but I really wish there was more, like levels or something but besides that I love it
Great game wonderful content poor quality and extreme motion sickness I just got done getting sick. No other games have done that to me. I have a galaxy j7. Try to make the motions smoother and maybe put something other than a blank screen after you finish a level. Great idea just needs fine tuning