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Volleyball Champions 3D - Online Sports Game

Volleyball Champions 3D - Online Sports Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a good idea of the game, but it works very weird! Like sometimes you swipe up it goes over sometime it just doesnt, and its really frustrating cause i always lose!
It is a really good game but you need to make it 6 players in the indoor also the ads are too tooo much
Sexist game! I refuse to play this game when it came down to creating your character all the characters were Male! No options for female players! I would not support an app who dont believe females can play volleyball too!
Just need more content, like a 6v6 mode or you can pick to be a setter or blocker. The game just needs more updates since every game whether against a bot or real player is kind of just the same thing every time. You serve/receive and then you go for a spike
A very basic game, but still quite fun! I would like to see more players on the court instead of just 2 on each team. Graphics should also be improved.
Not enough levels but the levels that are there were satisfying. Also could have allowed us to try some of our own moves like line shots, fakes and someother moves and a option to select our strength per strike
Such a good game , but lack of grapics , If grapics is more , the games will be very realistic such a fantastic game I really love it but One falt , it has only two pitches in the game It is very disappointing , in the sand pitch its Glaring , we doesnt aim the opponent My kind request is to add more pitches in this game....
This game was nice but when game level increasing that means time seting is not good more intrest goan please remove time seting time seqence is not good thats why iam keeping 1star yiu should update the game and when you remove the time seqence that time your more number of gamers will download your and playing..
Would be fun if you're looking for a very basic volleyball game. I was looking for something more realistic but you can't even move your character, block shots or aim properly. Example: I want to spike the ball closer to the net. But when you spike in this game it's always far back in the court. There's barely any control in this game. Also, the characters look hilarious and scary at the same time. What I'm saying is they look bad.
This game is fun, you can even play it offline or online, controls are good, one of the best volleyball mobile multiplayer game i've ever played
Playing online with other players is really difficult.app needs to improve lot to become successful online playing game.playing offline is ok but it also has only 4seasons...grow on team!....release some better updates
The game is real fun but its sucks that you have to pay to get the best team and when I play multiplayer it lag so bad. The seasons are pretty fun but we can only pay once to get a better training, I just the game is a little unfair. But it's still fun. Also the scoring you should change it to sets and have the players be able to dive for the ball, thos would make the game so much better.
This game is awful the graphics areπŸ—‘οΈ and if it goes a inch away from them it says the you hit them this is a pethtic mess do not waste you time getting it.
Thiz game iz awesome as the graphics are good and it iz very easy to play....the most important thing iz that i think a little bit update to be needed as when we smash the ball and the opponent block it , we can't dig the ball as it gets dropped...if we wants to take the ball , unfortunately we can't do it so...And except , it iz simply surpassing......
My review would be 5 stars but... You need to wait 1 hour to play a game. Well, at the start you can just wait 5 minutes but the higher you progress the longer you wait.
I love this game as a volley ball player but a small mistaqw which is any other levels can give in this this is very usefull for begainer πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ i kinfly request u to give a change in nxt update 🦐🦐
It is great though I wish you could block the ball. The opponent can but it is impossible to do it yourself.
It was great! I love how I can control the ball. Its like playing the real game. However, I wish there are new ways to acquire gold coins.
This is good.. but,it take too much of time to go for next match.. it will make the player's sad..so,that if u reduce the time for next match it will be good..
I give this game a 4 star rating. It's a great game to play and has so many levels for u to do. U can make ur own character, make ur name, choose a outfit, what team ur on, and etc. But I do wish they would have made a Gender pick, so u could pick which gender u want. And it could be a little more realistic. But all in all this really ant such a bad game. I do recommend it if u have thought of it!
This is awesome one of the volleyball games the graphics and clarity is very well but the problem is that the control are little disgusting so I have given a four star
It's so hard, can't receive the ball well because the bar thing is so small when you're at the 4th open.
It's amazing. But I think it has its flaws they should add extra morality I'n the game. Like: the player can block and can reflect ground shots .and they should add 4 on 4 matches
Very difficult to win the battles because despite swiping at the right direction it would be percieved as middle or left especially when about to reach the semi's round. Disappointing
Designed well!!!! I love V.B and this game scratches my ich, it makes me miss the real thing a little bit less!!!!! Not alot😏 but anough.
Limited moves,too much money to keep up w/ game you can't plsy ,2out of 3 only 1set at s time. The makers off this game did a really good job at first.but i beat the game without spending money but when you get to the top you play against a supper bot you can't go around over or away it won't let me and blocks are happens out of the blue you designed a game that was indestructible.but i kicked you ass and so you can win .that is full shi_ and your game needs to cheat so you can't win 0 stars.
Interesting but wayyy too slow paced. Theres not enough players online so it take forever to match up in multiplayer to earn coins and the "story mode" has a waiting time for every match which is wayyy to long. Both of these make earning credits too hard in the game which makes it too slow to progress and increase your skill in the game. Developers should add another way to earn credits that doesnt have a limit or waiting time.
