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VOI for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by gamebra.in located at METU Technopolis Galyum Block 06800 Ankara-Turkiye. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome mind game, really beautiful animations, the thing is there isn't enough time bracket for watching your solution, if there was pause after completing each level to enjoy the victory it would be nice
wonderful game. My only pet peeve is that the shapes don't latch to the next closest points on the grid easily. that gets irritating sometimes. Also, it would help while assembling if you showed the a faint outline of embedded shapes
Excellent!!! Just one thing, after we complete a shape instead of progressing to new level give some delay so we can appreciate the shape that we made. Most of the time i just make it by luck and then whoop next level without me even be able to look back at what shape i made.
The game would not stop playing its music, even when closed. I had to uninstall the app to stop the music. Additionally, I find the playing space too small especially when it can be already so difficult to move the layered pieces around. The game was fine, I liked the premise, the flaws are just too great for me to recommend this to anyone.
simple but challenging. I give you 4 stars because the game does not have an option for review at the end of each level. It just move to next level.
This is so amazing! The music is a bit repetitive, but beautiful, and the ganeplay is fun, challenging, but not too hard, and makes you think a bit. I love this app!
quite relaxing and no annoying pop ups. only complaint is that the hint isn't really a hint, it just solves the puzzle quickly and moves you to the next level. so frustrating.
Geometric, inversing colour game. This games mechanics are easily explained: Make shapes out of other shapes. Put a shape ontop of another shape to inverse the colour. This simple mechanic was used to make a wide array of shapes, ranging from easy, to difficult, to easy etc. I enjoyed trying to solve these, and I feel content having solved all of the puzzles. One annoying thing: Putting blocks to the side wont work if you put them too much to the side. They will just float back in if you try
great visual puzzle! hint feature (with ads as expected) aolved the problem and moved onto the next inatead of being a real hint it should be called the "skip" button
Another amazing puzzle game by this amazing developer. Awesome music and UI. If you like this you should definitely try their other puzzle called rop, which unfortunately has been left in the dust despite having a coming soon section in it. I wish they'd make more, these are great apps.
This is such a well designed and fun game. Each level is unique, and gets super hard sometimes. The sounds and black & white theme goes well, it is relaxing. All in all, a great game.
There's a bug with the background music, it continues and/or starts playing again after exiting the app. Multiple reviews are reporting this bug! Uninstalled.
A really fun game, I like the fact that the ads only come up if you want a hint. I'm only docking a star because the music continues playing when I go to another app, which can be annoying.
Great little time waster, with a few niggles. Firstly, the sound continues even after closing the app, and you have to force stop it to make the music stop. Secondly, I was intrigued how a hint would work, so I pressed hint and watched an advert only to have the puzzle solved for me. "Hint" should be renamed "skip". Overall though, a very relaxed and immersive game. Easy to come back to.
A neat puzzle, but it would be a lot better if its controls less resembled raw sewage. Pieces are always picked up by their lower-left corner, no matter where you touch them. You have no real control over which piece you pick up when multiple ones overlap. Possibly the most annoying is that pieces dragged off the tiny board end up exactly where they started, rather than near the edge of the board. Also, its music keeps playing when you switch to a different app.
Nice game. I turned the volume off so I didn't had issues with the game music. 88 levels with different complexity. Hint solves the level so try not to use it. When the puzzle solved, the game does not allow for a review (next button) but move the next level immediately. At the end, I'll look for other games from this developer.
I find the puzzles unique and fun... imagine if you had to possibly rotate some or all of the pieces in order to match the pattern... that could become an enigma wrapped inside of an enigma... 😯!
Amazing concept. The major flaw in the game is the controls, the position of the object is absolute to the touch, which makes it difficult to move around the already little space provided.
Pretty fun but immediately after installing I could hear advertisements playing from my phone even after closing the app. I could also hear the background music even after turning the screen off. I'll reinstall another time.
