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Voyager: Grand Tour

Voyager: Grand Tour for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rumor Games, LLC located at 1425 Broadway #20-9229 Seattle WA 98122. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Super fun physics game. Once you get the hang of launching your probes into space and dealing with gravity it's really fun. My favorite mission was sending a probe into Uranus.
The best game ever I like this game but just make in-app purchases less like more probes are free and most important the other missions should be unlocked when we finish the ones before them not when we unlock them
Interesting game.... till Earth mission! Without any instruction, on what we have to do there, it's impossible to pass it. Unfortunately..... Uninstall !!!
Hi, the systems glitch at Booster (Neptune) stage. Cannot launch probe at all. Please solve it ASAP. Thank you
A neat idea but you're basically taking your best guess at a correct trajectory over and over under harder and harder circumstances. In the end, the gameplay becomes pedantic and kind of unrewarding. Nice idea for sure but repetitive guessing, adjusting, guessing, adjusting kills the gameplay.
Voyager is a very fun game, it makes you use your brain. But not too much, it is fun to try figure out the trajectory of your satellite and the effect that planetary gravity has on it m I would recommend this game to my friends. It is a combination of trial-and-error, guesstimation,and simple physics. It is challenging yet not stressful and I find it quite relaxing at times. It is very rewarding to finally get the probe where you want it to go.
I played this before and it's great game I wish that there were more games similar to this one that have challenges to land on a planet but simulation mode to learn know what would it take to actually space fly to a distant galaxy and find a galaxy best Western somewhere to land for the night . Andramada I bet there's a lot of casinos there hehe
Fun and engaging. Could do with a more detailed tutorial regarding using the fine tune controls to the best effect. Tendency for challenging to cross over into frustrating, but great sense of accomplishment when you get it. Overall very engaging game, especially if you're interested in space travel.
This game is cool. I play KSP, but this is relaxing at times and tempting at others. Look at the critical views, those people don't even know what this game is about. It is definitely worth a shot.
I thought that when you completed the grand tour 100%, you'd gain access to the other levels, but you don't so thats kinda lame. Other than that solid game
The game is just amazing. You launch your space probe, and see it fly into deep space, collecting photographic data about planets. When you finish a mission, you get a view of what the voyager would've actually recorded during an encounter. Although, it would also be amazing to save those little shorts as videos, since they look stunningly real for a mobile game. A solid 5 stars from me.
It's a good game to help your intelligence the only bad thing is that it gets really hard but that's good it can teach you to get smarter
I love this game I just cant seem off the level 55 even though I saved the world from Apophis 3 times already it keeps sending me right back
Great idea, easy (to the point of monotonous controls), ok graphics. After playing free missions did not feel like buying more. Not the excitement level one pays for :)
All right so here's the scoop at first I thought this game was a little childish as in not for adults.... Boy was I wrong . Not only is this game for adults but it is addicting and fun ASF! I would highly recommend it to anybody and give it five stars all day I did download a couple of the 99 cent packs and they are actually worth the 99 cents.
Looked interesting, but I can't work out what I'm supposed to do, or how to do it. Poorly explained, difficult to play, frustrating; frustration isn't fun.
It is a really good game for those who are passionate about Space and Astronomy. The precision controls are also great. I would give it a 5 but hit a 4 because I am still in Grand Tour (Earth) but I am not able to place Voyager in orbit. It always crashes in our planet. Otherwise it's a good game. Happy Playing... Posted by Sharanya Prasad
Here so many levels are there.What my dream is to be a scientist . This helps me and teaches new things.
Simple but challenging Very Enjoyable Game additional in-app purchases not needed but are low price and affordable HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
This app is fantastic! By far the most in depth strategic analysis of universe that I've ever encountered! I'm always on the edge of my seat when I play! Hats off to those of you that let's us have a little bit more knowledge about the universe! Thank you.
It's good. Except why THE FLIP DID YOU MAKE IT REALLY HARD!?!?!? If you make it easier, than I will give this game a 5 star.
This Game is very osom ,But their 1 problem I am Complete all Voyger mission's I Completed Aphophas mission but next mission's can't open Please Update fastly , I love this Game☺️
I like this game so much. It is very addictive as well. I wish to develop more and more, especially on the rocket launching part. The planets were so photorealistic. And also each time i play this game, it reminds me the groundbreaking inter-solar mission and the journey of 'Voyager-1'. You can also make a game like this for the 'Mars Exploration Rover CURIOSITY'. I hope you will make it, if you made it, i will be so grateful for you for making that game. Thank you, keep it up.
Good as far as a 3 star rating can be. Interesting and challenging. However, after a certain point, you cant advance any further or do other scenarios unless you spend real money. Three stars was a generous rating.
best game ever so i found this game a few days ago and I fell in love with it so many good levels it very hard and easy it is good for shcols and colages and kids puls helps with geometry I would recommend this game for anything really keep up the work ruomer games
No instructions on how to play. Great graphics especially if you like seeing your probe explode into planets or asteroids... again NO Instructions for controls, boosts, etc. So disappointed in this game.
Ive always been partial to the Voyager probes cause i was born in 1977, 2mo. Before the first launched. I feel like these little guys and me have been travelling time and space together in a way, only they will outlive me by oh.. a few billion years! But still, we started together. Plus i love Carl Sagan, and he helped with the golden records.
I love this game , but there is one thing missed , it's music so please if you want add interstellar theme music it will be better
Good time-waster. Very simple concept that should evolve over time. It takes a bit of thought to solve some launches (like earth). Would be nice if near Earth planets yielded higher quality imagery once successful missions pile up.