It a good game bc it like you are playing volleyball in real life and you can like train your character you can have better teammates good coach good shoes like Nike lol shoes are for the speed and like I like you I want like you know Max everything like I have best stuff
Really fun and very creative but the only issue I have with it's that when I get blocked by a npc I dont get a option to sig for it like the npcs but other then that I would play this game alot!
I like this game but if you could add more players and also when you loose at least you should let the team still be in that position
a very useless game where the technical aspect of the game is not even that accurate. it's not that entertainint where the attacks are just plain simple swipe and can't do any other stategies or special attacks to ensure a point.
Stupid game, what the hell is wrong with the controls?? Swipe one side the ball goes to the other side, well done developer, you have to fix it one or the other way. Wish I could give 0 star.
What the living hell man the power scale is broken who waits in the air for 1000 seconds before they hit the ball and also only 2 players and your character can't block or set it's juts always the same
It does indeed feel like real.But the fact that you need to wait so lojg till your energy is full just ruins it. The graphics are good,and overall a nice game. But things are just so expeneive.
It keeps on saying my spikes are "poor" when it's a really good hit, the game isnt entertaining alongside with the controls, fix your game
This game is good till you make it to the end of the season the game will start cheating you.. I've been trying my best to not delete this game because it's the only nice volleyball game I can find but they need to stop cheating or I will delete it and I'm NOT playing!
This game is good . And its too eaisy to play. It would be good if u had some more maps to play. And downloaders you will get gradually bored as you play. So its better you update with more featuers
ITS good at first, but then everything is so expensive. You have to play like 20 games for 300 coins and stamina to train runs out too quickly. And you have to wait like an hour to play a game. You cant even keep up with anything because coaches are expensive, training your character is slow, and you cant even change your speed until you have like 400 coins.and your teammate is kinda useless. It never blocks.
It is good but the part of Cagliari i play can not win. I try to play all my best and it still can not win.
Best volleyball game on playstore Yet need a lot of improving. The players should be able to dive,set and dump a ball
Game us good but the levels are too much repetative no substantial changes in way of playing or improvement in the gameplay.
Great game the controls can be clunky at times but good overall. It is a quite fun game but the energy gets used up to quickly in my opinion.
Can't play the previous match, took a long time if you failed the final match, and the multiplayer was awful
Its a good vollyball game you can train your players of auto train!,i recomend this to vollyball lovers its a good game!!!,btw im not a robot ok?
It's a good game overall, except for the fact that I can't even play. Whenever U go on multiplayer, no ones ever on, and I have to wait an hour and a half to play the game because there's only tournaments, you should make it to where you can play again for free against stronger AIs
it's pretty entertaining game really, but it doesn't wanna be played. like what with the waiting between game? I have to wait for like an hour before i can play the game again, so annoying.
A good game but a pain in the butt having to wait up to half an hour to progress in a competition . Why what's the point ?? Also multiplayer game is slow in choosing opponents is it because no one can be bothered to use because of my first statement ??
Its a really good game. I only have a few "complaints". You can only be a boy, which is totally fine, I just wasn't expecting only one gender. The other thing is that I haven't figured the controls yet. I cant make my hits over the net better than a good. I wish that there was a line on the scale telling you where you are while you are trying to hit it. But other than that, it is a GREAT game.
It is really fantastic game. I like this game so much. I also advice you to install this game. There are no error or mistake in this game. Only that players are only 2 but in real there are 7. Thanks
This game is great but they made it worst game either , The waiting time before the game begin really sucks
Tbh it's a good game but it gets way too hard in the later game and I have really high attack but when I go to spike the timing for a great is so small and on defense I have 2 stars and it's really small to hit a great so what's the point of training if it doesn't make and easier, my last point is how come with 5 star serves and the other teams defense is way less they always get the ball even if it's a great
I am sad to put 3 starts but this how it's with me. The game is really nice but you don't enjoy it for long time; you need to wait for hours to work again when u r in good levels or u need to pay A LOT!
This is an annoying game. It NEVER lets you go over the fourth level. I mean, its controlled by a machine, but its just nonsense. I had had enough.
It's a good game but it should be updated such that there is a chance of hitting a shot wherever we want at the left side And to serve better in the left side Finally I felt better when playing this game
timing for the control is really bad, sometimes it just off without even knowing the right position or timing to controlling it, and what's the purpose of having gauge on the left side of the screen if it not operating while playing?
It's fun actually. But, I would want more variations in attacks and be able to control who I want to block or receive. It has me hooked, but would likely want more things for the overall experience. Thank you for making this game!
Its an amazing game to the point that may adrenalin pumps up as if I am doing the game personally live... i just hope that the score per game can be 25 per set...
Whilst it is a fun game, but I am unsure why after completing a game it forces you to wait between 5- 30mins to play another in offline mode. Which makes it an incredibly slow grind to make coins to upgrade your stats. Not enough players for online so can't make too much coins off that. I presume this is intended to get people to buy coins with real money but it just makes me less likely to play the game.
It's too great. And I also give 5 stars to this game software. It's less to give 5 stars to this game. My idea is to give infinity stars for this. Very good software.