A great puzzle game, only flawed by the "tip" function instantly solving the puzzle and moving on to the next one, leaving me feeling dissatisfied. This feels like a rushed solution that could have been implemented better, maybe by moving half of the pieces in the correct spot or something like that. Other than that, great game with fun, bite sized puzzles!
The graphics were great, and the puzzels were fun. But the controls were not as good. It would get tweaked off sometimes. That might be my touchscreen's fault, though. And the proceeding to the next level is way too slow. Sometimes I even thought solving the puzzle took less time. And there are too little levels. Two hours of fun is all I had. And I feel like there is a room for much greater challenge. I wished for levels that would make me stop and think when I see it. So, I am ready to buy some more levels when it comes. I played hocus too. it was a bit more challenging then this one, but still had the same problem. Still, I am greatful you made these apps. Keep going! I am ready to buy any puzzels that comes from you.
Really engaging .. really did switch off ... relaxing music and quite challenging once you get about 20 in .. excellent!!!
This game is amazing. I love the peaceful background music ans the whole aesthetic of the game. Ita good to pass time but also to teach you a thing or two about geometrical figures and graph can someone please tell me the name of the soundtrack?
Excellent game! It makes your brain work in different ways than usual so you get a mental workout while enjoying the challenges. Very addicting. I love it!
A simple yet challenging, intriguing and captivating game. Entertained me for the few days that I was hooked on completing each and every level. The concept itself was already very interesting, supplemented with a good graphic design and user interface, although controls are just slightly off since the circle was a little small to move the pieces around in. Overall an entertaining game which has definitely fulfilled its purpose.
Simple, casual, and challenging drag-and-drop puzzle game with 80+ levels that, depending on your problem solving skills, should provide at the very least an hour or two of entertainment, but I'd be willing to bet it takes most people even longer. One of those kinds of games that I would think about a lot, outside of actually playing, to try and come up with the solutions to puzzles I was stuck on. It's listed as "Contains ads," but the only advertisement I encountered was just to ask if I would like to rate the app. I had no problem doing so because, like you may have guessed already, it deserves a great rating.
It is entertaining, but not too challenging. I was able to beat all 88 levels on one week of casual play, without using hint feature at all. many of them can be solved accidentally pretty easily. my only gripe is that this game has no circle puzzles! only triangle and rhombus based ones.
i loooove this game...already! the only reason i stopped was to ask if it would be possible to get an 'inverted' version as a selection of mode for us southpaws?? its hard to see the shapes bc my hand is in the way!!
Game is nice and relaxing full of challenges BUT, and yes theres a but it has a glitch. Even If you close the app and are no longer running it the background music will sound on your phone. It forces you to exit out of everything, not fun :(
Finished the game, cons: - You cant skip animations when going in and out of levels - The circle play area is very annoying, not giving enough space to work properly. It also does not scale right with the target image, the dots are closer apart on top, so sometimes you have to count the dots to make sure you're using the right sized piece. - It's too easy and lacks variety. Level 80 might as well be level 10. No new shapes/more complex levels -Hints skip the level, not help out (eg first step)
Really nice unique puzzle game, I have not seen this concept before. Some levels can be difficult but nothing a little trial and error with luck can solve.
Game isn't all that challenging and it keeps running, with audio, even when you're using other apps or the phone is locked. More trouble than it's worth.
Lots of Potential Truly a different kind of puzzle game. I had issues getting hints to work. Each hint requires 1 minute of ads and then the app crashes. And I can't simply move on to the next puzzle without finishing the one before. The music and sound effects will continue playing as the app is open (not currently being played) and when the phone screen is turned off. Fix your bugs.
The game was great overall. The puzzles were challenging but not too difficult and the pieces were easy to move.
make the noise stop! i mean um music. sounds like someone leaning on their kid's casio... and it won't stop. Had to restart phone to make it stop. Cool concept, just not cool enough to put up with that noise others are calling music.
Interesting puzzles. But the animation between levels is way too long. Also sometimes you just can't grab and move the needed piece, and have to disassemble most of the figure to get it out.
very nice game, for exercising your brain, levels are progressive further you need more aptitude for resolving structure, which is amazing part of this game