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Vovu for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Foxenon Games located at Ankara, TR. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I pretty much never review games, but Vovu is absolutely amazing. -unique, not just a copy of so many other games -free -very few ads -if they prompt you to rate them, I haven't seen it yet There's certainly more that I like about it, but those are some of the main things I care about in a game. Thanks developers!
I love this game!!! A couple negative reviews have mentioned how there's not really an explanation of game mechanics, but I actually really love how the game makes you experiment and figure it out on your own. A lot of levels are very challenging which makes it feel even more awesome to finally beat them. Plus the graphics and colors (both the light and dark versions) are so beautifully minimalistic. My one criticism: I finished all the levels and want more!
19 has a glitch that you can't pass.... Instead of telling ppl to "find it on the internet, you can solve" how about just fix the glitch? Don't be lazy.
I have done all these levels, it is fun, really. it takes time to analyse it. this game really have its potential, keep it up! Im looking forward to try more levels! I must say, this game doesn't have to have hints, it will be less fun if this game having a shortcut , take a break if you couldn't solve the level.
Great puzzle game for relaxation. Has ads, but you can pay them away for less than a quid. Please release the soundtrack on bandcamp! I love it.
This is the type of puzzle game I usually really enjoy but unfortunately Vovu just frustrates me! I want to enjoy it but I can't see the menu (buttons shown in pics and referred to by other users (& game cheat websites) so every couple of weeks I open it, try to play level 25 which I can't work out, then crack it and leave annoyed I can't work it out or get a hint; it leaves me feeling incredibly stupid. Can someone please give me the solution for level 25? Please!!
Well crafted and entertaining to begin with but gets a bit tedious after twenty levels. No idea about the music as sound is the first thing I turn off with new apps.
I would give this 5 stars (love the game and concept) but as far as I can tell and see, there is no pause menu. It just would be nice to just go back to the main menu or just restart the level easily, rather than having to close the app to get to main menu and forcing a lose situation to make the level restart/reset Edit: As I get to higher levels, the game gets cut off more and more. Like the game size is either too big for my phone screen or it isn't positioned correctly in the middle
The game really is simple and relaxing, especially the background music and noise. I would love it if there was a way to download the music itself so I may be able to listen to it without needing to play the game.
Shooting music and sounds, no timer, logic puzzles, elegant design... Very good pick! My only negative point is that you can get stuck on some levels and have to restart.
It's a pretty good game and presents a decent challenge. The only thing I would add into this game would be a tutorial mode as it took me a few minutes to figure out how to actually play. Other than that small issue, I'm pleased with this game
Vovu is a very relaxing puzzle game. It sets easy but gradually starts to challenge you. The music is very soothing which is a great tool to calm your mind and keep improving your solving skills!
I really really love this game. My only problem is that I am stuck solving level 26 and I don't know if it's wrong or not but maybe I just don't got the correct way.
Outstanding logic puzzle. Worth the small fee to remove the frequent ads. The difficulty increases at a reasonable rate. The dark mode and soothing music make this my go-to game for a quick break during a hectic day.
Everytime I am stressed out, I play this game, those piano notes are so soothing. Absolutely love the game, deserves 6 stars.
Probably the best puzzle game I've played so far, altho I'm not very far yet but the levels are already getting more challenging. Also no time limit, no hints, just something to play and relax with. Fantastic.
Loads of puzzling fun and has even drawn and held the attention of quite young children away from other not so cerebral games available. Excellent work :-)
Count them...1...2...3..4 ads during the first 9 steps of the TUTORIAL. Nice game and concept, but give us a break already. Uninstalling this mess.
Fun, engaging, challenging. The ads are a nuisance but I am less of a whiner than some folks so I hesitate to criticize the game because of that. I'd be happy to pay a few bucks to get rid of the ads altogether. Great game before bed. I need more levels! Feed me!
Is anyone able to cross level 19? Is it only me facing big time cross this level or is a bug in code? Team foxenon I would request you to please reply to this comment.
This game will relax ADVERTISEMENT every part of your ADVERTISEMENT body and mind until you ADVERTISEMENT shut it off and do something ADVERTISEMENT else.
Vovu! I love the soundtrack it's really soothing and relaxing. It's a perfect blend of music with game. The graphics are sweet and simple on the other hand the choice between light and dark theme makes me to give you 5 stars. Keep making such games you will soon reach a million downloads soon 😊
The game idea is fun. However I am convinced there is a glitch with the app. I couldn't pass level 19 and I checked online only to discover only half the game shows on my tablet screen. The other half is cut off so the controls are unaccessible. This makes it impossible to pass the level. I've tried all i could but it still doesnt show. If this glitch is fixed then the game controls would be great.
nice puzzle game, relacsing and good to play for 2 min to 20 min. I like the game and I'd suggest getting it fir those moments when you wait for an ad to end or just want something to do for 5 minutes.
One quibble: some of the wireless gates seem to only work one way, but there is no way to tell except trial and error
The game is very nice. Like how there's dark and light mode. The music is really pleasant and I find the game a little easy, the first few levels especially. The ads take the whole screen space. Thanks.
It's an awesome app, I love the music and the minimalist style, plus its very relaxing the "night" style. It's the type of game that needs no explanation, because it's easy to play, but it makes you think a lot on how to pass the levels.
Loud and noisy ads, as warned by the developers, are quite annoying. The game is good, but this definitely puts me off.
Leaves you mesmerised with its simplicity. A good one, addictive, puzzling, keeps you engaged in every way!
Damn you! You guys have done a great job! I just couldn't help playing it indefinitely. But alas! The fun lasted momentarily. Only 45 levels is too low. It was a one day play. I suggest you guys add more levels.
Challenging and Relaxing At The Same Time....Loved It. Ps: I just love the Music, Wish I could get it from somewhere.
This is the type of puzzle game I usually really enjoy but unfortunately Vovu just frustrates me! I want to enjoy it but I can't see the menu ( buttons shown in pics and referred to by other users (& game cheat websites) so every couple of weeks I open it, try to play a level (stuck on 25) then crack it and leave annoyed I can't work it out or get a hint, and it leaves me feeling incredibly stupid.
The game is great and hard. The music is really soothing and pleasant. But some levels are impossibly hard and would really appreciate some hint to continue the pizzle. Since I'm stuck in one level and couldn't continue, no matter how many times I tried. I would love a way to go around that level or a hint to finish the level. (Level 30)
Ads after the second short tutorial level? Come on. I want to learn the game, not get bombarded with ads. Uninstalled.
Couldn't really start playing. Went back and forth between the title screen and the "developed by" screen.
An engaging game. Just the right amount of challenging (well maybe too much in some levels) that it's one of the top brain games out there. I love the minimalist design and how the first levels are served as a tutorial. Such a well-made app. A "Hints" button would be nice.
Unique puzzle game that is enjoyable and fun to play, big thumbs up to the devs, maybe not for everyone but most will take something out of the experience, so what you waiting for? download and give it a try..........