I made this 1 star because my spikes wouldn't really work. When I try to jump and bump it makes me move away from the ball. So, I want ya'll to fix that.
Almost a good game if you didnt half to sit there while opponent knocks one past you and you cant move your guy....?? Then my energies low 1st game after re uping my energy and skill level jst to show a poor level in match to loose to a opponent with less skill showing ???? Then next match..full power and loose to a faster player or bot.. Its a rediculous programmer on this game ...dumb and greedy....
Interactive volleyball game but lacks "volleyball" in it. Very limited player movement when defending the court and team mate was just designed for setting and blocking. Avatar cannot also follow up the block and cant do pancake saves. Can't even earn cash whilst good coaches and teammate can be obtained thru cash.
I love the game so far, but I hope you add new positions for the players. I really want to experience what it feels like to be a setter and many more. But overall, it makes me feel like I'm in an actual match and kills my time!
Yah, this is a great game, but as far as the game's engine is concerned, I like it on this Volleyball game, yet I don't like it as much on your Batmington game!? Not sure why tho!? Maybe it's too stiff looking in action, or something in the motion tied to the swipe's timing feature!? Great job, none the less, Thankz Alot, VC3D DEVZ!!! πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ 
The game is enjoyable, but earning coins and replaying levels aren't available, unless you lost against the opponent. The multiplayer mode isn't enjoyable at all, for other players, which I called unfair, because the match isn't balance, example, you're playing against a higher level player than you, you only have a small chance to win against it. Please fix this
The game is good, my problem is when i get blocked i can't get it again so that i can continue the game, please make it realistic😊
Good game but controls are sucks really sucks i hope you fix that and btw it also suck earning money and upgrade your character and the opponent always much better stats compared to your character which you cant upgrade easily
Cheating boss...game is good but while playing multiplayer ,what the ..k man ,seems it's designed for only for few .... No changes at all
The game is ok but multiplayer is laggy and energy generates so slow and I takes forever to even play a game once you get to higher levels
This app needs more spike control because whn I swipe diagonally it's either aims out of the court or points the wrong way but the rest is good but that's all I'm saying if this game dosent fix this (edit) I have tried it again and now I see that the aim absolutely sucks and I dont think I'm gonna play this garbage again
This game is very interesting I like it but I it would have had coaches of both teams besides the pitch watching and having 6 players in the pitch,anyway so far so good
The game is good but it glitches while Playing multiplayer... It slow downs while the ball goes to opponent and also slows when the opponent smashes and it creates disturbance to the player behind them.... Hope u'll fix this soon
Not my type of game, the controls could have been better too, thought it would get me to learn the basics of volleyball but its mostly just swipe.
Ya very good appl. If u are interested in volleyball. It has one most worst point in which it allows to play only at when time arrived in case of offline and another point is that in case of online playing u player won't come soon it Will take lots of time and sometimes it won't connect also.
I really love to play this game ,n it's very interesting and I get never bored of it too,but u lost the star bcoz the energy drains very quickly. So I want you to improve this factor. Hope u will do it too.
Fun game, I wish it was a way to earn the cash vs paying for it. They should put in an advertisement or something to earn cash.
This is a best volleyball game...nice graphics...but u will also include another 2 players it will be very interesting...!!
It would have been really nice if we could earn cash as well in the game, but asides that I've really enjoyed the game... I'd also like the time between games to be reduced, the wait can be too long and turgid at times
It is a great game that it makes my heart beat when we are about to lose but then scored 8 points in a row to win it was so satisfying luck like goodness!!!! It has great gameplay I rate it 5/5
Great game! But I think you should update it, because their are only 2 players which there are supposed to be six players! What's up with that? Also you can't do any trick shots, swap positions with the other player, or even controllers for us to move the players. It's just automatic movements. It takes forever to find multiplayer opponents, and please make more features for the characters. It would be better if you didn't have a time for the matches to start, Or take 5min for energy refill.
It's a very good game about volleyball, the animations and play really seem so releastic that you feel as if you are actually playing for real! I would just love it more if it had the same amount of players like the actual sport.
Its really very good game and i am enjoying while playing this game. But for one to another match there will gap for 1-3 hours that is the main disadvantage in this game.
Great game. Controls are smooth.graphics could be better but still functional. The time in between the games should be reduced also
This game is fun and greatthe only problem is you need to wait for a long time for chance to acully play and plus you can even practice so you cant get any better
Its nice game at first i got frustrated for not winning but later on it encouraged me. Its fun for vollyball lovers although i only missed the commentary but all the features are best.
It's a really fun game If it had more specific players like a libero, a setter n ace then it would be amazing also make getting coins easier if it's through ads or weekly packs n stuff then it will definitly be a 5 star game i really hope you add these features cuz it'll be truly awsome!
This isn't the type of volleyball I'd expecting to play. The controls are simple. It's very similar to a badminton game. I wish a lot of features should be added to make this a realistic volleyball game. We should control the area we will receive. Allow the players to move by themselves. Blocking, setting, and drop shots should be controlled by the user.
The tutorials don't load properly and there are near constant glitches with the controls. Very disappointing.